Where Did She Go Pt. 02Where Did She Go Pt. 02

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This story was written at the Personal Request of Belinda Hansen and is somewhat based on Pink’s song, ‘Just Give Me a Reason.’ I enjoyed writing this story for Belinda, and I hope it exceeds her expectations.

‘Where Did She Go’ is a Slowburn Lesbian Romance story, but the storyline differs somewhat from my previous submissions.

Edited By Candy_Kane54 (CK)

If this is your type of Lesbian Romance-Love-Sex Story… ENJOY!


Our lives are rolling along beautifully when, out of the clear blue sky, Marcie Rae is served with a subpoena. I am not surprised at Marcie Rae being served from the California State Court on 27 OCT 2022, but she is hurt and upset. Marcie Rae was hoping her parents would give up on haunting her since she had been living here in Savannah for over four months.

I believe her parent’s claim that Marcie Rae is mentally incompetent stung her deeply in a way like never before. Her mom is petitioning the California State Court for complete legal authority to control Marcie Rae’s decision-making in every aspect of her life. Marcie Rae cried profusely after reading her parent’s entire filing.

Anna and, especially, Trisha were total wrecks after learning about the subpoenas. We pull the girls onto our respective laps for an hour of cooing and cuddling. I fully explain that these types of conflicts with Marcie Rae’s parents will be an ongoing problem haunting us until Marcie Rae and I are married. Mom-Marcie Rae’s parents are selfish and controlling, only caring about themselves and money.

I stress to Anna and Trisha that we will successfully endure dealing with mom-Marcie Rae’s uncaring parents if the four of us stay strong as a family. We will soon meet with our counsel at the Law Firm, planning our all-out rebuttal and offensively attacking her parents to protect our family!

In my mind, “Marcie Rae’s Parents have just declared WAR on my family! I will utterly annihilate them in the court of public opinion for daring to attack the loves of my life!”

How dare they attack my Marcie Rae Holdings, who just gave me a reason to live again!


We communicated with the Law Firm, which sent a blistering reply to the California State Court and Marcie Rae’s family’s lawyer. Our Law Firm’s response includes copies of all previous health and surgical reports on Marcie Rae. Her parent’s willful neglect to take her for a checkup was especially highlighted since it nearly killed her. The Law Firm’s final statement is Marcie Rae’s surgical follow-up requires monthly brain scans and neurological assessment for six months post-surgery.

For this reason, Marcie Rae has not traveled since her brain surgery, nor will her Neurosurgeon release or approve her for any travel outside Metro Savannah or Chatham County. Secondly, Emma Jane Lyles holds a six-month medical POA for Marcie Rae Holdings. She rejects any travel requests for more than 15 miles from her residence, where Marcie Rae is currently recuperating.

The Law Firm advises the State Court and her family’s lawyer that Marcie Rae’s Medical Team and the POA holder will approve her participation in a ‘Virtual Hearing.’ So the Holdings Family Counsel should organize the hearing time, topics, and length, understanding that Marcie Rae Holdings is currently recuperating from serious invasive cranial surgery. Two days later, The Law Firm has not yet received a response from the California State Court nor the Holdings’ family lawyer.

Marcie Rae and I ponder the reason for the unexpected timing of her family’s legal action since Marcie Rae is only four months post-surgery. I certainly felt Marcie Rae’s family would pull such a stunt, but I figured it would be some type of Hail Mary just before the POA expiration on 27 DEC 2021.

A few days later, Gertrude and the girls are sound asleep upstairs, so Marcie Rae and I are smooching a bit in our bedroom. Although doc-Jonathan has cleared Marcie Rae for active sex, we are taking it slow. We had a sweet night of soft sex three weeks ago, but I was the most active lover in our fun sex.

Most nights, we lovingly smooch in the late evenings, sharing a glass of wine while reminiscing about our eleven years of separation. Sometimes, we still find it hard to believe we are in our fourth month together since the Chicago episode.

Marcie Rae gives me a look as we cuddle, “Emma darling, I think I may know the reason for this sudden contact from my parent’s attorney. When my brother and I were very young, our grandparents set up a trust fund for us, which we will share equally until my 35th birthday.

“I am four years older than my brother, so my 50% portion of the trust will be cleaved off and turned wholly over to me on my 35th birthday. My parents, Provident bank, and the family attorney will continue managing the remaining funds until my brother’s 35th birthday.”

Marcie Rae mulls, “Emma, I am now 33 and will be 35 in istanbul travesti sixteen months; when my cleaved portion of the trust automatically transfers to me. Unless….”

I jump in excitedly, “Unless you are declared incompetent. Then your parents maintain control of the entire fund for five more years. Those sneaky SOBs. This is all about money and greed.”

Marcie Rae, “I think my mom will try using this trust as a wedge between you and me. I do not want their stinking money, so we should just agree that I sign the trust over to them.”

I explode, “Hell no, baby, this is money your grandparents set aside for you and your brother. We do not need the money but could donate it to specific charities or start a Scholarship Fund at Savannah State University (SSU) for economically challenged girls.”

I then ask, “Do you know how much total money is currently in the trust fund?”

Marcie Rae, “No, my brother and I were never told any specifics of the trust fund. But we each had to sign US IRS and California State Tax documents at twenty-one, so I know the trust fund is held at Provident Bank.”

My mind is spinning at full speed, “I think I know where this is going, babe. If you and I get married, she cannot use this incompetence ploy, so that’s her reason for rushing ahead now. If it’s okay with you, I will ask my dad for his thoughts on how to proceed. We should also quickly alert the Law Firm of the trust fund’s existence and possibly the reason for their actions.

“The way I see it, darling, your parents are using this competency gambit as a backdoor into your protected trust fund. If you are declared incompetent, the court will allow them access to your money for specific purposes, such as medical or legal expenses. This could be a disaster since you may need extra money for unexpected future expenses.”

Marcie Rae climbs on my lap, giving me the wettest and deepest kiss I have ever had. “Emma darling, I gave you control of our lives when I said yes, I will marry you. So, we are exactly doing as you propose on protecting my trust fund and me.”

The Law Firm frenziedly rushes to file a motion at the California State Court. They request full disclosure of Marcie Rae Holdings’s financial assets being held in trust and/or managed by the family.

The Law Firm understands that Marcie Rae Holdings’s Trust Fund is financially managed by Provident Bank.

The Law Firm also understands that 50 percent of the trust fund value transfers wholly to Marcie Rae Holdings on her 35th birthday.

The Law Firm requests the California State Court to freeze Marcie Rae Holdings’s parent’s liquid assets, including bank and debit card accounts until the trust fund value and control issues are fully resolved.

Marcie Rae Holdings is currently a temporary Georgia Resident based on medical certification, so a copy of the filing has been forwarded to the Georgia State Court.

A copy of this filing has also been sent to the US-IRS for verification of Marcie Rae Holdings’s trust fund federal taxes having been timely paid and currently up to date.

Marcie Rae Holdings’ neurosurgeon (Dr. Webster) and POA (Emma Jane Lyles) will not approve her for extended travel until she has completed six months of post-op follow-up therapy.

For this reason, The Law Firm requests an expedited virtual hearing on this issue, including a trust fund specialist representing the US-IRS/Treasury Department.

The Law Firm doesn’t receive an immediate reply from the Holdings’ Family Attorney. However, one week later, funds are electronically transferred to Marcie Rae’s Escrow Account at the Law Firm in an after-tax amount of $2.680,000USD. The Law Firm verifies the transfer of funds, certifying no outstanding US IRS Tax claims or liens against the funds.

Marcie Rae and I are currently working with the Law Firm to set up a 501(c)(3) non-profit investment account from which she can donate specific funds to federally registered charities, colleges, and/or universities.

During this time, neither Marcie Rae’s parents nor her brother has initiated any attempt to communicate with her. It seems like she no longer exists to them after thirty-three years of life.

I think the lack of communication from her younger brother hurts the most. But, eventually, with Anna and Trisha’s boundless love, Marcie Rae bounces back to her happy self of the past four months. I think Marcie Rae now realizes that she is in a happy place and at peace for the first time in her adult life.


Meanwhile, during the commotion with Marcie Rae’s family, Frankie visits Marcie Rae, me, and the girls. Gertrude is home, so she fixes a nice chopped BBQ lunch for us. Frankie hung out with Anna and Trisha for a while after lunch, after which she, Marcie Rae, and I reviewed the salient points of our earlier business conversation with Don and Jase.

After learning the details of the new restaurant’s job possibilities for her, Frankie wants to meet Don and Jase istanbul travestileri at the restaurant. So, Marcie Rae and I offer to help improve Frankie’s already good management skills. Fine-tuning her management know-how coupled with Frankie’s natural intuition will enhance her job performance and growth at the new restaurant.

Gertrude wants to tag along, so we four adult ladies, Anna and Trisha, are now touring the place. Most of the restaurant is heavily under construction. Still, there is a fairly nice clean, quiet patio area where we can talk while enjoying the KFC lunch.

Frankie carefully listens to Marcie Rae and me, advising her to fully familiarize herself with the building’s interior and surrounding area. So, she walks around the place for nearly an hour, sometimes taking notes on specific items or peering out certain windows.

She also calls on Ms. Gertrude once or twice, asking her opinion on a few items. Both ladies peruse the menu for areas where it can be expanded, improving the meal offerings. Gertrude returns to our patio table while Frankie again walks around the place after grabbing a menu.

Once she finishes with her review, she sits down with Don and Jase, who have been patiently waiting for her. Frankie looks intently at Don and Jase. “I think this place failed for two reasons. First, you have a lousy menu selection and presentation. Second, it was set up all wrong, lacking personality, intimacy, and warmth. This is not a Denny’s or TGIF-type place but a high-quality fine dining establishment. So, the three items I just mentioned are essential for the business to succeed.

“The Hostess station should be on the left side of the entrance and NOT to the right. The left side provides the Hostess a sweeping panoramic view of the restaurant’s main dining area and lounge. That way, I can be confident all our customers are being well taken care of.

Frankie takes Don and Jase’s hands, walking them from left to right. “From the left side, the hostess stand maintains an excellent view of virtually all the tables, lounge approach, kitchen entry/exit, and restrooms. But if the hostess station is positioned on the right side, I am blind to nearly half of the dining area customers.”

After returning to the patio, Frankie tosses the menu on the table, asking, “Does this ring your bell?” She takes her tablet out, selects a few photos, and scrambles them around onto a new page before saying, “Now, this looks appetizing!”

Frankie looks at Anna and Trisha, “What do you think, girls? Does it compete with KFC?”

Anna giggles, “You are so cute, Frankie. Trisha and I will eat like crazy from your menu!”

Suddenly, there is a knocking at the door, so Frankie quickly goes to open it. A tall, striking, moderately heavy black man stands there smiling widely. Frankie brings him over to the patio area.

He says, “I am Robert Johnson, a good chef. I saw activity inside, which looks like the restaurant is being renovated. Are you the new owners of this place and hiring for any positions?”

Frankie shoots back, smiling, “I am Frankie, and yeah, Bob, you look like a chef. What are you, about twelve over?”

Bob grins, “You are a pretty fresh young lady. Are you an owner or manager of the new restaurant?”

Frankie giggles, “Aw heck, Bob, I am also looking for a job. Do you drink booze, Bob, because I will never trust my restaurant business to a boozing chef!”

Bob, looking sincere, “No, Frankie, I do not drink and am fifteen over.”

Gertrude joins in, “Hi Bob, I am Gertrude. Got your driver’s license on you?”

Bob hands his driver’s license to Gertrude, “Are you a cop, Gertrude? I do not have any moving traffic violations or parking tickets.”

She laughs heartily, “No, Bob, I am not a cop!”

Gertrude turns to me, “I think Bob is okay, so let’s see if he can cook!”

She asks Don and Jase if they are free for two or three more hours, to which they answer yes.

Gertrude says, “Okay, let’s go home,” so we pile into three cars and drive to my place. My mind is, “like, what the hell is going on,” but I implicitly trust Gertrude. Everyone else is also perplexed, but we all just follow Gertrude’s lead.

We enter my home, and Gertrude points to the kitchen, “Okay, Bob, you have two hours to prepare a tasty meal. Anna, Trisha, and I will set up the dining room table while snacking on KFC.”

Don and Jase look at me, “Boy, this is certainly unexpected, and today has just been unreal! We think there will be a nice discussion about our new place, and here we are waiting to eat lunch at hopefully the home of a future customer.”

At that moment, a new voice speaks, “Yeah, boy, and it’s now getting more unreal.”

I jump up quickly, “Jesus Christ! Ellen Allie Alston, what the heck are you doing in Savannah on a Saturday afternoon?”

Ellen smirks, “Well, boss, the door was open, so I just waltzed right in. You should close your doors tightly and lock them, living in travesti istanbul such an awful neighborhood!”

I’m friggin’ floored, “You just casually and unexpectedly walk in my unlocked door all the way from Chicago? Ellen, oh, come on!”

Ellen saunters over by Frankie, grabbing the menu/wine list from her. She carefully peruses it, “Hate raining on your parade, babe, but this is the wine list from Hell. You’re gonna soon be out of business!”

While everyone is sitting there gawking, Ellen strikes again, “Oh yeah, boss, congratulations on your promotion to Bane Publishing’s New President and GM of Bane Americas Division. I forgot to mention that little fact in the excitement of my arrival. Oh, I also promoted myself to your Executive Associate (EA) and doubled my salary!

“My thoughts are we organize our financial operations in The Caymans, keep the North American Operations Center in Chicago, and designate Savannah as Bane Americas’ Corporate Headquarters. The Caymans operations will also serve as the South and Central American Operations Center.”

I think for a moment, “Okay, hotshot EA, I like the plan. I will confirm your new pay rate with corporate, but you’re coming to Savannah for two months to help me with the documentation. Your formal work schedule as my EA will be two months/quarter in Savannah and one month in Chicago.

“One other point of order, my new hotshot EA. Why the heck are you telling me this news and not the CEO of Bane Publishing Worldwide?”

Ellen is just about to give a snide retort when she is gang tackled by Anna and Trisha.

Anna shrieks, “You did not tell us you were coming, Ellen! We are so happy to see you and love you so much. How long are you staying?”

Everyone settles down while I explain the various friendships and business relationships. One hour later, Bob serves us a spectacular meal fit for royalty. So following our late lunch, Don, and Jase selects their key restaurant management staff. They need to press forward, so the restaurant can open by the end of November. The new team also chooses the restaurant’s new name, ‘The Place To Eat.’

Don will serve as the restaurant’s GM during the ongoing construction phase and a few months into their December 2021 opening. Frankie will be the Assistant Manager and Hostess, while Bob will be the Head Chef. Don and Jase agree that Frankie and Bob need to immediately come on board and are on the payroll. So, both of them will give two weeks’ notice to their current employers.

Ellen is the Sommelier on a contract basis. Her first task is selecting the wines to be sold at the restaurant and then deciding on their local distributor. Ellen’s primary goal is to find a distributor willing to maintain 25% of her required inventory at their distribution facility. This will help Don expertly manage cash flow in the early months of operations. She will initially try inking a deal with Empire Distributors Inc, which has an excellent local reputation.

Ellen’s second major task is to educate Frankie on various types of wine during the remaining weeks before the planned December opening. Ellen will serve as Wine Steward for the New Year’s weekend blast and other special events. So I agree to shift Ellen’s Savannah/Chicago work rotation schedule as needed, allowing her to work from Savannah during the grand opening period of ‘The Place To Eat.’

Frankie will be a busy little lady from now through the first six months of operations. In addition to being Assistant Manager and Hostess and hiring serving staff, Frankie will also serve as the restaurant’s wine steward for the regular day-to-day business dinner crowd.

The restaurant management team agrees it’s best to open serving lunch only on 01 DEC 2021. This period will introduce the restaurant to the Savannah business community, hopefully allowing them to garner a nice share of the Christmas employee lunch action.

Additionally, Frankie, Ellen, and Don are planning a spectacular New Year’s Dinner Dance Package, which includes limo service to and from the restaurant. Frankie and Ellen will also try to partner with one of Savannah’s premier hotels for an exclusive Wine-Dine-Play New Year’s Weekend Extravaganza two-day package deal.

The Place To Eat will fully open for lunch and dinner on Thursday, 06 JAN 2022.


All items are moving forward smoothly on the marriage front with Marcie Rae and me, but we have yet to decide on some details. Marcie Rae’s POA and IO expire on 27 DEC 2022, so Bangor is the obvious place for our wedding. We are medically comfortable with our decision to marry in DEC 2021. Marcie Rae’s three previous post-surgical checkups have been perfect and tumor/cancer free.

Anna and I usually spend Christmas at my parent’s home in Bangor, so I feel a small quiet wedding there on Christmas Eve works well. I am thinking ten guests maximum, all family or close friends. We will have our blowout reception at The Place To Eat sometime in mid-APR 2022 following the Mother-Daughter Open Golf Tournament (MDOT).

Marcie Rae and I also work closely with the Savannah Jr. Golf Association to plan an invitation-only girls’ tournament at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa. Starting with our wedding, it will be a busy four months for us.

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