The Dangers Of Being The Designated Driver_(1)The Dangers Of Being The Designated Driver_(1)


The Dangers of Being the Designated Driver

This is a true story. However the names and ages have been changed. A few minor details have also been changed to protect the identities of all persons involved.

My name is Frank, 22 years old. I am a little over six feet tall. I have a wide muscular shoulders. Short black hair cut low and tan skin. My time is usually spent in the gym, since I was laid off from work a week earlier. I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend (this is the last I will mention her) for almost four years now and never once, until last night, have I even come close to cheating on her.

It all started last night. A few friends wanted to try out this new Mexican restaurant known for having the best margaritas. Being broke and unemployed for the last few weeks I decided to be the designated driver.

As soon as I pulled up to my friend’s house I knew this night was going to be trouble. My friend Rebecca had texted me a picture of the outfit she was wearing for the night with the caption “Is this too slutty?” She was wearing white jeans that stopped at her waist. Her mid-section revealing her flat stomach and her sexy belly button ring. Her top was a pink button down with the top two buttons undone showing off her perky C cup breasts.

I texted her back “you know it supposed to be a casual night, you didn’t have to dress up.”

She texted me asking “is your girlfriend was coming.”

I said “No why.”

All I got back was a “;).”

I didn’t tell any of my friends about the texts from Rebecca. I knew already it was going to be a long night. I finished picking the guys up then drove to Rebecca’s house. I texted her that I was outside.

I was joking with my buddy Chris when I saw Rebecca walking out of her house. She was swinging her hips as she walked to the car, strutting her body. She was hot, single and about to be in a car full of guys. She knew we were all checking her out as she bent over to get in the car.

Her cleavage exposed as she climbed into the back seat. The scent of her perfume hit us all at the same time. It was like one of those cartoons where the scent turns into a hand and grabs the cartoon character. Her thong strings high above the waist of her pants.

I swear for a second time stopped and we were all just staring at her. She had us all in the palm of her hand, drooling like dogs looking at a piece of meat. She could have had any guy she wanted that night but I was the only one she was interested in.

pause! Some quick back story between Rebecca and I.

We originally met years earlier, at an open bar months before I met my girlfriend. I was drunk hooking up with a random girl I had just met. Rebecca was there watching it all happen, she thought I was cute. A few days later she went away for a few months. She had an out of state internship and by the time she came home I was off the market.

When she came home months later there was a big party for her. After a few drinks she started touching my shoulder. I told her I was in a relationship that’s when she “accidentally” started showing me porn she had on her phone. She started to ask me about the girl in the video and what I thought of her ass. She started rubbing my chest when I had to cut her off. She got pissed and stormed off. Later that night I received a text from her in just her bra asking me what I thought.

Here is where I went wrong. I should have just ignored it but I’m young, horny, and as my dad always says “dumb as a brick.”

I sent her back a text saying, “If I was single that bra would be on the floor!”

She texted me back, “how about you come over and take it off.”

That weekend she went to a club and was texting me that she wished I was there. I told her that if I was single I would be there and we would sneak off to the back of the club. She told me I got her so wet she fucked a guy she met that night, but was thinking about me.

I loved her long legs, her round ass. Those perky C cup breasts. There were rumors that she gave the most amazing blowjob. This had me intrigued, and I knew it was going to get me in trouble.

Fast Kızılay Escort forward a few years later and we were still texting each other. Little flirting messages here and there. When one of us were really horny and feeling alone we would sext about “what If?” scenarios. What if she was in my bed and I was single? But I was not single and it was all talk. I assume she would be touching herself to the messages, I know I was.

She was one of the sexiest girls I had ever seen. All my friends had all tried taking a run at her in the past. She wasn’t interested in hooking up with any of them. One of my buddies tried a few times and had been rejected on each one of them. She wanted me but I was taken.

Back to the Present

we get to the restaurant around 9pm. They all start drinking. Heavily. The waiter kept bringing pitchers of Margaritas with no end in sight. After a few drinks I noticed her elbow started to bump into my elbow. After a few more drinks her hands were on my thigh, she starts to rub up and down my leg. I kept pushing her hand away. At this point I was sweating! I’m trying to hide what she’s doing with her hands. By 11:30pm I start to notice Rebecca has become very intoxicated, and has knocked over her second drink. I tell my friends to ask for the check, it’s time to go.

I should have taken her home first. I didn’t, the thought did not even occur to me until the next day.

We all began to pile back into the car. I climbed into the driver’s seat and my friends climbed into the back. Rebecca got in last and was sitting in the passenger seat. Her eyes locked onto mine and wouldn’t let go.

The moment I started driving she started grabbed my cock! I pushed her hand away and I know the guys saw it. They were sitting in the back seat and could see every time her hand found its way to my groin area. She went to do it again and again I pushed her hand away.

Every time we got to one of my friend’s houses she had to get out of the front seat to let the people in the back out. But instead of getting out of the car she would slid onto my lap and grab

my dick.We did this dance for two stops until we arrived at the last house

we get to the last stop and my friend gets out except this time she doesn’t slide onto my lap. Instead when he gets out she gets out. When she gets back in she dives head first putting her head on my crotch. I nudged her back and she just sits there staring at me.

“What?” I ask her

She says, “you know what.” As she starts to unbutton her shirt.

“Rebecca what are you doing?” I quickly respond. My heart starts racing.

She looks at me as she’s unbuttoning her shirt, “what? You don’t like what you see?”

“Of course like it, but you know I’m in a relationship.” I respond

She says, “she’s not in this car right now.”

I start to pull away from the curb when her pink shirt hit the floor. My dick is rock hard, ready to burst through my shorts. My heart is racing a mile a minute. I can’t think straight. I’m trying to focus on the road but my hands are shaking. I stop at a stop sign and when I look back at Rebecca her the pants are unbuttoned and she’s rubbing her clit.

“Does this turn you on?” she moans

I couldn’t even get the words out of my mouth before she grabbed my cock again.

“Mmmm you’re hard.” she said with a grin on her face

At this point I had to pull over to the side of the road. I couldn’t maintain my lane anymore

what a sight it would be for a police officer if I had been pulled over

I had a half-naked drunk girl rubbing her clit with one hand and stroking my cock over my shorts with the other hand.

I saw a quiet looking spot on a backstreet corner and pulled over. I don’t think I could have thrown the car in park fast enough, my hand trembling both nervously and anxiously. I could feel the sweat dripping down my forehead, my shirt stuck to my chest.

Then it happened

the first time our lips touched my heart stopped. The buildup, passion, fear, lust the years waiting for this moment and dreading Kolej Escort this moment all came to a head when our lips met.

She pounced on my lap. I didn’t know which to grab first her ass or her tits. She made my mind up for me grabbing my hands and forcing them up to her breasts. Her nipples were as perfect as I imagined they would be. To my surprise they were also pierced. Little metal studs ran through her nipples. I had never seen that before.

I always loved to tease girls who had belly button rings. I would lick it before I went down on them to tease them. But before I could put on any of my moves on her, she was tugged my belt right off!

Suddenly we heard a car honking. She jumped off my lap and we ducked down for fear someone had seen us. We picked our heads up only to realize she had sat on the horn.

She began to climb into the backseat sticking her bare ass in my face. I wanted to bite it so badly.

I slapped her ass and she smiled back at me. Her ass was perfect, for a chick who was usually too busy to work out she had an amazing body. She took her pants off before I could get in the back seat. she bent over showing off her ass in the white G string she had on

” How many times have you stared at me ass and wondered what it looked like?”

“A lot!” I said with a shaky voice. I don’t think in that moment I knew my own name.

I slapped her ass again and began to kiss it gently slowly sliding her G string down leaving her fully naked body glistening in the moonlight in the back seat. I laid her on her back and climbed on top of her. I began kissing her neck and she slide my pants off. My dick was ready and willing.

“Wow! So this is what you have been hiding from me.” she said with a grin

“You like?” I replied

“If I was your girlfriend this cock would never be out of my sight.”

she could barely wrap her hand around it.

“Okay seriously I have seen thick cocks and I have seen long cocks but this is perfect. I can’t believe you have been hiding this from me all these years… matter of fact I can’t believe your girlfriend does not walk with a limp!”

I smiled and said “thanks, but I don’t have a condom.”

She said “it’s okay I’m on the pill.”

I asked “could have a blowjob first?” as soon as I said that I realized how stupid it sounded. In that moment I couldn’t think, it was all reaction.

She smirked “is it’s because you hear I give amazing head?”

Before I could even said yes she had swallowed my whole cock down her throat. Her hand and mouth worked my shaft up and down. I slid a finger into her pussy while she was blowing me. She was so wet it was running down the side of her leg. But I couldn’t even think anymore this was the most amazing blowjob I had ever had.

My knees started to get weak and I was hit with a feeling like this might not last to much longer. I tried to think of something besides this beautiful sexy girl with my cock in her mouth to try and last longer.

Puppies, cats, old people, baseball…baseball being played by cats’ vs dogs being watched by old people…my girlfriend

I started to feel bad about what I was doing. But as much as the guilt of this was killing me it really was the most amazing blowjob. She licked the shaft from bottom to the top of my head, spitting on my cock and slapping it on her tongue.

I pushed her onto her back and asked if she was okay.

“Am I ok? You’re the one that seems nervous.” she said

“I meant are you too drunk to do this?” I asked

she looked at me smiled, grabbed my cock guided me into her pussy and said “shut up and fuck me!”

“Not yet.” I winked at her

I started kissing her tits, sucking on them and gently biting her nipples. She grabbed the back of my head as I began to kiss her chest. I started going down her stomach, to her belly button ring. I began licking her belly button ring like it was her clit and I wanted her to cum.

“stop teasing me and lick my pussy.” She gasped. Both her hands were now pressing my head hard toward her pussy.

I paused first then Maltepe Escort slowly licked her clit. She gasped. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my head into her pussy. I started licking faster, sucking on her clit and biting the inside of her thighs. “just fuck me already!” she cried out.

I sat up and climbed onto of her. She shivered as my cock entered her. The thickness of it stretching the walls of her pussy. She winced in pain and I stopped. I was not even half way in yet and already it was hurting her

“Slower!” she said. It was obvious the pain and discomfort was more than what she was used to

as my cock pushed on deeper and deeper into her she seemed to relax more. I looked down to see she had already became to cum on my cock. It was so wet and warm.

Then it hit me

I had never had sex without a condom before this moment. The moment that thought entered my head I thought I was going to cum. I started to thrust back and forth slowly afraid to go to fast and cum to soon. I leaned forward and kissed her as I played with her tits. I started to thrust faster and faster the car squeaking rocking back and forth. She was moaning so loud I thought the neighbors were going to come out and see what was going on.

“Stop!” Rebecca said suddenly

” why what’s wrong?” I said nervously, “are you okay?”

” I have a surprise for you.” She whispered in my ear.

“What?” I said

she flipped over onto her stomach and got on all fours. “Fuck my ass.”

“Seriously?” I almost yelled with excitement

“Yea! it feels like I’m constantly cumming when I get fucked in the ass.”

“But I don’t have any lube?” I said

“You feel how wet your dick is? Just go in with the head slowly.”

I had never done anal and I think she knew that. I’m pretty sure she wanted to be a few of my firsts. I think knowing that every time I thought about these memories they would be with her. Every time a friend asked me about the first time I tried anal it would be a memory of her.

I started thrusting into her ass when I noticed she was playing with her clit and getting loud.

I started to thrust harder and harder, she was moaning louder. I felt her body twitch. I leaned forward and put my hand over her mouth to muffle her orgasm. She bit my hand, Cumming so hard. Her muffled moaning and pelvic thrusts were enough to make the neighbors look out there windows.

Her juices running down her leg onto the seat of my car. “Holy fuck!” she was panting and gasping for air, “That was worth it. I haven’t been fucked that good in a long time!”

“Can I ask you for a favor?” I asked with a shaky voice, “Could I titty fuck you and cum on your tits?”

I was ready to cum from the moment this started and I couldn’t hold it any longer

“Have you ever done that before?” she asked as she squeezed her perky tits together

“No I haven’t. My girlfriend would never let me.” I said hating myself for bringing my girlfriend up

“No anal? No titty fucking? Making you wear a condom! Why do you put up with her?” she said sneeringly, “If you were my man I would let you do whatever you wanted to me.”

Her words went in one ear and out the other. All I could think about was not busting, not until I titty fucked her. I got onto her stomach as she squeezed her perky C cup breasts together.

My dick was still wet and slid between her tits. I began thrusting but couldn’t take it anymore it felt so good I started breathing heavier and heavier, she knew I was about to cum. she grabbed my dick and began jerking it. A rush hit my body and I froze up as I came. I looked down to see my cum shoot all over her tits and onto her face, she winced as I pulsed again shooting more onto her tits.

I collapsed backwards onto my butt and looked at the mess I had made. The cum covered girl I just cheated with laying in my backseat. The windows fogged up our clothes on the floor.

I snapped back to reality. I almost started crying. In that moment I wished I could hit a rewind button. She wiped the cum off her face and tits with my sock as she put her clothes back on.

We got dressed and I drove her home in silence. I pulled up to her house. We looked at each other and awkwardly said goodnight. She went to kiss me and I pulled away. She got out angrily and slammed the door.

To this day we haven’t spoke about what happened.

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