Controlling Mother Ch. 01Controlling Mother Ch. 01


A short story that was kicking around in my head. It’s fiction, not true, and not real. It was inspired by a story I read, but is an original work by me. If incest isn’t your cup of tea, you probably shouldn’t be looking in this section. I could extend this story, as I have some ideas, but I’ll leave that for the reader to decide. All rights reserved.



Caitlyn O’Donnell started when her phone vibrated as she made her morning coffee on the Saturday after the ‘fuck & suck’ party at the office the previous night. She was tired and a little bit sore from all the sex, particularly taking on both Taj and Dylan’s big black cocks in her first-ever double-penetration.

The two 20-something thugs were enforcers for her boss Steve Ridgemont, and between the alcohol and Steve’s dominating presence, the married, late-30’s account executive wasn’t given a choice when instructed to service both men’s extremely large and arduously thick fuck tools.

Exhausted, she had slept in while her husband Patrick was up early to watch whatever golf tournament was on TV that morning. It was his usual weekend thing. The pretty wife and mother’s mid-40’s spouse would plant himself in the easy chair in the den with a Bloody Mary and not stir for hours.

Caitlyn hated that about her husband, who was an otherwise loving and attentive man, but he was addicted to watching golf on the weekends, and she had grown to accept it.

‘I wouldn’t mind it so much if he’d at least go out and play the damn game!’ She shook her head hopelessly.

“Good morning, hon,” Caitlyn called to Patrick from the kitchen, receiving only a grunt of recognition in return as his focus was entirely on the golf round.

‘Bzzzzz…,’ her cellphone buzzed a second time, indicating the arrival of a text message.

‘Blowjob,’ the simple message from Steve read.

“Oh, dear lord, this guy never quits,” she mumbled, nervous but curious about what the intimidating gray-haired company president had in mind for her now.

Her son Tim had arrived home late last night and was already in bed when she got back from her workplace sex romp. Nonetheless, it was his birthday, and Caitlyn expected, or at least hoped, to spend the day with him and her husband to celebrate his turning twenty-one.

‘Who? Where? When?’ Caitlyn promptly texted back, desperately hoping this was just a brief run to the office to suck off one of her unceasing master’s business associates so she could get back to her day without too much interruption.

The concerned matron waited anxiously for the response, clutching her scanty robe around her chest as her coffee cooled enough to drink.

It was shortly after 8:00 a.m., and she could see Patrick slouched in the chair from where she stood in the kitchen, but she also knew her husband’s attention would be pre-occupied by golf until the round ended sometime after lunch.

‘The sonofabitch might as well not even be here,’ she bemoaned to herself. ‘He doesn’t even notice I’m half-naked in this robe.’

Consistent with Steve’s instructions to dress in revealing attire to tease her son whenever he visited, Caitlyn took advantage of her husband’s distraction to dress in a thin cotton summer robe reaching only inches beneath her full, rounded ass encased in a pair of light pink cotton French-cut panties.

Caitlyn knew the snug fabric hugged her body appealingly. While not transparent enough to show the dusky rose of her wide areolas, without a bra there would be no mistaking the tips of her nipples poking against the material, or that she was otherwise naked except for the brief panties she wore beneath.

‘I can’t believe Tim hasn’t noticed something odd about the way I’ve been dressing when he visits,’ she marveled, deluding herself by his non-obvious reaction to her barely-there-wear that her respectful son didn’t think anything of it.

That was of course ridiculous, as Tim O’Donnell was a hormone-driven young man and, mother or not, Caitlyn was a voluptuous temptress with a natural red-headed beauty and bodacious body when decked out in little clothing.

‘Tim will be down soon,’ she worried when she heard the shower running upstairs.

Caitlyn hated teasing her son. She figured they could have coffee and she’d flash some cleavage at her boy as a ‘birthday present’ in fulfillment of her masters’ devious scheme to embarrass her by such impropriety…without showing too much.

‘Tim. Home. Today.’ Steve finally responded to her text after what seemed an eternity.

Caitlyn was floored. This had to be a mistake…or at least a miscommunication.

‘He must mean some other Tim,’ she convinced herself as panic set in. ‘He can’t mean my Tim.’

‘Tim who?’ Caitlyn furiously pounded out on the digital keyboard of her smart phone.

Another endless minute ensued during which the tantalizing green-eyed beauty felt her stomach turn nauseous. Caitlyn took a big gulp of coffee to calm herself down. Then the awful message came Gaziantep Escort İlanları back, forcing her knees to buckle in shock and despair.


‘NOOOOOOO…!!’ The 39-year-old mother screamed in her head, afraid to shout out loud and create a stir with her husband in the next room.

‘No…please!’ She typed back, then immediately sent a follow-up before Steve could even answer.

‘He’s my son! You can’t be serious?’ Caitlyn virtually begged through her distressed message.

More time passed, during which Caitlyn suffered an emotional turmoil unlike anything she’d experienced since her capitulation to her dominating boss and acceptance of her adultery as the price of her entrapment to his increasingly perverse demands.

‘Very serious.’ The two-word response spoke volumes and sealed the voluptuous misbehaving wife’s disturbing fate. Steve quickly followed with an additional instruction to cement his meaning.

‘Call it a b-day bj.’ The domineering businessman advised, leaving little doubt in the bereft woman’s mind she needed to comply.

“Hey, mom,” Tim entered the kitchen just at that moment, forcing Caitlyn to cut off the texting conversation and greet her son.

“Hi, sweetie. Happy Birthday!” Caitlyn plastered a smile on her worried face and leaned in to give her no-longer-a-child son a kiss and a hug.

Unintentionally, she pressed her big, loose boobs against his undershirt clad chest.

“Ummm…been up long?” Tim asked, shaking the cobwebs from his head as he deliberately tried not to stare openly at his half-nude but intoxicatingly beautiful mother.

“Ohhh, not too long,” she answered, faking a breezy tone to mask the butterflies in her stomach at today’s taboo assignment. “Just long enough to make some coffee. Want some, birthday boy…er…man?”

“Sure,” he answered haltingly.

Tim was pleasantly surprised to see his sexy mother was still dressing in such minimal clothing as she had started to do over the last few weeks. Nevertheless, he said nothing about her risqué morning outfit for fear she might go back to her usual ‘mom’ clothes.

As the strapping youth leaned against the kitchen counter in his pajama bottoms and undershirt, Caitlyn sifted through the horrible maze of her conflicting emotions, trying to reconcile herself to her unimaginable task.

The tormented mother’s feverish brain worked in anguish on the unfathomable problem of how in the world she would accomplish the perverse deed required by her unforgiving master.

‘I’ve got to just do it,’ she told herself. ‘Just do it…now…here.’

The distressed wife then furled her brow in disappointment that her husband could be so distracted by the golf match that his loving wife of over twenty years could suck off their son in the kitchen while he sat in the next room completely oblivious.

‘Hell, Patrick will never notice,’ she cursed her inattentive husband, assuring herself, ‘…don’t spend all day trying to figure out how to do the unthinkable.’

‘Just drop to your knees and do it,’ Caitlyn convinced herself. ‘You can suffer the recriminations later.’

“So, my sweet Tim has turned twenty-one,” she returned the conversation to her son as a plan formed spontaneously in her mind.

“Quite the man he is too,” she complimented her admittedly handsome young son, giving him a not-so-motherly once over like a true cougar examining her next meal, which was closer to the truth than she cared to admit.

“Tall and good-looking. I’m sure you have to fight the girls off at college,” Caitlyn teased with wink of her penetrating eye.

“I don’t know if I’d go that far,” the abashed youth declared at the awkward statement by his loving mother. “I do okay.”

“Yeah, I’ll just bet you do,” Caitlyn replied with eyebrows raised teasingly.

A huskiness in her voice spoke of her unnatural intentions, and possibly of the improper arousal growing in her pussy at the torrid thought of what she was about to do…of sucking off her own son.

‘Jeez, I really am becoming a slut,’ the corrupted mother chastised herself at the rising warmth spreading throughout her pelvis, but dutifully continued with her twisted plot.

“So, young man, I was thinking, since your father is clearly preoccupied with the golf tournament and won’t return to the world of the living for a few more hours,” Caitlyn dove in full bore with reckless abandon, “…that maybe I should give you your present now…just from me.”

“Oh, that’s okay, mom,” Tim volunteered, wanting to be the good, accommodating son he’d always been. “I can wait until dad’s match is finished.”

“Well, Tim…sweetheart, this is a special present,” Caitlyn cooed in her best sexy voice. “I don’t think we should wait until your father rejoins the family.”

“Why not? I don’t understand the big deal,” her confused son countered good-naturedly. “He’s just in the den. We can call him in now, or we can wait.”

“Ummm…it’s just that…well, it’s probably best for me to give it to you with your father busy watching golf,” Caitlyn stammered momentarily, afraid to bluntly tell her son what she planned as his gift.

“I’m not sure your dad would approve,” she advised seriously to bolster her point.

“What? Not approve?” Tim was really lost. “Why wouldn’t he approve? What is it? What’s your gift?”

Exasperated, and knowing she had to break the ice and tell her son sooner or later, Caitlyn realized there was no point in delaying the inevitable any further.

Pressing her hands against Tim’s strong chest, his gorgeous, compromised mother placed her lush lips to his ear to quietly reveal her perverse intent, making certain her husband wouldn’t hear despite his obsessive focus on the tournament in the next room.

“A blowjob from your mother,” she whispered seductively, then immediately pulled away with fortuitous timing as her astonished son nearly spit his coffee all over her face.

“WHAT?!!” Tim gulped dumbfounded, uncertain if he’d heard his strange acting mother correctly.

“You heard me, Timothy,” Caitlyn scolded saucily, “…or do you just want to hear me say it again?”

After a stunned pause, she took up the unanswered challenge.

“Okay, how about this?” Caitlyn queried with forced confidence. “Your loving mother wants to wrap her wet lips around her big boy’s stiff cock and give him the very best blowjob she can for his birthday.”

By this time, Caitlyn had undone the tie to her bathrobe and slipped the lightweight garment off her shoulders to fall at her feet, leaving her standing before her son’s wide eyes in only her pink cotton panties and a difficult-to-maintain smile.

“Oh shit,” Tim mumbled when his striking mother stood nearly nude before him.

As one would expect, Tim had never seen his mother’s breasts before now, although he had certainly caught an eyeful of their size and shape as she flaunted herself in the minimal attire of the last few weeks.

Caitlyn’s tits were nothing less than spectacular – large and buoyantly uplifted from her lightly freckled chest, the generous D-cup globes hung suspended above her slender ribcage, milky pale while topped with two-inch wide rose-pink areolae crinkled with her own arousal to form puckered ¾” eraser tips.

It was all he could do to not reach out and touch her lovely big melons. Still, even under the unusual circumstances of her offering to blow him, a lifetime of societal conditioning prevented the reverential young man from making such a forward move…yet.

Nonetheless, the idea indecently crossed his mind in no uncertain terms.

‘Wow, mom has a great set of jugs,’ he thought inappropriately, ogling Caitlyn’s magnificent breasts forthrightly, and unable to turn away from the marvelous display by his mother.

‘She’d give the college girls a run for their money,’ he honestly appraised, ‘and they’re half her age.’

Caitlyn’s skin was ivory cream flushed scarlet with her embarrassed nervousness, and her body was all curves – flaring at the hips where the French-cut panty’s waistband clung from the gentle roundness of her tummy, up to the full, doughy plumpness of her large breasts.

Heavy and quivering with her halting breaths, the impressive pair rose and fell even as Caitlyn froze momentarily for her son’s perusal…and unspoken approval.

‘Oh, lord, here goes,’ she thought before trying again to convince herself, knowing she couldn’t afford to wait too long. ‘You can do this, Caity.’

Dropping to the cool tile floor, Caitlyn proceeded to follow-through on her promised gift before her son came to his senses or she lost her nerve. The one thing she was confident in was her distracted husband would never realize she was on her knees in the kitchen taking their only son’s cock into her mouth.

Caitlyn believed Tim was basically a good kid, and that he understood getting head from his mother was morally and societally reprehensible.

She also knew Tim was a horny college kid, just like any other young man his age, and assumed if she got started before he adjusted to what was happening, he would succumb to his mother’s suckling lips to become putty in her hands…or mouth, as it were.

“Hmmm…impressive,” Caitlyn looked up at her stunned young son with sincerely fawning appreciation for his manhood, which rose immediately at the first mention of her obscene proposal to press prominently against the loose fabric of his cotton pajama bottoms.

“Thick too…I like thick cocks,” she commented salaciously, indecently taking the dense column of expanding fuck meat between the thumb and fingers of her left hand to lightly squeeze in confirmation.

“Unnh…,” Tim issued a low groan at the first touch, albeit through his pajamas, of his responsive cock.

“I wonder if mom can make it any harder?” Caitlyn asked lewdly, purposefully using the word ‘mom’ for shameful added effect.

Drawing down the elastic waistband of her son’s pants to pop the straining tip of his swollen cockhead from the cloth, the purplish knob was quickly followed by his nearly-erect shaft as the newly-freed pole bobbed and danced with its freedom in the warm air of the kitchen.

“Ohhh, Timmy, what a lovely cock,” his wondrous mother marveled obscenely with uncomfortable enthusiasm at the vision of her baby boy’s firm tool, unwittingly using his childhood name to add emphasis to the torrid nature of the nasty move.

“I should have sucked my boy a long time ago,” Caitlyn mewled disgracefully, seeking to raise her son’s ardor and confidence with the improper regret, “…but I guess you really are a man now.”

Tim leaned against the granite countertop paralyzed to inaction as his sweet but desirable mother studied his solid meat with loving admiration, then presumptuously took the stiff rod into her clasping hand to stroke once or twice in the warm envelope of her soft palm to test her theory about him growing harder.

“Oops, look what mom did,” she giggled girlishly, as her question was answered in the affirmative when Tim’s increasing member grew rock solid in her delectable hand, with her nimble fingers encircling the veined shaft and drawing up its length to erotically curl over and around the sensitive head.

“I guess I’m committed now,” Caitlyn huffed with feigned resignation, then unexpectedly swiped her tongue cleanly across the expansive crown to her son’s delight, while causing her own stomach to flutter with the forbidden nature of the act.

“Uhhh…,” a sigh of shock, but also contentment, raced through Tim.

Caitlyn breathed deep to calm her unsteady nerves as she bizarrely experienced the wonderful suppleness of her son’s warm cock knob on her tongue for the first time, with the tensile flat surface drawing a dot of his salty-sweet precum to be consumed in the process.

It was an incestuous event neither had ever contemplated, and sent a mix of emotions through both mother and son, with each staring the other in the eye in confusion and wonderment.

That momentary lapse didn’t deter either, and Tim melted into the countertop as his scandalous mother took the flared rim of his cockhead fully between her sumptuous lips and swirled her tongue again around the tensing surface like a hooker in the red-light district.

“Mmmmm…,” Caitlyn sighed from her knees with the pulsing tip captured in the oval of her wide-stretched mouth.

‘Holy shit, I never knew mom was so…slutty,’ Tim inhaled with a tremor, gazing with amazement at the tip of his stalwart cock between his mother’s pink lips and luxuriating in the feel of her tongue bathing his crown.

From that point on Tim was lost, and wouldn’t dream of ‘doing the right thing’ by stopping his mother from sucking his cock.

Caitlyn was equally committed, and having broken the seal by taking her adult son’s vibrant cockhead into her mouth, proceeded to descend his 7″ pole inch-by-inch to consume Tim’s impressive length three-quarters of the way.

‘He’s mine,’ she knew, both literally and figuratively. Backing off to get her bearings, Caitlyn was now confident of her son’s compliance with his mother’s blowjob.

Settling herself into the act of gradually swallowing more and more of his ardent pole, Tim’s gorgeous red-headed mother engulfed the fleshy span until the curly auburn hairs covering his pubis tickled her upper lip and his pliable cockhead pushed to enter her throat insistently.

“Ohhh, shit, mom…,” Tim moaned his satisfaction at his mother’s technique.

Caitlyn eased into a regular, attentive bob up and down the full measure of her surrendering son’s fierce hard-on, applying suction as she withdrew to the tip, and then gobbling down the steely meat to the sound of another groan from her captive prey.

“Unnhhh…ohhh…,” Tim wordlessly signaled Caitlyn he enjoyed her birthday present tremendously, despite, or perhaps because, she was his mother.

Mother and son, the O’Donnell’s traveled the path of the incestuous act without further recriminations, at least for the moment. Caitlyn decided that if she had to…and she did, she’d give her son the best birthday present he’d ever had, or may ever get…a lovingly wet blowjob from his talented mother.

“Ahhh…yesss…ohhh, mom, like that! Suck me…suck me like that…,” Tim pleaded in hushed tones, seeking to keep the illicit blowjob a secret from his father in the next room.

Dutifully, Caitlyn glided her mouth up and down his urgent shaft like a piston – licking, sucking and even grazing her teeth delicately along the length of his palpitating shaft as she withdrew. Tim had never experienced anything like his mother’s oral expertise from the girls at college.

“Unnh…unnh…ohhh, mommm…,” he cried out his pleasure to warn of his building arousal.

Just when she had him on the edge, Caitlyn did the unusual act of dropping her lips to his hairy nut sack and running her tongue all along the fleshy pouch, coating the wrinkled surface with her saliva, and even lifting each cum-laden ball on her tongue to test its weight and size.

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