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Author’s Note: this immediately follows my story ‘Summertime’. Although you may wish to read that first, you don’t need to; it and the rest of these linked stories should stand, more or less, alone.


Chris stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. Slowly moving back into the bedroom, he dried his hair, then rubbed his body. Sprawled across the bed lay a naked Em, long chestnut hair tousled from the night, and a lazy smile on her face.

“You look tasty straight from the shower, love.”

“I’m delicious, obviously,” Chris deadpanned back. “I think you, however, look fuckable.”

Em extended her slim arms above her head and arched her back as she stretched.

“Delighted you think so. Though after yesterday’s thorough garden fucking, I didn’t doubt it,” she smiled, eyes sparkling as they both remembered the show Mel had orchestrated on the patio.

Chris laughed as he finished drying himself, and pulled clothes out to dress. Em stretched and yawned, again, and swung her legs off the bed. Standing, she walked the bathroom, smirking as she reached out to quickly cup Chris’ balls as she passed, giving them a gentle squeeze. Chris watched her toned arse sway gently as she entered the shower, with a tingle deep in his pelvis.


Mel carried a full French press of coffee to the table, and took her seat. The lithe blonde filled her mug, added milk, and took a long draught.

“That’s better,” she muttered. “Now, Em, Chris: did you have plans for today? The forecast is for another hot day.”

“No, nothing,” replied Em as Chris shook his head, “I think we’re open to ideas.”

“Mel thought we could go for a bit of a walk,” said Andy. “I’ve got a route in mind: we tried it out last autumn. It’s usually quiet, and there’s some good views.”

“And it’s nice and flat, no doubt,” Chris joked, “no valleys or hills involved.”

“That, I cannot guarantee, round here,” smiled his old friend, “though it’s worth it, I think. Besides, you don’t visit this bit of the country for ‘flat’, do you?”

“Nope,” confirmed Mel, “But that does sound good. Did you say it’ll be sunny and hot again, Em?”

“Yes!” grinned the small blonde at the easily-burned red-head, “So either suncream or a long top for you!”

Mel sighed, nodding, but with a smile, “Yeah, yeah. I know the drill.”

Plans made, the two couples finished their meal.


A couple of hours later, Em and Andy had got slightly ahead on the path. As navigator, Andy was consulting a map from the comfort of a bench by the woodland track as Mel and Chris reached them. Taking a long drink from a now half-empty water bottle, Mel eyed up her room-mate.

“I don’t know how you’re not too hot, Em. It’s baking, today.”

“Needs must, if I don’t want to go bright red, honey.”

Grinning, Mel pulled suncream from Andy’s pack, and waved it gently at her.

“I’ve got this, if you need it.”

“Yeah, thanks; and I know either of the men would be happy to help me with it, like Andy sorted you out yesterday; wouldn’t they?”

Andy gave a wide, dirty grin as he kept his eyes on the map, and Chris chuckled, partly at Mel’s angelic smile.

“I’m sure they would! Andy’s so…good…with his hands.”

“Assiduous,” he muttered, “and thorough. That’s what you mean. Right: unless you guys want to take a break, it’s on for a bit, then a left fork. That ok?”

“Yeah, that’s fine, thanks,” answered Em.

Half a mile on, Mel called to Em and Chris, who had, in turn, got slightly ahead.

“Hey, you two! Can I run something by you?”

They paused, to let the pair catch them up, watching Melanie fiddle with her rather depleted bottle.

“I’m getting too warm…and I wondered if you’d like to play a game?”

Chris laughed, eying her speculatively. “Your games are…unmissable. What are you suggesting this time?”

“Well…if I’m taking clothes off to cool down, I figure you’re getting a bit of an eyeful. Which hardly seems fair,” she grinned, tongue not quite literally in cheek, “so I thought…how about you all pay for me to take things off by answering questions?”

“Sort of truth or dare,” snickered Em, “but with us doing ‘truth’, and you ‘daring’?”

“Yeah, exactly. Though, you know, if you don’t want to answer, you could…always take something off instead?” Mel clarified, smiling winningly.

Andy chuckled.

“You’ll take ’em off anyway, especially if you’re hot,” pointed out Chris, “so what, precisely, is in it for us?”

“Oh, I’ll make it worth your while,” came the mysterious reply.

“Yeah, go on, then,” said Chris, to an agreeing chorus from Em and Andy.

“Brilliant,” beamed the petite blonde, “First up, then: where’s the oddest place you’ve had sex?”

Andy laughed softly, “Setting out as you mean to go on, then. Err…ages ago, in the projection booth of a cinema.”

Mel practically hooted with laughter. “You’ve never mentioned that!”

“Well, you’ve not asked. And it was a while ago, when I worked in one over a summer.”

“Mine’s the uni library, I think,” added Emma, “amongst, I Escort Küçükçekmece think, some medieval French literature. I worried we’d get caught, but it wasn’t the most popular section.”

“Yes, I remember,” Mel giggled, “You told me about it at the time. And you, Chris?”

“Tricky…” he hesitated, “I think that time in the fitting room, for that green skirt, Em?”

“Yes,” laughed Em, “That skirt’s got a lot of memories, hasn’t it?”

Mel chuckled, and admitted “Ok, that’s good.”

She unbuttoned her light blue shirt, and pulled it over her head, revealing a darker blue vest bra.

“Can I put this in your pack, love?” she asked Andy, and did so, before asking, “Onwards?” as she started walking, letting the others watch her tight shorts hug her firm arse.

Patiently, Mel let a few hundred metres go past before piping up again.

“Still hot! Boys: how often do you masturbate?” she asked with a wicked grin.

Andy smirked at her, “Bloody never, if you’re about. No need, you need screwing so often.”

Mel stuck her tongue out at him, “You’re never complaining, are you?” she smiled.

“Like hell,” he laughed back.

“Likewise,” volunteered Chris, “Em lays me so well I’d only need to if I was away.”

Em blushed. “Make me sound demanding, why don’t you. It’d probably be daily, wouldn’t it, if you were left to your own devices, as it were.”

“Good link, Em,” interjected Mel, “as I was going to ask you what your favourite toy was.”

“Thanks, honey,” Em blushed deeper, and paused to consider, “Probably that rabbit I’ve had for ages. Reliable. Gets me every time.”

Andy chuckled, as much at Chris’s quirked eyebrow as the revelation.

“Yup, I thought so,” chimed Mel with a devilish grin. She unbuttoned those tight shorts, and, wriggling her hips, tugged them down to reveal tight dark blue boyshorts.

“Mmm,” murmered Andy, “I didn’t know about them.”

Mel did a little whirl, flaunting her lithe body, “I’m glad you like them,” she grinned back at them all as she walked off, swinging her hips just a little more than normal.

Em chuckled quietly to Chris, “Two hundred yards, at most.”

Sure enough, only a few minutes had passed when Mel threw out her next question.

“Which do you prefer, then: mouth, arse, or cunny?” she asked with a dirty smile.

“Jeez, you’re not messing about, are you?” muttered Andy, “Still — personally, while I love a blowjob, I like to fuck that tight cunny, sweetheart.”

“My poor little arse comes third?” pouted Mel, wriggling it in mock dejection.

“‘Fraid so,” grinner Andy, “Chris?”

“Depends,” pondered Chris, “I like all three…”

“No shit,” said Mel, straight-faced.

“…sometimes nothing beats the intimacy of coming in someone’s mouth; and a bum can be a truly beautiful thing; but I think pussy is best.”

“Interesting,” mused Mel, “I wonder whether — I hope — Em will agree.”

“I do,” smiled Em, “There’s a time and place for up-the-arse, and blowjobs are great fun — but I like to fuck ‘properly’.”

“Splendid. I happen to agree. Though I do love being eaten out, not just fucked.”

“We know,” chorused her friends, well aware of her pleasure.

“Top or bottom?” Mel asked, grinning widely.

“Bottom,” answered Em, quickly, while she could. Winking, Mel tugged down her shorts…revealing her surprise, a low cut thong. The fabric fell below most of her hairless mound, and was just wide enough to stay in place over her similarly bare lips, before skimming her ass-hole, millimetres wide between her smooth cheeks.

“Gotcha,” she beamed, and walked off.

Chris laughed, as they all stared, then started off after her.

Turning round to walk backwards, Mel threw out her next challenge.

“Most embarrassing shag you’ve had,” she called.

“Ha; nope,” said Chris. Pre-empting her response, he quickly pulled his shirt off, tucking it into his pack.

“Agreed,” came replies from his side, as Andy and Em both followed suit.

“Aww,” pouted Mel, “That was going to be fun.”

Chris looked over at his topless girlfriend, striding fearlessly wearing a lacy green bra and walking shorts; an unconventional pairing, but carried off well, atop slender legs, and separated by a toned stomach. Em glanced across and winked at him.

“Fine. On top, or underneath?”

“Under,” said Em, “usually.”

Chris laughed, “Also under; I love being ridden by a girl who’s in charge.”

“Hey, I can be in charge from underneath,” challenged Em, giving his ribs a friendly prod.

“On top,” put in Andy, “I think.”

“Excellent choices,” approved Mel, “So I’ll ask again: top or bottom?”

“Top,” grinned Chris, getting in quickly this time.

“Cool,” said Mel, turning to walk forwards. Back towards them, she grasped the lower hem of the bra, and pulled it cleanly over her head. This time, no surprise under-underwear awaited, and she dropped the top for Andy to dutifully collect. Cupping her breasts, she turned again, winked at her friends, then dropped her hands Küçükçekmece Escort Bayan to her hips with a wide grin, revealing her small tits, topped with pink, hard nipples pointing straight at them.

“Last one, then I’m going to need that suncream,” she said, “How often do you fake coming?”

Em sniggered, “Rarely; I have when it’s been useless, though, and I want to get it over with.”

“Just a couple of times,” admitted Chris, “for similar reasons. It’s a bit tricky, though, to get away with it.”

“Yeah — I’ve never tried,” agreed Andy.

“Good boy,” said Mel, “No choices this time!”

With that, she turned her back on them once more, and hitched her tiny thong downwards, bending right forwards to take it over her incongruous walking boots. Mesmerized, the others watched as her sex was revealed, taut buttocks parting to show them the tight pink arsehole, and the neat labia beyond. As Mel stood back up and sauntered on, Andy collected up her discarded knickers with a soft laugh, and got out the suncream.

“Love, time for your suncream, I think,” he smirked.

Mel stopped, grinned back, and balletically pulled one leg straight up in the air, splitting her pretty cunt.

“Come on, then.”

Andy squirted a good handful and grinned as he approached the slender girl. He was already rock-hard, and long wanted a handful of cunt. Wasting no time, he placed his lubricated hand straight on top of her quim, and steadied her with the other, her leg resting up against his chest. She grinned up at him, and gasped as two thick fingers pushed straight into her wet opening.


“What? This bit of you could burn,” he said, mock seriously, as he slowly finger fucked her cunt, thumb rubbing against the sensitive nub. Watching, Em swiftly shucked off her shorts, and grabbed Chris’s hand, pressing it to her crotch. Feeling the heat coming through the thin lace, Chris rocked his palm over her mound, fingers stroking gently at her lips beneath. In turn, she thrust a hand past his waistband and sought his balls, stroking them gently as her wrist knocked his sizeable erection.

Mel shuddered, her eyelids flickering, as Andy gently impaled her cunt. Reaching down, she displaced his hand slightly, and began to rub her clit for herself. Steadied by the strong man, Mel’s shuddering continued as she moaned, and then desperately rubbed her twat as Andy’s digits drove into her spasming canal.

“Oooooooh,” she gasped, as she came, bucking onto his hand. Andy slowed, then gently pulled his sopping fingers from between her flushed cunny lips. Dispensing more cream, he slowly, softly, sensuously spread it over her blushing breasts.

“I think that’ll do,” he whispered.

“Yes,” she smiled, unhooking her leg, “I think that’s me coated.”

The juices coating her inner thigh meant none of them could disagree. Mel’s legs shook only slightly as she set off down the path again, completely unabashed.

Andy glanced at the others; lifted one eyebrow; smiled; followed. Chris and Em looked at one another, smiled widely, and hurried after them.

Before long, Mel reached a bench. Taking a seat, she waited for the others to catch up. As they did, they got a fine view of her cunt, neat pink lips still wet; and a post-orgasmic flush to her little tits, soft and warm.

“Andy,” she cooed, “that was a very generous application of suncream, thank you.”

“Any time,” he smiled back.

“I think I should say thank you properly, though, don’t you? Come over here?”

Andy stepped forward, into reach.

“Em, why don’t you come and sit next to me?” Mel suggested, as she unbuckled Andy, and with his eager help, shrugged his clothes down. A half-erect cock sprang free, and bobbed just in front of Mel’s delighted face. She wasted no time engulfing it in her mouth.

Andy moaned slightly as she swallowed it down. Not fully erect, she managed to get his entire length into her mouth, and from her adjacent seat, Em was impressed to see her pink tongue sneak out to tickle Andy’s balls.

Knowing his part, Chris glanced sideways at the cock deep in Mel’s face, before tugging Em’s lacy knickers down, and away. Emma helped, freeing her boobs from her bra, and immediately started tweaking her pink nipples into stiff peaks. Her cunny revealed, Chris dallied only to trace his lips up her thigh right to the top, then kissed up a smooth labia to plant a firm kiss on her waiting nub.

Em gasped in response to the stimulus on her most sensitive part, and also at the sight of Andy’s hard cock still deep in Mel’s concentrating mouth, as she gently eased it deep into her waiting throat.

“Practice makes perfect,” Andy managed to groan, as Mel squeezed his thighs in response. Slowly, her blonde head began to bob back and forth as the muscles in her throat fully relaxed, and he was able to slowly face fuck her.

Em moaned at the sight as Chris’s tongue flickered over her clit, and his fingers probed insistently at her waiting cunny. She moaned louder as Mel moved a hand to her own pussy, and tickled her delicate Küçükçekmece Escort Bayan clit in mimicry of Chris’s ministration.

Around the thick shaft filling her mouth, Mel made a wet mewling sound, and shuddered slightly at the sensations. Andy’s cock emerged from her mouth and she looked across, one hand pumping the hard wet shaft right to its purple head.

“You going to come while you watch me blow him?” she smirked at Em.

“Yes, please,” came the slightly fevered reply, “please.”

Mel grinned wider, licked her lips, and wrapped them back over Andy’s cock-head. He gasped as she ran her tongue around the rim, then quested gently at the small hole. He sank one hand into her light hair as she reached up to tug insistently at his balls.

Responding to Em’s answering shudder, Chris renewed his attack on her nerve-filled clit, and plunged his first two fingers into her waiting entrance; his thumb nudging gently at the rosebud opening of her arse. Em moaned, loud, and pushed herself onto the intruding digits. In turn, Melanie squealed around Andy’s plunging cock as her own fingers brought her, finally, to come again. That was too much for Em, who shook violently as her orgasm overtook her, driven on by her plucked nipples and hard-tongued clit.

“Yessssssssss,” she managed as she pushed down on Chris’s face. After a few slowing licks, he lifted away from her pulsing cunny, as Mel wetly released Andy’s shaft.

“I don’t think you should come quite yet, sweetheart,” she purred, “I want a nice big load for later. After lunch, perhaps: are we stopping at that place in another mile?”

“You tease,” laughed Andy, “Yeah, I thought so.”

“They won’t serve me naked, will they,” smiled the gloriously exposed girl, “So I’d better put at least something back on. Andy, can I have my shirt and knickers, please?”

With Mel more acceptably, if not entirely decently, dressed in the light blue shirt and still-visible black thong, they walked on to the pub.


At their quiet outdoor table, Em sipped her drink.

“So, do you have more questions, Mel?” she asked.

“And will you be taking the shirt back off straight away, or after we answer more?” grinned Chris.

Mel chuckled, “I have more questions. And I’ll take off as many clothes as Em does — that seems fair.”

Em stuck out her tongue at the smirking girl, as Chris and Andy laughed.

“Well, that sounds fair to me,” agreed Chris, “Finish your drink and we’ll get going.”

Andy finished his pint with a last draught, and they collected themselves. Setting off down the footpath, they were quickly onto quiet tracks again. Mel grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it cleanly over her head, her lithe body stretched taut in the warm air. She paused to hop from one leg to the other, ditching the small knickers.

“Your turn,” she laughed, tossing the panties at Em, who caught them, laughing.

“Fine,” she responded.

Unbuttoning the shorts once more, she pulled them off over her boots. Naked beneath, the little patch of auburn hair on her mons glinted in the sun as she too pulled her shirt over her head. Pale breasts were revealed with pert dark nipples, stiffened by the rubbing fabric of the shirt.

“Good,” beamed Mel, as Chris and Andy looked appreciatively at the beautiful naked women walking beside them.

“Now,” began Mel, “I have another question. Well, three: Andy, is it about half a kilometer to that bench with a good view?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” he replied, “Should get there in five minutes or so.”

“Splendid. Next, then: I’m wet as a fish. Who wants to fuck?” she smiled angelically.

“That’s easy,” chuckled Andy, as Chris burst out laughing, “Probably all of us.”

“Excellent, I’m flattered. When we get to the bench?”

“Sounds good,” agreed Em, “But let’s up the stakes. I’ll race you there: whoever wins gets spitroast,” she proposed with a smirk.

Mel thought for a moment, “Yeah…but we both know you’re quicker than me.”

Em just grinned. Mel sighed, “Oh, fine.”

With a smirk, she jerked the water bottle she was holding as she squeezed its sides, sending a blast of water into Em’s unexpecting face. As Em spluttered, blinded, Mel dashed off, slender legs pumping as she made the most of her start.

“You…cheating…” muttered Em as she cleared her eyes, good humouredly, then set off in pursuit. Andy and Chris shared a glance, grinned, and jogged off after them, cocks astir at the prospect.


As they took the last bend before the finish, the two girls came into view. Em sat on on the bench, legs apart as she rested her forearms on her knees, breathing heavily. Mel lay, spread eagled on the ground, panting slightly, but grinning widely.

“Mel’s dirty trick gave her enough of a head start, Em?” asked Andy, innocently, as his eyes ran over the naked girl at his feet.

“Yeah,” she chuckled, “I hope she’s got enough energy left to enjoy her reward, though,” teasing the slender blonde. In reply, Mel rolled over, onto her knees, with her back to Andy.

“Always,” she purred, over her shoulder. Grabbing her cheeks and cocking her pelvis, she offered her spread cunny, swollen pink lips inviting, “I want your cock inside me now; and yours, Chris,” she clarified, licking her lips. They scrambled to shed their clothes, almost racing to strip down. Chris’s hard shaft leapt into view first, and he took his station in front of Mel.

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