Vacation LustVacation Lust


It was a hot summer day at the beach, not scorching heat, but enough to bring tiny droplets of perspiration to my brow. The gentle breeze off the ocean offered sweet relief. The mist cooled my face as I gazed down the deserted sandy strip. Waves crashing as the tide slowly made its way toward shore. The stress from the last couple of weeks was slowly slipping away. I was here on vacation alone, due to the fact that my girlfriend of 8 years had decided to clean the pool boy. My business as a financial consultant was taking its toll on my sanity. Was it my fault that the stock market was tanking again? “It is time for a change”, I thought to myself. “I am only 42. I can start a new career or sell the business and retire early before I have a midlife crisis.” That’s when I saw her.

She was sitting on the wet beach, her face pointing upward toward the sun. Her perfect bottom sinking into the sand as the tide swirled around. She was leaning back on her hands and her shapely legs were posed as if a photographer was directing her every move. The arch of her foot was raised and her toes were in the sand. The turquoise bikini was barely covering her gorgeous ample breasts. Her sweet, young, tanned body was flawless.

I thought this was a private beach. That is what the real estate agent said! Not that I am complaining. “I could stare at her all day!” It occurred to me, I was staring! Could she see me? I was partially obscured by the dunes. Could she see the bulge that was growing in my pants? If she sees me, will she think I am just a perverted old man trying to sneak a peek?

My questions Artvin Escort were answered when she looked my way. She smiled and waved me over. A little embarrassed and a little difficult to walk with an erection, I made my way to her spot on the sand. She said “Hi my name is Delilah”. (“Wow, he is a hottie, especially for an older man. Tall, distinguished, nice body, I bet he works out!! And that package looks huge! I want to see more!”) “My name is John, nice to meet you Delilah, Did you know you are trespassing on a private beach?” (“What was I saying? Was I trying to scare her away? This chick is smoking hot and with the way her eyes are checking me out below the waist, she is definitely interested! Don’t blow this opportunity dude! No pun intended!”)

She said, “I am sorry, I didn’t know. I was surfing and saw this deserted spot and wanted to get away from the crowd. Do you want me to leave?” (” I hope he lets me stay! I am exhausted from surfing but I am so horny! I am sure I can find the energy to rock this man’s world!”) (“God No, I don’t want her to leave, I want to see more of that gorgeous body!!”)

I said it was OK and asked if I could join her. She smiled and patted the sand next to her, welcoming me to sit down. She was from Missouri, a recent college graduate, and here in Hawaii to unwind before starting graduate school. “Catch some gnarly waves” is how she described it. “Are you here alone?” I asked. She nodded yes and informed me that she chose to cancel her boyfriend’s reservation. Excuse me, ex-boyfriend, apparently she had been the side chick Artvin Escort Bayan and she was not going to put up with that! She said” He was so immature, only worried about getting another notch on his belt, working on his next great pussy conquest. I am so done with these young immature “boys”. I want an older man to show me what passionate love making is all about. I want an attractive, older man like you, John!”

She smiled. It was obvious that she had me aroused and her smile widened. I stroked her wet golden locks of hair as I gently kissed the corner of her waiting mouth. (“Was this a dream?”) I traced the curve of her shoulders as I slowly untied the strings of her bikini top. Her breasts were gorgeous, young and firm, with pert little nipples that were beginning to harden. She softly moaned as my mouth took in one of these succulent treats.

I slowly moved down her flat stomach to the top of her bikini bottom. My fingers pulled the fabric aside and gently caressed her moist, shaven treasure. She arched her back and moved herself against me. I rubbed her clit slowly as she began to gush. My dripping wet fingers went to my mouth, as I tasted her delicious nectar.

Her hands found their way to my bulging penis. She stroked up and down the length of my growing shaft. She slowly pulled down my shorts as her luscious lips encircled me completely. She started sucking me slowly and then took me all the way down her throat. Her experienced mouth wasted no time in bringing me to climax. I exploded on her face and mouth. Her pierced tongue glistened with Escort Artvin my manly juice. She then swallowed every drop. She winked at me and whispered……”Was that good for you?”

I took her hands and helped her to her feet. “Want to check out my bungalow?” I asked. We walked the short distance up the walkway to my rented cabin. Even though I had just had one of the best orgasms of my life, I was starting to grow excited again. I let her walk ahead of me. (“What an ass on this girl, it is perfect!”) She turned and said “Hurry up slowpoke, I got something for you!”(“I was so ready to feel him inside of me, he was so big! My pussy gushed a little with anticipation!”)

I led her up the stairs to the master bedroom. There was a large poster style bed with sheer curtains draped over each post. The windows were open and the warm ocean breeze blew softly through the room. I told her to lie down on the satin sheets. I seductively kissed down her neck. I caressed each silky breast and playfully nibbled on each hardening nipple. My wandering tongue kissed and licked her hard body. I slowly removed her bikini bottoms and viewed the glistening pussy before me. My tongue and fingers found her hardened clitoris. She moaned loudly and pushed my head and face against her. I licked and explored her wetness as she bucked wildly. Soon, she could stand it no more and she squirted her juice all over my mouth and face. We then kissed passionately, as we shared her tasty self. She was ready for me now, and I entered her slowly. This could be the hardest I have ever been, I was fully engorged! She gasped, as I thrust into her soaking wet pussy. This was heaven!! She then rode me like a wild stallion and fucked me like no one ever has. We both came at the same time and collapsed into each other’s arms and slept. (“Damn, I wonder how the rest of this vacation will turn out?”)

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