Etsuyo’s StoryEtsuyo’s Story

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(Dear Readers, I wrote this story at the request of Scott and Etsuyo, a married couple. It is a fantasy, told from Scott’s perspective. My thanks to Scott and Etsuyo–real, flesh and blood people–for sharing their fantasy with me. Thanks also to my editors.)


“Etsuyo, Etsuyo.”

When I make love to my Japanese wife I like to whisper her name: “Etsuyo.” It is as beautiful as she is. If we make love after a few rounds of saki, I like to whisper fantasies in her ear.

“Etsuyo, I had a dream. I dreamed we were in a bar in America and you drifted away from me on the dance floor. You spotted a big, beautiful, black man and decided to dance with him. You tried to be discrete, but I could see you brushing up against him to check the size of his cock. And I saw your eyes get wide when you felt how big it really was.”

“Oh Scott,” whispered Etsuyo, “I rike this dream.”

I chuckled; as long as we’ve been married, Etsuyo still mixes up her r’s and l’s. I love her for her cute voice and her cute accent.

“Etsuyo,” I continued, “His cock was so big that you had to have him there on the dance floor. He groped you and was shocked to find out you weren’t wearing any panties under your short skirt. And when he slipped his fat cock out of his pants and into your pussy no one noticed… you danced quietly with your pussy full of cock.”

“Mmm…” she moaned. “Terr me more.”

And as we made love, I told her the rest of the story…

CHAPTER 01: The Flight

Etsuyo was nervous; she had never been to the United States before. Other than me, she’d never even made love to a foreigner. As the plane touched down in Washington, DC, I could see she was tense, and I squeezed her hand. As we passed through customs, I took I moment to look at her:

Etsuyo was 5’6″ and a slender size 4. Her blouse hid small breasts with perky nipples, their color between a pink and soft brown which accented her Asian skin tone. And her lovely Almond shaped eyes sparkled when she laughed — which she did when she noticed my eyes lingering over her knee-high tight, leather, black boots stacked on high heels. I loved the way the high heels turned her bottom up as she waited in line.

We were both jet lagged, and after checking into our hotel we took a nap. We’d need our energy for the night. After waking up, we went down to the hotel bar to have a few drinks. Etsuyo got a bit tipsy and turned toward me on her bar stool. Discretely, she flashed me: her short skirt lifted to give me a glimpse of her panties. But just as quickly as they were revealed, she closed her legs and giggled.

“God,” I said. “Let’s go dancing.”

We flagged down a cab, and once in the car I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear: “Take off your panties.”

“No!” she giggled, and playfully slapped my shoulder.

“Etsuyo,” I said, quietly and firmly, “do it.”

As discretely as she could she leaned down to pull off her panties. She looked at me as if to say “Now what do I do with them?”

“Leave them in the car,” I said. And with that, she dropped them on the floor of the cab.

We never saw those panties again.

CHAPTER 02: At the Club

The hip hop music was deafening, and the dance floor was packed. A mix of partygoers, black, white, and hispanic, were dancing with abandon. Etsuyo said something to me.

“What?” I shouted.

“I said rook over there!” And she pointed across the floor.

Following Etsuyo’s gaze, I saw two tall black guys dancing in the center of the pack. I knew Etsuyo wanted to dance with them, to see if she could feel their cocks.

One of the black guys noticed Etsuyo’s stare, and broke off dancing to wander over to the bar.

He introduced himself — not to Etsuyo, but to me. “I’m Hundred,” he said. He wore a long leather coat and, with his dreads, was easily six inches taller than me.

“I’m Scott,” I said, “and this is my wife, Etsuyo.”

“God damn Scott, she sure is pretty,” asked Hundred. “Mind if I dance with her?”

“Go ahead,” I said.

“No,” said Etsuyo, turning to me. “I can’t reave you.” But I could see that she wanted to dance. I told her that I would be close by, and that she should go have her fun. With a laugh and a big kiss on my cheek, she turned and scurried onto the dance floor, holding Hundred’s hand.

Hundred and his friend started dancing with her, one in front and one behind. Many of the women in the club were dirty dancing — bending mersin escort over in front of their partners and grinding their hips into their partner’s groin. Etsuyo noticed this, and did the same: she pressed her beautiful round ass into Hundred’s crotch. Etsuyo looked over at me to see if it was OK.

God was it ever OK; my cock was so hard watching her dance I thought I would pop.

I saw Etsuyo reach out to the dancer in front of her and touch his cock through his jeans. Her face filled with amazement at the size of his cock.

Both black guys were surprised that she was so forward but they loved it and pushed things farther. I could see Hundred say something in her ear, and she blushed and shook her head no. Hundred put his hands on her hips and lifted her skirt, enough to see she wasn’t wear any panties. “Whoah!” I could hear him holler all the way across the dance floor, and he high-fived his friend.

He slipped his hand under her short skirt and began to rub her. She looked up at me from across the dance floor; I could see the fear in her eyes alongside the desire. I nodded my encouragement and watched as the two huge black men rubbed her smooth, shaved Japanese pussy and her round tight ass.

After a few minutes I saw Hundred unzip his pants. I couldn’t believe my eyes as he pulled out the biggest cock I’d ever seen. Etsuyo put her hand behind her back to touch his cock again and was shocked that it was pulled out. I saw her eyes widen as she gripped his fat black cock: she could barely get her fingers around his girth. If any of the other dancers noticed, they didn’t seem to care.

The music pounded, and I stepped closer to get a better view. I wanted to stroke my cock but couldn’t work up the courage to pull it out.

Etsuyo let go of the monster cock and ground her ass into the Hundred’s groin again, shaking to the thump of the music. He signaled to his friend to hold her tight and not to let her go.

Hundred slipped his fat black dick up Etsuyo’s short skirt and she looked around wildly — she didn’t know what to do! She tried to get away from the two black men but they were too strong for her little Japanese frame to overcome. I could see she was scared of such a fat dick, but I knew her well enough to know that with all the touching and rubbing her pussy would be dripping wet. She was a big girl; she could handle it.

Hundred thrust his cock up her tight Japanese pussy and Etsuyo screamed — but with the dancing, the music, and the hollering no one noticed or cared. Her eyes widened as he pumped her from behind to the rhythm of the hip hop, and she held herself still and tense. But little by little I could see her adjust to the fat cock and eventually she began to grind herself on Hundred’s lap again. Standing in front of Etsuyo, Hundred’s friend held her in place and fiercely kissed her on the mouth.

Etsuyo pulled her face away and moaned. Pumping and moaning, pumping and moaning — I could see from the look on her face she was close to cumming. I couldn’t believe Etsuyo could take such a huge cock, and as she looked across the dance floor to meet me eyes I knew from the little “iku” her mouth made — she held still and closed her eyes and was overcome by a staggering climax. Hundred yelled and high-fived his friend as Etsuyo nearly collapsed on his cock. She could hardly stand up, but both black guys were holding her entire body up for her.

After another minute, Hundred pulled out and closed his long leather coat over his massive erection. His friend wandered away, and he led Etsuyo on tottering legs back to me.

“Bitch knows how to fuck,” said Hundred, with what appeared to be approval. Etsuyo collapsed into my arms.

“Do you have a hotel? I still gotta get a nut off,” said Hundred.

Speechless, I nodded yes.

“Then let’s go,” he said.

And so we did.

As we tumbled into the cab, Etsuyo and I still at a loss for words, Hundred leaned over and said “You didn’t ask why they call me ‘Hundred.'”

I just looked at him and shrugged.

“Because,” he said, “there’s gotta be a hundred ways to make a woman cum and I know every single one.”

CHAPTER 03: The Hotel

“You gotta warm it up for me Scott. A brother don’t eat no sushi.”

We were in our hotel room, Etsuyo naked on the bed except for her knee-high boots. She groaned as she lay on her back. Hundred had tried to enter her again, but with the excitement of the dance kocaeli escort club behind us she was too tight, and Hundred couldn’t get inside her.

He stepped back, fully naked, and I looked at him. His muscles rippled. His body had the inverted “V” shape of a swimmer, and all points converged on his massive cock. The dark flesh, encircled by ropy veins, ended in a head built like a shovel. How big was it? Nine inches? Ten inches? I have no idea, other than “huge.”

“Scott,” he said again. “Your bitch is too tight. Get your face in it and get it ready for me.”

I looked at Etsuyo writhing open-legged on the bed. Her pussy was so tight, so tiny, and perfectly hairless. She looked at me and smiled, and without waiting any longer I crawled between her legs to kiss her, once on each thigh. Slowly, my mouth drifted to the point where her thighs converged and I flicked my tongue over the button of her clit.

“Oh!” she cried out.

Another flick, gently, yet another. She squirmed, and my tongue drifted down between the folds of her pussy. God she tasted wonderful. Her natural muskiness mixed with the taste of her recent intruder, and I licked up into her pussy as deeply as I could.

“You white boys,” said Hundred, “you’ll put your face in it every time. I never understood that.”

Ignoring him, I pressed my lips against Etsuyo’s pussy and made love to her with my mouth. Reaching up to hold her hand, we worked together in a subtle rhythm, faster, slower, faster, slower, but always gentle, and she gasped little breaths as her pussy contracted around my tongue while she climaxed.

Kissing her once more, I pulled away and Hundred resumed his place on the bed. My cock was rock hard in the expectation of watching this black beast fuck my wife, up close this time, without the distractions of the crowd and the noise.

But Etsuyo still wasn’t ready. As Hundred pressed the case, she flinched and closed her legs. “Too big,” she said.

“It wasn’t too big for you in the club,” said Hundred. This sounded reasonable to me.

He pushed his cock against her pussy again, and as the head pushed its way into her lips she said “Itai!” (or “Ow!” — when Etsuyo was distressed or overcome with emotion she reverted to her native Japanese).

Her eyes flew open and she said sharply:

“Nigger too big! I said too big!”

Hundred froze. So did I.

After a moment, he looked over his shoulder at me.

“Nigger ain’t no Japanese word Scott,” he said. “Did she get that from you? Do we have some racial issues my man?”

“Ah…” I groped for an answer. “No?”

“Hmmph.” Hundred shrugged. He looked lost in thought for a moment, as Etsuyo held still underneath him. Eventually he said, “Scott my man, bring me her purse.”

“OK,” I said. I found her purse and handed it to him. What else could I do?

He rummaged through it and said “Ah, just what I need,” as he pulled out a small tube of hand lotion.

“Flip over bitch,” he said to Etsuyo, and pulled himself off her. She looked at me for guidance, but when none was forthcoming she did as she was told and turned over on her stomach.

“Now put your knees under your stomach and your ass up in the air,” said Hundred.

Shaking, Etsuyo again followed the instructions. God, her ass is beautiful: round and fresh, the skin is soft and unblemished. Hundred opened the tube of hand lotion and squirted some onto his hand. Next, he rubbed the lotion in between Etsuyo’s open cheeks. “Oooohhhh….” she said.

I mumbled, “I’m not sure I…”

“Shut up Scott and enjoy the show,” shouted Hundred. “Your racist white ass can reflect on your racist white talk while I fuck your racist wife up her ass.”

And that is just what he did. Etsuyo had expressed interest in anal sex before, but never tried it. Now her first time was going to be with a black man and a monster cock. I didn’t have any idea how her tiny rosebud was going to open for Hundred’s meat, but I was too intimidated to say anything more.

Hundred rubbed more lotion on her anus, and said “Hold your cheeks open bitch.”

Putting her face on the bed, Etsuyo reached behind her and put one hand on each cheek. She spread herself open to him in a way that she’d never spread herself for me!

Hundred next slicked his cock with the lotion, and holding his cock in one hand pressed its fat head against her anus.

“No, prease,” said Etsuyo, whimpering.

Hundred samsun escort laughed, and said “Yes, prease,” mocking her accent.

He pressed, slowly, and I could see as her asshole opened to the shovel head of his cock. “Ooooooo…….” she moaned. Hundred held still as he let her anus get used to his fat beast. When he felt her relax, he pressed again and my mouth fell open as one inch, and then another, disappeared up her ass.

“Oooooooo…..” she moaned again. “Prease no.” But then she pulled her cheeks even wider! Was she liking this?!? I walked around to the head of the bed so I could see Etsuyo’s face and she appeared dazed, with tears streaming onto the pillow.

Hundred pressed again and Etsuyo moaned again, this time something guttural and deep, like a wild woman. Hundred began to pump in shallow strokes, with his cock halfway up my wife’s ass, and with each push Etsuyo cried out “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

“Bitch is making too much noise,” said Hundred. “Help a brother out.”

I looked at him for a moment, baffled, and he yelled at me “Shut her up man!”

I pulled my cock out of my pants and got on the bed in front of Etsuyo. “Get up on your hands and knees bitch,” ordered Hundred.

She did, and with that, he pushed several more inches up her ass. She cried out, and as soon as her mouth opened I pushed my cock as deeply as I could down her throat.

“Yeah!” said Hundred, and reached across her back to high five me. His hand was still slick with hand lotion, and I rubbed it in Etsuyo’s hair.

With that, he thrust his cock to the hilt up Etsuyo’s ass and instead of yelping, she choked down on my cock as I pressed into her mouth. “Mmmmmm, nnnn, uhhh uh uh” she moaned and gurgled, as we bounced her back and forth between the two of us.

I lost myself in the moment and began pounding Etsuyo’s mouth harder than I’ve ever pounded it. I watched as Hundred pulled his cock entirely out of Etsuyo’s ass and thrust back in to the hilt with each stroke. The sounds blew my mind as Hundred’s heavy body bounced off my wife’s tiny cheeks. Smack! Smack! Smack!

My balls started to boil and I knew I was close to coming. Etsuyo sucked as Hundred fucked, and when I reached my moment I pulled my cock out and shouted “I’m cumming I’m cumming!” and shot a load on Etsuyo’s face. She held her mouth open as I came on her forehead and cheeks and tongue and I groaned and said “fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes.”

As my orgasm subsided, I leaned back and watched in amazement as Hundred pounded Etsuyo’s ass harder and harder, black skin smacking into light skin and his sweat dripping onto her back. “Prease! Prease! Prease!” she cried out — no more “No please,” just “please.”

Etsuyo reached a hand between her legs to play with her pussy. Hundred noticed, and shouted “Yeah bitch! Play with that pussy while I fuck your ass!”

Etsuyo stroked and stroked, and closed her eyes tightly. “Prease prease prease prease” she mumbled, and I could see she was getting close to climaxing.

“Yeah bitch! You know you’re gonna cum when a big nigger fucks your ass!” yelled Hundred. “This is a virgin ass! You’re gonna cum getting fucked in your virgin asshole! Isn’t that right Scott?”

Suddenly his body went rigid and he closed his eyes. I knew Hundred was shooting a load of his cum up my wife’s ass, and she laughed and smiled and cried out “prease prease prease prease” in a weak kitten’s voice as her own climax washed over her. I could see the ring of her ass stretched around the base of Hundred’s shaft as he unloaded into her body, and I knew her pussy was clenching and unclenching with her orgasm.

“Iku! iiku iikuuuuuuuu…” moaned Etsuyo.

For a time, they were quiet. She slowly lowered herself to the bed, and as Hundred recovered from his climax he slowly pulled himself, inch by thick inch, out of her backside.

He was out of breath, and looked down on her prostrate form, hair sticky with lotion, face covered in cum, ass gaping and reamed, pussy dripping with juice, and said, “God damn, that bitch is played.”

Hundred pulled a business card out of his wallet and tossed it on Etsuyo’s back. Then he got dressed and left without another word.

There was nothing left to say.

EPILOGUE: The Flight Home

Etsuyo slept for most of the flight as our plane winged its way across the arctic on its way home. I simply admired her beauty as the sunlight fell across her hair. The flight attendant gave her a funny look when she sat on a pillow, but I knew why her bottom was tender. When she woke up, she pulled Hundred’s business card out of her purse. The brother with the funky dreads and the monster cock turned out to be a trade attorney with business in Washington, Hong Kong, and Paris.

I think he’ll open an office in Japan.

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