Triple Fun for the TripletsTriple Fun for the Triplets


INTRODUCTION while Mitch was short in stature — only five feet five — with a scrawny build, red hair and very fair skin. This wasn’t the best complexion for living in Southern California, so therefore this meant much of his time was spent inside playing video games.

“And we won’t be able to do it again for about seven weeks thanks to lucky Lindsay going to Australia tomorrow,” said Luke.

“Yeah, so you’re lucky Lindsay,” said Kevin. “I wish I was going to Australia for seven weeks.”

“Me too, I’d love to go to Australia,” said Mitch. “I was lucky to even get out today, my Mom wants me to study this summer so I’ll be ready for college in the fall.”

“Did you know they don’t call fall ‘fall’ in Australia?” Kevin asked. “They call it autumn, like in England.”

“Yes, I did know that,” said Lindsay.

Her three male friends looked at their friend, noticing her flat voice and lack of enthusiasm. “Don’t tell me you’re not looking forward to your vacation, Lindsay?” Luke asked.

Lindsay shook her head. “Yeah, I am I guess, but I feel a bit bad about it. I feel like I should be doing intern work here like I do every summer before college starts in September.”

Her three friends laughed. “Lindsay, you’ve just aced high school with an A in every subject and you’ve forgotten more about writing code than many IT post graduates know,” Luke assured Lindsay. “Let’s say you didn’t go on the trip to Australia with your family. Fifteen years from now you’ll be sitting in the CEO office of your billion dollar Silicon Valley Company thinking about how you grew it from a start-up, and regretting how you missed out on your Australian vacation back in 2007 with your family. And it’s not like they’re going to San Diego or San Francisco and you stayed behind and had a change of heart. If that was the case you’d just jump on a bus or drive there and join them. You can’t do that with Australia.”

“Yeah, I guess,” said Lindsay.

Mitch thought about how the summer for he and his equally nerdy younger sister involved study, study and more study. “Can I come with you? I’ll hide in your case, I won’t take up much room I promise, I won’t say or do anything dumb. You won’t even know I’m there. Or I can travel in a pet carrier, you know how they transport dogs and cats.”

Lindsay laughed. “I don’t think it would go very well, Mitch.”

“Too bad, I’d really like to go,” said Mitch. “I want to see if the water spins clockwise instead of anticlockwise south of the equator.”

Lindsay rolled her eyes through her glasses. “Really, that what fascinates you so much?”

“Oh yeah, I want to see it for myself,” said Mitch. “Lindsay, when you go to the bathroom and you flush the toilet, or take a shower or drain the water from the sink, please text me so I know for sure.”

“I’ll keep it in mind,” said Lindsay, to humor her geeky friend.

“Watch out for sharks and crocodiles,” warned Kevin.

“I don’t think I’ll have too many problems with them, but I’ll watch out,” said Lindsay.

“I’m looking forward to your sisters’ movie when it comes out,” said Luke. “What’s it about?”

“Well, Chloe and Holly play two uptight American girls from New York who play the clarinet and are supposed to be exchange students in Austria to learn more about classical music, but there’s a mistake and they wind up being exchange students in Australia instead and having lots of adventures with their new friends,” said Lindsay.

Mitch looked unimpressed. “Really? That’s dumb. It’s too unrealistic, you have to get Visas and passports, and the mistake would be picked up long before they got on the plane.”

Luke laughed. “Says the guy who’s seen every Star Wars movie 1000 times and isn’t bothered by the fact that they fly around the galaxy in minutes. It must be a pretty small galaxy.”

“Mitch, it’s a movie for mainly tween and teen girls,” said Lindsay. “You’re supposed to suspend your disbelief at the door. Don’t take it seriously.”

“I like the Chloe and Holly movie where Chloe plays a girl who wakes up on her 16th birthday and finds she has an identical twin sister — Holly – that she doesn’t know but their family and friends act like she’s always been there and Bursa Escort don’t know any different,” said Kevin.

“That one was good, but I liked the one where Chloe and Holly played twins separated at birth, and Holly’s character was adopted and raised by a blue-blood Boston family and Chloe raised by a family of travelling carnival workers and they have a chance meeting at a fair,” said Luke.

“The mirror one was good, where Chloe played a girl from 2005 who is given an antique dresser for her Sweet 16 and can see and talk to an identical girl from 1905 in the mirror, only for them to swap during a storm and Holly’s character from 1905 having to live in 2005, and Chloe’s character from 2005 having to try and live in 1905 until they swap back,” said Mitch. “That was really funny.”

“I liked it too,” said Lindsay. “I also liked the one where Holly played the smart twin who was headed to an Ivy League school or Oxford or Cambridge in England, and Chloe played her dim-witted twin sister who tried and failed to read a children’s book to their younger cousins.”

“Don’t you ever feel jealous of your sisters, being such global stars now?” Kevin asked. “I know I would feel a bit jealous if my sister was a star actress, and I was well, just plain old Kevin.”

“No, I’m really happy for my sisters and I want them to be successful,” said Lindsay. “Plus you know Chloe and Holly, they’re so nice and sweet, not at all stuck-up or diva-like.”

“Really, you don’t feel bad that there’s Chloe and Holly dolls, posters and tee-shirts but there’s no Lindsay dolls, posters or tee-shirts for the third triplet?” Mitch teased. “Or that you’re the obscure answer to the question at quiz nights, name the Dennis twins’ triplet sister?”

“No, not at all,” said Lindsay.

Luke grinned. “I know one thing Lindsay is jealous of her sisters about, and would be even if she was the famous actress and Chloe and Holly just two regular girls.”

Lindsay frowned. “Don’t go there Luke.”

Kevin joined in. “Yes, I know what Lindsay is most jealous of her sisters about.”

“You guys are getting closer to going there, stop it,” Lindsay protested.

“Now, if I was married and my wife and I were expecting triplet daughters, what would we be calling them, if not their first but their second names?” Luke mused.

“Oh yes, I think we’re getting very close to her sore spot now, aren’t we?” Mitch laughed.

“I think we are, aren’t we Charity?” Luke asked, he and the boys laughing at Lindsay’s sour expression.

“Why did I have to get lumped with Charity as my middle name?” Lindsay complained. “I mean, Holly gets Hope, that sounds right, but Chloe gets Faith, while I get charity?”

“Chloe Charity sounds dumb,” said Kevin. “Chloe Faith sounds much better, plus your Mom said that on the night you were born Chloe emerged first, then Holly and you were last, so therefore Faith, Hope and Charity.”

Lindsay glared at her friends, and Luke seeing they had pushed Lindsay’s patience as far as it would go, changed the subject.

“So, what’s your itinerary for Australia?” he asked.

“Well, a month in Queensland — the Gold Coast and Brisbane — while the girls film their movie. Then we go to Sydney, have a brief stop in Canberra, then onto Melbourne, Adelaide and Darwin, before flying back to Sydney and then back home. Seven weeks all up.”

“Is there anywhere you’re not going?” Kevin asked.

“Well, we’re not going to North Queensland, and Tasmania’s a bit small and very cold this time of year — it’s winter in Australia don’t forget — and Perth is way too far away in Western Australia, so we’re not going there either.”

Mitch grinned. “I bet Adelaide is really looking forward to going to South Australia.”

Lindsay loaded her reply with sarcasm. “Yes, that’s a good joke, why don’t you say it to Adelaide when she gets here?”

Mitch smiled. “Should I?”

Lindsay sighed. “Yes, why don’t you try it and see what happens?”

A look at the family photographs around the Dennis family living room would show who Adelaide was, and indeed the rest of the Dennis family.

In 1982, a handsome young professional football player named Steven Bursa Escort Bayan Dennis had been set up on a date with a pretty blonde jobbing actress named Jacqui Rowe, and his younger brother Glen — a rookie football player was going to go on a date with Jacqui’s sister, pretty redhead Paula, younger by a year and also a jobbing actress.

The dates were obviously successful, two years later Steven married Jacqui and Glen married Paula in a double wedding, and in 1987 weeks apart the two sisters gave birth to their sons days apart, Brandon for Steven and Jacqui and Justin for Paula and Glen.

Wanting to give their infant sons a baby brother or sister but hopefully the latter close in age, the two couples did the necessary thing and one of Paula’s ova was fertilized with one of Glen’s X sperm that carried red hair genes and this would prove to be their daughter Adelaide.

With Jacqui each of her ovaries released two eggs that month. Two of Steven’s X sperm found the eggs, one carrying brunette genes that would become Lindsay, and the other ova with blonde genes split and would become identical mirror imaged twins Chloe and Holly, Lindsay a fraternal triplet sister. Again, both sisters gave birth within a week of each other to their infant daughters.

This meant that Steven and Jacqui’s kids and Glen and Paula’s kids were double first cousins and had the same grandparents. They had other cousins too. Steven and Glen had a sister Chrissie, a tall pretty blonde who with her husband Mike had two daughters Brittany and Amanda who were tall, pretty and blonde like their mother, both girls now at college.

On their mother’s side Jacqui and Paula had a brother David, and he was married to a woman named Wendy, having two sons Mark and Matthew, both college students.

Lindsay looked at the family photos, thinking about how much DNA varied in their family, both in hair color and eyes, height and stature, but she was the black sheep.

From her father’s side, sporting DNA was dominant, her father and uncle former professional footballers and this passed on to their sons, Brandon and Justin having just completed their first year of college football scholarships, although both boys preferred to live at home and commute, the campus less than half an hour away. Chrissie was a former Olympic track and field athlete, her husband a professional cyclist, this passed on to their daughters, Brittany and Amanda accomplished Varsity athletes.

Now retired from football, Glen and Steven won a sporting goods empire worth millions, their visit to Australia a business trip too. Their sons were also very involved in the business, and therefore would be going with their fathers to meet new business contacts and possibly enter a new market.

On her mother’s side it was the performing arts. Jacqui and Paula were triple threats who could sing dance and act, and this was passed onto Chloe and Holly who could do all three very well. Adelaide could also sing, dance and act, but her main focus was behind the camera rather than in front of it, and she had ambitions to be a director, hence she was going to college as a film student starting next semester. And her reason for coming to Australia was an internship behind the scenes in movie production, as well as a non-speaking cameo in the film. Jacqui and Paula’s brother David, his wife and sons were very much into music.

Jacqui and Paula were no longer actresses themselves but agents, and very successful ones given that Chloe and Holly had risen to superstardom and were practically a license to print money, the twins with their wholesome image, good looks and family friendly films worth many millions of dollars.

They had started in the industry young — as identical twins they could play the same role as young children as they did in a number of films — but in 1998 and aged 10 they got their breakout roles in a sitcom about a none-too-bright family — a mother, father, older brother and twin girls — whose pet dog, cat, rabbit and guinea pig despair at the lack of intelligence of their owners, such as the older brother throwing a Scrabble board across the room in a fit of temper when told that pig was not Escort Bursa spelled ‘P Y G’ but ‘P I G’.

The sitcom was a huge success during its run from 1998-2001, and from there the girls got movie roles and teen superstardom. Lindsay was glad that her mother and aunt were so responsible with the girls. Being former actresses they knew the pitfalls for child and teenage stars, so thanks to sound management and responsible parenting Chloe and Holly were sensible, down-to-Earth girls, as nice as they looked and with their feet firmly on the ground.

As for Lindsay, she didn’t have the acting, dancing or music genes from her mother’s side of the family, nor the sporting genes from her father’s side despite her tall height and her big boned frame. She was the studious one, the family nerd, her head in her study books and on her computer. Despite being the odd one out and not sharing many common interests, Lindsay loved and got on with all members of her family and was never jealous or resentful. Well, aside from being the triplet allocated Charity as her middle name.

Lindsay was aware that her nerdy male friends were stealing looks at her big boobs and checked out her big bottom through her jeans when she was leaving the room to go to the toilet, but she was used to that. Guys always stared at her tits. However, the boys’ focus changed when Jacqui came home with Chloe and Holly, Paula with daughter Adelaide and Chrissie with her daughters Brittany and Amanda. These girls carried their belongings, they would be house-sitting and taking care of the dog and two cats when the Dennis family were Down Under. At Glen and Paula’s house, David’s sons Mark and Matthew would be likewise house-sitting and taking care of the pet dog and cats at their house nearby.

Luke, Kevin and Mitch were struck by the arrival of the attractive female family members of Lindsay, all of whom wore short skirts that distracted the boys even further, Chloe and Holly as was often the case dressed identically.

Mitch, always challenged by sarcasm and not noticing it in Lindsay’s response in a reply to a proposed joke about her cousin, made a beeline for Adelaide, always quite taken by the pretty fellow redhead with her nice green eyes. “So Adelaide, I bet you’re looking forward to going to Australia!” he blurted out, laughing at his own joke.

Adelaide didn’t laugh. “Wow, I haven’t heard that joke before from my friends and relatives.”

“Really?” gasped Mitch.

“No, I’ve heard it all the time and I’d rather get appendicitis than hear it again,” said Adelaide.

Fortunately for Mitch, Chloe and Holly were friendlier, producing Chloe and Holly dolls — which at the insistence of the girls and their mother were always sold together and never separately.

“Here you go Mitch, autographed Chloe and Holly dolls for your nieces like you asked,” said Chloe.

“Wow, thank you so much,” said Mitch.

“We hope your nieces like them,” said Holly.

“I’m sure they will, thank you again,” said Mitch, admiring the dolls.

“Our pleasure,” said Chloe and Holly, the twins often talking unison.

Mitch, Kevin and Luke stayed the afternoon, Steven, Glen, Brandon and Justin coming home soon after, wishing everyone the best for their vacation and Mitch clumsily offering the attractive Brittany and Amanda his services if they required any IT assistance while staying here, an offer the girls politely declined.

Lindsay walked with her friends down to the front gate and they wished her all the best for her vacation in Australia, Lindsay promising to keep in touch with them during her stay. Before she could turn back, Luke turned to Mitch and said, “So Mitch, those Chloe and Holly dolls, they’re for your nieces right?”

“Right,” Mitch affirmed.

“Okay, thing is with that, you’ve only got one sibling, as sister who is 14-years-old, so unless there is something seriously wrong in your family that should be reported to the authorities, you couldn’t have any nieces,” said Justin.

“They’re um, I mean my cousin’s kids, my cousin has kids, my nieces,” stammered Mitch, hastily thinking up something on the run.

“Your cousin we’ve never met or heard of until now?” Kevin countered.

Mitch quickly changed the subject. “So Lindsay, have a great flight.”

“I will,” Lindsay promised. She hugged her friends, and turned back to go inside, the boys watching her depart, before Mitch walked one way and Justin and Kevin the other way home.

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