Wall Street’s Finest Party Ch. 01Wall Street’s Finest Party Ch. 01


Adam Marks and I walked into the New York party; I was so excited to have been invited as his date. We had only been going out for a few weeks, and Adam was smoking hot, rich, and worked as a banker, which is why he had been invited to this exclusive party for Wall Street’s finest bankers at IEBanks.

But the moment we walked in, I knew things could get rocky with me and Adam, and I wondered why he invited me. A gorgeous blonde wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini top and mini skirt came up to us to greet and welcome us, and hugged Adam for what I thought was a bit too long—with her huge heavy scantily clad tits pressing deeply into his chest.

I tried hard to swallow my jealousy as she spoke.

“Adam, I’m so glad you could make it,” she smiled seductively at both of us. “Brought your girl, I’m glad to see.” Ok, so she knew I was his girl, this was good. But what in the world was she wearing?

“Hey boss, I knew you wanted to meet her.”

Boss? WHAT? This woman was Adam’s boss? I hated to think of them holed up in her office after hours… this woman, with immense, gorgeous tits almost bare to us all—who knows what she does at the office if this is what she wears to an office party!

“You know this party is special and I’m glad that so many of our men’s wives and girlfriends could make it. I can’t wait till later phases of the party!” she winked and then smiled at me, with what I could swear was a purposeful squeezing and jiggling of her massive juggs.

She leaned in towards me seductively, “I’m Anna, by the way. I’m so glad you could join us, truly, it’s wonderful to meet you, and I so hope you can join in the activities later,” she whispered to me and whirled away. Later stages of the party? Later activities? What was she talking about?

It wasn’t long before I would find out. Turns out this was a party the women employees of IEBanks were throwing the men, in appreciation, and by appreciation, I mean, lots of skin. Within moments of the giddiness Anna’s presence had created in my stomach, I noticed all the company women wearing scandalous clothing, some even see-through. And it seemed like Adam was in heaven… He couldn’t take his eyes off the massive sets of large tits surrounding us in all directions, and was grinning stupidly as he stared at all the gorgeous bodies all around.

But the party would get much more raunchy and intense. It wasn’t long before the VP of the Board got on stage to welcome us to the “new phases” of the evening.

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen of IEBanks, and thank you for coming to today’s spectacular thank you party from IEB’s women to IEB’s men,” the VP began. “I would like to start the next phase of the evening by welcoming Violetta, our beautiful administrative assistant,” he said as everyone cheered. No wonder. A gorgeous blonde walked onto the stage; she was stunning, and was wearing, as all other IEBanks women employees, very little.

“Welcome, welcome!” Violetta began to loud cheers. “As you know, today’s party is to thank all the men of IEBanks for all they do. So thank you! And welcome to an evening of amazing adult entertainment!” more cheers. Oh god I wondered what was coming next…

“I’m going to start the thank you phase by asking all the ladies to please find a male IEBanks partner. Your partner will help you undress to your waist–don’t worry, all clothes are coming off later! But before we get to the partner phase, I’m going to demonstrate with our VP, Mr. Brooks.”

Cheers all around. I could not believe this! Is this what Adam got me here for? To watch him undress some other babe and prance around a party of his naked colleagues? But when I unobtrusively studied his profile I could tell by the look on his face this development was as unexpected for him as it was for me.

My thoughts were interrupted as I noticed all eyes on the stage. Mr. Brooks had walked over to Violetta and was hugging her, smiling.

“Thank you, Violetta, for all you do for this company. I’m so happy to be your partner for this exercise,” he winked at the audience as they cheered.

Music came on as the VP positioned himself behind Violetta and ran his hands up her tight sides and around to her breasts. He cusped her large tits and squeezed seductively through the black brassiere to loud audience exhilaration. Out of the corner of my eyes, I watched Adam mesmerized as Mr. Brooks slipped his hands through Violetta’s bra straps; he slowly slid them off her shoulders, then in one motion snatched the flimsy piece away and threw it back stage, revealing her large, heaving breasts and delicate erect nipples. More cheers as Violetta seductively jiggled her tits for the audience… As she was shaking her awesome body, the VP moved his hands beneath her breasts, hungrily cusping them and moving upwards to squeeze her waiting nipples. As he continued to massage and rub all over her jugs, Violetta took the microphone and once again addressed the audience, smiling:

“Gentlemen, Koşuyolu Escort thank you so much for all you do for our company, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my openness with you…” at this point she was interrupted by loud cheers, which took a while to subside as we were all watching her gorgeous bosom being touched by the VP, and wishing it was our own hands doing the groping. I was pretty sure I could speak for everyone at the party in this respect.

“And maybe later I’ll mingle a bit and you can have a taste,” she winked as we cheered loudly.

“But now it’s time for everyone to grab a partner and for the women of the company to perform the yearly ritual of thanking our IEBanks men by giving them a taste of our amazing ‘holistic’ potential,” she continued.

“This is the only night of the year when we get to be so… open with each other, and I’m really looking forward to all the connections we will make tonight,” she smiled as the audience cheered on. “So, ladies and gentlemen, grab a partner and commence the undressing! Remember, for the first phase, we’re only undressing down to the waist, but gentlemen, feel free to feel around the naked bosoms you see as you please. This is your night!”

Applause and hooting erupted as Violetta took Mr. Brook’s hand and led him down the steps onto the floor, beginning to mingle with guests. I could not decide if I was more jealous as I knew Adam was lusting after Violetta, or turned on—for I could not deny watching Mr. Brook’s hands squeeze Violetta’s amazing tits had made me pretty horny.

Just as I was thinking all these thoughts when an amazingly fit, big breasted woman walked up to me and Adam and introduced herself to me, smiling.

“Hi, I’m Alerra, Adam’s personal secretary. It’s so nice to meet you, Rosa, Adam’s already told me so much about you!” She hugged me and I relished in the presence of her heavy bosom pressing deeply against me. I continued to hold her as she spoke:

“It’s great that you’ve been so open to be here…” but she quickly saw my face and guessed I hadn’t known, then laughed hastily and continued, “But you probably didn’t know what kind of party this would be, seeing as this is Adam’s first year with the bank… It’s an inside secret, you see, we don’t advertise these perks to incoming employees and they only find out at the yearly event. But I see you’re sticking around, which is great to see!”

I was loosening up. Everyone seemed so friendly and like they wanted to include me, and Adam was lusting after other women but still being attentive to me. Maybe I never expected or wanted us to “swing” or be with others but now that I was here, I was turned on and enjoying myself, so I decided to go with the flow of the night.

Alerra placed one arm around my waist and the other around Adam’s, and led us to a nearby plush and cozy couch, where she sat between us. We drank and talked, and in the buzz of the sangria and the eroticism of the night, I began forgetting myself and wishing that Alerra would let Adam take off her top already. Her tits were swelling through her red lace brassiere, and I could not keep my eyes of them. By this point, I didn’t even care if Adam was looking or lusting—all I knew was, I was, and I wanted to see more.

“I’ve been looking forward to this night since Adam was hired last year, you know,” Alerra was saying. “And when I found out a couple weeks ago he had begun dating an amazing woman, I couldn’t wait for this party to meet you!” she had turned to me.

So Adam had told this gorgeous secretary he had met an “amazing woman” and had already told her so much about me? I was becoming more and more happy and comfortable, and I noticed Adam smiling at me:

“Thanks for sticking around, babe. I’m glad you’re here with me, and so happy to see you’re enjoying yourself.” I blushed and smiled back as Alerra spoke up,

“Do you mind if we make ourselves a little bit more comfortable for this next ‘phase’ of the party?”

I snapped into action when I realized she was about to let us see her beautiful naked breasts.

“Sure, what do you want us to do?” I asked.

She stood up and straddled Adam’s lap, then grabbed my hand and pulled me closer on the couch to Adam. Intoxicated with desire, I placed my hand on her thigh and ran it up close towards her panty line as she smiled at me.

“Allright, Mr. Marks, would you please help me undo my brassiere clasp,” Alerra spoke as she took Adam’s hands and guided them to the back of her top.

I watched as Adam’s hands slid gently underneath and unclasped the material, then slid back up her shoulders to take off the straps. Alerra took the hand I had placed on her thigh and placed it on her now exposed right breast as Adam cusped her left breast. Leaning back, she began slowly jiggling her enormous tits as Adam and I brushed hands groping Alerra’s gorgeous rack.

Rising up slowly, she smiled and switched positions, now sitting sideways Koşuyolu Escort Bayan in Adam’s lap, with her long beautiful legs splayed out onto mine. I watched as Adam cusped both of Alerra’s tits in his hands, squeezing her nipples. Arching her back, she raised herself to bring her breasts close to his face, and I saw Adam lean in and begin licking her tantalizing nipples.

I was so turned on I could not resist, and I leaned in and placed my hands below Alerra’s breasts as Adam continued sucking on her nipples. Squeezing around, making sure I allowed Adam all the room he needed, I enjoyed the delicate flesh against my hands, caressing and running my nails against her nakedness.

“This feels so good, coming from two lovers,” Alerra whispered as Adam and I both continued to enjoy her breasts. “You know, Rosa, most women would get too jealous for this party, so I’m so glad to see you are having as much fun as Adam,” she winked at me as I blushed deeply.

“No need to be embarrassed,” she laughed and sat up a little, placing her hands on my clothed breasts and squeezing them gently.

Adam was grinning as he watched Alerra reach under my shirt and through my bra and cusp my large and excited tits. I moaned as Alerra worked her hands around the folds of my breasts and erect nipples, and did not stop her when she slid off my top and bra in one swift motion, throwing them off somewhere behind the couch. My own nakedness snapped me into awareness of our surroundings and I noticed several men (attached to women, of course, or groups of women), staring lustingly at our medley of three, and specifically, at my own tits. I splayed out a little on the couch and enjoyed their glances, smiling seductively across the room at various men. I knew Adam was watching but he seemed to be enjoying the attention I was getting, while continuing to keep busy with Alerra’s breasts.

We were soon interrupted by Violetta’s stunning body back on stage, along with Mr. Brooks.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” she began, “it’s now time for the second round of the night. I will first demonstrate with Mr. Brooks how the women of IEBanks will now show appreciation to our men by allowing them a bit more freedom to explore our most private parts.” As loud cheers erupted all around the room, I grinned and cheered along with our group of three. “Mr. Brooks, will you please join me?”

“Gladly, Violetta,” replied the VP, after which he addressed the audience. “Man, I can’t tell you guys how lucky I feel to have been selected for this great honor to demonstrate our great pleasures of the night with our amazing and dedicated administrative assistant, who also happens to have a smoking hot body, with massive tits, an ass to die for, and I am sure we’re about to see, a stunning and tight body all over,” the VP continued as Violetta waved, swayed, and jiggled her breasts.

The audience once again replied with massive cheers and watched expectantly as Mr. Brooks approached Violetta from behind, placed his down her tight mini skirt, and in one swift movement, slid down both the skirt and her skimpy bikini bottom, revealing a gleaming, shaved, gorgeous pussy.

I felt like I was in heaven as the VP reached around and grabbed Violetta’s pussy and stroked her glistening lips as she swayed her hips. The crowd was growing wild, and I noticed Adam had gotten so excited that his hand had slid beneath Alerra’s skirt and stroked at the line of her thong. Alerra responded by rolling up her skirt to her waist, then gently lifting it up and over her head. I watched as Adam’s hands glided under her skimpy bottom and pulled it off to the side, revealing her incredibly hot and tight pussy.

Adam’s fingers hungrily rubbed Alerra’s pussy lips, spreading them open, relishing in touching his secretary’s exposed private flesh. I grasped at Alerra’s panties and pulled them off, then pushed her legs farther apart so I could get a better view. She smiled at me seductively and leaned back, jiggling her tits in Adam’s face as he continued to feel up her pussy. Feeling her large breasts so close to his lips, Adam dove in and began running his tongue around Alerra’s nipples. She leaned back further and moaned, lifting her hips up and down in a deliberate, lusting motion.

I was so turned on I couldn’t wait for my turn with Alerra so I slipped my hands underneath my skirt and under my panties and gently tugged them all off, down to my ankles and onto the floor. I kicked them aside and pushed my naked pussy closer to Alerra’s, moving closer to her and Adam on the couch while spreading my legs wide.

Just as I was getting comfortable and yearning for Adam to finish this round with Alerra, Adam’s best friend, Ben, walked by our couch and noting the open space next to me, and my spread, wide naked pussy exposed, grinned and plopped down, picking up my dangling leg and placing it across his lap. Without even asking or saying anything to me, he inserted two fingers inside Escort Koşuyolu me as I gasped incredulously.

“What are you doing?” I tried to seem indignant—actually I knew Adam through Ben, a long time friend of my family’s who had gotten a position at IEBanks over five years ago.

It dawned on me: he would have known what would happen and would have expected this when Adam brought me to the party… What…

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Ben grinned and used his other hand to grope at my heavy tits.

I pulled back but really, I had nowhere to go.

“Rosa, relax, baby, it’s just me, Ben. Get comfortable while you wait for Adam to finish off enjoying his tight bodied secretary. He deserves this, he’s been working so hard for IEBanks, and he’ll only get this opportunity once a year. And…” he leaned in close to me and whispered, “I’ll only get this opportunity once a year…” As his last words came out I felt his hand digging deeper inside me, and his other hand running hungrily over my heaving breasts and now fully erect nipples.

I could not help myself, and let out a slight moan of intoxicated pleasure before catching myself and saying as sternly as I could,

“Ben, it is not ok for you to just come up to me and touch…”

But I found myself trailing off as Ben leaned in closer to me, clasped my right hand, and placed it over his bulging pants.

“Frankly, Rosa, it doesn’t matter what you say now. The truth is, your pussy was wide open, your tits were fully exposed,” he said as he encouraged my hand to rub his hard cock. “Anyone is welcome to touch any naked flesh tonight. That’s the number one rule of this party. No permission required,” Ben continued while moving my hand towards his zipper. “Now please be s good girl and do as I say—you can begin by unzipping my pants.”

I started to protest but Ben decisively guided my hand towards the top of his zipper, and I obediently found myself following his instructions. I was so turned on by the entire evening and had to admit I found Ben a welcome distraction from waiting for Alerra. I saw she and Adam were still enjoying each other, and now that Adam saw me going for Ben’s boxers and slipping my hand inside to feel his throbbing naked dick, he grasped one of Alerra’s hands and dug it inside his pants. I watched as Alerra played with Adam’s dick and wondered how he was enjoying her hands pleasuring him when Ben spoke in my ear,

“You know, Rosa, I’m so glad Adam brought you here… I’ve been dying for a moment to do what I’m doing now, running my hands all over your naked body, squeezing your tits, rubbing your clit, lingering my fingers inside your pussy… you are simply delicious and I’ve been lusting after you for a very long time…”

Ben continued as I tried to remember if I was still putting up a pretense of not wanting Ben.

“But, Ben, we’ve known each other for so long,” I protested meekly.

“I know,” Ben grinned. “I’ve been waiting for a long time for tonight…” He pressed closer as I continued to play my game of protest.

“But, Ben, I wasn’t really looking for this, or expecting this…” He interrupted me.

“Shhh… it’s allright, Rosa. One night a year, I promise, and no other expectations attached. Just enjoy tonight. You are enjoying yourself tonight, aren’t you?” he teased me as his hands moved gently over my clitoris.

I felt like I was in a trance—on one hand, I could not believe this was happening, on the other I could not deny Ben’s hand on my clit, as I watched my boyfriend being pleasured by his secretary, in the midst of many other groups hungrily groping for each other, were making me more hot than I’d possibly ever been in my life.

“Enjoying, yes, but what about…”

Ben cut me off again. “There are no ‘buts’ tonight, if you’re enjoying yourself. And since you are…” his voice trailed off and he stood up slowly, and just as slowly, undressed until he stood naked before me, his large throbbing dick inches from my face.

I stared, and noticed my hands had moved to my pussy, rubbing it as I watched Ben straddle me. He grasped my hands and clasped them behind my head.

“I’m going to say this again,” I heard him whisper as his dick touched my clitoris and began rubbing gently around my pussy. “I’m so glad you came tonight, Rosa, and that we get a chance to finally do this,” he continued as his dick entered me slowly but decisively.

His hands moved to my tits and I felt him pinching my nipples and twisting them hard. His dick was now deep inside, and he began thrusting his hips seductively as he continued to speak sexy nothings into my ear.

But my attention was interrupted by a new development: Violetta, the President and VP’s executive administrative assistant who had allured us with her beauty on stage, had now approached our couch and had pulled a divan closer to Adam and Alerra. She was fully naked, and sat with her legs spread open, giving me a perfect view of her gorgeous pussy. She was smiling at Adam, and I noticed Alerra move to the side so Adam could get a full look at Violetta.

“Adam and Ben, I wanted to stop by and personally thank you for spending so much of your energy putting in excellent deals for IEBanks.”

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