Wined, Dined , “Trois”-linedWined, Dined , “Trois”-lined


“This is Josh,” Vince tells me as his tall dark-haired friend walks in the door. I have just arrived at Vince’s apartment for a romantic dinner and “sleepover” at his place and am peeved that this friend has suddenly intruded on our evening. As we stand around the door, I am suddenly aware that we are all the same height. Being over six feet tall myself, I am not used to being around people my height.

Vince and I have only been going out for 3 weeks and have recently begun having sex, so I have been looking forward to this night all week. As Josh settles on the couch and smiles at me, I get the distinct feeling he isn’t leaving all too soon.

“I’ve made my special pepper steak for dinner, Josh. There’s plenty of extra – why don’t you stay for dinner?” Vince says. “I’d like you to get to know Katy. She’s the one I’ve been telling you about.” Vince flashes me an angelic smile and quickly makes for the kitchen to get the wine.

I make an effort to hide my annoyance and smile at Josh. “Hi, Josh, nice to meet you,” I say, sitting in the loveseat opposite him, crossing my long legs.

“Great to meet you too,” Josh says smiling broadly. “Vince has told me a lot about you. He tells me you sing in a band and that you’re fantastic. I’d love to hear you sometime.” Josh says this in a very sincere way and looks me straight in the eye. Normally I get all embarrassed when people talk about my singing and immediately put myself down when anything positive is said about me. For some reason, Josh makes me feel that I should be proud of this compliment from Vince and that I really am a good singer.

“The band is playing the Retro next Saturday,” I say. “Why don’t you come out and see us?” For the first time, I don’t feel foolish or shy saying this. I am feeling a little warmer towards Vince at this moment. This is the first I’ve heard what he thinks of my singing. Vince is not really interested in the type of music my band plays and so he’s only come to see us once since I met him. After that show he didn’t really say much to me about the performance.

Vince arrives back in the living room with 3 glasses and the bottle of wine. “Are you two getting to know each other?” he asks and settles beside me. Vince is muscular and broadly built, so it is a bit of a squeeze to fit him in the loveseat with me. “I hope you don’t mind if Josh stays for dinner. He’s been my best friend since I was six. I’m hoping you’ll love him as much as I do”. With this last comment he gives Josh a big smile and a knowing look that Josh returns with as much feeling. I have an odd feeling that I am the third wheel here rather than Josh. There is an electric current between these two.

The conversation carries on for a while with Vince and Josh exchanging comments about their respective weeks at work. They keep using a lot of language that seems to be exclusive to them – they have to keep apologizing and explaining their jokes. It is obvious that these two are very close. It is also obvious that Josh is paying more attention to me than Vince is. He keeps asking me if he can fill up my wine glass when it gets a bit low.

Eventually Vince goes to the kitchen to serve up dinner. He tells us both to stay put and that he can handle it.

Josh smiles again and looks at me intently with his dark long-lashed eyes. He tells me he really likes my short hairstyle. This endears me to him immediately as my mother and sisters all tell me my punky brush cut makes me look like a man. He asks me question after question about my singing, about my job, and where I grew up. There is something about him that makes me feel that he really is interested in me, and not just being the polite friend of my boyfriend. I am beginning to feel less annoyed that he is staying for dinner and actually relaxed. I also notice that he is really very attractive. He is clean- shaven, although I can tell from his “five-o’clock shadow” that he has dense facial hair. This really masculine feature contrasts nicely with those soft sensitive eyes. This is so different from Vince’s delicate features and white blond hair. I ask him where his girlfriend is tonight, as I get up to turn on a light near where he is sitting.

“Oh, I don’t have a girlfriend right now. I haven’t been seeing anyone for months now. Haven’t found anyone I’m interested in”. He pauses and gives me a half smile, looking up at me innocently under his eyelashes, through half-closed eyes. “All the good ones are taken,” he says softly.

My heart makes a little lurch, and I can feel my breathing getting a little faster. What is going on here? Why am I feeling attracted to this guy I’ve just met? Get a grip, girl, this is your boyfriend’s BEST friend. Back off!

Vince arrives just then and tells us dinner is served. Boy, am I lucky to have this guy who can cook up a storm. He is the head cook at Southam’s, the newest chic restaurant in town. Since I hate cooking, meeting Vince has been a windfall.

As expected, dinner is fantastic. The pepper steak is medium rare, just as I like it. The roasted potatoes Muratreis Escort are amazing and have an aromatic herb on them that tastes great. The chardonnay Vince has chosen to go with it is absolutely perfect. We immediately start into the second bottle.

All through dinner, Josh and Vince keep up a flirty banter with me. Vince will say something affectionate or sweet to me and Josh will follow up with something equally charming. The two guys keep grinning and winking at each other and seem to find every opportunity to touch me in some way – either by stroking my arm or hand or nudging me under the table with their feet. It is done in such an innocent way that I feel totally at ease and touch them both back.

Once dessert is finished, the guys suggest we go to the living room and watch the DVD that Vince and I were supposed to watch this evening. By this time I have completely forgotten my irritation at not having Vince to myself. Instead I am having a great time flirting with both Josh and Vince.

“Sit here between the two of us, Katy,” Vince says as he flops down on his couch. I am slim, but they barely leave me enough space to squeeze between them. I giggle as I collapse on the couch and end up partly on Josh’s lap.

“Whoa, girl!” he exaggerates a gasp as though I am crushing him. He puts his arms around me briefly, bringing his nose and lips into the back of my neck for a fleeting moment before releasing me and settling in beside me more comfortably.

The result for me is electrifying. I feel a familiar warmth between my legs. For an instant I am disoriented and stunned. Why am I feeling this for someone I have just met when my boyfriend is right beside me?

Vince laughs and squeezes in just as closely as Josh. He starts the movie and reaches up to the lamp beside the sofa to turn off the lights. It is comfortably warm, dark and quiet as the movie starts up. I can feel the pressure and warmth of Josh’s body all the way up my right side, and the same on my left from Vince. If I lean a little to my right, I get a vague smell of Josh’s cologne mingled with his sweat. When I turn my nose a bit toward Vince I can smell his familiar soap and shampoo scents. The wine has made me slightly dizzy, and the sensory overload of male scents, warm soft bodies pressing in on me from both sides, is heady. I smile and sigh as I close my eyes, letting go of all tension.

“Feeling good Katy?” Vince whispers into my ear. “I’m so glad we’re all here together.” He starts kissing my ear lightly, sliding his hand up and down the top of my leg. I keep my eyes closed and sink further toward him, moaning softly. As Vince continues kissing me down my neck, I am slowly becoming aware that Josh is also rubbing my leg on the right. I feel a soft nuzzling and kissing on my right ear and am momentarily confused thinking that Vince has somehow moved around the back of my neck.

“Katy, you are so beautiful”, whispers Josh, and instantly my heart starts racing and the hair on my neck stands on end. I am terrified of what Vince will do now that his best friend is going way beyond simple flirting. I open my eyes and stiffen slightly in anticipation of Vince finally figuring out what is going on, when suddenly Josh’s hand reaches around my front and begins fondling my right breast. His large hand almost covers my entire breast as he slowly strokes right and left, just grazing my nipple. I am conflicted with feeling incredibly turned on and terribly frightened about Vince.

Vince however, takes my breath away with his reaction to this. He momentarily stops kissing my ear and looks down at Josh’s hand, which is now lightly pinching my right nipple now standing erect under my bra. Instead of freaking out, he moans lightly and reaches out his hand to my left breast.

“That looks fun. Are you enjoying it Katy?” He proceeds to pinch and squeeze while kissing my face softly. “Isn’t she beautiful, Josh? Didn’t I tell you she had fabulous breasts?”

Now I am totally feeling like I am having an out of body experience. My crotch is hot and I can feel a warm flow down there that is probably making the couch wet. I am panting with excitement and yet I am so confused. What is going on? Is Vince testing me or something?

“Josh, what are you doing? Vince, aren’t you going to stop him?” I squeak in a high voice while panting and attempting to get away from both of them.

“Whoa, girl”, they both say immediately and I feel two sets of arms grabbing for me and pulling me down again onto the couch. Vince starts massaging my breast and kissing my neck and Josh moves his hand to my crotch. His touch is exactly what I have been aching for and I let out an involuntary moan. As both of them are vigorously massaging, rubbing and kissing me, Vince talks to me quickly in-between kisses.

“Its okay, Katy, Josh and I are best friends. We like to share everything. I like to share my favourite women with him. It makes for mind-blowing sex – have you ever done it?” I am trying to get my head Escort Muratreis around this latest development, all while alternately opening my legs for Josh to get right in, and then closing them quickly as I still feel uncertain about all this. Next Josh is breathing into my ear saying. “Its okay, Katy, Vince doesn’t feel threatened by me. He likes me to appreciate his girlfriends in this way. Oh, god, you are so hot…” He’s moaning and writhing next to me, kissing me up the right side of my neck.

As I feel Vince opening up my blouse, and Josh moaning, “oh yes, let me see those beautiful breasts,” I feel myself going over the edge. All inhibition and worry about what is going on ceases and I give in to the incredible desire I am feeling. “Ohhh,” I moan as I frantically help Vince unbutton my shirt. Josh pulls it off from the back when the buttons are finally free and then I feel him undoing my bra. I gasp as my breasts pop out and I feel the coolness of the air on them. Vince yanks off the bra from the front and dives down with his mouth to my left nipple and begins sucking and licking in a light fluttery motion. I throw my head back and moan in ecstasy as I feel a second warm mouth attach to my right breast. Josh sucks and tongues my nipple in an equally soft and fluttery way. Although I have told Vince recently that I like it this way, I am amazed that Josh seems to be getting it right also. My hands automatically move up and begin rubbing their heads, pushing them onto my breasts even more urgently. It feels surreal looking down onto one white blond head and one almost-black haired head. My cunt is soaking by this time and aching to be touched.

Vince takes his mouth off my breast and begins opening my belt and undoing my jeans. “Yes, oh yes,” I moan urgently, writhing and rocking on the couch. I feel bereft when Josh’s mouth rises off my other breast but then smile and gaze at what he is doing now. He has stood up and is throwing off his T-shirt in one long fluid motion and scrambling to undo his own pants. His jeans drop and I gasp as I see his huge erect cock straining under his tight briefs. He sees me watching him and slows down, giving me a half grin. “Want what’s inside, Katy?” he growls, and puts his hands on his hips and pushes his groin toward my face. I lean forward and nuzzle up against his rock-hard cock, rubbing my mouth and nose up and down the shaft, which is still straining against the fabric of his underwear.

Meanwhile, I am vaguely aware that Vince has stopped undoing my pants and instead is quickly on his feet and tearing his own clothes off. I stop nuzzling Josh’s cock and move back at bit on the couch so I can watch both men. Vince sidles up beside Josh and now both men are only wearing underwear. They are both identical heights, but Josh has a leaner muscular build compared to Vince’s thick stockiness. With lusty grins on their faces they push their crotches toward my face. “Are you ready for two big cocks, Katy?” The sight of these two gorgeous men with hard cocks inches from my face is making me frantic with desire.

Simultaneously, the two of them slip their fingers into the sides of their briefs and begin slowly, ever so slowly, to push the clothing down. My eyes swing back and forth between the two of them as though I am mesmerized by a tennis game. The show almost seems choreographed as they manage to keep their movements perfectly coordinated. Both of their cocks spring out at exactly the same moment. I gasp and reach out to both of them grasping a cock in each hand.

Now the men are the ones who are moaning as I synchronize my stroking of their shafts. I grasp each cock so that my thumbs are able to rub up and down the underside of their shafts and then do a half-circle around the underside of the heads. Up and down, up and down, in long slow movements, while each man moans and sways on their feet. Josh’s cock is really long and kind of thin, while Vince’s is thicker and shorter. It’s interesting to stroke and look at two very different cocks at once. I can see that Josh’s knees are trembling slightly as he is getting closer and closer to climaxing.

I decide to give Josh a rest and concentrate on Vince for a while. I bring my mouth up to the tip of his penis and gently kiss the soft silky skin around the opening at the tip. As I look up to his eyes, I take the head into my mouth and begin circling my tongue around and around the corona edge. He closes his eyes and gives me a low moan. I vaguely hear Josh urging me on, “take it all in, Katy.” I stop swirling my tongue around and instead suck his cock deeper into my mouth so that the tip is touching the back of my throat. Slowly I move up and down the shaft trying to take a bit more in with each plunge. My right hand moves up to stroke his balls while my left hand clasps the root of his cock to keep it steady. Vince is breathing hard and pumping with hips back and forth, pushing his cock ever deeper. Eventually I stop moving my mouth and he fucks my mouth, moaning and groaning as he pumps. “Whoa, Muratreis Escort Bayan slow this down, I’m getting too close,” he finally gasps. I withdraw his cock from my mouth and look up at him with a big smile on my face.

Josh edges himself a little closer so that the head of his cock is touching the head of Vince’s cock. He says in a little boy voice “I’m lonely… can I come play also?” Looking at the two penis heads side by side gives me an idea and I giggle a little. Opening my mouth as wide as possible, I take both heads into my mouth and suck them in as far as they’ll go. Both men give a little yelp and one says, “yeah, baby!” Now I am frantically licking and sucking either both at the same time or one or the other in quick succession. I am getting frantic with excitement and the need to be touched between my legs as I listen to them groaning and gasping and encouraging me to suck harder.

Finally I can take it no longer and I leap up and begin literally ripping my jeans off. I am hopping slightly as my pants and bikini bottoms get tangled up in my legs and feet. I finally get them down to the floor and end up bent right over with my backside toward the guys. Again, they seem to have this “dance” all planned out. Josh moves around to my front and pulls my head up toward his cock. Meanwhile, Vince positions himself behind me and I feel his rock hard cock begin pushing and poking into my buttocks. I feel myself smiling a big smile as I think, yes, this is perfect, thank you very much. I willingly spread my legs a bit positioning myself to take Vince doggy style.

Vince, however, decides to take his time. With his cock still poking into my buttocks, he starts fingering my cunt gently, sliding his fingers up either side of my vagina in the lips of my vulva. It is tantalizingly slow, and the coolness of his fingers on my hot pussy feels delicious. I put my hand back and stroke Vince’s arm to cue him that I love this. My moans of ecstasy are muffled with Josh’s cock in my mouth. After a few minutes of this I move my mouth off Josh’s cock and cry at Vince to “Fuck me now!”

Both men hold me steady and help me get in the right position. Josh waits patiently and helps Vince hold me while Vince guides his penis into my aching pussy. My mouth opens and I let out a big involuntary “Ohhhh,” as I feel his penis slide into me. He pushes it right to the hilt and stops for a few moments. This seems to be the signal to Josh to continue what he was doing. He holds my chin gently and points his cock toward my mouth and looks at me with a questioning look on his face to see if I am ready. I open up willingly and Josh slowly guides his penis into my open mouth. Both men continue to slowly slide their cocks in and out of my two openings in perfect unison. Each glide inward makes me moan involuntarily, muffled by the presence of Josh’s large cock in my mouth.

I am lost in the rhythmic thrusting and pulling into me and the sounds of all our moaning, sucking, and “Ohhing.” I can feel the power of these two men entering me from the front and back of my body. Imagining what we look like makes me even more crazy with desire. When Vince reaches around with his hand and begins stroking my clitoris in circular motions, I momentarily lose the rhythm and stop sucking on Josh. The stimulation on my clitoris takes all my concentration away as I get lost in the building tension in my groin. Now that I feel the wonderful fullness of his cock inside me, I really want to enjoy this clitoral stimulation to the fullest. With an effort, I try to focus again on Josh’s cock. After a few more minutes of this, Josh reaches down and begins squeezing my nipples and rolling them around his fingertips. Again I have to stop sucking as I gasp and shudder and Josh’s cock slips from my mouth. He gently slides it back in and shortens his thrusting so that it stays in even if my mouth gets a bit slack as I moan. Now my knees are getting weak and I am getting dizzy with the rise of tension in my groin area. I can feel the orgasm building steadily as I suck the best I can and hold my ass steady as Vince rams his cock like a jackhammer into my aching pussy from behind.

The pressure and tension is getting almost unbearable for me when suddenly Vince slows his thrusting and stops with his penis lodged inside me. Josh also stops thrusting at the point where his cock is in as deep as it will go.

“I think Katy needs a little spoiling now,” says Vince. “Oh, what you were doing was certainly spoiling,” I manage to say when Josh pulls his cock slowly out of my mouth.

Now that I am no longer rising toward climax, I am feeling drained and very shaky on my legs. I am actually grateful as both guys ease me down onto the sofa lying on my back.

“Now close your eyes Katy and just let us make you happy,” Josh says as he positions himself between my knees on the sofa and settles himself into a low crouch over my crotch. I can’t help but watch him as he lowers his mouth to my inner thigh and begins slowly and gently licking and kissing down toward my cunt. Vince settles himself on the floor beside the sofa up near my head. He begins slowly kissing and licking my neck, moving toward my ear. His feathery soft lips just graze the skin lightly before moving on to a new spot. As he gets closer to my ear, I can feel his ragged breath blowing warm air onto my skin.

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