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This story takes a little while to get going, because I built a plot with the story. You will hopefully enjoy it and be rewarded for taking the time to read the story. Your opinion is always welcome.


James woke up this morning excited. If his intuition was right, he would be closing a real estate deal today. The house across the street from him, in his sub-division, was up for sale and the client he recently acquired was interested in seeing the house. He had scheduled an appointment for 10:00am to show the house. The house fit everything his clients were looking for. It had four bedrooms, two baths, two stories and was built just six years ago.

James showered, then put on his white dress shirt, black slacks and a red power tie. He spritzed his shirt with his favorite cologne and straightened his tie before walking to the house across the street. He typed the code into the key box and pulled the key out from inside the box. He closed the box and unlocked the front door, making his way inside. It was a few minutes before ten. He lit a candle and waited for his clients to arrive.

An SUV pulled into the driveway. He heard three doors close. He was surprised by the sound of three doors. He was only expecting Mr. and Mrs. Samuel to be checking out the property. James walked to the front door and opened it, noticing that a young girl, whom he assumed was their daughter, tagged along, following behind Mr. and Mrs. Samuel. James welcomed them and shook their hands as they entered the house. James, shook the daughter’s hand last and smiled before introducing himself.

“Hello. My name is James. Who might you be? David and Beth’s daughter I am assuming.”

The teenager looked up at David and smiled warmly. “I am Melanie and yes I am their daughter. It is a pleasure to meet you as well David.

Her voice was soft and sweet. David enjoyed her smile. He felt her green eyes seemed to linger a little longer than usual on him as she held onto his hand. He placed his left hand on the small of her back and ushered her into the house. When he started to pull away, he felt her hold on to his hand a split second longer before finally letting go. He looked at her face and caught her winking at him as she walked past him to join her parents. He found her flirtatious wink a bit unusual, but pleasant at the same time.

James took his time walking his clients from room to room, painting them a picture of how the home would be perfect for them. He assured them it was in a great, safe and quiet neighborhood. When he finished giving them a tour of the downstairs, he escorted them upstairs to show them the bedrooms and second bath. James showed them the bedroom that faced the street first.

Melanie immediately said, “This will be my bedroom.” She looked at James and asked, “Do you think this room would be great for me, James?”

Her voice was soft and sweet with a hint of playfulness. James did his best to stay professional, despite becoming infatuated with his client’s daughter. He realized he had not immediately answered her and quickly retorted, “Absolutely. This bedroom has a large walk-in closet for your clothes and two large windows that face the street to keep your room well lit while you study.”

Melanie smiled brightly and turned her head slightly to the side. “I only have a month of school left, then I am graduating.” “Well, congratulations.” James answered, surprised she was old enough to be graduating from high school already. Teenagers’ age was so hard to guess nowadays and he didn’t even attempt to guess anymore. He was at least twice her age and it seemed like it was just a few years ago that he was a teenager himself.

James showed his clients the two other spare bedrooms and saved the master bedroom at the back of the house for last. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel were pleasantly surprised by the size of the master bedroom and adjoining master bath. A few minutes later, James left his clients to walk through the house and discuss between themselves what they thought. He exited the front door and waited in the driveway.

A few moments later Melanie joined him on the front driveway. “My parents are trying to decide whether they want the house or not.”, she said to James as she approached him. She continued with a soft voice and sly smile, “I can convince them to buy the house though. You would like that wouldn’t you?”

James wasn’t sure exactly what she was asking. He knew the face value of her question, but he wasn’t sure if there was more that she was implying with the question. He decided to answer the question professionally. “I want to find the house that best suits you and your parents’ needs.”

Melanie stood close to James, leaving just a few inches between them. “Would you like me to be your neighbor?” She paused a moment, then winked at him again.

James could feel his pants starting to stir. He knew for sure what she was implying with that question. He was quite sure she was interested in him and he was intrigued to learn more about her. “I think you and your parents would make great neighbors if you all decide this is the house for you.”

Melanie wrapped her arms around James’ right arm and looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. Her green eyes sparkled in the sunlight. Her look reminded him of a middle school kid in love. A slight smile formed on his face as he looked down at her. He could tell there was more she wanted to say.

Melanie could hear her parents’ voices coming closer. She quickly whispered, “I will convince them to buy the house from you if you will be my tutor. I want to do what you do. What do you say?”

James wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted him to tutor him in. He could again tell by face value that she wanted him to explain how his job worked, but he was not sure that was all she wanted from him. He thought about it a few seconds. He had a pretty full schedule with multiple clients, but he decided he could probably fit some free time in to be her tutor.

He replied, “Sure” just as her parents exited the front door. Melanie quickly pulled away from James and approached her parents. She walked over to her father and wrapped her arms around his left arm the same way she had just done to James. She turned and looked at James while seductively licking her lips.

Mrs. Samuel spoke first. “Thank you for showing us the house James. We want to discuss it a little further and see what our son thinks also. Do you mind if we have a day to talk it over?”

“Not at all. If you decide this is the house that is best for you and your family, I will sit down and help you guys fill out the necessary paperwork. If it is not, I will find the perfect home for your family.”

Melanie spoke up, “Daddy. I think this is the perfect home for us. I absolutely love it. It has a fenced in back yard for privacy, a big kitchen for mom, and large rooms for all of us. We have not found a house in this price range that is anywhere close to being as good as this. Say yes, daddy. Say yes, mommy.” Melanie looked at her dad with the same puppy dog eyes James had seen earlier.

“We will be right back.”, Mr. Samuel said as he ushered his family back into the house.

James knew Melanie was certainly a sly vixen. She had a way of getting what she wanted. He knew she would be good in his business. Her cute, thin body, long tan legs, pretty face, full lips and sparkling green eyes would be a great asset for her in the sales business. James waited nervously, pacing back and forth in the driveway. He was certain this was going to be an easy deal.

After what seemed like an eternity, his clients joined him on the driveway. Melanie had the largest shit eating grin on her face he had ever seen and she was looking his up and down. James reluctantly pulled his eyes away from her and looked into the eyes of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel. He had learned long ago never to speak first. The first person to speak loses.

After a few moments, Mr. Samuel, who seemed to be the representative speaker for the family, spoke up. “We have thought about this a little more and talked it over. We are going to go put a bid in for the house.”

James was excited and shocked at the same time. “Great. Let’s go to my office and fill out the paperwork. I am sure this will be a great home for your family.”

A few hours later, James was at home enjoying a beer and watching Saturday College Football on the television. He had a smile on his face that would not go away. He was certain the bank would accept the qualifying bid. The house had been in foreclosure proceedings for three years and the bank was anxious to get the house off their books. The Samuels had bid exactly what the bank was asking for the property. It was a great deal for everyone involved. Besides the deal, James was excited to get to know Melanie Samuel even better.

A few weeks later, the paperwork was completed and the contract was signed by the Samuel family. James was outside trimming bushes in his front yard Saturday morning when a moving truck pulled up to the house across the street. James put his clippers on the ground and removed his gardening gloves. He watched Mrs. Samuel hop out of the passenger side of the van, followed by Melanie. James’ eyes practically popped out of his eyes. Melanie was wearing a skin tight t-shirt that hugged her body, a pair of zebra stretch pants that hugged her every curve and a black pair of Ugg boots. She looked over at him the moment her feet hit the concrete driveway. James waved to the family and quickly looked away, trying not to stare at Melanie. He said hello to his new neighbors and quickly made his way into the garage.

After cleaning up, James made a trip to the store. He picked up a few gifts for his new neighbors, then stopped by the office to tie up some loose ends. Around 5:00pm he returned home. The moving van was gone, replaced by an SUV and a car. He made his way to his front door on the side of his house. Just as he approached the door, he heard the front door across the street open. Melanie stepped out of the door and looked down the street, but not in his direction. James stepped toward his door and looked around the corner of the house in her direction. He could see her decent size breasts pressing against her shirt while she stood up straight, almost appearing to arch her back. He could see the stretch pants hugging her groin. He wished he had a close up view. He wondered what she was looking at. Melanie turned toward the house and looked through the window next to the door. She leaned down to pick something up off the ground. James could not help but stare at her ass which was pointed in his direction. He wondered if she knew he was there and was teasing him. He made his way inside.

James put the variety of flowers into a vase and grabbed the other gifts, making his way across the street. He rang the doorbell and waited for an answer. Melanie opened the door and smiled at him.

“Hello James. Are those flowers for me?”

“Well…I bought you and your family some house warming gifts.”

“I will take these.” Melanie said, grabbing the vase.

James took a moment to look at her up close. He hoped she would not catch him checking her body out, unfortunately her eyes were looking into his eyes when his head made its way back up to her face. She didn’t say a word. She simply looked down at his crotch and licked her lips, then turned around and walked inside the house. James followed her to the kitchen where Mrs. Samuel was cleaning the sink.

“I brought you guys a broasted chicken, brownies and a bouquet of flowers. I figured your family might be hungry after moving in today and probably didn’t feel like cooking, so I brought your family some food. The flowers should give the house a good smell. Oh, I also purchased a gift card for any decorations or updates your family may want for your new home.”

Mrs. Samuel thanked James and gave him a big hug. Melanie gave her mom a dirty look. James set the chicken, brownies and gift card on the kitchen counter and said wished them a good day. He was making his way out the door when he heard Melanie shout.

“Wait up, James.” Melanie rushed next to him. “I am ready for my first tutor lesson. Is it okay if I come over in a few minutes?” She looked at him with her puppy dog eyes and pouted her lips, then smiles with her sly vixen look.

“Sure. Come on over when you are ready.” James was a little apprehensive, but decided to take her up on her promise.

A few minutes later, James heard a knock at his door. James answered the door to find Melanie standing outside the door. He stepped to the side and invited her inside. She took a seat at the couch and patted the seat next to her, signaling him to sit down beside her. James sat down next to her and turned to face her; she was already facing him, with her right leg folded under her butt and her left leg placed on the floor. Her hands were placed on her knees.

James began to explain the basics of the real estate industry when Melanie interrupted him. “Do you like what I am wearing today?”

James was startled by her question. It took him a moment to change his train of thought. “Yes. Your clothes are…how should I say…loud and form fitting I guess.”

She followed his answer up with another question. “Do you like how my clothes fit my body? Do you think I am good looking?”

“Wow! Ummm.” James stammered. “Yes, your clothes fit your shapely body well and yes, I think you are an attractive young girl.”

“Oh, James.” she said in a silly manner. “You know I am eighteen right? I am not a girl anymore. I like to think of my self as a young woman.”

James felt relieved to know that she was of legal age. He could feel his eyes getting heavy, drifting away from her eyes and moving down to her chest. He could see her chest raise as she took a breath of air into her lungs. His eyes traveled briefly to her flat stomach before sinking to her spread legs. He peeked at her crotch, trying to see if he could see the outline of her young crotch. He knew he should not be looking or thinking this way about her, but he could not help himself. He could feel the tension in the room getting thick. Melanie scooted closer to him on the couch and rested her knees up against the side of his body. Her left knee rested against his knee and her right knee rested against his hip. He could feel the warmth of her skin against his body.

Melanie wrapped both of her hands around his left forearm and said, “Listen. I want you to tutor me, but not about what you think I want to be tutored about. Not right away, anyways. I want you to tell me enough about real estate that I have something to report back to my parents, but…”

Melanie intentionally paused, holding his attention in her figurative palms. She looked deep into his brown eyes with a serious look. It was the first time James had seen her look at him this way. He was confused by the first part of her statement. His mind was running wild, trying to guess what she was up to. If she didn’t want to be tutored on real estate, then what did she want him to tutor her on?

She broke the silence a few moments later. “I have been saving myself for the right man. Soon, I will be going away to college and I want to know what to expect, no demand, from a man and to know how to please a man. I want you to teach me. Before you say anything, remember you promised to tutor me. If you won’t do as I ask, I will tell my parents that you refused to tutor me. I have already told them you offered to tutor me. You don’t want to start off on a foot with your new neighbors do you?”

James mouth was hanging wide open. He could not believe what he thought he heard. This beautiful young woman was asking him to teach her about sex? It was a fantasy dream come true on one hand, it was frightening on the other hand. “So exactly what are you asking of me?”

“James. I want you to show me how to please a man and show me what it feels like to be pleasured so that I will know what to demand from the guys at college. You are an attractive man, but you are way too old for me, in respects to a relationship.”

“How do you want me to teach you? You want me to tell you what a man likes and what a woman likes?” James looked at her with a questioning look on his face.

Melanie stood up from the couch and pulled him within inches of her face. She looked him in the eyes and said, “No! I want you to show me. Now kiss me.”

James hesitated only a brief moment before deciding to go all in. He placed his left hand on the small of her back and pulled her body against him. He looked her deep in the eyes, then moved his eyes to her lips, making sure her eyes followed his eyes. He bit his bottom lip as he stared briefly at her full lips before returning his view to her green eyes and leaning in to kiss her. His lips softly touched her mouth. Her soft, warm lips were a dream come true to him. It had been at least a year since he had last touched a woman and felt a woman’s lips pressed against his mouth.

She did not kiss back at first. His lips sucked on her bottom lip then moved to her top lip. She did not want to show how nervous she was. This was her first time ever kissing a man in a romantic way. It wasn’t that she did not have the chance to kiss men before, it was just that she knew the boys at her high school didn’t know what they were doing and all they wanted to do was stick their rod inside her for a few seconds before exploding. She had heard from her friends how little satisfaction the woman received from the boys. She wanted an experienced man to show her what to do, to touch her and make her feel great. She was going to get what she wanted.

It was not long before her lips were instinctively kissing him back. The way he held her close made her feel hot and bothered. His staring into her eyes and lips before kissing her, made her feel so passionate and warm. She mimicked the movements of his lips while pushing his left hand down to her butt. James followed her lead and took a hand full of her butt cheeks. She moaned softly in his mouth and pushed her hips against his body.

James removed his hand from her butt cheek and placed her face in his hands, holding her still as he kissed her deeper, with more passion. He could feel his pants beginning to press against his slacks. Melanie started tugging at his dress shirt, pulling it from his slacks. She slid her hands inside his shirt and felt his naked stomach. His stomach was not tight and firm like her skin. He had a little padding, but was by no means fat. She unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt and pulled it over his head, along with his undershirt.

James let go of her face long enough to loosen his cuffs and assist her in removing his shirt. He placed his left hand on the back of her neck and started kissing her right neck. He could hear her breathing deepen and wondered to himself how wet she was. Melanie ran her hands up and down his chest just like she had seen a woman do on a porn movie she had watched at her female friend’s house. His lips on her neck gave her chills she had never felt before now. He had been horny many times before today, but she had never imagined she could feel this horny. She felt a burning in the pit of her stomach continue to grow with each passing second. Her crotch was on fire.

Melanie pushed James’ face away from her neck and looked with lust, deep into his eyes. “Show me how a woman is supposed to feel! Make me feel great.”

James took her by the hand and guided her into his bedroom. He laid her down on her back and lay next to her. He slid her shirt over her head then reached behind her and unclasp her padded bra to reveal her luscious little breasts. Her pink nipples were hard and protruding from her perky breasts. Melanie did not realize she was holding her breath. James could see she was nervous. He leaned in and kissed her passionately, hoping she would momentarily forget she was half naked and relax. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held his mouth against her lips. His left hand slid up from her stomach to the center of her chest before slowly circling her outer breasts. His fingers inched closer to the center of her breast with each revolution. James slid his body down the bed until his mouth rested just in front of her left breast. He palmed her right breast with her hand and placed his lips on her left nipple. His lips surrounded her hard left nipple while his hand massaged her right nipple. He could hear her start to whimper softly. He took his time rotating back and forth from sucking on one nipple to the next. Melanie arches her chest to meet his lips with anticipation each time he switches breasts.

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