Three’s a PartyThree’s a Party


Chet Chester had it good. Somewhere along the line, he became rich and successful, with a job at the world’s largest soup company. He was well-off and married to a smoking hot woman who happened to be heiress to the soup, and now he paraded around with the look of a man happy with his life.

Apparently, this meant he invited his high school frenemies to house parties. Standing in the middle of his living room, Bill stared at the furniture and frowned.

He felt out of place. He wasn’t rich or well-connected, not worth schmoozing with and without the confidence of youth to tell himself otherwise. The only person he knew was Chet, and they hadn’t even been that close, just classmates who fought more often than they got along. Bill remembered how he once punched him and got bitten on the leg as payback. He still had the scar to prove it.

If he was still Harvard’s star quarterback, then it would make sense. Those were the glory days, back when he played on the varsity football team. People called him a golden boy with a bright future, promising him that he’d make it big.

Except he never did. No team ever scouted him, and, like the short-sighted fool he was, he didn’t have any backup plans. So much for that, he graduated and life became normal from then on.

Now he was divorced, with a dead-end job at his father’s hamster breeding business. Just when he thought he couldn’t get any lower, he was getting pity invites from Chet.

The only thing pleasant about the party was the smoked-salmon canapé in his hand. Bill bit into it and got crumbs all over the floor.

A woman standing nearby saw the sight and tutted, whispering to her friends. Then they started tutting at him too.

Bill rolled his eyes. A younger, dumber him would’ve walked over and picked a fight, but now he just thought about leaving. Fuck this, he thought bitterly. He wasn’t here to fuel his inferiority complex. There was no point in sticking around just to eat expensive food and get judged for it. Hell, Chet probably invited him to lord his success – and his salmon bites – over him.

That settled it, he was leaving. All of this was a lost cause, and most of all himself.

He turned towards the door and was stopped by a hand on his elbow.

“Leaving so soon?”

There Chet was, the bastard.

It figured that he would show up just as he was leaving. Bill scowled, jerking his arm free as he looked down at him.

“Yes, actually. I have something else to do. Something, uh, something better. I have better things to do.”

“Aww.” Chet had the nerve to be disappointed about it. His face fell and his shoulders slumped, managing to look sad despite his ginger curls and goofy freckles. “That’s too bad, Sol was looking forward to meeting you.”

“Sorry, maybe next time,” Bill snorted.

“No, what about now?” He peeked up at him hopefully, suddenly all smiles. Chet grabbed his arm again, harder this time, and pulled him back into the house. “I’m sure you can spare five seconds, she’s really looking forward to meeting you. I told her all about when we were young and I bit your leg during soccer. Good times, good times.”

Bill wasn’t having it. As far as he could tell, there was nothing to talk about. He’d seen Sol a few times in passing and only knew her as Chet’s tall and pretty wife. She didn’t look like the sort of person who would like him and what was the point of sticking around to find out?

Chet kept chattering without a care in the world, much less for Bill’s thoughts. “She found it pretty interesting, you know? Then I said you went to Harvard and now she wants to see what a Harvard boy is like.”

The reminder stung. Bill flinched but before he snap back, Chet pushed him forward. “Here’s Bill!”

He looked up. Chet’s wife was standing before him and to put it lightly, she was breathtaking.

She was tall and slender, towering over her husband. With the stilettos, she was about Bill’s height and a head over Chet’s. Her long, dark hair cascaded to her waist, while her little black dress was cut alarmingly high, showing off her legs perfectly.

Sol was out of Chet’s league. She was miles out of his league. How had he even managed to marry her?

“Hi Bill,” she said and even her voice was sweet. “I’m Sol, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Bill gave her an awkward nod, at a loss for words.

Sol didn’t seem to mind. Looking him up and down, she giggled and nodded to Chet approvingly. “You’re right, he is tall.”

“Right?” Chet beamed back at her. “Remember, he used to play football at Harvard.”

“Oh really?” Now she was looking at him with renewed interest. If Bill didn’t know better, he would’ve said it was the look single ladies gave him at the bar, back in his glory days. “Which, um, position were you in?”

“Quarterback,” he muttered.

“Wow.” Sol was definitely making eyes at him now. She stepped closer, playing with her hair. “You do look like the type. I bet you’re really strong…”

Bill snuck a glance Beylikdüzü Escort at Chet. For some reason, his wife’s blatant flirting didn’t bother him at all. Either he was ignoring it or he didn’t care, both of which drew questions. What the hell was this?

As if sensing his confusion, Chet put his arm around Sol’s waist and shot him an indulgent look. “Sol likes men who play with balls,” he said.

Sol nodded and ducked her head. “You have such a nice body, Bill.” She placed a hand on his chest and smiled. “I’d love to see it.”

“In a threesome,” Chet added helpfully.

“What?!” Bill stared at them in shock, unable to believe his ears. Were they serious? Sol and Chet, the perfect married couple, was inviting him to a threesome? God, was this the reason he was at the party in the first place?

Sol’s face fell and she withdrew her hand. “Unless you’ve got someone already.”

“No,” he blurted out. “No, I don’t. I’m actually divorced.” His stomach twisted at the memory. Everything had been going so well and then one day, he woke up to her suitcases packed. He still didn’t understand why.

“Can’t imagine it,” Chet said blandly.

“Yeah,” Bill snapped. He looked at them and wondered what in the world they wanted from him. Here they were, two happy, successful people, inviting him to their bedroom. He wasn’t even a football player anymore, but a has-been.

Even if he didn’t understand it, he couldn’t turn them down. Sol was hot, Chet was… tolerable, and it was a once in a lifetime chance.

Bill went for broke.

“I’ll do it,” he told them.

They ushered him into a bedroom upstairs and closed the door. Bill spared a thought for the party still going on, but if the hosts didn’t care, then neither did he.

He looked around. Everything was tidy, the bed neatly made. By the nightstand were condoms and lube, which made his face flush. “So do you guys, like, do this often or…?”

“Oh no, this is our first time.” Chet laughed and pulled Sol close. “Sol said she wanted to try it out and I thought, why not? It’s pretty hot.” He beamed like there was nothing wrong with letting another man fuck your wife.

Sol turned to him and cooed. Leaning down, she placed her hands on his chest and kissed him lightly. Chet chuckled and pulled her into another, deeper kiss.

“Watch closely,” she murmured.

“Oh, I will.”

“Wha-” Bill spluttered, eyes wide. Not caring that he was right there, Sol and Chet were parting their lips, kissing deeply. Holding each other, they tilted their heads and made out with tongue. Bill’s face turned red and he averted his gaze, unsure where to look.

The couple parted with heavy breaths, looking sheepish. “Oops,” Sol said, smiling in embarrassment. “We got carried away. I’m so sorry Bill, you must feel like such a third wheel.” As an apology, she stepped forward and pecked him on the cheek.

“No, it’s fine.” What was he saying? A foolish smile was growing on his face and he couldn’t even control it. He was beginning to realize the frightening effect Sol had on people.

She smiled and glanced at Chet, who chuckled. “Well, go on, Sol,” he said and gestured to him. “Undress him. You wanted to see his body, right?”

Nodding, she reached up and started unbuttoning his polo. Before she could pull it off though, Chet interrupted, a crafty grin on his face.

“Wait, no, get naked and then undress us.” He made eye contact with Bill and winked.

“Okay,” Sol murmured obediently. She stepped back so the two men could see her body, then began stripping. In a smooth gesture, she shrugged the dress off her shoulders, sliding it down. Bill watched as the black cloth fell to the ground, revealing her skin.

She wore shockingly racy lingerie under the dress. Her bra was lined with lace, and her matching panties had a little bow at the front. They were dark and elegant, designed for sex appeal, and framed her body perfectly.

Sol reached behind herself and unclasped her bra, freeing her breasts. Her panties went next, inching off her legs agonizingly slow, and then she was standing naked in front of him.

She fidgeted with her hands and looked at him. “What do you think?”

“I think he’s getting a boner,” Chet said snidely from behind her.

Sol glanced down at his crotch and Bill flushed. Chet was right, his dick was reacting – he wasn’t fully hard, but he was getting there.

The sight of it seemed to please her, and she started taking his shirt off. Bill silently hoped she wouldn’t comment on the way his body had softened since his college years, but Sol said nothing. Moving down to his pants, her palm pressed against his cock, rubbing it before she unzipped his fly. As she lowered them, Sol made an impressed noise. “You’re big.”

Bill felt a rush of pride. It was true, six inches was the American average and he’d taken a ruler to himself and measured a good six point five. His cock happened to be bigger than most men and he was smug Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan about it.

He snuck a peek to where Sol was stripping Chet and decided he was bigger than him too. Not that Sol seemed to care, given the sappy, married looks they were sending each other. She was taking her sweet time with him, occasionally stopping to kiss his freckles. And his freckles were everywhere on his body, which was soft like he lived well.

“I like how you’re looking at me,” Chet said, interrupting him mid-thought with a heated look.

He didn’t want Chet making eyes at him! Stubbornly, Bill looked away and hoped he hadn’t been making eyes back. It was supposed to be Sol he was into, not her husband. He must be getting carried away by the mood.

“Sol’s hotter,” he snapped.

“Of course she is,” Chet said and beamed.

Bill huffed and crossed his arms, suddenly self-conscious. The weight of what he was doing suddenly dawned on him. He was naked and standing in a bedroom with an equally naked Sol and Chet. They were about to have a threesome together. A threesome!

This was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. Truth to be told, Bill was getting cold feet. Although he always acted like they were, none of the women in his past were particularly impressed with his performance. Sol was about to find out just how mediocre an ex-quarterback could be.

“Hey, so I don’t really know…” he trailed off uncertainly, unsure what he was trying to say. That he didn’t know if he could do it? That he wasn’t going to satisfy her? That he wasn’t good at sex?

“That’s okay, I have an idea.” Sol seemed to have misunderstood his words. She stood between Bill and Chet, a happy look on her face like it was Christmas and they were her gifts. “Come closer,” she said, and when they did, she brushed her hands against their cocks. “I was thinking I could touch you and then maybe use my mouth?”

Bill’s head went blank the moment he felt her hand. “Fuck,” he swore and pressed himself against her, forgetting his previous thoughts. He felt her giggle as she took him and began stroking.

Her hand was amazing. Her fingers gripped his shaft, pumping up and down with firm strokes. It was different than what he was used to and Bill realized it was probably how Chet liked it. A glance to his side confirmed it – Sol was touching Chet the same way and he was already breathing hard.

Bill flushed and felt his dick twitch in her hand. The way she was going, he would cum in no time at all. “You’re too good at this,” he choked out.

“I’ve thought about it before,” Sol admitted bashfully. “It’s one of my hottest fantasies.” With that, she dropped to her knees and tilted her head. “I think it would be really sexy to… to do two men at once.”

Opening her mouth, she licked Bill’s cock.

Bill immediately gasped. Sol was holding him with one hand, running her tongue along his shaft and getting it wet. Her fingers massaged the base of his cock while her mouth worked at the tip, sucking the head.

Then she moved her mouth off, turned to Chet’s cock, and got to work servicing him. Still throbbing, Bill watched as she sucked her husband, giving him loving attention. She got him wet with her tongue, then opened wide and took his cock all the way into her mouth in a practiced gesture. Bobbing up and down, her eyes closed helplessly as she moaned around him, the look on her face saying she loved every second of it.

The sight of her sucking another man’s dick made Bill’s heart pound in ways he didn’t understand. His eyes widened, staring at her with rapt attention as she blew Chet. “Do me too,” he moaned.

Sol did. Alternating between them, she took him in and hollowed her cheeks. A tight, wet heat enveloped him, and the suction as she bobbed her head was amazing. Her hand caressed his balls, then moved up to rub the rest of his cock that she couldn’t take in her mouth.

Then, of all things, Sol swallowed. Bill groaned and threw his head back, feeling his body shake. “Fuck,” he swore, and repeated it when she did it again. “Fuck.”

Chet was looking at him smugly, as if pleased by his wife’s performance. “She’s good at this, isn’t she?” He leaned in, breath hot against Bill’s cheek, and grabbed his shoulder. Kissing his neck, Chet leaned up and nipped at his jaw. “You’re hot when my wife is sucking your dick,” he whispered. Bill felt his breaths deepen.

Bringing their faces together, Chet kissed him in a way that was undeniably masculine. A firm mouth pushed against his, and Chet bit his bottom lip sharply. When Bill gasped and opened his mouth, Chet took the chance to rub their tongues together in a hot, dirty way. The sensation was too much for Bill, who groaned from deep within his chest.

“God,” he choked out. Chet was sparking all sorts of weird feelings within him. Bill always thought he was firmly straight but now, he might have to reconsider.

It was so much. Too much, with how Sol was still sucking his cock Escort Beylikdüzü like it was the best thing in the world. She was taking him good and deep in her throat, getting more of him each time she went down. By the time she swallowed all the way to the base, he was a whimpering, sweating mess.

“I’m gonna…”

“Do it,” Chet whispered, licking his ear.

Bill let go. His body trembled in one of the strongest orgasms of his life, an explosive feeling that went all the way down to his toes. His dick throbbed, ropes of cum shooting out and coating Sol’s face, dripping down her neck.

“Yeah,” Chet grunted from beside him, and Bill saw that he was jerking himself off. “Fuck, that’s hot…”

When Bill caught his breath, he looked down to see Sol’s chest heaving, pearly white semen all over her. Covered in their cum, Sol flushed and touched her face. “I’m all dirty now,” she said, satisfaction heavy in her voice.

“You look good,” Chet said.

“Thank you.” Sol stood up, wavering unsteadily on her feet. Chet caught her and rubbed her back, directing them to the bed.

Bill’s cock was throbbing with deep, aching need to fuck her mouth again, but he followed. He got on the bed and waited for what would happen next.

Chet was sitting on the bed with a box of tissues in his lap. Patiently, he wiped the semen from Sol’s face, smiling indulgently at his wife. They exchanged some quiet words Bill couldn’t catch, then broke into giggles.

When they turned back to him, there was a mischievous grin on Chet’s face. “You know what I wanna see?” he said and pulled Sol over so she sat between them, facing Bill. Grabbing her legs, he spread them out. “I wanna see you eat her out.”

Sol moaned as her pussy was exposed, head lolling back to rest against Chet’s shoulder. Her chest rose and fell as her husband used his fingers to spread her open. “Please,” she gasped.

Bill spared a moment to contemplate the gravity of the situation, then dove right in. How could he not when she was begging for him with the sluttiest look on any woman he’d ever seen? He lurched forward, planting his head between Sol’s legs.

Sol’s pussy was in front of him, pretty and wet. Evidence of her arousal glistened on her thighs, a wet spot forming on the bed, and Bill didn’t wait a second more.

Taking a deep breath, he opened his mouth and moved it messily between her folds. His lips slid against her and he stuck out his tongue, licking and sucking wherever he could get. He went fast and hard, desperate to make her moan. Technique was never something he was good at but he’d been told his enthusiasm made up for it.

“Bill? Bill, please stop.”

A hand gripped his hair and wrenched his head up.

“What?” Bill mumbled, baffled.

“That’s not how you do it,” Sol said, looking like she felt bad about telling him.

He was genuinely confused. He was putting his mouth on her private parts, wasn’t this how it worked? Bill furrowed his brows, trying to work out the logistics, and couldn’t come up with anything better. “But my ex said I was good at it.”

Sol fell silent, blushing. Chet took the chance to chime in. “I’m not commenting on that,” he said about Bill’s ex. He gave Bill a serious look. “If you want to make Sol feel good, listen to me. Stop going so hard without even thinking about what you’re doing. You gotta go slow. Kiss it. Worship it. Make her beg with your tongue.”

“Huh,” Bill said.

“Don’t make me stick out my tongue and show you,” Chet said, sticking out his tongue anyway.

Bill snorted. “No, I got the idea.” He ducked down again, kissing the inside of her thighs. The idea was to tease her before getting to the good part, right? He could do that.

He did it again, moving to her pussy. Parting his lips for a dirtier kiss, he went over her with his tongue. He ran it along her slit, slower and more gentle this time, just like Chet said.

Bill felt Sol shiver beneath him, her reaction better than the first time he tried. He repeated the motion, drawing out a ragged breath, and felt a rush of pride.

“Keep going,” Chet said above him. “Add some pressure, do it around her clit. Yeah, that’s good. You’re feeling good, right, Sol?”

“Mm,” Sol breathed. “Yes, he’s getting better.”

Bill went warm at the praise. He increased his efforts, trying to make every move about her pleasure. As he was sliding his tongue up, Sol’s hips twitched and he drew back, startled.

He stopped and looked up, meeting her eyes. They were half-lidded and dazed, clouded with lust. “Please don’t stop, Bill. Please. Keep going, you were doing so well.”

Chet’s hands came up to fondle her breasts. He cupped them and squeezed, rubbing her nipples with his fingers. Sol let out a soft noise, face going red. “Hear her? Get back to it, Bill.”

The way Chet was bossing him around was making him feel strange. Normally, Bill would never take instructions from someone like him. He knew Chet as the weird, goofy guy, except times had changed. Now he was the one who spoke firmly, while Bill didn’t know what he was doing.

It felt kind of good to let Chet tell him what to do.

As Bill lowered his head again, Chet drew a hand down and with a finger, rubbed the nub that was peeking out. “Lick the clit,” he said before taking his hand away.

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