Walked in on my Uncles.Walked in on my Uncles.


About 10 years ago I was home alone with my twin uncles.  They are my uncles by marriage so we are about 3 years apart.  We have always watched porno’s together and have masturbated in the same room before, but that was the extent of any sexual behaviors we have ever had together.  One Monday morning I awoke to loud moaning coming from downstairs.  My room was positioned directly above the TV room so I heard everything that went on down there.  I figured my uncles were watching pornos without me, so I thought I would join them!  As soon as I reached the bottom step I was completely caught off guard!  My uncles were dry humping each other!  This was the last thing I expected to see, especially since they were openly against homosexuality.  In a loud voice I said, “what are you guys doing?” “you guys are gay!”   They quickly responded and said, “we are just playing around”  I, as a joke went over and humped my uncle Darrell from the back since isvecbahis his butt was in the air.  After about 30 seconds I went upstairs to lay back down.  The way our house was ran, only the best behaved and good students were allowed TV’s in their room, so I was the only one with a TV in my room.  After about 30 minutes or so, my uncle Darrell comes in my room and tells me to move over so he cold lay down and watch tv.  I didnt think anything of it, this was normal behavior for our family.  Within 20 minutes, Darrell’s ass was against my penis.  I moved back a little bit and it was like a magnet was connected to his ass and my penis.  I noticed I actually liked it!  So I went with it! I started to push towards his ass and massage my dick against his ass.  Without warning Darrell grabbed my dick and began to jack me up and down.  My dick was harder than it had ever been.  without missing a beat I felt Darrell’s mouth on my dick.  It was the isveçbahis giriş most exhilerating feeling I have ever felt.  I wanted to blow my load in his mouth within 30 seconds.  After a few minutes I had to suck his monstrous dick!  I could barely get it in, but I did!  I was in love with this!  who would have ever though that I would enjoy sucking dick so much, the taste, texture, and smell.  Within seconds, I felt his sweet come in my mouth!  I couldnt resist, I had to swallow just like the girls in the pornos.  As I stood up to go wash my mouth out, he told me to wait, he wasnt done.  His dick grew hard within seconds.  He said he wanted to fuck me in my ass.  I hesitated, but still horny I gave in pretty easily.  He went and grabbed a jar of vaseline and lubed his dick from the tip to the base.  He grabbed me by the ass and told me to bend over my bed.  I took a deep breath, and said, “ok, but go slow.”  I felt the the tip of isveçbahis yeni giriş his dick move between my butt cheeks and quickly reach my ass hole.  I didnt know what to do!  I was excited, but scared.  I wanted it, but then I thought, Im not gay, what am I doing.  Before another thought went through my head, I felt the head of his dick pop in my ass.  He slowly went deeper and deeper.  When he was half way in I became overwhelmed with excitment.  It felt so good!  Why does this feel so good?  He went deeper, and deeper and I thought I was going to cum on the first pump.  He began to thrust back and forth and I could feel my ass split a little wider.  I could hear the bed slam against the wall with every thrust.  The smacking of his balls against my ass sent me into a frenzy.  I asked him to stop so I could turn on my back.  Once we got positioned he drove into me like a car through a tunnel.  He spread my legs as wide as they could go and fucked me like a cheap whore.  With every stroke I moaned louder and louder.  I grabbed the vaseline and lubed up my dick and started to masturbate as he fucked me.  It took 3 pumps and I exploded all over my chest.  Soon after.

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