Wendy college guidance counselor.Wendy college guidance counselor.


Wendy college guidance counselor.Wendy is a married college guidance counselor. This is the story of how Wendy gives extra care and guidance to special students. Based on real events.Wendy was thinking about sex as she held a pen between her lips and nibbled on the end. Her marital sex life had become infrequent and passionless. She was in her mid 40’s, 5’6″ 129 lbs, 34c-29-35, brown eyes, auburn hair cut short and took good care of herself. Wendy worked out hard for her body. She kept her pussy trimmed and does kegel exercises often to keep it tight. Wendy felt sexy and knew she was at her sexual peak, far too young give up on sex. Her libido was in overdrive and she was horny all the time. Wendy began to dress less professional and more sexy ever since she decided to retire at the end of the school year. Today she wore a fitted white blouse. The top 3 buttons unbuttoned. This in combination with a half cup push up bra displayed her ample cleavage effectively. Her erect nipples pressing against the fabric of her blouse. The short tight skirt brought attention to her toned legs. The young man sat across her small office slightly slumped in his chair with his legs spread. In a way that young men tend to. We’ll call the student Jason. (Students names have changed to protect privacy). Wendy began to imagine what he looked like without his clothes. Muscles? Flat belly? She looked at his large hands gesturing as he talked. His feet must be a U.S. size 12 or larger. He had a full head of thick hair. Her eyes drifted down towards his crotch. Was his cock big? Circumcised or uncut? She wondered how he was experienced sexually? She imagined the young man with those large hands stroking his cock. “Mam…… MAM!?” The young man said while looking dismayed.Wendy snapped back to reality from her erotic daydreaming and realised that her stare might have lingered a bit too long on his crotch before her eyes met his. She replied “Yes….. Umm… Jason you don’t have to be so formal. Please call me Wendy.”The young man paused and looked at her expectantly finally saying, “So what do you think?…. Wendy” Wendy took a moment to realize that he was talking about student aid before she put her readers on. She focused on the computer monitor where the students file was opened. “Umm…. You’ve registered for your classes…. You’ve completed your FAFSA…. You qualify for a student loan and 2 scholarships but you haven’t applied for them yet. You still may have time if you apply immediately. I’ll email or text you the links.” The young man looked anxious. Wendy stood up from behind her desk and moved closer to the young man. güvenilir bahis She sat on the edge of her desk then leaned towards the young man and placed her hand on his thigh above his knee. She said in a maternal caring tone, “I’m sure this all seems overwhelming right now, but you’ll be alright.”The young man’s eyes were staring right down her shirt at her cleavage and half covered breasts. Wendy stared at the young man’s crotch. And there it was. She saw the outline of his hardness grow down his pant leg. Wendy patted him further up his leg, dangerously close to his growing manhood. She said, “Come back and see me soon after you submit your scholarship applications” The young man stood up to leave. Wendy shook his hand and said, “It was a pleasure meeting you Jason” She looked down and made it blatantly obvious she was looking at the tent his hard cock was making in his pants. The young man was slightly embarrassed. He could not hide his erection. He responded, It was nice meeting you ma….. I mean….. Wendy” His eyes quickly glanced down to her cleavage before he left the office.Wendy smiled to herself thinking “I still got it. Someones hot for teacher.” For so long she had hidden her lust for certain male students out of professional propriety. But now that retirement was imminent, she took a few risks. Wendy felt a bit wicked turning the 18 year old on. He was close to her sons age afterall. She grabbed her purse and phone then headed to the faculty restroom. Once inside the stall, she lined the toilet, pulled down her panties and noticed a wet spot in the crotch. She grabbed her phone and snapped a pic of the wet spot spontaneously. Wendy unbuttoned one more button on her blouse then leaned forward aiming the phone down her shirt and took a few pics. A view she imagined that Jason had seen with her bra on minutes ago. The pictures were clear depictions of her C cup breasts hanging with erect nipples within her shirt. She highlighted all the photos she had just taken and attached them to a message sent to Jason. Wendy knew she was being shameless teasing this young man. Wendy touched her pussy confirming that she was wet. Her fingers felt incredibly good on her pussy. She explored her opening before moving her fingers up between her swollen lips, then onward up to the side of her clitoral hood causing a jolt of pleasure. She began rubbing the area with increasing speed, pressure and intensity. She lost time in ecstasy. Her orgasm was imminent. Wendy could hear any slight sound echoing off the restroom tile. She stifled a moan as her orgasm crashed over her like waves crashing on güvenilir bahis siteleri a beach. It had been a long time since Wendy had made herself orgasm so quickly with her hand alone. Her favorite form of masturbation was typically a monkey rocker or vibrators. Wendy got dressed, primped and returned to her office. Moments later she received a message notification.Jason: OMG! WHO DIS! KWen: I thought you might like a better view seeing that you were so interested earlier ?Jason: You did this to me. Attached to the message was a dick pic. Wendy felt dubious about the dick pic. An unsolicited dick pic could offend or even disgust her. However, in this case the picture of Jason’s hard cock satisfied her curiosity. He was circumcised. By the scale of his hand, he was quite well endowed too.KWen: Yum!? You did this to me ?She attached the picture she took of the wet spot in her pantiesKWen: C U next timeMinutes went by without a message so Wendy got back to work. Then another text notification. Jason: (Blank-No text) Attached was a GIF of Jason stroking his cock and ejaculating. The moving image looped so it gave Wendy the impression that the young man was constantly cumming. Wendy decided to save this GIF so she could view it while riding her monkey rocker at home later that evening. Two days later:The young man was in Wendys office again. His demeanor had changed notably from the first time he had met with her. His nervous energy was still present but he had an added confidence she didn’t see when they first met. Wendy could tell Jason was undressing her with his eyes. He did not hide his admiration of her body. She was being sexually objectified but she welcomed it from this handsome young man. Neither of them had mentioned the sexting exchange from the other day yet.Wendy took her spot on the edge of the desk close to the young man. She was the first to speak, “Well… I have some news for you Jason. You unfortunately missed the deadline for one of the scholarships but the good news is you still may be eligible for the other. You have been approved for a federal student loan. So you can start classes next week.”The young man smiled but shifted in his chair uncomfortably. He tugged at his pants trying to find room for his erect phallus.Wendy bent forward, mouth next to his ear and with a breathy whisper said, “I’ve been thinking about you and those pictures we exchanged. I’ll be off in a few minutes for lunch. I can help you out with this” Wendy groped Jason’s hardened manhood through his pants and squeezed. She added “Meet me out by the building south entrance in 5 minutes. Now iddaa siteleri run along” Wendy primped, confident she was looking good. She gathered her purse and phone then met Jason waiting impatiently by the south entrance. Wendy led him to her car and had him get in. she said, “I want to make something clear before we get intimate. We both could get in trouble, so this stays our secret. Don’t tell anyone. Do I make myself clear?” The boy nodded. Wendy knew that the parking lot was patrolled by campus police, they would have no privacy here. She drove to a nearby park and parked the car in a secluded spot. Wendy unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned over to kiss the boy. Her hand went right for the bulge in the young man’s pants. She unbuckled his buckle, unbuttoned the button on his pants and unzipped his fly then asked him to pull his pants down so she could see his cock. The young man did as told. His cock sprang out of his pants to full attention when it was freed. Seeing a new cock never gets old for Wendy, it was like opening a Christmas present. Nothing compares to the beauty of a young mans hard cock. Wendy took a minute admire it. It was about 8 inches long and had a large girth. It was circumcised and hard like only a young man could retain. He kept his pubic hair trimmed. She reached over right arm and encircled his cock with her hand. Wendy slowly stroked his shaft while her left hand played with balls. Wendy reminisced about all the hand jobs and blow jobs she gave as a teen in high school or college. The awkward fumblings in cars or at parties. Sex was so new and exciting. Now her age and experience gave her the upper hand (pun intended) over these young men. She felt empowered. When she thought back on how she used to…….“Oh God! I’m gonna cum Wendy!” cried Jacob.Wendy snapped back to the here and now in time to feel the young man’s cock spasm in her hand as he began to ejaculate. Never underestimate how quick a young man could cum. She missed the first round that shot from the tip of his cock and hit the dashboard. Her left hand came off his balls quickly shielding the car from further spurts. Her right hand continued tugging his shaft well after he finished ejaculating. Wendy was truly amazed how much cum and how far young men could shoot compared to older men. When he was finished, she asked the young man to get some napkins from the glove box in front of him. While the young man recovered, Wendy wiped her hands and said, “I enjoy making a man cum. We could do that again and much more if our schedules permit. You can return the favor. I like straight sex. But listen carefully, here are the rules: Absolutely no, PAIN, ANAL, s**t, PEE or other weird stuff. Do not tell anyone about our meetings and above all else treat me with respect. Break the rules and we’ll never have any sex again. The young man agreed. Of course.

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