Subject: The Hansons – Chapter 9 This is a work of fiction, and includes stories of sex between family members. If this is illegal in your area, please do not read. This is my first story to fty after reading it for many years. A big thank you to Bill Drake, a4f101, Marc Tremaine and FD Campbell (Peterbilt) for their ball-busting contributions and inspiration. Please consider donating to fty to help keep this free service going. Copyright held by Andrew Pearce (ail) __________________________ The Hansons – Chapter Nine: __________________________ Andy, Steve and Jack devised their plan to seduce the boys. But, not before they fully explored each other’s bodies on their own. For Steve and Andy this meant doing things they’d fantasised about since they were teens. For Jack, he just couldn’t believe how lucky he was. They did this at Andy’s place, careful to keep all signs of their new relationships hidden so that their plans did not get ruined. Each of the men took turns fucking, being fucked, or sucking dick. They fucked, but also made love, enjoying themselves over a couple of days, leaving the boys to have free reign of the house, getting up to god knows what. The following morng, as Steve pulled his cock out of his brother’s ass and then fed it to him for cleang, he asked “so it’s defitely happeng tomorrow? We’re gonna seduce Brad and Skip?” Andy interrupted licking the slimy ass and cum juice from his brother’s greasy pole long enough to say “yeah, I think so. This is gonna be a lot of fun.” “It’s gonna be amazing, guys” said Jack, as he leaned in to scoop out Steve’s fresh load from Andy’s sopping ass with his tongue, chasing Steve’s load. “But, we gotta stop soon so we can save it up for Brad and Skip.” “Yeah, we will. Soon….” said Andy as he pushed out his brother’s seed and held Jack’s head firmly, keeping his mouth pressed tightly against his hole. This sent a huge glob of his brother’s fresh cum from his ass and onto Jack’s warm tongue, driving the younger stud wild. ————————————————– Steve couldn’t believe how everything was turng out. He and Jack were now clearly an item, both sexually and romantically. But, Andy was now a part of this, too – not so much romantically, but he defitely wasn’t just a fuck buddy. How could he be, given he was Steve’s actual brother? Because of that bond, there was a built in intimacy, even if it wasn’t romantic. All he knew was that key parts of his life were coming together in a way that made sense, and that he didn’t want to give up. The only thing to slot into place now was his only son. The idea excited him sexually, in an almost all consuming way. But, he couldn’t stop wondering what it would mean paternally if they crossed that line. He wasn’t worried anymore, having worked through that, so much as how it would change the dynamics between them. And thinly way to test that would be to just do it. And Jack and Andy couldn’t have been happier about how things were turng out. Andy, as the younger brother, had always been more carefree than Steve, always better at following his gut and simply enjoying what life had to offer. Now, his gut was telling him that his relationship with his brother was going to be better than ever. And sharing Jack with his brother was the cherry on the cake. They’d had some crazily hot times when they’d hooked up themselves a while back. Now, he got to fuck around with the young stud again, and with is brother to boot. And perfectly for Andy, without the complications of a relationship, because that kind of love was between Steve and Jack. The three men drove back to the house late morng just as the sun was getting to its hottest, their plan in place. The plan was pretty simple and uncomplicated – fuck at a time and place that the boys would see. It was just a case of figuring out when and where. The boys knew that they’d been at Andy’s for the ght, but thought it was to help Andy with some work around the house. They had no idea about what had really been going on. When they arrived, the boys were in the gym working out, their usual late morng routine. They were both just in gym shorts, each boys’ pumped muscles covered in a heavy sheen of sweat. They were concentrating hard on the workout, spotting each other as izmit escort they benched. And, of course, looking sexy as hell. As planned, the three men went up to the boys, and just hung around a bit in the gym, causally talking as the boys worked out, seeming like they were just there to hang out. Then, casually, Jack moved over to Andy, who was sitting on a table with his legs wide. Jack was now laying back into Andy’s chest between his legs, and started to gently stroke Andy’s thighs. Andy, meanwhile, reached around and hugged Jack, nestling his chin in his neck. All the while, Steve was playing with his phone, trying to look like he wasn’t noticing. Skip was the one currently spotting, and in his standing position was directly facing the pair. He did a double take and then became completely absorbed in this new action, completely forgetting his boyfriend, who was clearly straing to re-rack the barbell. “Dude!” Brad said in a pac, unaware of what Skip was looking at. Skip quickly snapped back to the set and grabbed the weight. Brad then sat up, annoyed and cursing at Skip but then taking in the same situation. “What the fuck?” he thought. Andy was now bbling on Jack’s ear, who in turn was clearly growing a sizeable hardon. “Ah, guys, what’s going on?” Brad asked. “Dad, ah, you ok with this?” “Huh?” Steve said. “Oh, yeah, sure. It’s all good. Look, they’ve been together before, and seeing each other again, they figured it wasn’t completely over. And, I don’t mind. Fuck, look at how hot Jack is. I can’t keep him just for myself. Besides, I’ve always shared with my younger brother. So, it’s ok. But thanks for asking, Brad. You’re a good kid.” Steve then went back to pretending he was more interested in something on his phone. Brad and Skip were stunned at hearing this. Neither boy could quite look away from seeing Jack and Andy cuddling, and the total hardon that Jack now had in his shorts, clear for all to see. The dude was a fucking wet dream come true, and they’d often talked to each other about how distracting he was around the house, especially after the earlier gym episode. And now what, they’d have to see him with Andy as well? The instant image they both then had of Andy and Jack fucking was all it took for both boys’ dicks to shoot up to full mast. The were only wearing nylon shorts, without underwear, so it was instantly obvious to everyone that the idea of this new arrangement suited them. “Well, we’ll let you you both get back to your workout. Didn’t mean to distract you. I’ll have lunch ready for 1pm. See you boys in there?” Steve asked. The boys mumbled some kind of positive response, both with their hands trying, but not really that hard, to hide their boners. And, with that, Steve, Jack and Andy walked out of the garage, barely able to contain their sckering. —————————————————————- “Oh, man, are they fucking kidding?” Skip said. “What the hell is going on? Jesus, dude, your family is fucking intense. Stupid hot, but fucking intense.” “I don’t know. This is crazy. But, yeah, you’re right, it’s hot. Jesus, so Jack now gets to go from one brother to the next? Fuck, me. Dude is one lucky son of a bitch.” Then, thinking, he asked “oh my god, do you think they share him, like, at the same time?” “I don’t know but just the idea is super nasty. Fuck, my cock’s so hard just talking about it” said Skip. “Yeah, mine too. And I noticed yours. And, uh, on that, I don’t think we hid these too well.” Then, thinking, Brad said “look, I got an idea. I think there’s something else going on here. They were just too obvious, coming in here and showing us that. What, no conversation first? You know what Dad’s like, always checking in, making sure we’re ok. Don’t you think it was all a bit obvious, and Jack showing us his boner like that?” “So, what are you saying, what’s the idea?” Skip asked. “I say we see how far we can push this “sharing” thing. And I call bullshit on their little announcement. They’re up to something. What do you think?” “What are you saying, you want to share Jack too?” Skip asked hopefully. “Skip, I’m talking about sharing all three of them. Dude, I love you. Fucking crazily in love with you. But, tell me you haven’t thought of those three in that way. You’ve yahya kaptan escort seen it for fuck’s sake – I know it drives you crazy. Look, I love my father and uncle, but fuck me if the idea of all of us messing around together hasn’t been playing around in my mind. If you’re ok with seeing what could happen, then so am I. Plus, I think it’s kind of where things have been going. I think, maybe, they’re testing us.” By this stage, Brad had walked over to Skip, holding him close by the hips, looking carefully into his eyes to see if his boyfriend was ok. “Dude, I’ve given up trying to figure out how the hell your family works. Seems like everywhere I look there’s another hot dude and more mind blowing sex. Just tell me what to do. But, if you’re asking me if I want to fuck around with them, then the answer is defitely yes!” “Excellent” said Brad. “Let’s do it. Here’s what I think we should do…..” And with that they started to hatch their own plan. —————————————————————- The boys fished their workout and headed out to the pool. Jack was there, completely naked and lying on his stomach on one of the loungers. The boys both noticed the rock hard muscular ass, wide lats and beautifully rounded shoulders. Fuck, this dude was a boner maker. Quickly, before getting too hard, they both dove straight into the water. As they surfaced, they looked at Jack, with Brad saying “Hey, dude. Getting some sun?” “Yeah, figured I had a bit of time before lunch. Hope you don’t mind the all over tanng.” “Shit, no, go for it” said Brad. “You’ve got a ce ass, there, dude. No point keeping it hidden.” Jack’s cock shot up at that comment, pressing painfully between his belly and the lounger. He looked hard at the boys, and then let himself be seen looking them both over. His head was racing knowing that if everything went well, he’d soon be fucking these boys as well as riding their fat dicks. At the same time, and with Steve and Jack. “You guys are pretty damn sexy as well. Got some serious mass and defition going on there. Gonna get some sun with me?” “Sure, in a minute” said Skip. “Just gonna enjoy ourselves in the water a bit.” Skip then pulled Brad against his back, feeling his boyfriend’s now rock hard dick pressing in against his ass, only the thin shorts between them. Brad stroked Skip’s pecs, runng his hands down his six pack, his fingers lightly moving along the waistband of his shorts. He thrust his hips forward a little, which pushed out Skip’s hips and groin. Then, he nuzzled his neck and bbled his ear, the same way his Uncle Andy had done this morng to Jack. He flipped Skip around, and they feverishly kissed, their hands roaming freely across their muscular chest, back and asses. The hot sun was beating down, the water lapping around their hardened dicks. They were doing this for a show, but their constant lust for each other meant they could easily get lost and forget their objective, which was to drive the three men wild and to see which one would break first. They broke apart, and then swam around separately. Meanwhile Jack was grinding his cock into the lounger, not having broken his stare for even a second. “Fuck me” he thought to himself, “these fuckers are playing at something, I can just tell.” This carried on for a bit longer, each stud, however, mindful of the bigger prize and therefore playing the longer game. Brad and Skip hopped out of the pool, their cocks fully hard, both looking at Jack. “Yeah, sorry about the hardons” said Brad. “Kinda got excited playing around in the pool.” Brad and Skip took a lounger each, laying face down and, like Jack, with their assess bared to the sun. “Hey, your house, don’t mind me. It all looks pretty good from here” said Jack, never breaking his leer. Steve then walked out, stunned for a second to see three bubble butts exposed, his cock immediately hardeng at the sight. He knew Jack was under orders to set a scene, and figured it had worked. “Hey, boys, lunch is coming along. Wanna come in and help set the table?” He was only wearing his runng shorts at this point, his big frame towering over the three loungers. With all his might he focussed on keeping his dick soft. Well, at least semi soft. “Sure, Dad, gebze escort happy to” said Brad. And at that he stood up, completely naked, in front of his father, his hardon riding high. “Hope you don’t mind Dad, I thought I’d follow Jack’s lead in getting an overall tan. Felt good, you know?” Addressing his hardon, he said “I guess if we’re gonna hang out together naked, this is gonna happen, right?” His stomach was tight, aware that he was showing his hard cock to his father, that they were crossing a whole new line. He started to worry that perhaps he’d read the whole thing incorrectly. “Sure. No problem at all, son. You should feel free to do what ever you want – no matter what it is.” Then, he added, “Besides, you’ve got a hot ass and a very ce cock – why not show it off. No wonder we’ve been hearing Skip screaming so loudly.” Well, well, like father like son. Brad caught his father checking out his dick and ass, hungrily looking over his body in an unmistakably sexual way. “Yeah” thought Brad, “this is happeng.” Steve gulped, barely able to focus. His son’s cock, hard and fat, was right there in front of him leaking teen ball juice from the head, matting the light trial of hair between that ran from his belly to his cock. There was no way he could keep his dick down now, and he watched as Brad looked down to stare at the massive club that was pushing out his shorts obscenely. His stomach fluttered and it took all his energy to not just walk over and grab his stud son there and then. But, like the others, he knew something else was coming that made this torture worthwhile. And with every single piece of mental will, he then said “Ok, boys, see you inside in a few minutes” Steve said as he used all his power to pull himself away and walk back inside. Meanwhile, Andy was inside and there was no food at all that had been prepared. Instead, the 6’2″ slab of muscle was naked, sitting on a chair and slowly pulling on his hard ten inch dick, rubbing the precum that oozed from the tip into the head. “What’s going on out there?” he asked his brother. “We’re on. Brad practically just threw himself at me. Let’s do this.” And with that, he moved over to his brother and, kneeling between his legs, took his cock balls deep down his throat. Just as he was coming up for air, he suddenly heard his son saying “I fucking knew this was happeng!” Excitedly, Brad walked over to his Dad, kneeling beside him. He watched for a second as his Dad’s mouth slid up and down his uncle’s mammoth cock, all the while staring straight at Brad. As he came up to the tip, Brad leaned in and took the cock in his hand, aiming it at his own mouth. He couldn’t possibly take the whole thing, but it didn’t matter. He bathed the head with his tongue and then, working up some saliva in his mouth, he spat onto it, using his hand to lube up his Uncle’s rock hard cock. He then leant in to kiss his Dad fully on the mouth, their wet tongues now exchanging saliva and Andy’s pre-cum. He was suddenly aware that he was not only kissing his Dad, but also giving his hot-as-fuck Uncle a blowjob, which involved the biggest cock he’d ever seen. “Oh my god, Dad, this is amazing.” “Yes, it is, Brad. But, are you ok with this?” Steve asked. “Don’t worry about me Dad – I’ve been wanting this for a while. I really, really want this. Are you ok with it?” “Yep. Absolutely. I don’t know what’s been happeng lately, but I think this is what we need, what we want to be doing. It feels, right.” “This is really sweet” said Andy. “But, why’s no one sucking my dick anymore?” he asked, mockingly. Steve and Brad, kissing, broke free and started swearing at Andy, picking up on his sarcastic tone and also grateful for the light relief. “Jesus, Uncle Andy, how fucking big is this thing, anyway?” Brad asked. “Oh, Brad, it’s nothing a Hanson can’t take. Just ask your Dad” he said. “Really Dad, you’ve taken this whole dick? Uncle Andy’s fucked you?” asked Brad in both awe and deep jealousy. “Since yesterday. With Jack. This is all kinda new. And we, I, want to share this with you. And with Skip. Are you both up for that?” “Fuck, Dad, there’s nothing we want more.” At that, Jack and Skip moved over, and the five men all stood, for the first time all naked together, sharing a kiss, their hands runng all over each other. The atmosphere in the room was scorching, each one knowing that they were about to fuck like crazy. Just as they had wanted. To be continued…. Feedback welcome to ail, and let me know if you want this story to keep going.

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