My Initiation-Part 4My Initiation-Part 4


I had an excellent view at the window of the dorm mother. I started out watching the rooms of the girls I had to collect the panties off so I could learn when was the best time to try to steal them. When I saw the light go on in the dorm mother’s room, I had to watch her. I also had to collect a pair from her, too.I never expected to watch the show that was going on in front of me. Hiding outside the window, I watched the assistant dean of the college, on his knees in front of the dorm mother, who had her legs spread wide for him. almanbahis şikayet I had a perfect view of her open pussy. What was even better was, she had a crop in her hand and she was ready to use it on him if he did not lick her like she liked to be licked. That is what I heard her say to him.I watched as Dave got on his hands and knees. Rebecca leaned back with her pussy over the edge of the bed. I could see her pussy glisten with moisture. I was close enough to hear her breathing increase as Dave’s tongue started at almanbahis canlı casino the opening to her pussy and lick up to her mound. She threw her head back with a soft moan. This seemed to make Dave feel more confident in what he was doing because he buried his face in her pussy and I could imagine his tongue going deep inside her. She looked down at him long enough to take the crop and give him a swift smack to his naked ass.”You can go deeper than that,” she said gruffly.I heard him let out a muffled yelp, but did almanbahis casino not let up what he was doing. I saw her throw her head back again and I knew he must be hitting the right spot this time. I was getting excited just watching him as he was eating her pussy. She laid back and lifted her feet to put them on the edge of the bed. He had full access to her. He must have done something she did not like because she raised the crop and hit him twice on his ass. Once for each cheek. I knew it had to sting because I could see the red marks that it left behind, but he never broke stride. He seemed to know what she wanted because he shifted his head higher and I knew he was working on her clit.Laying the crop by her side, she grabbed hold of her breasts and squeezed them together.

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