Visiting Old FriendsVisiting Old Friends


I had lost track with my college friend, Steve, after we graduated. Somehow Steve managed to find me and invited me to his place one weekend. When I arrived I was greeted by my friend and his wife, Sue. Steve had landed a job at a big corporation and was now climbing up the corporate ladder. I hugged Sue and shook Steve’s hand and we went inside the house.

I soon found out my friend had changed dramatically. Sue was not working, but he treated her like some housekeeper to be bossed around. We had a meal and some drinks that Friday evening. The plan was to go into the city the next day for a show and dinner. Steve said he would need to go into the office first on Saturday evening. He excused himself and then went upstairs to bed. Sue and I were sitting on the couch after he left.

I asked her what had happened to my old friend. Sue stated that the pressure from work had gotten to Steve and he now acted like a tyrant to everyone. I looked over and saw Sue starting to tear up.I reached over with my hand and rubbed her back as she broke down crying. Sue the leaned over and threw her arms around my neck and really began to cry.

I was getting embarrassed when Sue looked up at me and moved closer and kissed me hard on the lips. I was at a loss right then. What if my friend came down stairs and saw us? After we kissed a few minutes Sue stood up. She began shedding her clothes until she stood before me totally naked.

Sue was a good looking woman. But when I saw her nude before me I almost gasped. Sue had pear shaped breasts with pointed nipples. Her pubic hair was shaved down to a racing stripe. Sue then came closer to where I was seated. Her pussy was just inches from my face. I could smell her sweet female scent. There was nothing to do but lean in with my face.

I began to lap up and down her folds. I could feel Sue shudder as I used my tongue on her. She was oozing from her pussy. I reached around the back of her thighs and pulled her into me. I buried my tongue inside her as deep as I could. I thought Sue was going to scream. That would not have been a good idea right then. After Aydın Escort a few minutes of this Sue pulled me up from the couch. She stripped me of all my clothes until we were standing there naked in the living room.

Sue then got onto the couch on her back and pulled her legs wide apart. I just looked down and decided I had to have her no matter what might happen. I crawled in between her thighs and positioned my cock head at her pussy. I then pushed inside of her. Sue threw her head back and told me to fuck her hard.

“Fuck me Robbie,” she said. “I need your thick cock inside me.”

I began to ram her hard with my thick dick. My nut sacs were dancing off her ass cheeks. I could feel her pussy muscles taking me into a hard grip. Sue then placed her legs around my back in a scissors motion. I circled my cock around inside her warm tunnel. I had totally lost whatever control I might have had. I wanted my friend’s wife and was going to have her no matter what.

I lost count on how long we fucked there on the couch. All I know was Sue’s body began to shake. I then felt a hot flood of Sue’s juices hitting my pubic mound. Sue was squirting uncontrollably. I kept driving my prick into her as deep as I could. Sue seemed to be able to cum forever. We eventually slowed down and I lowered my face to Sue’s erect nipples. I started to chew on each of her tips. Sue let go one more time.

She spewed her hot juices all over me and I just held my cock in place inside her tight pussy. I soon pulled out and looked down at Sue. She told me to climb up onto her chest. As I did that Sue took hold of my cock and brought it to her mouth. She surrounded my cock and took me deep down her throat. Her other hand reached for my nuts and she started to squeeze them. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer.

I finally blew a hot load of man seed down her throat. It was a big load and some of it found its way to her lips. Sue kept gobbling me up until my cock was spent. I pulled off of her body and Sue stood up and kissed me on the lips. She got dressed and climbed up the steps Aydın Escort Bayan to the bedroom. I heard the water flowing from the bathroom and then utter silence.

I got dressed also and laid there on the couch. I couldn’t sleep much that night. My thoughts were on what we had done there on the couch. I next heard someone out in the kitchen. Then the door slammed and I heard a car pull away. I next felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Sue waking me up. She was naked again and she motioned for me to follow her. We went up to the bedroom and I stripped down once more.

Sue had me get onto my back and then she mounted me. Her pussy was directly over the tip of my already hard cock. She slid down on me and I entered her again.

“I have to have your cock again Robbie,” Sue said.

I brought my ass up as Sue slid down on my pole. This time Sue was crying out for me to fuck her hard.

“Oh please, fuck me with your thick cock!”

I planned to do just that. There was no hesitation this time. I didn’t care if my friend Steve walked in and saw us or not. I had to have his wife again. Our pubic mounds ground against each other. I pulled on Sue’s ass cheeks trying to get inside her as deeply as was possible. Sue didn’t hold out long. She sprayed me with her juices once more. I reached up with my hands and massaged her nipples. As Sue came all over me I managed to pinch her erect nipples.

That send Sue over the edge. She came all over me, cum was flying everywhere. I am not sure how many orgasms Sue had but I started to feel my nuts pinch. I brought my ass up one last time.

“I’m cumming,” I cried out.

Sue dropped dropped down onto me and we came together. There was cum all over us. I just kept pumped my rod into her greedy pussy until Sue eventually collapsed onto my chest. We just lay there trying to catch our breaths. Sue then told me that her and Steve rarely made love anymore. Steve wasn’t much of a lover to begin with anyway, Sue said. Now things had completely dried up.

Sue had finally broke down that Friday night and she had to have me and my Escort Aydın cock, she said. She must have really lost it as she told me she wanted all the time if that were possible. I didn’t quite know what to say to her. We soon got up and got showered. Steve arrived back at noon and went went out on the town.

To be honest, I don’t recall much of what my friend said to me that afternoon. My attention was all on Steve’s wife. I could tell Sue was in the same state. She kept staring at me the whole time. I know what was on her mind. When was the next time we could fuck together. When we got back to their house, it was a repeat of Friday night. Steve went up to be early and left Sue and myself downstairs.

We went into the dining room this time and shed our clothes. Sue sat on the edge of the dining room table, her legs pulled apart wide. I went over and stuck my cock in past her wet folds. I fucked her there on the table and then Sue put her arms around my neck and I pulled her up and we fucked there standing in the middle of the dining room floor.

Sue placed her legs around my midsection and I pumped my big cock into her. If my friend Steve could only see us now. Sue came like crazy, just as she did the previous times. I blew one last load of my seed into her belly. We finished up and Sue went back to her husband’s bed.

In the morning I had to leave, but not before Sue slipped me her e-mail address and cell phone number. I drove home with Sue on my mind the whole way. I no sooner got home and checked my e-mail and Sue had left me a message. She decided to leave Steve. She couldn’t take being his slave anymore. She asked if she could come and stay with me for awhile. I got excited and told her that I wanted to see her again.

My friend Steve did not take the news well according to Sue in her next e-mail to me. Sue was not going to back down however. She told Steve she was divorcing him and she packed her bags and came to me.

Sue is with me now and we are fucking everyday. I come home from work and Sue is waiting for me in bed. The sex is even hotter than when we first did it. Sue loves riding my cock and then cleaning me off with her mouth after we finish. We have even talked about having kids together. That will all have to wait however. Right now I am looking to slide my dick into Sue’s pussy and have her squirt all over me tonight.

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