Viktor’s Fantasies Pt. 05Viktor’s Fantasies Pt. 05


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My following story is purely a work of sexual fantasy and is complete fiction. The names of my characters are all fictitious and do not represent anyone living or deceased.


Viktor is a highly sexed older man who loves sexy blondes with enormous tits. He loves to indulge his fetishes of pussy shaving and dressing his women in sexy black pvc before quite literally tearing it off them. He enjoys seeing his women restrained and fucked by others too.

Viktor’s life was influenced as an older teenager by his mother, as can be read in earlier chapters. Please be aware that it contains details of their short incestuous relationship.


Viktor’s mother moved into her new apartment as Dimitri’s mistress. It was a stunning apartment in one of the best parts of Moscow, close to where she had lived when Viktor was small.

He visited her occasionally, but he would always need to check first in case Dimitri was staying. He missed her terribly and tried to continue their new found relationship, but Anya would no longer agree to it, telling him he needed to find a good woman.

Quite unexpectedly, Dimitri’s wife fell gravely ill and within a year she was dead. Within no time he had asked Anya to marry him, and six months after his wife’s death, much to the disgust of friends and family, he married her, and at the best part of nearly 70 he impregnated his new wife, who gave birth to a baby girl at the age of 40. They were both delighted with their new little bundle, and named her Melania.

Viktor had been so shocked and upset when Melania was born, but eventually took notice of his new little half sister. Thanks to Dimitri, Viktor was now starting to progress with his life. Dimitri had many influential contacts, and with the changes taking place in Russia, Viktor was able to build a business for himself. Initially investments in property and oil, but over time he purchased many other businesses, most above board, but some not quite so legitimate.

Viktor met his wife at the age of thirty five. She was the daughter of another very successful Russian oligarch, and between the two of them they formed quite a union, both as a stunning couple, and through their joint ventures. She was very beautiful, blonde with a good figure. Nice enough small tits, which she gradually enlarged over the years, and initially sex with her had been exciting and good. He had even got her to indulge him with some of his ‘Passions’. But after the birth of their daughter she became less keen to satisfy him, and sex became boring, infrequent and very vanilla. Viktor grew bored. He needed to satisfy himself elsewhere, and through the chain of sex clubs he owned, he was able to fulfil his needs.

He had heard from his mother that somehow, his now eighteen year old sister had managed to get herself pregnant. It was decided she would be married off to the older man responsible and sent away from Moscow. Both Viktor and Dimitri ensured that the man did as they told him, and the couple were bought a home in Saint Petersburg where their daughter, Anastasia was born.


Viktor had gone into the office, the first time in a while. His mother had recently passed away, and he had been struggling to deal with his loss. He had loved her like no-one else. Not his wife, not his daughter. His love for his mother had been so special. She would always continue to have such a huge influence on his life.

He was now an extremely wealthy man. His mother’s second husband, Dimitri had died some years previously, leaving Anya a very wealthy widow, and in her will she had left her wealth to both Viktor and his sister, Melania.

Viktor considered it was a good thing his sister now had money of her own. The father of her child had left her many years before, leaving Viktor to take care of them financially. This was now no longer his responsibility.

He had sat down at his huge desk as usual, when his PA appeared with some post and coffee.

“I am so sorry for your loss Mr Gregori.” She said. “Please let me know if there is anything you need. I have brought you your post, but if you wish to leave it today I will remove it. There is a letter on the top from your sister that you may wish to look at though.”

“Thank you Talia. I will go through the post. And thank you for your sympathy.”

She nodded and left his office, closing the door behind her.

He poured himself some coffee then took hold of his sister’s letter. It had been a long time since he had spoken with her or seen her. He guessed she was thanking him for sorting her finances.

He quickly skimmed the letter. He was right. She had thanked him for taking care of herself and her daughter, and told him her news from St Petersburg – how she had thankfully met a decent man now, and that they planned to marry.

However manisa seks hikayeleri the last couple of paragraphs were about Anastasia. She had recently turned eighteen and was now looking for work. Could he please assist? She would help her pay for an apartment in Moscow until she got settled, but would appreciate Viktor taking care of her and perhaps even getting her started with a job in one of his companies.

He might have guessed. She always wanted something. He dialled through to his secretary. “Come in here a minute please Miss Volkov.”

She knocked on the door and entered.

“The letter from my sister requests a position in my company for my niece. Is there any junior role we can place her in at the moment?”

“Actually, one of the young secretaries under me is leaving this month, so it could be good for her. Does she type? Otherwise maybe she could be a hostess in one of your clubs?”

“No, not the clubs. I think working in the office would be more suitable. Can I leave it with you to sort out – check she can type etc. Oh and pay her a bit more than the other girl.”

“Yes sir, I will write to your sister immediately.”


Viktor was headed into the office for his weekly board meeting. He immediately clocked the blonde girl with his PA. She was drop dead gorgeous and the spitting image of his mother. Surely this couldn’t be his niece?

“Good morning Miss Volkov, could you arrange coffee for the meeting.” He asked. “And who is this new young lady?”

“This is Anastasia sir, your niece.”

“Well I certainly didn’t recognise you. The last time I saw you, I think you were around seven. You’re certainly all grown up now. Are you enjoying your new job?”

“Oh yes Uncle Viktor. Thank you so much for sorting it for me. It was so kind.” She said.

“Good, I’m glad I could help. We’ll talk again, but I need to go into my meeting now.” And he wandered off to the boardroom, his thoughts focusing on his voluptuous niece.


His directors were busy arguing when Anastasia walked in with the coffee. Viktor hadn’t really paid a lot of attention to what had been going on around him. He was more interested in his stunning niece. She was so much like his mother when she was young. The same little nose and pouting lips. Beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair, and of course the wonderful large welcoming breasts that seemed to run in the females of the family.

He watched intently as she lowered the tray to the middle of the table, her luscious creamy tits spilling in front of all the men’s eyes. It seemed he was not the only one watching her. He looked away. She was his niece and only eighteen, He was a married father of nearly sixty.

The meeting finished and the men stood. Some leaving, some chatting. His PA and Anastasia came in to clear the table.

“Thank you ladies. Anastasia would you like to join me for lunch? We have a lot of catching up to do.” He asked.

She gave him a beautiful smile. “Oh that would be lovely Uncle. It will be so nice to chat and get to know you properly.” She said, innocently.

Yes it will, and hopefully more intimately, he thought to himself.


Viktor decided to take her to one of his own restaurants, which with it’s top international chef, was one of the best in the Moscow.

“Welcome Mr Gregori, and your beautiful companion.” The maitre d’ fawned over him. “We have reserved your favourite table.” He said as he led the way.

“Thank you Christoff. By the way my beautiful companion is Anastasia. She has recently started work for me.” He told him.

Anastasia had never been in such a stunning restaurant. She absorbed the expensive modern atmosphere around her. Black tables with sumptuous cream leather chairs. The most fabulous modern crystal chandeliers, and abstract paintings donned the walls. It was fifteen stories high at the top of the building and the views to the river were stunning. Viktor’s table was by the window.

Everyone was looking at them as they sat down, obviously wondering who he was with. Clearly not his wife. Viktor ordered champagne for them.

“Oh Uncle your restaurant is so beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for bringing me. I have never been anywhere so stunning.” She was so excited, so happy.

Viktor took hold of her hand. “It’s an absolute pleasure, and I hope during our lunch we will get to know each other a lot better. Oh and by the way, let’s drop the ‘Uncle’. Just call me Viktor. It may be better people don’t know you are my niece.”

She wondered why he didn’t want them to know, but felt she had an idea. He was clearly very interested in her. Perhaps he wanted more than just an Uncle/Niece relationship. To be honest it suited her that he was attracted to her. She could use it to her advantage to get herself established in Moscow society. He was a lot older than her, but he was still quite a nice looking man. His remaining hair a silver grey, along with a goatee beard, an attractive face which was beginning to show signs of heavy drinking, and a slight paunch was forming. But still quite attractive for a man of his age; and of course a huge attraction was that he was very rich and powerful.

“Of course Viktor.” She said gazing into his eyes. “Anything you want, and please call me Stasia.” she said as she stroked his hand.

He hoped she meant that. Anything sounded good. Very good.

They ate, drank champagne and chatted for ages. She really was so gorgeous and so innocent. He felt he wanted to take care of her. He wanted to wrap her up and have her all to himself.

“So what ambitions do you have dear? What would you really like to do?” He asked.

“Well I had hoped I could get into modelling, but it’s so competitive.”

“Yes, it is, but of course I have contacts. With your figure it would probably be glamour modelling. How would you feel about removing your clothes in front of the camera?” He asked.

“I think I would be fine. I am not shy.” She told him.

“Well I think you could be very successful and well known if that is what you want?”

She was so excited. It was exactly what she wanted. “Oh yes Viktor, I would love to be known everywhere I went, and think of all the famous people I would meet! It would be so cool!” She said, hardly able to contain her excitement.

“Well I will set the wheels in motion and arrange for you to meet a photographer.” He told her.

They continued their meal together, finally leaving around 4pm. He took her by the hand towards the elevator where they found themselves alone together. She moved towards him and deliberately kissed him gently on his lips, knowing what he really wanted. It surprised him. He really wanted to slip his tongue in her mouth, but he managed to hold back.

“Thank you so much uncle. You are so kind to me.” She said innocently, deliberately rubbing her breasts against him. She knew he would eventually give her everything she wanted if she gave him what he obviously wanted.


Viktor was on his way to collect Stasia for the photo shoot. She had told him she would feel happier if he accompanied her for her first time with the photographer. She feigned shyness, but really she was bubbling with excitement to be photographed naked. She knew this was the right career for her and she knew that if she was successful, the rich men of the City would be clamouring for her, especially if she was seen on the arm of the infamous Viktor Gregori.

She slid in to the back of his limo, getting very used to all these luxuries around her.

“Are you nervous?” He asked.

“Yes, very.” She lied. “I’m so grateful to you coming with me Uncle.” She simpered.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there for you.” He said, bending towards her and gently kissing her on her lips. He ached to kiss her properly. She reminded him more and more of his mother each time he saw her.


She had chosen a dress from the pile of clothes the photographer had left for her. It was silky in appearance but very stretchy, and clung to her naked breasts, her nipples poking through hard.

“Wow.” The photographer said. “You look fucking hot in that. Now I know this is your first time. Are you certain this is what you want to do? We can start by photographing just your tits, and if you are happy, we can move on to you totally naked. By the way, what size are your tits? We will need to mention your size when we print.”

“Yes, I’m good with it. Just a little nervous at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll soon relax. My bra size is 34K.” She said. Wow thought Viktor.

“Ok. Well let’s just start with some photos of you in the dress, then I will get you to lower the top part so that you gradually reveal your tits. And lots of sultry poses please.”

She did as he asked, then she asked Viktor to unzip her a little so that she could pull the fabric down to reveal her tits.

“Yes, sexy baby. You are so fucking hot. show me more of those gorgeous tits.” Said Yuri, as he continuously clicked his camera.

Viktor watched avidly, his prick growing harder with each minute.

“You’ll need to oil those tits babe, but careful of the dress.” He said.

Anastasia looked towards Viktor. “Vik would you mind helping me?” She asked coyly as she handed him the bottle of oil as she pulled down the front of her dress completely.

Oh shit. How was he gonna do this without exploding in his pants, Viktor thought.

He took the bottle and squirted the oil over his hands before taking hold of her exquisite creamy breasts and rosy pink areolas and nipples.

Stasia looked provocatively into his eyes as he massaged her tits, and sensuously stretched and pulled on her nipples. Her glorious creamy mounds felt so slippery and deliciously squidgy in his hands as he slowly circled them with his oily hands. Oh God he wanted to suck on them.

His breathing was laboured and his cock hard. She knew he wanted her. “Oh thank you so much Viktor for doing this. Look how big and hard my nipples are now Uncle.” She said smiling at him. Viktor groaned.

“You are so sexy Stasia. So beautiful.” He said as he finally released her breasts.

She carried on posing, slowly removing her dress until she stood in just her panties.

“Ok, that was a fantastic start.’ Said Yuri. “Do you want to do more?” He asked

“Oh yes, I enjoyed that.”

“Ok, so this time choose some sexy underwear. And would you like to do some totally nude photos?” He asked.

“Oh yeah, lets give it a go.” She said and wandered off to change.


Stasia returned wearing black lacy underwear with stockings and heels. Fuck she looked amazing thought Vik.

She slowly dropped the straps of the bra before letting her tits gradually peak out over the top as the photographer snapped the camera.

“Get rid of the bra now.” He told her, “Now push those gorgeous tits together, and pull on those gorgeous nipples, stretch them out. Pout for the camera”

She did as he instructed. She truly was a natural in front of the camera, and then without instruction, she started to seductively lower her panties. Viktor couldn’t take his eyes away when she revealed her beautiful dark snatch of hair. He knew exactly what he wanted to do to her. Lick her pussy til she came, then slowly, sensuously remove her hair with his razor, before taking that delicious clean naked cunt into his mouth, spooning out her creamy sex juices with his tongue.

Her panties had now been completely removed and the photographer instructed her to lay on the couch, open her legs and play with her tits, and suck her own nipples.

“Mmmm gorgeous” He said as he photographed close up, particularly her pussy. “open those lips a bit. Let the guys looking at your photos see what you have to offer. Make them want to fuck you.”

She lay back on the sofa in just her garter belt, black stockings and heels, her legs open wide as she started to open herself up, playing with her clit, feeling sexier and sexier. All the time, Yuri snapped his camera.

“Right remove the shoes, then slowly unfasten those stockings until you are completely naked.” He said.

He clicked his camera as she looked at him seductively while she slowly unclipped the suspenders, before carefully rolling down the sheer black stockings and throwing them aside. She unclipped the garter belt then lay back on the bed, tantalisingly naked.

“Lay on your front now.’. He told her before taking numerous photos of her gorgeous pert ass. She rested on her elbows, her tits spilling out below her.

The shoot was finally over.


They were back in the limo heading to her apartment.

“You were beyond fantastic. Beyond sexy darling. Yuri says you are a natural. You will be every man’s dream in Moscow, Russia and beyond!’ Exclaimed Viktor.

“Oh Uncle I am so excited. I can’t thank you enough.” She said, leaning in to kiss him. And then she felt his soft tongue pushing through her lips. She opened her mouth to let him kiss her properly, his tickly beard rubbing against her lips. Fuck she felt sexy. She knew he wanted more, and to be honest, she did too, but best to make him wait. Keep him wanting. Keep him interested. She needed him to help her get where she wanted to go.


The photographer had sent the photos through to Viktor, he was looking at them on his computer at home. She was so god damned sexy. He had to find a way to fuck her. He had to have her. Yes, he knew it was wrong, but they were only related a little weren’t they? After all, her mother was only his half sister. She was more niece in name than blood. But best his sister didn’t know about what was going on. She would not approve of Stasia’s chosen career and definitely not his plans to have sex with her. His wife was well used to him fucking whores, but she would not approve of this. Just as well he hadn’t enlightened her about his niece being in Moscow. She must not find out who she really was.

The photographer had chosen the images for the internet site, and some for men’s magazines. Anastasia would be launched into the world of glamour modelling in the next week and then they would see how men reacted to her. Both of them were in no doubt they would love her. And to build her profile, it would be good for her to be seen in public on Viktor’s arm. He would tell his wife she was simply a new investment in his sex business, giving him time to build his relationship with her before setting her up as his young mistress. He had no intention of letting any of the other wealthy men of Moscow get to her.

He phoned Stasia. “Hello darling, the photos of you are incredible. You are sure to be a sensation. I want to see you to celebrate.” She readily agreed and within the hour he had arrived at her apartment. He really was going to have to move her into somewhere new. He would look at luxury apartments for her.

His driver waited while he climbed the stairs to see her. She was dressed in a sexy little black dress which showed off her tits to the full. He immediately lent in to kiss her and he was delighted when she willingly opened her mouth for him. They snogged in her hallway for a good five minutes.

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