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Tom’s new apartment is absolutely incredible. A 10th story unit with a balcony overlooking the NYC skyline from Hoboken makes for a great setting. My best friend has done well for himself with the new digs, and after 6 months he finally decided to have some guests over. The place isn’t huge, but large enough for about 20 people to comfortably socialize. Tom keeps to himself for the most part and is always too busy to hang out, but we have a great time when we get together. Every once in a while he steps out of his hole and throws a party like this.

The party has more people than I would have expected considering Tom’s lack of social interaction. There are a few people I recognized from high school. The rest are a diverse bunch that must be from his college or work. I always enjoy catching up with people from my past and this party has been no exception. It is great to hear that people are doing well, or that they’ve been into some crazy shit that I could not imagine doing. Like Alex, who took a one way ticket to Vietnam and just started working on farms, while exploring the country for 2 years.

No party is worth attending without some females to mingle with. Tom is a bit shy with the ladies, making me worry that his party may be lacking the eye candy I was looking for, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a fair 50/50 split of men and women. While the men were evenly spread throughout the apartment buried in various conversations, the women were gathered in 2 distinct groups. One in the kitchen and one in the main room by the balcony windows. Both groups had distinctly different, yet had individually homogenous fashion senses denoting that they were with their friend group.

The group of girls in the kitchen had a somewhat hipster appearance. Sporting looser fitting clothes with more earthy tones and throwback patterns. A couple girls had brown lace up boots with a long skirt and mom jeans respectively. A few wore casual lace up shoes and varying bottoms. None were particularly unattractive, but none were eye catchingly gorgeous.

The other group was significantly more glamorous and quickly held my attention. Much more my type. For such a cold night, there was a collective lack of clothing that the group had on. A few in ultra short skirts, some in crop tops, all in something skin tight. But one of the girls absolutely stole my attention. She had big hair and clearly a personality to match as she was the life of the conversation.

I asked Tom who she was and he was not exactly sure. He knew she was a friend of his co-worker Ashley. He could not recall her name from their initial introduction, but he did mention that she had not stopped talking since she arrived.

She stood at about average height for the group, maybe 5’4″, but her heeled boots gave her quite a boost. Her hair was very long, black, and thick, expertly curled and maintained without a strand out of place. Large hoop earrings poked out though the locks that framed her face. Her skin was not overly tan, but she was definitely of some Mediterranean descent. Her dark eyebrows were flawlessly maintained to accentuate her cat like green eyes. Despite the darkness of her look, she was incredibly expressive and a slight smile was the minimum expression on her face.

Her outfit was slightly too small for her thick frame, yet she looked amazing; oozing confidence and sexuality, far from a dainty model. A black leather jacket that would have provided more modesty hung on the chair behind her, but she stood confidently, holding court amongst her friends solely in a black tube top. The top contained her large but not overbearing tits, and ended just above her navel that was pierced by a diamond belly ring with two simple dangling diamonds. Her belly was far from defined and was ever so slightly constricted by her skin tight jeans. Her waist was not too slim, but just smaller than her large ass that sat below a beautiful curve in her low back. The look was completed with a pair of tall, smooth, leather boots where the front rose over her knee and the back ended just below. The spiked heels were at least 3 to 4 inches, boosting her naturally short frame to a normal height.

I had to have her.

I signaled to Tom that I needed an introduction to the group and he obviously had no issue facilitating a conversation. The girls were approachable as a whole, and were super easy to talk to. Even upon introduction, there was a connection between myself and the stunning woman that I now know as Jamie. She was clearly not scared of eye contact. Her green eyes sucked me in making it hard to not jump her bones on the spot. She was forward, leading the conversation by asking about my job in private equity. Never feigning interest and never losing a smile, she listened to my bullshit long enough that I was able to ask about her.

She is a nurse who works long hours but gets a few days off per week. She seems caring, but definitely has a slight crazy streak that is most likely a prerequisite to sign up for that job. Her manner of speech Aydın Escort was bubbly and flirtatious. It was hard to keep my mind from straying to her animated personality evolving into a wild temptress riding my cock. Even our non-important conversation had us both drawn in, minus my imagination running wild. It was as if we were isolated from the rest of the room.

Suddenly her friend called to her, “Jamie, we’re heading out. Want to go to Cabana?” Jamie looked me in the eyes with a combination of longing and deliberation. Of course I wanted her to stay, but it was unlikely that she would stay here alone with a guy she met only five minutes ago. I sensed her hesitation and decided to give the situation a push.

“Cabana is a great time. Maybe I’ll see you there. Here put your number in my phone.”

Her soft and sexual smile said thank you, and I was convinced that this was not the last time we would meet. She entered her number and we hugged while saying goodbye. I brushed my hand across her lower back just above her jeans hoping to cause some excitement. As she reached for her jacket, she looked back at me with a smirk eluding to my success.

And like that, the group of hot girls were gone and it was back to a room full of horny, late 20 year old men, and a bunch of bland hipster chicks. I figured I should pick up my drinking pace if this night was going to get any more entertaining. I shared some relatively useless conversations that became harder and harder to remember as a put down a few more drinks.

We eventually decided to head out to a bar, and that was the last thing I remember.


The sun is in my eyes and I am clearly not at my condo. Where the hell am I? I think I hear my pulse. This headache is horrific. Why is my cock hard as fuck? And why am I naked?

I rolled to my right side to face away from the back of the couch, and slowly opened my eyes. Thank god this is Tom’s apartment. I guess I came home with him last night. Now I need to figure out why I’m naked.

Jesus. Standing up from this couch is awful. I’m sunk so far in. My head is pounding. Getting up is not helping. Fuck.

Where are my clothes? I’m naked, but no clothes. This is so confusing. Well, it’s not like Tom hasn’t seen me naked before, let’s explore.

I stood up and walked around the corner, barely being able to see 5 feet in front of me with the morning crust in my eyes. I entered his room while rubbing my eyes.

“Oh boy, This an amazing morning surprise!” I recognized the cute but sexual voice to be Jamie’s immediately and my hardon somehow became harder. I made no effort to cover myself. Honestly, I was too hungover to move quickly.

She was sitting on the edge of Tom’s bed in the same clothes from last night, but still zipping up her left boot and her leather jacket on the bed behind her. Her hair was now up in a high ponytail, displaying her face and hoop earrings. I automatically wondered if Tom had brought her home last night, and was a little pissed off, but my feelings were muddled by the insistent pounding in my brain. I mustered up some energy and tried to open my eyes.

“Well, you are a sight for sore eyes. What are you doing here this early?”

Jamie gave a bit of an aw shucks. “So, Tom wound up going home with Adriana, and instead of sleeping on her couch and invading their privacy, he said I could stay at his place.”

“What a chivalrous gentleman he is. Do you have any idea how I got here?”

“No idea in the slightest.” She giggled, stopping her dressing to fully engage in conversation. “You were passed out on the couch naked when we walked in.”

“Flattering” I retorted.

“Hey, I tried to wake you up! But you were out like a light. “

“I’m wide awake now” we both laughed.

She looked at my still rock hard cock, “You most certainly are.”

“I guess you like what you saw last night too?”

“Well, I like my men awake. But yea, I’d definitely like to try that cock out. I have never seen anything that big” she said fixating on the meat between my legs. It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen that stare. A 9.5″ cock has a certain way of captivating a woman.

“I’ve wanted to eat that pussy from the minute I saw you across the room.” I stared into her eyes as I walked closer. “You should probably stop putting those clothes on, as good as they look on you. “

She reached out and lightly grazed my cock with her hand as I neared the bed. Her hand was small in comparison to my thick cock. The girl clearly knew what she was getting into as she slowly ran her acrylic French Manicure along the underside of my cock; from between my balls, to the tip while looking into my eyes with a smirk, awaiting my reaction. I stared straight back into her green eyes for a short minute, letting her get comfortable fondling my dick.

She stood up to come up to my shoulder in her high heeled boots, and leaned in with lips pursed. I quickly returned one hand to her low back, where I last touched her. I leaned Aydın Escort Bayan down so our lips could finally meet. Her plump lips were so soft, and our kiss started gently despite feeling the heat growing between us. I could feel my hard cock pressing into her belly just below her tube top. Her belly was soft and previewed what pleasure was to come around her plump pussy.

The kiss intensified as both tongues began to dance between our interlocked lips. I could feel her gently grind her hips on my hand, now lightly scratching her low back. She was so sexual in every movement. Not deliberate, but compelled. My hand traced her neck as I made my way to her breasts, not before lightly gripping her neck. Her tube top was made of a soft sweater material, only light enough to stay in place. There was no bra between her sweater and nipple, allowing me full access to alternate squeezing her breast and rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

When I first pinched her nipple, Jamie let out a slight giggle while pulling away from me to smile. She was fun and playful while being the most attractive woman I have ever seen. Her hips never stopped their grinding motion and I wanted nothing more than to bury my cock between those fat ass cheeks. My continued fondling hardened her nipples to a point under the soft fabric. She removed her hands from my waist and used them to lift her tiny top over her head to reveal her perfectly shaped tits. They were a full, perky, C- cup, that somehow needed no bra to avoid sagging.

She returned both hands to my cock, now gripping, tugging, and jerking it off as I played with her bare tits. Her touch excited my cock, causing the first signs of pressure to build in my balls. She was equally excited by the nipple play, causing her tummy to relax and contract with the pleasure. Her belly ring would dance quickly with the convulsions. I was excited to see what it would do with her riding my fat cock.

After a few more minutes of play, I grabbed her by the ass and swept her off the ground. She quickly played along, and wrapped her booted legs around my waist with a cute shriek. I threw her in the bed and began to unzip her boots.

“Next time we need an outfit that allows you to keep these sexy boots on.”

“You think there’s going to be a next time?” The little bitch teased. She pulled her leg out of the left boot as I threw it to the floor to undo the right.

“You’ll need to be restrained to stay away from this cock” she undid her jeans button and we pulled them off in a team effort.

“Don’t threaten me with a good time” now fully engaged in eye contact, in nothing but her black lace thong and black fuzzy thigh high socks. I smirked, and leaned down to begin kissing the inside of her legs staring at her knees and working out to the exposed skin a third of the way up her thigh. Gentle moans escaped her lips as I kissed and licked her thick and smooth inner thighs.

Her pussy had a strong but enticing smell. One that a part of me thought she had not showered since last night, and the other part became much hornier and wanted a taste. My primal desires were turned on high, and this woman had me fully wound up. I continued my licking closer to her pussy that was covered by a small triangle. The triangle was not large enough to cover the whole area between her thighs and only covered the most precious part of her fat pussy.

I ran my tongue up the side of her thong, causing further moaning and her hips to wiggle. I continued there for a moment before working my way up above her thong to kiss her lower belly. She was smooth, sexy, and soft. Thoughts of my cock buried to the hilt and filling her belly with my cum caused my cock to twitch. I took a long lick from the top of her thong up her midline to her breasts, with a short stop to suck her belly ring between my teeth to give a gentle tug.

I continued up until our lips met once again for a deep kiss. Her tongue explored my lips and mouth. I returned the favor, only to have her suck my tongue as a preview of what I hoped was soon to come. I could feel the warmth emanating from her pussy on my cock that poked between her legs. My meat dragged across her pussy more than once during our passionate kiss, heightening the anticipation.

I slid along the side of her face to kiss, lick, and suck the side of her neck. This was clearly a sensitive area, signaled by grinding her pussy against my cock, searching for stimulation. I moved my hips back to stop her pleasure, with her grunt of frustration soon to follow. I held myself up with my right arm to allow my left hand full access to her tits. She moaned loudly in my ear as I rolled her sensitive bud between my fingers. If her volume now is any foreshadowing, I am excited to give Tom’s neighbors some morning entertainment when this cock gets to work.

I worked my lips down from her ear to bathe her nipples with the attention they deserve. I was getting incredibly eager to taste her pussy. The smell of sex was clearly filling Escort Aydın the room and effecting my discipline. I did not lose my latch on her tit while my hands found her thong and began to slide it off. I finally removed my lips to look down at the most beautiful swollen pussy I have ever seen. She was completely shaven and soaked at her slit.

I wasted no time and dove straight into her chubby cunt. I took a long lick from the bottom of her pussy to the top of her clit, making sure to get a full taste of her juices. She was bitter with a sweet aftertaste that brought me to lick deeper. She moaned and arched her back as my tongue dove into her hole and followed through to flick her clit once again. She moaned louder with each pass of my tongue, so I continued and sped up my pace.

Her pleasure built with each flick of my tongue. I could feel the tension building in the muscles between her legs and her writhing become more rhythmic. I let her build up just a bit more and then pulled my head away to watch her struggle on the edge of orgasm.

“Ahhh what the fuck? You bastard!” She yelled with a smirk and wide eyes staring at me.

“I will make you cum. But you need to be patient.” I directed.

“No! You’re mean!” She said with puppy dog eyes.

I smiled and went back to attacking her clit with my tongue. It was much less time before she was at the edge and I repeated my withdrawal. I continued my little game for a few more rounds, causing Jamie’s increasing frustration. Her moans grew louder and she bucked under my face with greater intensity. She even reached for her own clit to try and get herself over the edge so I had to restrain her hands to continue my game.

I eventually decide to work my mouth back up her body to suck on her beautifully erect nipples once again. I positioned my cock at her entrance while continuing to pleasure her nipples. She was so wet and my cock was so hard, it took no effort to slowly push my rod into her tight hole. Her moans elevated to a shriek and she pulled me in deeper with her arms behind my back and legs around my ass. She was incredibly tight, taking some force to bottom out in her cunt. I could feel her pussy spasm around my cock with each of her yelps. I paused here with my bare cock fully inserted, enjoying the way she gripped me.

“Please fuck me. Please! I need to cum on that huge cock. Fuck. Please!” She struggled underneath me.

I put my forearms behind her head and my elbows just over her shoulders to get good leverage. I slowly withdrew my cock enough that only the head remained penetrated, and slowly sunk all the way back into her sopping pussy. She felt absolutely incredible. I kept a slow pace and enjoyed the feeling of her cunt hugging my cock. Her arms and legs held me like a small koala on a tree, making the whole situation sensual and lustful.

I progressively increased my pace and felt her orgasm build around me. I continued my game and fully pulled my cock out of her pussy before she was able to cum causing her to scream and squirm underneath me. I denied her orgasm twice more and then decided to give in.

I increased my pace quite a bit, audibly smacking against her pussy with every stroke, burying my cock as far as it could reach. I could feel her pussy tighten in sync with the contortions of her body. Her moans built and built until there was a sudden silence. Her writhing turned into squeezing me with all her might. I fought through and maintained my pace, fucking her through her orgasm. The wetness between us grew tremendously and I could feel that the bed beneath my knees was now soaked.

She finally let out her loudest scream yet and her body began to convulse as her orgasm continued. It was unbelievable how incredible her pussy felt milking my cock with every forceful stroke. The sensations building in my nuts were deep and they began to feel heavy. I gradually slowed my pace and propped up a bit to look Jamie in the eyes.

She stared at me with a wonton lust. Half surprised and fully begging for more.

“You’re a dick for making me wait but holy shit was that worth it.” She panted.

I gave a little smirk and hastened my thrusts once again. Jamie was so sensitive. It took no more than 2 minutes before another strong orgasm struck although this one never seemed to stop as I continued to pound her fat pussy.

She eventually settled down and forcefully pushed me off of her, directing me to my back. She quickly cleaned my cock, pausing at the top to tease the underside of my head with her tongue. She knew this would get me close. She continued to try and suck the cum out of my dick, stopping every so often as she felt me tense, a few times bringing me very close to the edge. She brought me closer and closer. She was playing my game.

I was losing my composure, starting to grunt and twitch. Jamie knew right where she had me and decided that now was the time to put her beautiful pussy to work. She climbed on top of me and once again took my length into her womb. I couldn’t help but think that her pussy may be the greatest place in the world. She was so soft yet so tight. Her wetness was plentiful and allowed for the hardest of fucking. As she grabbed my cock and positioned the tip at her soaked slit, I couldn’t wait to see what her hips could do.

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