Winning the Bet Pt. 02Winning the Bet Pt. 02


As he pushed me back onto my bed and struggled to get his pants off, I remember thinking “it took you long enough.” Honestly, guys are so dumb sometimes.

Weeks of flirting at work, nothing. Wearing my low-cut top and bending over in front of him, nothing. Finally, when our team went out for drinks, he started to get it. I pretended to get drunk, and made him think it was his idea to propose a bet with scandalous terms.

Still, he was hesitant the whole way back to my apartment. Even as I was modeling successively skimpier underwear, he still wasn’t getting it. I could tell he had a hard-on, what was it going to take to get him to make a move?

He finally took the hint when I came out completely nude. Even then, I practically had to climb in his lap, he was moving so slowly. I got him standing and moved him to the bedroom, kissing the whole way. I thought I’d have to take the next step too, but he surprised me by pushing me back onto the bed.

I grinned and bit my lip as I watched him fumble with his belt. Since I was already undressed, I made a show of spreading my thighs and sliding my hand down my belly. He actually groaned as I parted my outer lips to show him I was already wet.

I squeezed my breasts as he kicked his shoes off and struggled out of his shirt. When he tugged his boxers down I got my first glimpse of his pleasingly hard cock, jutting lewdly in my direction.

Finally he finished undressing and threw himself roughly on top of me. He sucked on my neck, breathing heavily in my ear. I gasped as his Beylikdüzü Escort erect cock pressed against me, red hot on my inner thigh. Reaching between us, I rubbed his head against my lips, coating it in my juices before slipping him in.

I wrapped my legs around his ass, pulling him towards me. He rocked forward, groaning as he pushed deeper inside me. We paused then, savoring the moment. His cock felt firm and large and hot with the walls of my pussy squeezing tight around him. I breathed deep, my face buried in his shoulder as he rested on me and in me.

He propped himself up on his elbows and I put my hands on his shoulders. He closed his eyes as he began fucking me. Slowly at first, then speeding up. I kept getting little shivers down my spine and was already breathing hard. His breathing was more measured, but I heard a quiet little moan punctuate each thrust.

As our motion intensified I dug my heels into his ass, encouraging him to fuck me harder. I rocked my hips in time with his thrusts, inviting him as deep as possible. My pussy started making wet noises with each thrust. I laughed and then gasped as a wave of intense pleasure hit me. I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out. I gripped his shoulder tight, my fingernails digging into his skin.

Responding to me, he put his weight on one arm and moved his other hand up to my breast. He gave my nipple a rough squeeze, and then reached up to slip two fingers in my mouth. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I felt a surge of lust Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan and began eagerly sucking. I ran my tongue all along and between his fingers, loudly slurping as he began pushing them in and out. I closed my eyes and imagined it was a cock filling my mouth, mirroring the tempo of the one in my pussy.

Abruptly he removed his fingers and arched his back, grimacing as he thrust deep inside me. His cock felt swollen and thick, and my pussy was tight, trying to pull him deeper.

“Where do you want me to cum?” he grunted breathlessly.

“In my mouth,” I blurted. Normally I don’t love that, but after all that finger sucking, it felt right.

His pace quickened and I groaned with pleasure, whispering encouragement to him. I was squirming, using my legs to pull him deeper. My pussy was hot and soaking wet. With each thrust his pelvis ground against me, putting pressure on my clit.

Suddenly he groaned and pulled out. He stood up and stepped back from the bed, so I quickly jumped down on my knees in front of him. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, tasting my own juices. I wrapped my lips around his head, one hand around his shaft, and one under his balls. He shuddered as I sucked him deep into my mouth and then backed off.

“I’m going to cum,” he groaned. I squeezed the base of his cock and flicked my tongue over the tip. As I slid him in and out of my lips, I felt his head swelling, ready to burst.

He grunted and thrust forward, pushing his cock deeper. Escort Beylikdüzü I gagged for a second and then sucked hard. His whole body spasmed as his cum filled my mouth. I moaned happily, pleased with the result of my work, and continued rubbing his cock. Gradually it stopped throbbing and twitching as his orgasm faded.

I didn’t swallow. Instead I let the cum trickle out of my mouth to fall on my tits and stomach. As he staggered back, weak-kneed, and fell into a chair, I lay back on the bed. I rubbed his cum into my skin and gently tweaked my pleasantly sensitive nipples.

My heart was pounding, and my pussy was swollen, demanding attention. I spread my legs, knowing he had a good view, and began rubbing tight circles around my clit.

“We’re not done yet, mister,” I purred. “Get over here and put your fingers in me.” A moment later I felt him kneeling between my legs, and then felt his thick fingers at my opening. I gasped as he pushed forward, my lips wrapping tightly around them.

I couldn’t tell if it was two fingers or three, only that he found a wonderful way to fill me as I rubbed my clit. He set a slow, methodical pace, pushing firmly inside, then sliding out agonizingly slowly. My fingers flew, and my entire world condensed down to just my pussy as my orgasm built. Suddenly he pushed forward at just the right moment, and I came hard with a gush of juices around his fingers.

For a moment, all I could see was colored light, then I groaned as he slipped out. My heart was pounding and I was breathing heavily, but I grinned as he lay down next to me and kissed my neck.

He was whispering some sweet nonsense in my ear about winning the bet and all I could do was laugh. This poor dumb boy still thought it was all his idea. I couldn’t wait to plant the idea in his head to bend me over a conference room table at work.

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