Turbulent SkiesTurbulent Skies


When I was twenty, I took my first solo trip. I was flying out to New York from Miami for spring break. Don’t get me wrong: Miami is beautiful and everything, but I could give a shit about the heat. I missed the cold and the friends I grew up with. I finally arrived at the airport, getting there an hour early for my redeye flight. Looking around, I saw a group of attractive people around my age at the gate. I guessed they were coming back from Miami Beach. Still in their beach gear. I couldn’t help but notice this one guy staring at me. He had this smirk on his face; he was tall, dark and handsome. Stocky build…and knew how to carry it well. They started to call out for boarding. This is where the sucky part comes in. I hate flying, şişli escort with all my heart. I’m usually with someone when I travel. I was sitting on a three-seater and I was so glad to have the window seat. Everyone was starting to board and suddenly the same guy that was staring at me was my seat mate; his friend was sitting next to him. He introduced himself to me as David and I told him my name was Alice. We talked for a bit, and I was instantly comfortable with him. He had this charming quality to him, with a husky voice. We flirted back and forth for a while, asking questions about one another. They announced the plane was ready to depart. I couldn’t stop shaking my leg. I was so nervous. He saw it and put his hand on my mecidiyeköy escort knee to calm me down. I gave him a look and said, “David, I know this might be so random – and we don’t know one another that well – but I’m very nervous. Do you mind holding my hand while the plane takes off?”  He leaned over and said, “Of course not.”He held my hand for a while and we talked and joked around, whispering sexy little comments to each other. He started to rub the inside of my palm. It felt so intimate and his gaze penetrated me. Just then, the seatbelt signs flicked off, and the pilot’s voice informed us that we were now at cruising altitude and safe to move around. I tried to take my hand away. He wouldn’t budge. “David? Thank you for holding my hand and making me not think about it, but we’re in the clear.”He looked at me and gave my hand a kiss. “I’m not sure I want to let you go. Is that wrong?” I couldn’t help but lick my lips: was this guy even real? Had I been reading way too many Harlequin books?A flight attendant was walking by us and he asked her for a blanket. He put it on us. He pushed the arm that was in the middle of us back and got closer. He leaned over, looking at my lips and I couldn’t help myself. There was this thick magnetic air around us, neither of us breaking eye contact. I kissed him. I kissed a total stranger. His lips were so soft and fitted perfectly against mine. Fuck, did he taste good. Our kiss deepened. It was one of those searing kisses that made me press my legs together. I could literally feel my pussy throbbing. We had to pull apart after a while, both of us breathless. 

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