Till We Meet AgainTill We Meet Again


We’ll Meet Again – The Final Journey

By: SexyWriter51

This story is pure fiction, any names or places are coincidental, it may contain sexual content not meant for underage reading so please handle with parental guidance, it may also refer to Taboo subject matter and may contain Graphic Images, care has been taken to remove any facial recognition.

Jane was in her bath chair out on her veranda the warm sunshine bathing her face, her life was coming to its end and the morphine kept the pain away, she was in and out of consciousness and would often go into a deep sleep, reliving the highlights of her life, especially her one and only love, her husband Teddy.

He was an American pilot, they had fallen deeply in love, and against her parents advice they had married in the summer of 1943, after 5 beautiful days of lovemaking and enjoying their married life he returned to duty, promising to come back to her again that very night and not to worry…

Alas that was the last day they would have together his plane had been shot down with no survivors…. he had been torn from her life, she Çanakkale Escort was a young widow after only 5 days, it broke her heart.

Finding out she was pregnant brought some joy back into her life, she would have a reminder of him other than a picture and memories, she would have a living reminder of their short time together…

She had a daughter and named her Teddie, after her father and she had his eyes and mouth but her smile and golden hair, she was one of the nurses looking after her in those final days

Jane, never remarried, was drifting in and out of sleep nearly reaching the surface before returning into deeper into her slumber, her daughter holding her hand, as I mentioned earlier heard her revisiting those cherished memories of long ago, they had seen this so many times with others, often calling out names they saw, or talking out the conversations they were dreaming about

Jane was back in Teddy’s arms on their first meeting, kissing his sweet lips as they danced, and outside as they embraced more passionately she could hear Glen Miller and Vera Lynn playing their music wafting with Çanakkale Escort Bayan the soft gentle breeze of the night air, that was the night she surrendered her body to him, as she remembered vividly the way he caressed her neck kissing it softly as his hands fondled her breasts, she was floating on a heavenly cloud and when he pushed aside her silk knickers to touch and stroke her womanhood she had melted, gasped and groaned as his fingers explored her, with her passion so intense she was unable to resist, to stop him, she wanted him… her sighs and moans clearly audible to Teddie, whose heart melted knowing her dreams were of love.

It was there she felt his manhood enter her, next to the YMCA dancehall in the dark entrance to the air raid shelter, she remembered the feeling, the sensation of his manhood as it filled her aching and trembling vagina, taking her virginity as it pushed deeper into her, the smell of his body as they made passionate love, most of all she remembered her first climax, it had been so strong, he had held her tight as she had gasped and cried with the sheer pleasure and ecstasy Escort Çanakkale her legs had shook around his waist, he had to kiss her to keep her quiet, and then, she remembered the feeling as his climax had released his seed into her, she had never forgot how warm it had felt as it filled her insides, his manhood flexing before each pulse of his delivery, she knew then, was the making of her baby girl.

She must have been mumbling and sighing throughout these memories, as the nurses beside her giggled, one saying to the other it must have been a great time and very worthwhile…

Then a light appeared in the corner of June’s eye, a shadow was slowly walking towards her, and the light was getting brighter, she struggled to make it out this shadowy figure walking slowly towards her, until it got closer, it was her Teddy… she smiled and called his name softly, “Oh Teddy” she gasped softly, “Oh how I’ve missed you” again softly, he held out his hand, and as she took it, she heard him say, I’ve come for you my darling, its time…. “Oh Yes” she murmured, “Take me with you”, the nurses looked at each other, knowing in their hearts, that she was reunited with her Teddy, tears ran down their cheeks, they saw the last remnants of life leave her as she began her spirit journey, then as her daughter kissed her brow and lips she whispered softly “god bless you Mum”, “you’ve found your Teddy, and your peace at last”.

The end

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