Under the Willow TreeUnder the Willow Tree


The alarm clock screamed waking her suddenly from a dream she didn’t want to leave. She sighed sleepily, rubbing her eyes and frowning at the noisy black box as she smacked it off. She turned her head to the man next to her noticing that while the clock blared he had not stirred. Nor did he stir as she wiggled her naked self out of his embrace. It wasn’t until she had vacated the bed that he pulled her pillow to him and hugged it instead, continuing to sleep. She padded barefoot through the thick soft carpet around the bed and into the master bath.

Light came in from all around and warmed her skin as the breeze through the windows lightly tossed her wavy hair making it brush across her skin sending shivers down her spine and causing her nips to stand at full attention. She turned to look in the mirror, pulled back her shoulders and stuck out her chest. Smiling ever so slightly she reached up and pinched a nipple rolling it slowly between the pad of her thumb and the knuckle of her index finger. Tiny bolts of lightning traveled quickly from her pinched nipple, down her side, across her thighs, and finally to the hot spot between them.

“Damn, I love my nipples,” she whispered to herself as she placed both hands over her breasts so the stiff nipples poked into her palm. She gave a quick massaging squeeze before going about her morning bathroom routine.


His mind awoke first, making sure all circuits were clear to operate for the day. His ears began to hear things around him; the faint sound of birds outside and a mechanical vibrating noise emanating from the bathroom. His body began to leave the weightlessness of a dreamy sleep and feel the effects of gravity as he became aware of his hard on pressing into the mattress below him. Finally, he opened his eyes and focused at the clock.

“Ugh,” he grunted, as he rolled onto his back, his hard-on pitching a tent with the sheet. “It’s too early,” he said to himself as he rubbed an eye with one hand and his hard-on with the other.

The vibrating noise in the bathroom stopped and he heard the water running in the sink. He looked down at his makeshift tent and grinned as she walked, still naked, through the door into the bedroom.

She stopped and smirked at his tent before leaning down to kiss his cheek. “Good morning to you, too!”

“So I was thinking maybe we could go camping this weekend?” His lopsided grin was irresistible and she reached down to crush the tent and grab his cock, giving it a tight squeeze he grinned even wider.

“Aw, I guess we can’t. I ruined the tent,” she whined sarcastically.

He raised his hips pushing his cock through her hand. “That’s okay. You can make it up to me later.”

She released his hard-on and walked to the dresser. “Only if you go for a run with me today.” She bent over, wiggling her firm, round ass, as she dug through the drawer pretending she couldn’t find what she was looking for.

He tossed the covers back, staring at the brown eye that was winking at him and the hairless pussy lips peeking out from underneath. He moved towards her quietly as he could, but she heard him anyway, standing quickly and spinning to face him as he grabbed her. Poking his cock to her stomach and planting his mouth on her nip he brought it to attention once more by flicking his tongue up and down then left and right. He stood, smiling proudly at this as she giggled and pushed him away.


They stood next to each other on the front porch, leaning and bending this way and that as they stretched their muscles, preparing for their run. “Ready?” she asked Artvin Escort and they took off down the steps, to the end of the driveway, and onto the road.

The sun was hot and higher in the sky now, though the breeze had not died and cooled their faces as they ran against it. Mostly they matched each others pace, but occasionally he would slip behind her enough to watch the muscles in her back working and the cheeks of her ass jiggling slightly with each footstep. With his eyes, he felt her thick thighs and the sensitive back of the knee, down her curvy calves and back up to her perfect ass, before catching up to run beside her.

“You getting slow on me?” she panted, looking directly ahead.

He grinned. “No… Just enjoying the view,” he panted back, looking at her out of the corner of his eye as a smile touched her lips.

They ran down the road dipping in and out of shady spots until the trees got closer together and the houses further apart. They hooked a left down a well-walked path leading into the trees. The birds were their only company as they had not seen another person for the mile they had run on the path. She passed a familiar landmark and began to slow her speed, quickly coming to a stop, he stopped with her. Breathing heavily with a twinkle in her eye she beckoned him to follow her deeper into the trees.

They stepped, dipped, and ducked their way through the trees. She knew exactly where she was going, leading him to the place she had found a few days ago during a run without him. Another familiar landmark, a small boulder sitting alone amongst the trees, and she headed towards it.

“Where are we going?”

“We’re close. No worries.”

And they were close, for no sooner had she said it, they reached a clearing in the trees where the calm waters of a pond sparkled in the sunlight.

“What are we doing here? I’m not swimming in that,” he protested.

She rolled her eyes. “I didn’t bring you here to swim.” Smiling slyly, she pointed across the pond to a very large weeping willow. “Hm… I wonder what’s under that tree over there?” Looking over her shoulder she beckoned him to follow as she headed around the pond.

He stood for only second watching her bend under a fallen tree before chasing after her. She beat him to the tree, slipped between the long, thick leaves and disappeared from his sight. He stopped.

“I can’t even see you!”

Her voice called out, sounding far away but clear, “I know.” He could hear her grinning as she spoke. “Why don’t you come see what’s under here?”

She didn’t have to tell him twice! He slipped through the leaves of the willow tree on his hands and knees, discovering soft grass beneath and a topless woman sitting ahead, her sports bra hanging from a low branch.

“My, my,” he whispered. “This must be a lucky tree to have something this nice underneath it.” He crawled to her feet, running his tongue up her leg to her knee, and slowly up her thigh. Her legs relaxed and spread slightly as his face made it to the hot spot between her thighs. He pressed his face against her, kissing her pussy through her shorts and inhaling the mixed aroma of her juices and sweat. He worked her other leg with his tongue slowly from thigh to knee to ankle before pulling his shirt over his head and laying it on the grass.

As she lay back and spread her legs, he placed his hands on either side of her stomach. Positioned between her legs he leaned down to flick her bellybutton with his tongue, then moved forward as he licked and nibbled his way to her breasts, licking the underside Artvin Escort Bayan of each one from left to right and then back again. She put her hands on his arms feeling his muscles flex as he maneuvered around her breasts. He flicked her nips with his tongue and she squeezed his arms exhaling a soft moan. Reaching up she grabbed his shoulders and pulled him to her, feeling his hard cock bump her pussy and her nipples graze his bare chest, she whispered in his ear “Fuck your slut under this tree.”

As she whispered the dirty words to him his cock jumped in his shorts reminding him that he still had them on. He pushed them past his knees and did the same with hers. Noticing that his naughty girl didn’t have any panties on was a gorgeous sight and he couldn’t wait to stuff his cock into her. He pushed her thighs to her chest and heard her grunt.

“You losing your flexibility on me?”

She shook her head no, wrapped her arms behind her knees, pulled them closer to her chest, and locked her hands to prove it, leaving her bald pussy open for him to do as he pleased. He stared it for a moment, reveling in how perfect it was while he slowly stroked his cock. He leaned towards her pushing the head against her hole and let it slide up her lips until it bumped her clit. Back down to her hole, sliding up to bump her clit, again and again until her hips were rocking and her puffed wet pussy was silently begging him to enter her.

He pushed his head on her slick hole feeling her lips slide open to accommodate. A little further and he felt her constrict on his cock head. They both moaned as he pushed a little further until half of his seven inches were buried inside. He pulled back slowly until his cock-head almost popped out and pushed back in again.

He closed his eyes, tilting his head back, as his cock slid in centimeters at a time. “So tight…” he whispered.

“Then stop messing around and fuck it already!” she growled.

She rarely had to tell him twice when it came to sex and he obliged by grabbing her thighs and shoving his cock in until his balls flapped on her ass causing her to squeal. He continued to ram her vigorously as she carefully slid her shorts off over her running shoes and wrapped her legs around his waist. He relocated his hands to her hips, disappointed that this position didn’t give him the beautiful view of his cock slamming her pussy that he really liked, but she made it worth his while when she put her middle finger in her mouth and sucked on it. Covered in spit, she thrust her finger between her legs to her hard clit.

The pressure on her clit automatically caused her pussy to tighten on his cock. He groaned and leaned forward, hands landing in the soft grass near her shoulders. The breeze didn’t penetrate the thick leaves of the willow tree and he had begun to sweat. It dripped off the tip of his nose landing right between the lovely mounds of pale flesh. With his ear so close to her mouth she couldn’t resist reaching up to blow her hot gasps in his ear, then suck the lobe into her mouth, nibbling on it, before moaning “Your whore wants you to come in her slut cunt.”

He suddenly withdrew his cock from her. She gasped in protest as he grabbed her arms and pulled her to a half-sitting position before twisting her so she was forced to flip onto her stomach. She could feel blades of grass poking everywhere on her naked body. The smell of dirt invaded her nose as grass tickled her ear raising goosebumps from head to toe.

As her hand immediately disappeared under her and towards her hot spot, they Escort Artvin expertly arranged themselves so he was straddling her closed legs. She arched her back, raising her ass to him, as he stroked his pussy-soaked cock between her ass cheeks. Without warning he slipped down and crammed his cock up her tight hole causing her to grunt into the grass.

Her hand fit so nicely between her thighs and cupped her entire mound. The length of her middle finger lay perfectly between her pussy lips with the tip barely grazing his cock as he pumped her pussy and the knuckle nestled perfectly over her clit.

She waited for a few seconds to catch his rhythm before moving her own body in harmony. She pushed her ass up to meet his in stroke with her finger against her clit sliding along for the ride. On his out stroke, she rolled her hips towards the ground feeling her pelvic bone grind the palm of her hand. She squeezed her thighs together causing an amazing tight pressure around the base of his cock and on the insides of her thighs where her hand lay.

He could feel the tip of her finger grazing the underside of his shaft as she pumped her hips and he knew she wouldn’t last long. Soon she began to grind her hand harder and faster, raising her hips off the ground and dropping, and occasionally ceasing to breath only to start again, panting harder than before. Her orgasm was building up quickly and it was going to be big.

Suddenly she stopped breathing, raised her hips off the ground and seemed to hump the air furiously as her finger slipped quickly and lightly across her clit. Her orgasm exploded through her loins and she cried out dropping back to the ground. He held on tightly to her hips for fear of slipping on her wetness and sweat as her pussy spasmed around his cock. Her hips slowed, but he didn’t as he pound her from the rear. Every thrust caused his cock to slide across her sensitive g-spot, but all he heard from her was a breathless “Mm…. Oh…. Ah…. Oh….” as she lay in the grass composing herself.

When she felt she could move again she shoved herself back, impaling herself on his cock. Not wanting to be heard she turned her head and glared at him over her shoulder.

“Are you going to come in my pussy?” she hissed.

He squeezed her hips, as his eyes rolled back in his head, sweat running down his face and neck.

“Do it,” she moaned. “I want your jizz to fill my tight cunt!”

One deep thrust with a growl and his cock spurted it’s sticky fluid into her, as they slowed their pace to match the jerks and twitches of his cock. They both sighed as he relaxed and sat down heavily on her legs.

Her body lay upon the grass now warmed by the heat and sweat of her body as his cock slowly deflated, slipping out while he leaned down to kiss her back. He heard her mumble something, but her face was pressed to the grass.

“What did you say?”

She turned her head and spoke more clearly. “Get off o’me! It’s hot under here.” He complied and she rolled over, bits of grass and dirt sticking to her slick skin from face to foot. She noticed his grin and looked down.

“Guess it looks like I’m going for a swim after all,” she grinned, placing her shorts on the branch next to her bra and kicking her shoes off. She crawled past him to the hanging leaves of the willow tree. He could see his cum oozing out of her and down the insides of her thighs.

She poked her head out to make sure no one was around and quickly moved into a sprinters starting position before sprinting across the patch of grass that lie between the tree and the edge of the pond. He was pulling his shorts over one leg when he heard the splash and over the other leg as she sputtered to the surface. He grabbed his shirt, which had been bunched up and pushed aside during their sex session, before crawling his way out between the willow leaves.

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