The UntouchableThe Untouchable


As she bent over to pick up a dropped chart, Anthony couldn’t help but notice the shapely curve of her generous ass, outlined against the back of her scrubs. He shifted awkwardly as the temptation to grind his cock between those sweet cheeks sent an army of blood storming south. He bit his tongue as the elderly male patient asked what Anthony so sorely wished he could ask; “Let’s play doctor?” Angela laughed off the leer, sending Anthony a look that meant nothing except ‘make sure you don’t hit the vein first time.’

He couldn’t blame her, he wasn’t the only one in the hospital lusting over her luscious curves. She got the line about five times a day and the temptation to be everything but professional was anything but dormant.

Ever since she’d been an intern, he’d suppressed urges to bend her over the desk and fuck her brains out. They’d kissed at the annual Christmas party three years in a row, but the subsequent talks never seemed to get anywhere. He’d just continued to deal with the consequences of his imagination when she’d bend over, or bite her lip unconsciously; and take it in hand, so to speak, in the privacy of his own apartment to the extent that it almost became a ritual de-stressing. Sure, he’d had other women, but the clincher came for them when he moaned her name as he shot his seed deep within them. Sex toys; that’s all they were to him.

She was the untouchable, a doctor, sexy, successful, vivacious, optimistic and fucking gorgeous. The first time he saw her in a dress and kitten heels, he nearly came right then and there; her legs seemed to go on for miles, and the natural sway of her ass was almost too much to handle. Then when she bit her lip nervously at the lack of verbal reaction from the males around her, he’d had to excuse himself and violently jerk his fat cock and he keeled over and shot his cum, suppressing the moan that was her name.

He never had a shot, he wasn’t unattractive by any standards and had been told he was a good fuck, but as a male nurse, he just wasn’t on her level, in any sense of the word.

She found him stretched out on the couch in the break room face down one day. He’d lost a patient, and despite his inability to do anything, the family was taking action; so legal were on his case. She offered him a few beers at her place and a couch to sleep on if he couldn’t make the drive home. He’d never been there, except in his fantasies as he woke her up with his lips on her nipples, or tied her to the headboard and made her cum over and over again, so the whole trip was filled with the anticipation that only a man who is so close, yet so far from fulfilling his deepest fantasies, can know.

He studied the photos of her family and friends on her walls as she made small talk while grabbing the beers, eyes lingering sheepishly on the photos from a recent beach holiday, her bronzed lithe figure clad only in a string bikini bottom. She laughed Alanya Escort as she saw the picture he was mesmerised by when she came into the room “My girlfriend convinced me to try the phenomenon of the topless beach. I’m guessing the guys on the beach enjoyed it more than we did.” He didn’t think it prudent to their friendly relationship to point out how much he appreciated the view he was given in the photo.

They chatted easily for a while, they talked about losing patients and the inability of families to see past the concept of blame. When the topic of stress came up, he jokingly told her of the summer he’d spent learning the art of massage and she’d rubbed her shoulders almost unconsciously.

“Want me to work your shoulders for a bit? I can do it on your bed if you’d like. Just set me up with a towel and some oils and I can show you these magic fingers at work.” He’d been surprises when she accepted, but was even more surprised when he came in to find her completely naked, lying face down on her bed.

“I hope you don’t mind, you’re so used to the human body, aren’t you?” She giggled, vibrating the bed a little. Gulping, he assented to her decision and laid the towel over the sweet round mounds that he was soon to be able to touch.

He was anything but patient as he straddled her back and massaged the oil into her neck and back and went through the motions. He hoped she couldn’t feel the erection straining his jeans as he massaged oil into her soft skin. She let out little contented moans as he worked out knots, and he could have sworn she suppressed a moan as his fingers grazed the swell of her breasts.

It wasn’t until he began to lower the towel, working lower down her back that she made her request; “Sorry, I normally wouldn’t ask this, and feel free to say no, but your jeans are chafing my legs a little, do you reckon you could take them off? Only if you’re comfortable, of course!” What was a man to do? He decided to do it, surely she knew what she was doing to his body and he shouldn’t be afraid about her feeling it. She turned her head as he rolled the pants down his legs and smirked at the sizable bulge in his briefs. “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

He rolled his eyes “If we’re starting with lame lines, I might just ask you to play doctor with me” he tapped her ass lightly as he clambered back over her, settling so his cock was nestled between the cheeks of her ass and began to rub the knots in her derrière. As if she knew very well what she was doing, she would occasionally grind her ass against him, forcing him to grit his teeth to suppress the moan.

He was reluctant to slip further down her legs as the massage progressed, but he was glad for the gap in stimulation, it was almost too much for a guy to stand. As he rubbed more oil into her tight buns, he paid close attention to her crack, fingers slipping Alanya Escort Bayan their accidentally as he worked his way down.

The first time his hand slipped down so far to feel how wet her pussy was, it was an accident and he almost apologised until he heard the low moan emanating from her slightly parted red lips. The second time he did it just to make sure he hadn’t misheard, and the third time when he slipped a single finger up to the knuckle into her dripping wet tunnel. The gasp and moan, she tried to suppress, but the grinding of her hips was wanton, pushing herself onto his long strong finger. He slowly began to drag it in and out, feeling her sweet juices coat his finger until she bucked her hips and let out a little moan of dissatisfaction, at which he slipped a second finger into her slippery folds. He finally had a chance at what he’d been longing for for three years; he was gonna make this gorgeous woman cum. Her panting was more seductive than her previous moans as she approached a violent climax, bucking her hips until he decided that he couldn’t just smell and feel her sweet nectar, he had taste it too. He buried a tongue in her pussy with the fingers and used the fingers of his other hand to stroke her red, angry button.

Suddenly she tensed up, arms and legs rigid until she shuddered, moaning his name as juices poured into his waiting mouth and her walls convulsed around his fingers.

It took all his self control not to cum with her, he wanted to do that inside of her, if she’d let him.

She lay still on the bed, sweaty and breathing like she’d just run a marathon until she somehow mustered up the strength to roll her spent body over.

Legs spread, hair sticking up every which way, eyes half closed and sweaty chest heaving, she had never looked so sexy to him. A slow smile crept onto her lips as she looked at him from heavily lidded eyes. Regaining her strength all in a rush, she sat up and crawled towards the man standing at the end of her bed. Not breaking eye contact, even for a second, she grabbed the waistband of his briefs with her teeth and painstakingly dragged it over his raging erection, alternately pulling and blowing hot breath on his cock, watching it quiver at the contact.

Suddenly she reached up a long toned arm and pulled his face down to hers, centimetres away from her mouth she whispered “I want to taste myself on your lips…” He couldn’t help but moan into her mouth as her lips devoured his, savouring the taste of her sweet juices. Her tongue traced around his lips seeking entrance to his mouth. This kiss was so much more amazing than he had ever imagined, sweet, soft lips embracing his as one hand played with her hair and her second raked her nails down his torso agonisingly slowly.

He broke the kiss suddenly; “You’re a fucking tease, you know that, right?” She only smirked and began to trace circles Escort Alanya on the soft skin of his neck with her tongue, sending goosebumps racing all over his body.

He couldn’t stand her pace, it was too slow, his balls were going blue from being so close to releasing for so long. He took charge, pulled the hand from his neck, and the hand that was tantalisingly close to his rod and pulled them over her head, pushing her onto the bed. She smiled sexily up at him “A little impatient, aren’t we?” He growled and crawled up over her body.

“I’m going to punish you for being such a tease… But after I make you finish what you started.” Still holding her arms above her head, he parted her legs, smelling the intoxicating aroma of her arousal all over again. “I am going to fuck you,” he said, staring into her eyes, “I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I met you and watched you eat that yoghurt in the cafeteria. You tease me every time you bite that plump bottom lip of yours, or bend over in those tight jeans and your legs go on and on…” he let go of her hands and slowly trailed his hands up her calves and thighs and positioned the head of his unbelievably swollen cock at her entrance, feeling her juices mix with his pre cum. “I’m going to fuck you, but I want you to beg me.” Her eyes which had been heavily lidded with desire, snapped open.

“Think you can resist me if I don’t beg you?” She bit her lip, eyes twinkling with mirth and rocking her pelvis against his throbbing head. He groaned loudly, almost losing all control as her velvety folds caressed him.

“Beg. Me. You. Bad. Little. Tease” he panted, cum boiling in his balls.

She smirked, but complied, seeing how hard he was trying; “Oh please fuck me Tony. Fuck so hard. Let me feel you coat my sweet little pussy with your hot cum.” With a single sharp thrust, he was inside her, feeling her tight walls caress his thick shaft. He knew he wouldn’t last long, so he had to work fast on her. Slowly and agonisingly, he slowed his thrusts and raised his hands to her creamy white breasts, caressing them with his hands, he tweaked the nipples occasionally, eliciting sweet little moans from his partner.

Ignoring the urgent boiling in his balls, he played with her breasts, twisting her nipples as she panted and moaned, dragging her nails down his back. He couldn’t control his thrusting then, and bucked his hips. “Cum for me baby,” she moaned between pants. “Shoot your cum inside of me as I cum for your fat dick.” With a guttural moan, he thrust as deep as he could into her.

“Oh fuck. Oh Angela. Oh God!” He shot his seed into her, feeling the throes of her orgasm convulse around his twitching cock. He came again and again, shooting ropes of hot cum inside her. “Oh my fucking god” was all he could say as he pulled his softening dick from her dripping tunnel and let his body flop down beside her. He was lost for words. Nothing he could say could express to her how amazing that had finally felt.

She wrapped her lips around his soft member and licked their juices off. “I’m glad you enjoyed that baby, should we try it again sometime?”

A tired smile planted itself on his face; “Fuck yeah.”

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