Wives Party Time Pt. 03Wives Party Time Pt. 03


I was so eager to fuck Evangeline Davis that I let my guard down. Maybe I should have been more wary. But given the chance to fuck Mrs. Davis, my radar for trouble was on the fritz.

After performing at a holiday party, and being stroked by my old Sunday school teacher in front of the audience of wives, and after dinner when I played with her panties while her husband unknowingly watched, I was more than ready to finish the job. Mrs. Davis invited me to come back when her husband was away. And ever since, my cock has been tingling with delight.

But I never asked myself, why would an older wife who had been a Sunday school teacher be at a jerk off party? At first, I thought she didn’t know what would happen at the party, that she was shy and reluctant. She seemed shy to touch my cock at first, and she was chosen to pump me for the crowd by a lottery. Maybe she was rather innocent after all.

I pulled into her driveway when Mr. Davis was away, happy and excited, with a cock yearning for the pussy of this wife who was attractive and appealing. Little did I know that in a short time I would be captive, enraged, and straining and screaming to fuck Mrs. Davis.

For days, I had been thinking about the evening ahead and nursing my cock to erection after erection without allowing any relief. Now my sack was full and milky drips were sticky on my leg.

Mrs. Davis opened her door to greet me. She had dressed very nicely for the occasion. I had rehearsed undressing her many times. I imagined how she would look in lingerie and how I would enjoy letting her tease me, then I would tease her mercilessly before stripping her completely. But I would be in no hurry.

Before I could start the evening, Mrs. Davis said, “Let me show you something down here.”

At the bottom of the stairs I saw what appeared to be an exercise room. Then I recognized that that the machines were bondage and discipline contraptions. Evidently, she and Mr. Davis liked to play games here.

“Oh my!” I exclaimed. “Look at all this. A couple could have quite an exciting time here.”

Mrs. Davis cleared her throat, “I wondered if you might like to try something that I like to do.”

You bet I would, I thought to myself, not realizing that I would soon lose control of the situation. I said, “What do you have in mind?”

Mrs. Davis smiled, put her finger on my lips, and whispered, “You’ll have to get undressed first.”

Not a problem. She watch as I undressed. In moments, my cock was waving back and forth, thick and swollen but not quite truly erect. Its plum head was shiny from oozing cum, and my balls swung beneath as they had at the party.

Gradually, my dick grew to plank position.

Mrs. Davis sighed with pleasure. “That looks so good,” she said. I reached forward to touch her breasts. I wanted to undress her right there, too. But she took my hand and led me to a contraption. I sat on cross-legged over a bench while she guided my cock through a hole in a wooden plank, then secured my arms secured to a crossbar and ankles to floor mounts.

I was held me in place with my cock and balls stretched through the opening, on display and vulnerable. At any moment I expected her to undress and taunt and tease me and play with my dick. My confidence knew no bounds, and I sat there proudly as she looked at her boy toy.

I heard a noise. “What’s that?” I asked in alarm.

“It’s just the garage door opening,” she said.

I panicked, “What?! I thought your husband was gone.”

“His plans changed. When I told him that you touched my panties and wanted to fuck me, he wanted to be here.”

I tried to stand, but to no avail. “Should I hide? Help me get out of this,” I was practically shouting.

“No need to worry,” she said, “He just wants to talk to you about terms.” My eyes were panicking. She added, “And you’re in just the right position for a little chat.”

I was sweating bullets. What in god’s name was happening? My Çankaya Escort Bayan cock began to deflate but jism continued to drip. What kind of trouble had I gotten into? And what did she mean by terms and right position?

Short pudgy Mr. Davis came downstairs and saw me in restraints. “Excellent,” he said. “You’re right, dean, his is the biggest one yet. And my golly, look at the size of those balls!”

Did I hear him say “yet?” What was going on? Was this couple into some kind of kinky catch and release game? Was I being set up for her bi-sexual husband? After she wanked me was he going to get even by wanking me, too?

Mrs. Davis answered her husband, “Just wait, it was really big a moment ago. You’ll see.” She reached out to gather my balls in her hand, “Why don’t you show my husband how big it gets?” I tried to resist, feeling fight or fright instincts, but even without my consent her touches stimulated my dick and I watched as it get bigger in spite of my resistance.

Mr. Davis walked in front of me, looked down at my captive cock, and said, “So, you want to fuck my wife?”

I didn’t say anything, feeling foolish that I had been caught like this and not knowing what kind of perversion might be coming next.

“I know you want to fuck her,” he said, “because so many men do.” Then he looked at his wife, “Don’t they, dear?”

Mrs. Davis said nothing.

“Did you tell him how we do this?” Mr. Davis asked.

“No, dear,” she said, “You can explain.”

Mr. Davis, who looked so unlike a proper mate for his pretty wife, said, “We have an agreement. Evangeline can have sex with anyone she wants, but we are a married couple, and first they have to pass my little test. She has brought more than a few men here, but first I make them pass a test.”

Oh no, I thought, Mr. Davis is some kind of deviant, and was she enabling him.

He picked up a hand-held machine that was clearly a sex toy to masturbate males. “All you have to do,” he said, “is outlast last ten minutes in this, and then you can fuck my wife.”

Mrs. Davis sat on a sofa and watched.

Her husband said, “You’re the next, and the most endowed, in a long line of men she’s brought down here. They all thought they would fuck her, but all of them failed the test. Every one of them spewed their seed and lost the chance to fuck my wife. Their dicks were terminally limp when I was through with them.”

I sensed that his excitement was building. So this was how he got his jollies? Teasing well endowed men, tempting them with his wife as bait, then crushing their hopes. The scene was unbelievable, but on some level it arouse me, too. I was determined to outlast his attempt to drain me.

He asked, “Can I start now, or do you want to give up and go home before I embarrass you?”

There was no way I would leave. Mrs. Davis juiced me once, and I was damned if I would let her husband do it again, not this close to fucking her.

Oddly, the contest aroused me, both with desire and anger. “Do your best, but I’m gonna fuck your wife while you watch.”

Mr. Davis just laughed and as he squeezed a tube of ointment into his jackoff machine. “Go ahead, get angry,” he said, “It’ll just help me to make your cock explode like a firecracker.” He looked over at his wife, “Guys with big dicks like this think they own the world, but he’ll go home tonight wondering what your pussy looks like.”

She looked up from a magazine she was reading, and said, “Such a waste, but we do have an agreement, dear.”

Mr. Davis forced the soft sleeve of his machine over my dick. I felt a tingle as my cock pushed all the way through the sleeve and out the other end with a couple of inches to spare.

“Dear,” he said to his wife, “Please come over here and check that he’s secured properly and that everything is ready for a fair test.”

I looked at her curvy figure and her long legs as she inspected my hand and ankle bonds, then touched Çankaya Escort my trapped genitals, lifting and massaging my balls and squeezing my plump bell head and smoothing my leaking slippery cum over my plum. Who would I survive the next ten minutes?

She returned to her seat and set a timer for ten minutes.

The machine slowly rotated as Mr Davis moved it up and down my shaft. The circling soft sleeve felt good. This pervert, I thought, he gets his jollies from spoiling his wife’s conquests, and she must be his willing partner. He increased the speed and carefully moved it to cover my tippy top. In less than a minute, I was already at the breaking point.

My hips were squirming and my biceps were straining while I tired to resist getting too close to orgasm. Mrs. Davis moved provocatively, showing more of her legs as she watched me struggle. Only two minutes had passed, and I felt the need to cum. Gasping and screaming helped me reduce the tension.

Minute four passed, and as Mr. Davis told his wife, “He’s lasted longer than I thought. Mabye he’d like to see your bra.” She took off her blouse. I thought about looking away to prevent too much added stimulation, but the sight of her lacy bra over her round breasts was too good to miss. I fought back an urge to let go and end it all.

After minute six, Mr. Davis replaced the first machine with one that also vibrated. This made my nuts bounce around while the slippery sleeve was turning me into a puddle. Another minute, and Mr. Davis instructed his wife to spread her legs for me. Diabolical! How could I resist seeing her like this while my dick was being teased so effectively?

But an odd thing happened. My cock had been messed with so long that the dangerous sensation subsided. My erection was constant and solid, but the feeling of imminent discharge had passed. I was in a zone of control.

I felt the tables turning. I said to Mr Davis, “You should have been there at the party when your wife took care of me,” I said. “She’s an expert, you know.” I sneered, “You, on the other hand, couldn’t jerk off a turtle.”

Minute nine passed, and I could tell that Mr. Davis was concerned. He muttered and seemed nervous as he kept up the pumping, and for the first time I felt that I was on top of the process.

The seconds were flying by now, and Mr. Davis had reason to worry. I said, “I think I’m going to make it,” as he increased the speed and friction of his tool on my tool. “And when I do, I don’t’ know who I will fuck first.” I think I saw Mrs. Davis shudder.

The timer alarm sounded. Ten minutes were up. If anything, my cock was harder than when he started, and now my erection was conditioned to withstand sensation. Mr. Davis had only succeeded in preparing me perfectly to fuck his wife.

I pretended to be calm as Mrs. Davis released my ankles, then my wrists. My cock was still in the stockade and my balls more full than ever. With both of them looking at my swollen dick, I carefully extracted it.

I smiled, rubbed my wrists, then stood up. Mr. Davis said, “Well, young man, you did it. You’re the first to make it.”

Looking at him, I said, “Remember what I said about twisting your balls?”

His eyes widened, and he ran to the stairs. I growled and followed him, letting him get away as I screamed, “If I see you again, I will squeeze your nuts until you squeal like a pig.”

I turned and embraced Mrs. Evangeline Davis. She had unzipped her skirt, and it fell to the floor. In just her bra and panties and heels, she returned my embrace and kisses as my cock was pressed downward and lodged in her panty covered slit. As I stepped back, my cock rose upward, giving her pussy a hands-free stroking.

I peeled down her panties and took my first look at her pussy. Nicely decorated with curly hairs but not dense enough to conceal her crease. She removed her bra, and showed me remarkably well preserved breasts for her age with large reddish Escort Çankaya pink nipples.

I touched and kissed her everywhere, took her to the sofa, found that her pussy needed no extra teasing to lubricate her for fucking, and told her to look me in the eyes as I guided my cock to her labia. By then, Mr. Davis had snuck back down the stairs and was peeking at us. I ignored him but was glad that he watched as my cock made its way into his wife’s pussy. Her eyes widened as I pressed into her. The size of my dick made her feel very tight, but she did not complain. She knew I deserved this.

Sensation in my cock was still moderate, but its hardness was unyielding. Perfect for a long fucking. After fully entering her, I was still so that she could feel how full she was. Then I started rhythmically fucking. After a few simple in and outs, I changed the beat and pace, faster and slower, non stop, until I felt and heard her lose her composure. As she gasped, I called over to Mr. David, “Is this how your wife sounds when she has an orgasm?” Then added, “Or would you know?”

Once she stated to have convulsions, I repeated the movements that she seemed to enjoy until I was fairly sure that she would have a little mini-orgasm every time I moved in her. Once there, I set the ten minute timer, “Fair is fair,” I said as I kept her in a breathless state for the next ten minutes.

My cock was undiminished and anticipating a long night ahead.

I asked Mr. Davis to come over and place his wife on another of the sex play devices, a curved padded surface to bend her back and hold her in place for fucking. Once her arms and legs were secured, we adjusted the height for my dick, and Mr. Davis stood close to watch her be fucked.

“Why don’t you take a turn?” I asked him.

Mr. Davis foolishly undressed, eager to participate, especially now that his wife had been primed and was in a strong emotional state desire. His little pecker looked sad as he struggled to make it hard enough to enter his own wife.

He and I were both naked, my with an unbending thick nine inches, and Mr. Davis with a floppy three.

I had not forgotten my threat. “You can’t fuck her, can you?” I taunted her husband. “Watch, and I’ll show you.” Then I smoothly made all nine inches disappear into his wife as she gasped and moaned. “There, that’s how a man fucks a woman,” I told him.

“Since you can’t get it up,” I said, “I think you are the one who needs a test.” I grinned and looked down at his little pud and balls. Now he was the one how panicked. Before he could escape, I grabbed his arm and pulled him over to where his wife could watch as I reached down and surrounded his balls with my strong right hand.

“Are you sorry that you mistreated me?” I asked him.

“Oh, yes sir,” he pleaded.

“Are you happy that I fucked your wife?”

“Oh, yes sir.”

“Do you want to watch me fuck her more tonight?”

“Oh, yes sir.”

“I like fucking her. Can I fuck her any time?”

“Oh, yes sir.”

“Let’s let you wife decide what I should do with you balls.”

“Oh, yes sir.”

I looked at Evangeline Davis and asked, “What’s your pleasure? Shall I make him squeal like a pig?

She whispered, “Oh, yes sir.”

Poor Mr. Davis looked like he now had what might pass for an erection as I twisted my fist made his balls turn fiery red. He softly whimpered then did make sounds like a squealing pig his little dick discharged a small teaspoon of cum.

I let him go, and he stumbled to the sofa.

Unclasping Mrs. Davis, I led her to her husband. “Bend over and put your hands on his knees.” With her face looking at his, I entered her from behind. I watched him look into her eyes as each of my strokes pushed deep into her and made her lunge toward him. She started to cum again, with her face so close to her husband’s. I returned to the rhythm that she enjoyed to sustain her moans just inches from her impotent husband.

The scene finally excited me enough to build sensation toward a massive ejaculation. But I still had enough presence of mind to say to poor Mr. Davis, “A big in your wife’s pussy ruins it for you.” As gushes of my cum pumped into Mrs. Davis, I added, “Tonight, you failed the test.”

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