Clothes Shopping with ChristyClothes Shopping with Christy


“Here, try this on.”

Groaning, I reluctantly shrug into a fluorescent orange tank top that is about as far from my idea of fashionable as it is possible to be.

“Happy?” I say, trying not to think about my farmer’s tan.

“It’s ravishing,” she says, flashing me her trademark winning smile, making my heart flutter involuntarily. It was Christy’s idea to go shopping. We’re not even dating. Normally, such a request would be grounds for a “What are we doing here?” type conversation, but that’s just not Christy’s style. When she decides to do something, she does it. That, and she’s made clear to me on more than one occasion that we’re just friends. Still, my heart flutters. I mean, this is Christy Park we’re talking about, half Korean, half Irish, 100% beauty queen.

“Hey! Are you listening to me?” She’s holding a couple of skimpy bikinis that would send my mother into fibrillations. “I’m trying this on. Come wait outside the dressing room so I don’t have to come looking for you.”

“Personally, I think if you’re going to wear it on a beach, you should feel comfortable wearing it around a store.”

A withering look is the only response I get for my attempt at lighthearted ribaldry. Following the most beautiful little rear end I’ve ever seen, I head to the dressing room and assume my post outside the door, doing my best to indicate from my posture that that is the last place I would like to be. Not that there’s anyone to see me, of course. The store itself is pretty much empty and the dressing room attendant is away doing some restocking or something. I turn my thoughts to the girl—woman—who is getting undressed a few feet away from me. Christy and I met 8 years ago, in fourth grade. We hit it off immediately, first as some of the smartest kids in our advanced placement class, but then as good friends.

We started spending a lot of time together. Freshman year, I asked her to a dance “as friends,” but in truth I wanted it to be something more. She nipped that one in the bud pretty quickly. I moved to on to other things, and she kept unsuccessfully pursuing the love of her life – Conor Hedigan. Truly one of the most idiotic pieces of slime mold I’ve ever met. No one knows what she sees in him. They’ve never even dated, and I think Conor’s fucked pretty much every decent-looking girl but Christy by now.

“Hey!” she intones. “You still out there?”


The door pops open. “What do you think?”

I am genuinely speechless. I’ve seen her in a bikini before of course, but this is something different. Knowing that it’s at a store, that it’s for ME, in a way, gets me instantly aroused. Not to mention this thing is a felony waiting to happen. It’s bright red, with those slits on the waistband and I can just make out the nipples of her full and perky breasts peeking through the top. Needing to turn around before she notices my boner, I manage a “Nah” before I dart out.

I hear a disappointed sigh as the door closes. “I kind of liked it. It’s OK though, I’ve got 3 more to try.”

I’m sighing too, but out of relief. Just as I think I’m saved, I hear the clerk coming back. The dressing room area is oriented like a long hallway, with dressing room doors on either side. The clerk’s desk sits at the end of the hallway, so that he has a view of the outside of all the dressing rooms. Unfortunately, that means she won’t possibly miss me and the giant bulge in my pants. Not wanting to leave and piss off Christy, and kind of acting on a hormonal impulse, I knock on the door.

“Changed your mind?” she inquires, hopefully.

“Nah. It’s just that the dressing room lady is giving me weird looks” I lied. “I think it’s a bit unusual for me to stand out here. Can I come in?”

“I’m not going to be decent. I think you can handle a few weird looks,” she replied, curtly.

“Christyyy,” I whined. “I’ll face the wall. This woman is scary. She’s probably got Genghis Khan’s blood or something.”

A pause. She was thinking about it. The attendant was arranging some stuff at her desk, but any moment she’d sit down and see my nastiness.


“Fine. Just face the wall. I might actually need help with one of these.”

Phew. Just in time. Wait. Did she say help? Christy hadn’t started to take off the red one from before, so I had time to look around. That’s when I noticed a microscopic black stringy one that made my dick jump about Halaskargazi Escort a foot. So THAT’S what she needed help with. Try not to think about it, I told myself, as I turned around to face the wall. The dressing room was quite spacious, about 10 by 10, with a bench on one side, so there was plenty of room for her to undress.

Which she was doing. Right behind me. This boner was not going away. Out of the frying pan, into the fire. I had no idea what I was going to do when she next asked me for my opinion. A friend of mine had told me once that flexing your thighs helped get rid of boners: something about circulation. So there I stood, frenzily clenching and unclenching my thighs and trying not to think about Christy’s beautiful body. Curvy, but flat stomach. Boobs that begged to be kneaded, and an ass that you wanted to grab… and fuck. And those legs! At 5’ 8”, she wasn’t too short to have beautiful legs.
This definitely wasn’t helping with the boner. It just occurred to me that you might be thinking maybe Christy doesn’t want to fuck me just because I’m ugly or something. I’m actually a fairly attractive guy, if I say so myself. The girls I’ve been with have been satisfied with my 8 “, though I think they enjoy the six-pack as well. I stay fit, though I don’t go in for organized sports or anything. Anyway, it was pretty clear that Christy was finishing up, and I still had a boner, so I did what had to be done, and tucked it in my waistband. I couldn’t be sure, but I think the rustling behind me stopped for just a second as I was tucking.

“I’m done,” she proclaimed.

She had mixed things up this time. Neon green bottom with a black top. Still gorgeous, but now I was starting to enjoy myself.

“Turn around” I commanded.

Dutifully, she did so, tossing me a playful glance over her shoulder. Her ass was clearly outlined, and the bottom half was out there for the world to see. I was in heaven.

“Nah,” I said. No way I was letting this end here.

“You just want me to get naked again” she said.

“No.” Suave. Real suave.

Knowingly, she laughed, “Turn around, horndog.”

I was not going to fight that particular accusation. This time, when I turned around, I made an intriguing discovery. The dressing room had two mirrors. One large one, that Christy was facing, and a small one, opposite. I was facing the wall with the door, and no mirror. On the door, however, there was a polished metal panel, about eye level, and it was reflective. If I positioned my body just right, I could see either the rear mirror or the forward mirror in the panel. Surreptitiously, I shuffled a bit to my right, not daring to try for the forward mirror in case I made eye contact. I was not disappointed. There, in front of me, was Christy’s naked back. As she bent over to take of her panties, I could just make out her snatch below her beautiful ass. And a repeat performance as she put on the next item. I was in heaven.

Same ritual. Made her turn around a few times, strike a few poses, and then turned it down. I think by this time she was enjoying the game as much as I was. This wasn’t the first time we had had this kind of sexual tension, but it was definitely the most intense. Once again, she pouted and prepared to try on the last of the swimsuits she had picked out.

I was struck by a powerful, irrational urge to try and get a glimpse of the other mirror. We were both seniors in high school, adults preparing to go to college on opposite sides of the country; who knew when I would see this girl later? And goddammit I wanted to see her naked. I was going to go for it. Shuffling slowly as before, I edged my way into position, making it there just as she was bending over to take off her panties. As she straightened up, inch after inch of her beautiful legs came into view. Then, her neatly trimmed, flaming red pubes (there’s the Irish in her). Then, her delectable stomach, her plump breasts, her pink nipples, her beautiful face (typical halfie). And finally, her gorgeous green eyes, looking directly at… me.

I’m not even sure if I blushed, I was so terrified. We held eye contact for half a second, maybe longer. My boner instantly began to wilt (friend in need, and all that). I blurted out a “Sorry” and made for the door. I wrenched it open and was about to rush out to jump off a bridge when I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Oh she wants to punish Halaskargazi Escort Bayan me herself. I guess that makes sense.”
I turned around, trying to keep my neck muscles loose, hoping it worked with all kinds of trauma, not just car accidents. She swooped up… and kissed me. This was getting weirder and weirder. But hey, not one to complain.

I kissed her back, running my hands slowly up and down her naked back. She reached behind me to lock the door. Mr. boner was back in action, too. She broke off, and I looked at her questioningly.
“Conor was a dick,” she explained. “I know that now. And whenever he was mean to me, you were there to pick up the pieces. And how did I repay you? I pushed you away. I like you, John. I like you a lot.”

Never one to ruin a good moment by talking. I picked her up and pinned her against the wall, thrusting myself against her and enjoying the moans I was eliciting. She clutched wildly at my hair and began removing my shirt. Not wishing to be unjust, I helped, and then stood back and took off my pants and boxers as well. Seeing my cock, she visibly gulped.

“Not used to this size, eh?”

“Not used to… any size” she whispered.

“Wait, what? Are you a virgin?”

Her eyes told me the answer. She looked like she was about to cry, so I stepped in and kissed her again.

“It’ll be fine” I reassured her.

She relaxed a bit in my arms and I moved to place her on the bench. I needed to lube her up orally, or this was going to hurt her a lot. Given the limited space on the bench, the only way this was going to work was if we were in sixty-nine position.

“I’m going to eat you out,” I explained. “My dick will be in your face but don’t worry about doing anything about it. It’s important that you focus on what my tongue is doing, so that you’re well lubed up, OK?”

She nodded.

Once we were in position, I finally got up close to the beautiful vagina I had seen moments earlier. It was just as beautiful upside down. I’m not a Conor, so I didn’t go straight for it. I kissed my way up and down each of her thighs, slowly. I could feel her writhing underneath me. I used my hands to keep her legs spread. She used her hands to pull my head down. I wasn’t ready yet, though. Next I moved to her perfect stomach. I licked it, kissed it, bit it a bit, and nuzzled it. She was in ecstasy.

Finally, I moved down to her pussy. First I blew on it, eliciting a moan. Then I licked around it, eliciting a louder moan. I began to lick up and down the slit (or down and up, actually). Her clit grew, becoming engorged with blood. I began a vigorous tongue-fucking, shoving my tongue deep inside of her. At this point, I suddenly felt her lips engulf my cock. She was clearly a novice, but hey, a blowjob is a blowjob. A blowjob from a woman you like is something else. As she kept moaning, the vibrations really began to get to me. At this rate, I might cum before she did. Time to get aggressive. I moved to her clit, sucking, nibbling, and blowing alternately.

I guess she liked it, because in seconds, she came. In the process of writhing, her head suddenly moved all the way down my cock, in a deepthroating motion. That was too much for me, and I came without warning. Spurt after spurt of my cum into her mouth. When I finally finished, I turned around, only to find her licking her lips. Refraction time be damned, I was ready to go as soon as I saw that.

“You OK?” I asked.

“Fantastic,” she beamed.

“You want to take this farther?”

In answer, she spread her legs lewdly.

My legs having turned to jelly, I hopped on top of her in missionary position. “You on the pill?”

“No, I want your baby in me!”

I must have looked pretty concerned, because she giggled and said “Yes, idiot. I’m on the pill.”

Looking to get back at her, I quickly drove about 3 inches into her. I certainly gave her a shock. She yelped, maybe a little too loudly, and tears came to her eyes. I was worried. “Did I hurt you?”

“Just my hymen” she said, through gritted teeth.

Shit. I had totally forgotten she was a virgin. “I’m so sorry, Christy.”

“No no, that was the only way to do it. Just make sure the rest is better.”

Slowly, I began sinking the rest of myself into her. Even after I had eaten her out, she was incredibly tight. Though she wasn’t complaining, Escort Halaskargazi I could tell it hurt. With each inch, it grew more difficult, but finally, I bottomed out. I lay on top of her for a moment, enjoying the connection. Here I was, buried balls deep in my best friend! We looked at each other, and couldn’t help but laugh. I began to grind into her a bit, and she ground her pussy into me. I pulled out slowly, until just the tip was in her, and pushed in again. It was a bit easier this time. Again. Out. In. She was writhing again. Soon, she was gasping in time with each of my thrusts. I was picking up pace. Each of her gasps came short and high-pitched, and her eyes were closed. My dick plunged again and again into her virginal tightness. Suddenly, her legs wrapped around me and she moaned, “I’m going to COME!” “John! Ah! I’m COMING!” Not wanting to come too soon, I flipped her over, doggy style, and pounded her again. This time, we both came again.

I slumped over her as we both recovered from that round of intense fucking. My dick, still buried inside of her, was at full mast almost immediately. Laughing huskily, she pushed me down on the bench amid the discarded swimwear and mounted me delicately. She was probably quite sore but she gamely impaled herself on my shaft. I could see the faintest bulging outline of my dick on the skin of her stomach as it drove into her womb. Rocking back and forth, she came once, and kept riding. I began kneading her ass with my left hand, and then I had an idea. Her eyes were closed, so she didn’t see as I began sucking my thumb on my right hand. I could feel her getting close, and as she was about to come, I shoved my now lubricated thumb deep into her ass. She yelped, almost screamed, and almost jumped off, but I held her down with my left hand. She came, and then she came again. I was worried someone would come running, so I listened for a while, but no one game in.

She shoved my chest, feigning anger, but I could tell she enjoyed having her ass played with. Looking her in the eye, I made my intentions known. “Christy. How do you feel about… anal?”

Still riding on my dick, she looked at me coquettishly through her curls of beautiful red hair: “Anal? I guess…”

Needing no other encouragement I flipped her over. Pushing her head down so her ass was high in the air, I pushed my index and middle fingers into her vagina, scooping out some juices. Then, I gently inserted first one, then the other into her delicate pink rosebud. Moaning, she reminded me “Gently, gently.” I repeated this process 3 or 4 more times, lubing her up with her own juices. Then, I sank my dick into her pussy, eliciting another moan, and pressed it against her rosebud. She tightened up reflexively. Leaning down to her ear, I used one hand to cup a breast and the other to play with her pussy, as I murmured, “Relax. Tightening only makes it harder.” Slowly, the resistance eased. Pushing with much of my weight, I finally popped the tip of my dick past her anal sphincter. Unused to the intrusion, she tightened up again. I began fingering her pussy vigorously. She moaned and began to come. As climax hit her, I sank a few more inches of cock into her ass.

“Relax.” I reminded her again. I kept pushing until all of me was inside of her beautiful, round ass. I savored the moment. I began to pull out, but only a few inches. Then back. As she had before, she slowly began to moan louder and louder. As I fucked her ass, I played with her pussy and mauled her tits. She was loving it. In her moans, I began to discern words.

“Fuck. Oh fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. JOHN. Fuck me John. Fuck me in the ass, John. Let me be your dirty fucking whore OH FUCK. I’M COMING. FUCK. Oh, JOHN. I’M COMING. I’M COMING AGAIN. AH! FUCK!”

I, too, began to come, depositing load after load of cum into her ass as I had into her virgin pussy. Finally, my limp dick slid out of her, and I stood behind her, watching my cum dribble out of her distended asshole, joining the stream of cum and pussy juice from her violated pussy. I still could not believe what had just happened. She was so exhausted that she remained like that for a good five minutes. She finally got up, walked over to me, and hugged me, pressing her naked body up against mine. That was when I knew we had started something special.

We walked out of the dressing room together, drawing a disapproving glare from the lady at the counter. Christy handed her the swimsuits and then said, “Wait. I liked this one.” I did a double take when I recognized the skimpy black string job that she hadn’t yet tried on. The mischievous smile Christy gave me gave me no doubts as to what kind of water sports would be played in that getup.

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