An Incestuous HoneymoonAn Incestuous Honeymoon


Carla and Jimmy, mother and son, drove casually on the back roads of Ohio between Huntington, West Virginia and Cincinnati. Jimmy was driving his own car, a 3yr old Caddy he had bought a year ago. It was the second day of their 14 day vacation to Montana and Yellowstone. Carla glanced around at the leather seats and well appointed interior, feeling proud of her successful 25yr old son. Without a college credit one, he was strong willed and hard working, starting a local trucking outfit, recently papered to go national. Though she sat on her side of the spacious car, her extended left hand resting high on his jean covered thigh conveyed her warm fondness and more. It was nearing lunchtime and they slowed down as they approached a roadside restaurant.

“How about we go next door to the antique store and give me a chance to stretch my legs a little bit?” Carla suggested as they stood in line waiting to pay the bill.

“Sounds good to me!” Jimmy answered. “You did seem a bit stiff last night?”

“I have a right to be a bit stiff. I’m not a young chicken anymore.” She replied in joking sarcasm, as they strolled across the parking lot heading for the antique store, looking around to make sure no one was within earshot. “You haven’t given me a bit of rest. For the last eight days we have been screwing like newlyweds, which I guess we kind of are! Not that I’m complaining, mind you. It’s just that working all day and screwing most of the night is beginning to take its toll on this old lady. This trip will give me the rest and energy to screw ourselves silly. Consider this our honeymoon. When we get home things have got to slow down a bit.”

“47 is not old, mom. And in fairness, at home I tried to get you in bed early every night. You’re the one who wanted to watch those XXX-rated movies til midnight.”

“Just remember, catching me watching those movies resulted in you getting your head between my legs and then in my bed. Besides, a bit of wine and a decent skin flick helps to loosen my morals and inhibitions. Lucky for you, huh!”

Jimmy trotted a few steps ahead to open the door to the antique store for his mother, beaming a smile at her last comment.

Carla and her son separated, each strolling casually looking and picking up a few items to inspect. She spied an antique, three cent, thick glassed milk bottle with a thick lipped opening. She picked it up and inspected it for a long minute and a smile came to her face. She searched for the location of her son, caught his attention when he looked her way and motioned him over.

“Do you think you would fit into this?” She whispered, leaning in close to his shoulder, scanning the area.

“You are real kinky, lady!” He said taking the milk bottle from her and inspecting it. “I suppose so?”

“I’m going to purchase it.” She said. “You know how much I like for you – you know! – when I jerk you off – Mount Vesuvius and all.” How she loved to say erotic things!

Back on the road they continued on to Cincinnati, driving on secondary roads. They continued on to the western edge of the city and found a motel just off I-74.

“I’m going to take a shower and then we can go and have dinner.”

Undressing with her, she figured he planned on showering with her which they had done quite frequently of late. Turning towards the bathroom, she noticed his erection, which was not all that unusual either. When he stepped in front of her to block her path, she saw on his face that he had other plans.

“Really! You can’t wait a few hours!” She exclaimed, with an incredulous tone. “Well, I expect you to be quick and don’t expect me to participate. You’ll not get so much as a moan from me. I’m saving my energy for a nice long screw, after dinner, after which, I can sleep.

She turned and walked the short distance to the bed, kneeing herself onto the fully made bed and rolling to her back. Her legs lifted and spread when Jimmy joined her. She reached to take hold of his cock and placed it to her. He knew to take it gently as he pushed into her. As he cradled her in his arms, she loosely wrapped her legs around the back of his thighs.

She was very aware and was very much enjoying his cock as he pumped into her energetically. Still, true to her word she remained passive.

Her memory rewound to him unexpectedly coming into the living room. The only light was coming from the TV screen. She was watching Taboo II, her favorite as the father reminded her very much of her oldest brother. They had had a brief but intense, incestuous affair her first year of college. He and his wife had ended their separation, and so ended their affair, that and her leaving school and the state. Soon engaged, she never allowed him to screw her again.

She remembered having her feet pulled up tight on the edge of the sofa, panty-less and masturbating, staring at father and daughter fucking with the wife/mother sleeping soundly next to them.

There had been no discussion, no talk at all, just him surprising her, standing on the other side nilüfer escort of the coffee table, towering over her an embarrassingly long minute, as she sat frozen, hand in place, before shoving the table clear and dropping to his knees. She had resisted;

“Jimmy! Stop this nonsense!” She had exclaimed, pushing at his head. “You shouldn’t be doing this – tempting me like this! I’m already aroused!”

Resisted, but not strongly enough to keep his head from between her legs. Hell, she had barely resisted at all after the first couple of pushes at his head. After a strong and most satisfying orally induced orgasm, she also had offered only a faked plea of, :”Please don’t!!”, at his attempt to fuck her right where she sat, she, taking hold of his cock to assist in their coupling.

After penetrating her. Carla, except for genuine moans and groans, remained silent. He had not fucked her with an all consuming lust one might expect of first, incestuous sex. He showed, in fact, surprising restraint, fucking her with a moderate to slow rhythm, and seemed to focus his mind on the sensations of their union as he breathed and snuggled into her neck. He stopped completely once, without uncoupling, to remove her nightgown and suckle a nipple, offering, “You’re a beautiful woman.” She knew she was not – far from it. Only after long minutes did he maneuver her to a more comfortable, reclined position on the sofa, gripped her buttocks and lost himself. Carla’s renewed arousal had her breathing lustfully, clutching her son’s buttocks, her ass in rhythm, when he groaned with orgasm. As he slowed, she whispered her desire to continue. As they continued screwing, she felt content and all felt natural.

Jimmy was named after and looked a lot like a younger version of her brother. It had not been that big a leap from brother to son into another incestuous affair.

Before, there had been the fear of possible pregnancy with her brother. They had been fortunate. Now, due to a hysterectomy, there was no fear and she and Jimmy could continue indefinitely, even if he should reunite with Ann, his wife to be. Carla had doubts as most of the couple’s arguments were about Ann withholding sex. Perhaps, another reason she had not resisted.

“AAggggggggg Fuckkkkkk!” His coming snapped heer back to the present.

“Yesssssss! That felt good, didn’t it, baby!” Carla praised her son as he ejaculated.

Jimmy lay atop her long moments before rolling to her left coming to rest on his back, his cock deflated.

“That first night – on the sofa, have you ever come that hard with Ann or any other girl?”

“Oh, hell no!”

After dinner at a nearby restaurant, they returned to the motel room.

Carla retrieved the antique milk bottle from the trunk of the car. Jimmy retrieved a small cooler containing a few small bottles of wine and a few bottled Cokes. They discovered that there were X-rated movies available on the TV. They discussed whether they wanted to rent one. Unsure whether the desk clerk would know about the rental, and seeing their age difference, they decided not to take the chance.

Before disrobing, Carla unwrapped the bottle and placed it at the foot of the bed next to her son. Jimmy picked it up and studied it.

“So, I’m supposed to fuck this bottle so you can watch me shoot off? Is that the plan? I can tell you upfront it needs some hair!”

“Smart-ass!” Carla retorted, knowing he loved her thick and abundant bush. “It will be interesting to see if you can get your erection inside the bottle. I’m figuring that the bottle is about 9 inches tall, making it a dropped of 4 or 5 inches from the head of your cock to the bottom.”

“You know better than that, woman! Now who’s being a smart-ass!” He exclaimed. Maybe 2 inches to the bottom – three at the most.”

“Don’t be so touchy, sweetheart.” She teased. “I told you more than once your dick is more than sufficient. Longer and thicker than your dad’s. Bless his whore-hopping heart, he had no problem getting enough bitches to spread their legs, but I’d really like to know how many screwed his twice.”

“Now, mother dearest, don’t get yourself worked and you know he wasn’t that small. He made you moan plenty.”

Jimmy, splitting his attention between the bottle and his now naked mother, had the beginning of an erection and decided to join her in undressing. He was fully erect by the time he finished.

“You want to screw a little bit first?” He baited.

“Good try!”

“What do I do with this thing? Lay on my back with my cock inside of it and just stroke it?” He asked, as his mother checked the curtains, returning to the bed to turn down the bedding.

“That would be pretty much the same as me jerking you off. If you get on top of that bottle – and like you said – fuck it – you will ejaculate just like when you’re on top of me. I can feel you come in me and I’ve got a feeling it’s quite forceful. Hell, the times I have jerked you off you often squirt three or four inches görükle escort into the air. And I bet you’ll cover the bottom of this bottle and up the edge bit.”

Jimmy, standing at the foot of the bed, tried to insert his cock into the mouth of the bottle. About all he could insert was the domed head. He twisted the bottle and got a bit more. His mother stood watching with keen interest.

“Maybe we need to put a bit of the lubricant on your cock or just inside the bottle. You don’t want to hurt it.”

Jimmy removed the bottle and squeezed his cock and flicked it with his middle finger. It lost some of its erection and easily slipped into the bottle. “There, right up to my balls! Now what do you suggest?”

“Well, if you just lay on top of it on the bed, I figure that’s going to be uncomfortable, putting pressure directly will push into your belly, or, strenuous holding yourself above it the whole time How about we try this!”

Carla grabbed three of the four pillars and stacked them on top of each other, placing them in the middle and midway of the king-size bed. “Place the bottle at the bottom edge of the pillows and mount the pillows just like you would me. Go ahead! I will help you keep the bottle vertical or slanted – whatever feels best.”

Jimmy kneed himself onto the bed and followed his mother’s direction as she reached to take hold of the bottle. It standing vertical felt the best to him. He began to push into it. He was fully erect again and the tightness of the bottle lifted the bottle off the bed as it gripped his cock too tightly. Carla reached again to take hold of the bottle keeping it firmly on the bed. As he began to fuck the bottle with intent, she lowered her torso onto the bed, her legs dangling slightly.

“I’m not believing this!” Jimmy voiced. “It’s pretty good!”

“It’s good, then, like a real pussy?” Carla quizzed.

“Like I said earlier – all it needs is a little hair.”

“I wish you could see what I see! Your cock looks so angry. The domed head has a reddish tint to it and it balloons every time you push deep. And the veins in your cock are so defined. Apparently, the one running up the back is so thick because it’s full of blood causing your rock-hard erection. You won’t mind if I join you?”

Carla lifted and rolled back slightly to run her left hand down between her legs as she supported herself with her right elbow as she held the bottle in position.

“Damn! Fuck that thing! Pump that cock!. Envision me, on my back, my legs lifted and spread wide, my hairy pussy begging you cock to fuck it!” She directed lustfully. “Tell me when you’re close. I don’t want to miss this. I will try to come with you.”

Jimmy reached to grip the top of the pillows with both hands. Looking down, he studied his mother’s face and body, listening to her sensuous moans mingling with childish gasps of joy at watching his cock fuck the bottle.

“After fucking this bottle, I’m going to fuck you half the night!” He assured her lustfully.

“And I’m going to let you! I want you to pound my ass into this bed – fuck me until I can’t walk!”

He wanted desperately to stroke his cock in and out of the bottle – pulling out to the head before pushing it back in slowly, delighting his mother, but he could not as the bottle had too tight a grip on him. Next time they would use some lubricant.

“The head of your cock looks like it is going pop when you push deep!”

He pushed hard into the bottle and held it so his mother could see it ballooned.

“Do you think it does that when you stick it deep into me?”

“I’m sure it does!” He answered, pacifying her though he did not think so.

“Do you like to fuck?” He answered with labored breath.

“Love to fuck is more like it! But only you! I love to fuck only you.”

“Is your pussy mine?” He asked.

“Only yours!” She assured him.

“You wait! I’m going to fuck your ass off!”

“I’ll take that as a promise! You big dick mother-fucker!”

“I’m close! Are you ready! I’m going to come in your sweet pussy! Ahhh fuck! Nowwwwwwww!”

Carla focused her attention on the tip of his cock. She was not disappointed as it jerked three times, shooting three distinct globs of semen that seemed to explode forth hitting the glass bottom of the bottle with enough force to flow directly outward. With the second shot, her own orgasm gripped her hard. She bellowed loudly. Never taking her eyes or focus off his ejaculation, she saw the last string of ejaculate snap free, leaving a good bit at the entrance of his pee hole defying gravity.

Carla and Jimmy quickly maneuvered in concert, he, to remove and discard the bottle, she, to reposition the pillows, placing herself on her back. They came together with one mind – to fuck hard. Jimmy stuck her quickly and began to pump into her with a frenzied rhythm. Her knees at his sides, they ratcheted back and forth in rhythm. Both were soon breathing heavily, wet with perspiration, their moans bursa escort indicative of their incestuous passion.

Jimmy was indeed pounding his mother’s ass into the bed, her ample buttocks mashing and spreading with his thrusts. He hammered relentlessly, wanting desperately to disappear into the hole he had come out of.

Carla was struggling to keep the rhythm in sync. She too wanted him totally inside of her. Her rhythm faltered numerous times but she quickly caught up, her moans coming quickly and loudly.

The large king-size bed was luxurious, seeming to swallow them up, making no sound, giving no indication of the incestuous mating that was taking place, their animation illuminated by an unshielded, glaring overhead light bulb.

“Tight pussy! Good fucking hairy pussy!” Jimmy muttered barely understandable.

“Fuck your Mama! Fuck her hairy pussy! Fuck her hard! Fuck her deep!” Carla fanatically encouraged, knowing her young stud was climbing the ladder, once more near the top.


“Yesssssss! Fill Mama’s pussy!” She pleaded, feeling his warm cum flood her belly.

Jimmy slowed his rhythm but continued to stroke into his mother with a semi erection. A few long minutes ticked by. He had no desire to quit but had to pee.

“Mom, you stay put. Don’t move a muscle. I’ll be back in a sec. I have to pee.”

“Let me go first, please!” She pleaded, as she bolted from the bed, left hand covering her cum filled hole. “I thought you were never going to come. I thought I was going to wet the bed!”

“Now, there’s a thought. “

“I bet you would like that. With you dick still inside of me, I suppose.”

“That”s what I need. Just the thought has gotten me hard again.” He said.

“You just keep that vision alive, sugar.” She said, looking up from the toilet to see he was not lying. A few seconds she wiped and stood, “I’d ask if you wanted me to wash up, but I already know the answer.”

He smacked her ass firmly as she passed, making her skip a step.

“Make it quick. I’m ready for a nice – long – slow – fuck.” She said, speaking each of the four words slowly.

A minute later, they coupled and were fucking ultra-slowly as requested. Quietness prevailed for long minutes.

“You know you’re never going to get better pussy than mine.” Carla whispered matter-of-facially.

“I agree, but why do you think that? There’s a lot of pussy out there.”

The last remark pained her slightly, knowing she would always be sharing him with other women. She hoped eventually only one… a spouse.

“Short of a bitch letting you butt fuck her, you will never find someone who will do all the things you like.” She answered. “Plus, you find it, as any son would, erotic as all hell to be in bed with your mother, her naked, willing to spread her legs for you – willing to let you stick your dick in her. So, you will want to stay close. Even when I’m old my pussy is going to be the best.”

“Old pussy! That’s just gross – thinking of my old limp cock trying to get into you!” He chuckled. “But I do love your butt – I’ll always be able to bite – or gum, it.”

More silence.

“Right there. Aggguuuuuu. Push hard.” Carla whispered.

“So, you like watching my cock fuck that bottle?” He quizzed.

“Oh yeah. That was amazing.” She replied. “Now I know what it looks like when you shoot off inside me. It was so creamy and white – and warm. Did you like the way it felt?”

“It felt good enough that you might have created a monster.” Jimmy answered. “If I had had it when Ann was being a bitch, we might still be together. But then, she would not have ask me to leave for a while. I would not have been staying with you and caught you playing with your pussy. But now, when you’re out of town I’ll have something to keep me company.”

The comment made up for her earlier thought of having to share him.

“Do you mean that? You would use the bottle rather than go out to a bar to meet a strange woman?”

“I know you well enough to know that is what you would like – so yes. And I sure as hell don’t want to catch something that Ajax won’t rub off.”

“Are you going to come again?” She queried.

“Probably not.” He answered. “I’m just enjoying your tight warm pussy.”

“I’m in a contented mood. Another few minutes and then we’ll go to sleep, okay.”

“Your ass is mine!” Jimmy moaned lustfully, but no one heard.

Carla and Jimmy were in Cheyenne and Carla was on a museum tour. As was their habit, they had fucked before going to sleep the night before. As usual, he had wanted some morning pussy, but she had put him off, promising him some pussy first thing on her return. They had awakened late and she had been rushed, so, he did not pressure her.

Still, Jimmy was not one to wait and as soon as she was out the door he retrieved the antique milk bottle.

He arranged the pillows as before, but this time on the sofa as he desired a different venue. Finding some hand cream in his mother’s makeup case, he spread a bit over his erect shaft. He found it much easier to get his fully erect cock to slip into the bottom. He kneed himself onto the sofa and situated himself a number of times before he found what felt good. He kept his hands on the bottle, holding it in place.

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