What My Daughter is Really LikeWhat My Daughter is Really Like

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So, like any father I had just been going with the flow. I went to work each day, came home to a home cooked meal, and watched my daughter grow up. My wife and I married twenty-five years ago. My daughter was eighteen and in her first year of junior college when we celebrated our anniversary. Since we married at twenty each, we were both forty-five at the time. We decided to have a party for our friends, and some of our daughter’s friends.

In the weeks ahead of the party we decided to keep it small, just two other adult couples, and Leslie, our daughter could invite several friends. It was up to her to pick them out. A few days before the party Leslie informed us she had invited the basketball team! That is, the main five, the first team. Nothing wrong with that, right?

I must tell you about my wife. She was a petite, black-haired girl, still wearing bangs at forty-five, with little, perky breasts she was enormously proud of. I enjoyed them too.

Our daughter had taken after her mother, with black hair in a pixie cut, and perky tits that pointed up, even when she was wearing her little B cup bras. She stood only five feet two inches. And she was feisty, with a mind of her own.

The night of the party our friends, the two couples, arrived, and we all began to share cocktails in anticipation of a buffet style dinner. After some ten minutes, Leslie’s friends arrived. They, of course, couldn’t share our cocktails, but plenty of soda and other soft style drinks were available.

“Daddy,” Leslie asked, “can we go down into the den to enjoy ourselves without old people spoiling it?”

I laughed and said, “Of course, watch some videos or play some music.”

They all trooped away with their culinary booty, and we adults began enjoying the buffet. After an hour, or so, I started wondering what was going on downstairs in the den. I excused myself.

As I descended the stairway in my summer sneakers I thought I heard some odd sounds. The stairway took a bend, so I peeked around the corner, and on the one sofa in the den I saw five naked young athletes and one, little, naked eighteen year old girl.

And they were doing things to Leslie that maddened me, but at the same started my prick rising. Was I a pervert? I don’t know. But my cock was hard and so were the five cocks of the basketball team. One cock was in Leslie’s mouth, another was in her little pussy, another was in her (I thought) virgin asshole, and two more were being jerked off by her.

Should I stop this? No, so help me, I wanted to see the ending. And this had been going on for a while, so the ending came quite soon. She started squealing, and taking cum from two Lefkoşa Escort dicks into and on her mouth. Her pussy was jamming against another cock, as the one in her ass started yelling about cumming in an asshole for the first time. There was cum everywhere, on her face, on her titties, in her pussy and in her bunghole.

It was too much for the father in me to take. Even though it had made me hard as a rock, it had also incensed me. I yelled out, “what the fuck is going on?”

I never saw so many shrinking dicks before. They all pulled out of whatever hole they were in and ran over to their clothes piled on a recliner. I’ve never seen such fear in so many faces.

“Get the fuck out of here,” I yelled. And they did. They were athletes, and it showed. They were gone in ten seconds.

Little Leslie was laying in a pool of cum. And I’ve never seen her so sad looking. She was thinking she had disappointed her Daddy, and nothing would ever be the same. She was right about one thing. Nothing would ever be the same. But I definitely wasn’t disappointed. I had enjoyed every squirt of cum and jizz on and in her little, pretty body. I hadn’t known before how much I loved her body, but tonight had enlightened me.

Unbeknownst to my daughter, her mother and I were swingers. The two couples upstairs had been our sexual partners many times, usually not here, except when Leslie was out.

Now, this incident had forced me into an early play. My wife, Zelda, and I were planning to initiate Leslie when she finished college. Her own sexual propinquities had caused me to move up the initiation. I told Leslie to stay where she was and went upstairs to find Zelda.

“Sweetcakes,” I said to Zelda, “we have a bonus anniversary gift. Go downstairs and take Leslie to the bathroom. She’ll do whatever you say. Clean her up. She has basketball jizz all over her little body.”

Zelda just grinned. She was my little slut from way back. Off to the den she went.

To the two couples still dining at the buffet I said, “Folks, some unplanned fun is going to occur in a few minutes. Mind waiting?”

Of course, they didn’t. They were used to unplanned fun, in fact, lived for it.

So, I followed Zelda down to the den where we had an extra bathroom. Just a toilet and shower, actually. Zelda put her arm around Leslie, and I could see her comforting her. I was a little behind, so I couldn’t hear anything yet, but I planned to peek around the corner and watch my wife and daughter get really acquainted.

Zelda got Leslie in the shower, got the water running, and then surprised her daughter by getting naked, with her pixie-like Kıbrıs Escort body, perky tits, just like her daughter, and climbing in with her. Then she started scrubbing outsider jizz off our Leslie’s pretty, little naked body. And as she cleaned her, she caressed her, and gave her kisses to reassure her that the world was still alright.

“Mommy loves you baby, you know, and you love Mommy, right?”, Zelda said.

“Yes Mom.”

“And Daddy loves you baby, you know, you love Daddy, right?”, Zelda said.

“Yes Mom.”

That was my cue. I was already naked, after watching the bathing party. I stepped into the bathroom.

“Baby,” I said, “you obviously know how to fuck and suck, but now you’re going to learn how to fuck and suck like an adult.” And I wrapped my arms around her, and started ramming my tongue down her throat, as her mother crammed fingers up her pussy with one hand and pinched her nipples with the other.

“Leslie, you’re going to learn what sex is really about tonight. Are you game or do you want to walk away. Daddy and Mommy would never force you.”

“I want to learn everything, Daddy, I love Mom’s fingers in my cunt and pinching my tits, and now I want that hard cock rammed into my pussy, please, sir.”

And so it was. I crammed every inch into her pixie pussy, and kept fucking until she screamed out her delight at cumming. And her Mommy, Zelda, was sucking up all the cum from our cock and pussy. She always love eating cock and pussy at the same time.

We all washed up again. Then it was time to introduce Leslie to the wider world of swinging. I wasn’t sure how she would handle it.

We went upstairs, and of course, knowing our friends, they had all stripped down.

This was their party, too, I’m sure they thought. Jim, tall and thin, was standing with his pencil dick hanging in readiness. His wife, Claudia, short and stout, was beside him with her pendulous tits, and Brazilian pussy. Then there was Tom, husky and horny, already hard with his 4 inch dick, with his wife Marie, of the curly blond hair, and the tight hairy pussy.

These were a few of our swinging friends. Maybe not the best, but sex was sex, no?

Leslie walked into something she was never aware of before. She knew all of these people, but not like this.

I had decided as I was fucking our daughter that she needed to be fucked and used by people who were not amateurs. And so, I had decided to let everyone use my daughter but she would get to choose.

“Okay, folks, this has changed from an anniversary to a coming out party. My daughter, Leslie will be coming out formally now, after Lefkoşa Escort she came out informally with a bunch of limp dicks earlier.”

Leslie blushed so disarmingly that everyone decided at that point to make this the best “cumming” out party ever.

“Leslie,” I said, “which of our guests would you like to join on the sofa now?”

She surprised the hell out of me by going over and taking Marie’s hand. I guess the bi- factor was dominant in her. She and Marie went over and started going at it fast and furious. Each was eating pussy as fast as she could. Marie started squealing from cumming first due to the novelty. Then, Leslie called Jim over, with his thin dick, and asked him to fuck her asshole.

He gladly responded. With a thin dick he was used to, and had come to love, fucking bungholes. As he fucked Leslie’s asshole, she begged Tom to come over with his fat cock and get a blowjob. No sooner said than done.

As he was getting his short, fat cock sucked, Jim came in her asshole. She took her mouth off Tom’s cock and “ordered” Claudia to come over and suck out the cum from her asshole. Of course, Claudia obeyed. Leslie had discerned that Claudia was the submissive in the group.

“Suck it harder, bitch,” she said, and Claudia did. That was when Tom’s short, fat cock shot a buttload of cum down Leslie’s throat. I was so proud, she swallowed every drop.

Zelda and I had not been inactive. While we watched proudly our daughter getting reamed and fucked, we had been loving ourselves. Me cramming a fist up her well-used cunt, her cramming a dildo up my asshole. We have always been an equal opportunity family.

As the finale for the evening, each person got to take the hand of another person or persons, and go off on various couches and pillows and fuck or suck or blow, or whatever they could think of.

After we all had used up all our cum for the night it was time for shy grins, putting on discarded garments, saying our goodnights, and ending another swinging party.

As the finale for the evening, the celebration of our twenty-fifth anniversary, we had initiated our daughter into “serious” sex. We took her to bed with us in our Kingsize. We slept naked and free, and in the morning my sweethearts, Leslie and Mommy wakened me by licking my cock until it stood up proud.

I didn’t want to come from a blowjob. I wanted to make my sweeties come. So, youth first. I knew she would cum fast. I fucked Leslie. She began grunting after about five minutes, then her pussy cum seeped out around my cock as I shot my morning wad into her pixie pussy.

Then her Mommy licked all the good juices off, and I fucked her, from behind, as she enjoyed it, as I tickled her clit with my hand. I made sure she came before I did. I always do. Then I shot what my balls had left into my loving wife’s cunt. And my daughter and wife both grabbed my cock and began kissing me one after the other. This had been a great anniversary!

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