Subject: The Wedding Photographer’s Secret Life The Wedding Photographer’s Secret Life Bald Hairy Man This is pure fantasy. If you are offended by stories about gay men and gay sex, or if you are under age, DO NOT READ IT. It is not a guide to safe sexual techniques. It does not depict real men, or real situations. It does not depict necessary safe sex practices. Fantasy character can do anything they want, real me can not! I am Don Smith, and like my name I am about as ordinary as a guy can be. Dad was a restaurant manager, and mom was a bookkeeper. I was an average student with grades in the C+ to B- range. I wasn’t popular, but I wasn’t disliked either. I am six feet tall and what mom calls lanky. When I was fourteen or so I became interested photography. As I got older I became more interested in it. I had one other interest that I kept secret. I was not into girls or dating, but I seemed to be interested in men. That isn’t strictly true. I was interested in cocks. My cock was a favorite recreational part of my body, and I suspected other men’s cocks would be of interest too. I did lawn mowing in the summer to make a little money. That was how I met Mr. Delaney. He was about my father’s age and was college professor and a musician for the symphony. He hired me to mow his lawn. He was younger than most of my clients, but he had bad hay fever and mowing the lawn was a problem. One Saturday I came by early. Usually I had to wait until the dew evaporated in the late morning to mow the lawn. It had been dry, and that wasn’t a problem. I started mowing and then saw him at the patio door, naked. He was an average guy when he was dressed. Naked he was a muscular, hairy man with a large cock. When he saw me he got away from the door. A little later he came out fully dressed and came over to me. “I’m sorry. I heard a strange noise and looked out to see what it was,” he said. “You may have seen more of me than is usual.” “That was no problem,” I said. “I came early to do as much mowing as I could before it got hot.” I paused and added, “I didn’t mind the view.” He looked at me for a few seconds and said, “I understand. I felt that way when I was younger too. I’m not into kids.” “I will be 18 in two months, so my official status as a kid will end,” I said. He smiled and turned the conversation to lawn mowing. Mr. Delaney was a nice guy, but nothing more than that. At the end of the summer, my parents went to my aunt’s second wedding in Seattle. They decided to take a week off. My aunt, Della, was my least favorite aunt, so I stayed home and mowed lawns. I realized just how much I disliked my aunt, when I realized mowing lawns was preferable to going to her wedding. Mr. Delaney wasn’t on my schedule for that week, but he called and said he was having a birthday picnic for a friend Saturday and asked if I could mow the lawn. The day was full, but I said I could come by in the later afternoon, if that would be okay. He that that would be fine. I got there at four and had the lawn looking good by six. Mr. Delaney arrived at five with a friend, Tony. They were pleased by the lawn. “You must be on the way home for dinner,” Delaney said. “That’s not a problem. My parents left two days ago for a wedding,” I said. “It’s a quick trip to MacDonald’s tonight.” Delaney suggested that I have dinner with them. He said his pal, Tony was a good cook. I accepted that offer. Tony said he needed to shower before cooking. I said I needed to shower too. Somehow the three of us decided to share Delaney’s walk in shower. Tony came over to me and whispered, “I’m into young guys. My intentions are entirely dishonorable. Is that a problem?” “I don’t think so, but if it’s problem can I tell you?” “It will be no problem at all,” he said. “I have one request. Don’t change your mind when I shooting off!” “I will be careful,” I said. I was worried that since this was my first shower with adult men, I might show hard. That was not a problem since Delaney and Tony were harder. I also thought Delaney was less interested in me than Tony. That wasn’t a problem either. Delaney more interested in me than Tony, but they were good about sharing. I didn’t have a clear idea about what sex between men was supposed to be. I knew you could suck cock, but I had no idea what it would feel like. Tony suck me as soon as I rinsed the soap from my body. The second his lips wrapped around my cock head I knew this what I had wanted since puberty. It was wonderful. I know now that Tony was a skilled, experienced cock sucker, I was better than I guessed, but sucking Delaney and Tony were vastly better than I had guessed. Their cocks were were more exciting than I had guessed. I discovered I didn’t know cocks oozed sweet pre-cum. I couldn’t get enough of it. He gave me the deluxe treatment. He turned me over to Delaney when I was getting close. Delaney was sucking me and when I lost it and shot off. Delaney took my load and seconds later I was sucking Tony. Usually I loose interest when I shoot off. Tony soon shot off. I had never considered eating cum. I loved Tony’s forceful ejaculations and tasting his hot, creamy sperm. I swallowed it all after I used it as mouthwash. That seemed like the most natural thing in the world. After we traded loads, Tony cooked a good dinner we had good talk. I learned a lot more about man sex. Both men were experienced and funny. Delaney and Tony were ordinary guys, not like the actors who played homosexuals in movies or on the TV. They were funny and smart. They were friends and playmates. They also explained that sex and love aren’t the same thing. Sometimes they coincide, but for sex with men it wasn’t necessary. “Trading bursa escort cum is not the same as falling in love,” Tony said. “I do get a little lovey-dovey while I’m shooting, but it fades after the ejaculations stop.” After dinner we played some more. Tony offered to do a fucking display with Delaney. That was good, and I got to fuck Tony. I had no thoughts about what shoving my cock up a guy’s ass would be like. If I had any thoughts, they wouldn’t have been as good as shooting in Tony’s ass. Later, Delaney fucked me. He was careful, considerate, but skilled. Popping past my sphincter was difficult, but when his cock head introduced me to my prostate, all was well. He asked if I wanted to take his sperm. I said why not, but I didn’t expect his forceful ejaculations. I shot off for second time as his seed tickled my ass. That was a lot for one night. It could have been a problem. My ass was a little sore when it opened for Delaney’s cock. His orgasm was so good, I didn’t care. His cock was designed for my ass. I had graduated from high school, but the lawn mowing job was just a stopgap until I got a job. In September, I began to work for the Edwards Photographic Studios. Eddy Edwards specialized in photographs of weddings and special events. Eddy was in his sixties and a bit scatter brained. I was his assistant. I was a good amateur photographer, but Eddie knew every trick of the trade. This mostly involved ways to make people look their best. Eddy was good at the formal, posed, shots, like the bride’s photo for the paper. He allowed me to take the candid shots of the wedding reception. I was good at these and my photos were admired. My pictures were more natural. I was surprised when one of my photos of a grand mother appeared in the paper’s obituary. The family called and asked for enlargements of the photo to give to family members. They said my photo captured her perfectly. Eddy was a good man and he was pleased. He knew he was good at posed portraits, but even weddings were tending to want less formal pictures. After six months a got a big raise. I was helping with the studio portraits and became the office manager too. I did the basics, but I got mom’s bookkeeping firm to do the big stuff. I also developed a skill at making videos. I was now over six feet tall, and have a steady hand. This was was ideal for weddings. Eddy owned a high quality video camera, but seemed to think it was just a fad. My first videos were good, but they were soon very good. While I was doing well with my new job I got a studio apartment. Mom and dad gave my their old car. It was a station wagon so it was good for hauling equipment. My mother had used it and it was in good shape. I did a few lawns on the side for old neighbors and for Mr. Delaney. I had to work that in between weddings and other events. These events were planned well in advance so I worked it out with his schedule. Delaney was active in the gay community and had many friends. He asked if I would like to meet other men. “Is sex involved?” I asked. “That depends on you,” he replied. “I can tell you that the men are mature and more than willing. No more than 100% of the men are into it.” I smiled. “Well I am willing too,” I replied. “I am damn near 100% interested. Would the men think I am slutty if I am too willing?” Delaney laughed. “I have a feeling they felt as if they had died and gone to heaven when they meet you. Don’t worry about that, enjoy what you can. They were all young once. They know what it was like to be a young man exploring sex for the first time. The next time I visited Delaney, he asked if I was still interested in meeting other men. I said yes. Delaney made a telephone call and ten minutes later the doorbell rang. It was Chuck Newton. He was the retired, successful, coach of the college football team. He was in his mid-sixties and was still handsome. “Chuck, I told Don that we all share some common interests. He’s interested in having a little fun,” Delaney said. “How do we get started,” Chuck asked. “I’m out of practice.” I just finished mowing the lawn and need a shower,” I said. “I was thinking we could shower together.” A few minutes later we were in Delaney’s bedroom stripping. “This is sort of scary for me. I’ve been avoiding showers with young guys for thirty years,” Chuck said. “I hope I don’t disappoint you,” I said. I had just dropped my pants and was nude. He did the same. His cock was thick, long, and uncut. We went to the shower. I was surprised when Chuck dropped to his knees and began to suck my cock immediately. I had planned to do the same thing to him. He swallowed my entire cock and then pulled away. “You’re excited. You are already oozing sex juices,” he said as he stood up. I dropped to my knees and tried to deep throat him. I got most of his cock. His cock was bigger than I had encountered, but that was an attractive feature. “Do you like that?” he asked. I nodded while sucking him. “I haven’t shot off in new guy’s mouth in years,” Chuck said. He made a hard thrust and pushed his cock deeper into me. He and I moaned. “It’s tight but good,” I said. “You’re okay?” Chuck asked. “All is well,” I said. “Take your time; it’s getting better!” It kept on getting better. Chuck and Delaney traded places and were able to keep me seconds from an orgasm for a half hour. When Chuck finally shot off in me, I could feel the sense of relief. With each ejaculation I felt him relax. When Chuck stopped ejaculating, he pulled out and Delaney came over to me. “Do you feel like taking it in the ass?” he asked. I nodded and he filled my ass. It was a Wednesday night and I wasn’t due at the studio until noon. I was to photograph bursa escort bayan a rehearsal dinner that night, so I had comp time. Between sucking and fucking sessions I got some sleep and got to like Chuck. In the morning, I had a long talk with him. He liked younger men, and I was a safe playmate. He told me he felt like a new man as he drained his balls into me. He asked if I had been offended when he shot off in me. It was a new experience for him. “It was good,” I replied. “It was intimate, and emotional. It was nice to share another man’s seed. It’s strange, but it was just a tickling sensation, but it was much more emotionally intense than the physical sensation.” “I felt incredible close to you,” Chuck said. “I guess you can’t be physically closer than shoving you cock of an ass, but it was more intense that I expected.” I went off to work and was busy with a big wedding for two days. They had the rehearsals, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and a reception dinner. Eddie did the wedding ceremony, and the bridal party at the reception. I helped with those, and took all the candid shots. Two days later I did all the photographs of a Chamber of Commerce annual banquet and awards ceremony. The Chamber event had the major, businessman of the year award at the end, so I was there until ten. I was packing up my equipment. The guy who had to do the cleanup for the event, Whitman, helped me. He told me this was first step up the ladder in the chamber. You did the messy jobs no one wanted to do to prove you were willing. I ran into Whitman again in the men’s room. Whitman was as tall as I am, so we could look over the toilet partitions. We talked after the piss stopped, we both shook our cocks to make sure every last drop was where it was supposed to be. A half hour later I was at his apartment in his bedroom. Whitman was older than me, but he was into quickies. His goal was to see how fast he could shoot off before some one caught him. I had a more relaxed approach to sex than he did, and he liked it. When he spent fifteen minutes slow fucking m, he almost shot some major organs into me along with his sperm. He was an aggressive, bossy man, but extended anal therapy made him mellow. We had a good time, but he had to catch an early plane the next morning, so we had a shot session and I went home. A week later Tony called me. He was a master chef and owned the best Italian restaurant in town. He was noted for charitable activities. Locals joked he catered local all local disasters. The victims, fire men, emergency workers, and cops all loved him when he showed up at a disaster site with coffee and food. Most charitable organizations take time to arrive at an accident, fire or similar event. Tony could be there in an hour. He had a van ready to go, and only needed to brew the coffee and get in the drivers seat. He had prepackaged supplies, but in a major event he would call in his staff to be cooking to provide warm food. Tony knew most of the police, firemen and emergency workers in the area. He found some like spirits in the group. It was assumed Tony was gay. He was unmarried and didn’t date. Tony told me there is a world of difference between a gay man, a gay good cook. Tony’s pals were older fireman, who he called Chief, and emergency nurse named Cal. Tony said a threesome tended to leave someone out, he was looking for a forth. “I sort of said you would join us, but I figured you would liked to be asked,” he said. I laughed. “I would like to be asked, but you guessed right,” I said. “What are they like?” “They are beefy bear types, but not babe magnets. Chief is a widower.” Tony replied. “They are versatile, but they both like the top a lot.” He paused. “I don’t think they have been with a receptive top in a while.” That week I had two weddings, one on Friday and the other on Saturday afternoon. Wednesday evening at nine was a good time. I got there on time and the three men were waiting. Tony’s house was big and impressive. The Chief and Cal were good looking to me. Both were in good shape and muscular. The chief was twenty years older than Cal. They were friendly. We went to Tony’s home gym in the basement. It was elaborate, with lots of equipment, and a shower with a sauna. The Chief and Cal were good looking guys. Naked, they were spectacular. The the chief was hairy and in good shape. Cal could have been in muscleman magazine. He had a hairy chest and a treasure trail to his bush. Both men were well equipped. “It would be nice to get acquainted a little,” Tony said, “but I am so horny I want to get down to heavy duty sucking and fucking now! Is that okay with you?” The Chief laughed. “I though you knew me better,” he said. “I’m always ready!” “As I told you, Don is full service. He seems to like big ones,” Tony said. “He isn’t fragile, but remember the likes to give and take,” Tony said. “Don, Cal and I tend to be big on the give side of the equation, but weak in the take side. If you feel over used, let us know. We can make adjustments,” the Chief said as I dropped to my knees and began to to suck his uncut cock. Cal went for Tony. As soon as my tongue licked the Chief’s cock, I sensed him relaxing. I later found out he was an uptight and tense man, always waiting for the next alarm. Sex allowed him to relax briefly and enjoy himself. He was into younger men, but Cal was special. I provided the perfect recreational playmate. The Chief was a big man, but his knob was exceptionally large. It was tight popping past my sphincter, but exciting deep in my ass. I knew exactly where the knob was at all times. We switched partners several times. The men had no problem giving or taking. I escort bursa had a slight sensation that the Chief and Cal were vacationing in my ass. I discovered that Cal was receptive and took my cock easily and clearly enjoyed it. The Chief slipped into Cal’s ass after I vacated it. Tony told me later that my sperm lubricated Cal’s ass, and that made it a better fit for the Chief’s over sized cock. That was good for both men. The connection with the fire department and emergency services was good for me. My life was completely different and separate from theirs. There was no way to associate emergency services with a wedding photographer. There was no overlap and no meaningful looks between them and me. I was safe. That was how I met Dennis and Whale. Whale was a nick name. When you saw him you knew why he was called Whale. He was a star on the football team as a tackle, but was now an orderly at the hospital. He dealt with problem patients. He had not been an academic star in high school, but he was kind, polite and sensitive. Dennis was a deputy assigned to the courts. He was a petite, six foot tall man, who looked liked a neanderthal on a bad day. Dennis was sensitive and perceptive. The word was that he had a nose for trouble. While he polite and courteous, he was also intimating. He worked with a petite Black woman, Lucy. If she had a problem, Whale would ask if she needed help. Lucy would reply that thus lady or man was just over excited. Things would calm down. The was an event when a motorcycle gang caused a near riot. Whale told me the men who had dislocated shoulders had tangles with Lucy, the broken ribs and ruptured internal organs were Dennis’ contributions. Not one member of the gang emitted Lucy had arrested him. I had moved to what had been a tenant house on a large farm. Farming ended forty years earlier and the property was wooded. The house was fancier than a normal tenant house because the tenant had been the farmer’s mistress. The house had always been out of the way. It was now invisible from the road. Cal told Dennis I was a nice guy, and liked company. Cal said he would be glad to introduce him to me. Cal called me and said he had two friends I might enjoy. I told him to have them give me a call. They came to see me a week later. I knew Dennis because court related events. He was always near the judge even when he was posing for official portraits. I had also done candid shots of a 20th anniversary on the bench reception. It was a rare, wedding-free Saturday so I had the day off. They were nervous. “Cal told me you were good guys,” I said. “Would I offend you if I told you that I am horny as hell and was hoping for a morning of hot sex?” “Damn,” Whale said, “Cal didn’t tell us you area a fucking mind reader!” “Fucking just happens to be one of my interests,” I replied. We all laughed and by the time I reached the bedroom we were naked. They were not experienced, but were willing to learn. It was soon clear that sex teaches itself. I’m into sex. They were into sex too, but they hadn’t admitted that to themselves. At first I thought both men had modest cocks. That was because their massive bodies dwarfed their genitals. Dennis had a thick seven-inch cock; Whale has eight-inches of man meat. It took a half hour of sucking for them to relax. Whale thought precum was just a leaking cock. I explained it meant his partner was getting excited. Dennis had fucked Whale, but was afraid to shoot off. They valued speed, and didn’t want to express pleasure even during orgasms. They thought it wasn’t macho. I explained shooting off is the ultimate indicator of machismo. Having an orgasm was good. Sharing it with a buddy was better. It was important to let your partner know you enjoyed him. “Some guys thing having an erection is enough to show your feelings. That is partially true, but it’s good to let him know when it’s good and when it’s great,” I explained. “I was uneasy the first time a guy shot off in my mouth,” I said. “A guy explained sperm is a man’s ultimate home brew. He makes it in his body, stores it in his balls until he has an orgasm and shoots from balls into your mouth or ass. In a cunt it makes a baby.” “With a stranger, shooting off is just getting rid of extra cum. “With a pal it can be more exciting. It might be a nice thank you gift for a job well done. It can be much more than that with a guy you like,” I explained. “Do guys get jealous when their partner cums in you?” Whale asked. “Not in my experience, but I’m sure it does with some guys,” I said. “I have noticed that some men like to use their partner’s sperm as lubricant. They say it adds a little zip.” That comment struck a responsive chord in the two men. Dennis was a careful fucker. He carefully eased his cock into my ass. He was well lubricated. A big man he had no problem popping past my sphincter. I reacted when his knob passed past my prostate. Dennis noticed and returned to my prostate several times. He and I liked that a lot. That seemed to inspire him and began to thrust deeper and faster. I was on my back with my legs on his shoulders. I watched his face and I noticed when he lost his efforts to hold back his orgasm. He cried out, “Oh baby!” and I felt each of his forceful ejaculations. I counted his ejaculations, but lost my train of thought. He pulled out slowly while his cock was still twitching. I was feeling mellow as he pulled out. A second or two later Whale’s over sized cock pushed past my dilated asshole. I looked at him and knew he was excited. I knew my ass and Dennis’ sperm were a prefect combination for him. I expected him to fuck me like a madman, but he seemed to savor the combination of his friend’s sperm and my tight ass. His cock was huge, but somehow I could feel his excitement. I didn’t know if it was my ass or Dennis’s sperm that got him going. A second later I realized it didn’t make any difference. It was beautiful.

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