The TransformationThe Transformation


My name is Christina and I’m roughly 4ft 6 inches tall weighing at nearly 90 pounds. I’m an Asian with typical Asian features like pearly black eyes and jet black hair. They’re really long, until the middle of my back now. I think I’ve got ample chests with 36C tits. My extremely sensitive nipples are in a shade of brown that really stand out like pencil tips. You can easily arouse me by touching them. I don’t really know about this but my boyfriend, Michael, tells me that my lips are full and slightly pout. His words really and he describes them as “begging to be kissed”. I wouldn’t know much about that having only his lips that I have ever kissed. I maintain an exercise routine that includes swimming and jogging. Plus I sometimes visit the gym for some extra push. I also like ball games like soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc. You could say that I’m quite active but in fact it really keeps me in shape.

I’ve been quite reserved for the better part of my life right until recently when I’ve took a big step forward to opening up myself. From the baggy, floor length clothes to the more daring, skimpy, sexy clothes. It’s been a real change for me and I’m really enjoying it.

This happened some time after got me cherry “eaten” by Michael. Oh, for those of you who don’t know, Michael is my boyfriend who’s 5ft 6, 132 pounds and has a really athletic body. He’s also an Asian with the typical black eyes and matching hair. We were in Michael’s room studying after school, well, sort of studying. We’ve now formed a routine where we go his place after school and after refreshing ourselves in his well stocked kitchen, we head up to his room where he turns on the air-conditioning and prepares the setting of the room while I dress up in the washroom. I would try on different clothing or different combinations, getting inspirations from the net, magazines or asking Michael.

This particular day, I was wearing a baby blue tank top that was cut right under my tits, the bottom of my globes were teasingly in view whenever I stretched or reached for something. The neckline was a low V cut that showed quite a lot of cleavage as well. For the bottom, since it was a hot day and we were indoors, I was wearing a matching color bikini bottoms that were held together on the sides with strings. Although it wasn’t a thong bikini but I assure you enough skin was showing. Once I stepped out of the washroom Michael was still selecting which CD to play. So I took my homework and plopped myself into his extremely comfortable recliner armchair. The material is smooth and soft. The chair like sucks you into it, and you feel so wonderful you wouldn’t want to budge at all.

So after 5 more minutes he finally settled with a Kenny G album. Hmm… relaxing, mood setting music, he’s definitely improving. So he turns around and at the sight of my super sexy attire, drops the remote he’s holding and stares dumbly at me mouth wide open. I took a look at his hilarious expression, chuckled and continued reading. He spent a whole 5 minutes taking in the wonderful scene in front of him. I could feel his piercing eyes on every inch of my body. I was curled up in the armchair and my legs folded under me. Still I could feel his eyes on my tits squeeze together by my arms, trailing on my long, slim legs to the toes and trying to peak down south that was currently hiding from his view. I was starting to get aroused and warm up already with his hot stares and I could feel my bikini bottom starting to get wet. Even the smell of arousal was pungent in the room within a few minutes. There was sexual tension in the air.

“Whatcha reading there?” he asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

“Oh! Just today’s homework Ms. Chin asked us to go home and work on it” I replied.

“You’re sure working on it. Mind if I join you?” He was pacing slowly towards me.

“Sure…” I moved a bit to accommodate him in the chair. The armchair was quite a big one that a person could sleep curled up in it. And it’s definitely fit enough for two people, two people who didn’t mind being in intimate contact that is.

Michael sat beside me, arms encircling me while his head placed on my shoulder Alanya Escort reading over it. We both started reading the article our teacher gave us, for a while that is. I started feeling him nibble on my shoulder, then higher on my neck and finally, on my ears. His fingers, however, were tracing circles on my bare arms, drifting lower and lower onto my abdomen. At this point my mind was a blur and I couldn’t read a single word in front of me. Although the book was merely inches away from me, it couldn’t have seems farther. I closed my eyes and focused on the intense pleasure his touches were giving me.

“Mmm… yes Michael… Yes! That’s feels soooo good…” I trailed off into a pleasureable moan.

He got encouraged by that compliment and started stroking the undersides of my tits. Softly and sensually he stroked me, while nibbling my neck. By now I had thrown my head back and was moaning out loud. His fingers then traced downwards to my thighs and started tracing circles there. Slowly he moved inwards to my inner thigh and I was sure he could feel the heat emitting from my pussy. It was too much for me to bear, as my skin is very sensitive to touch, that it brought me to my first orgasm that day.

“Argghh!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Hah… hah… yeessss…. That was wonderful Michael!” I was panting and sweating profusely, And this was merely foreplay! I couldn’t wait to fuck him mindless.

He just beamed at me and plated a wet kiss on me. At once I grabbed his head and started kissing him like there was no tomorrow. Our tongues swirled around each other and our smooching sounds were echoing around the room, infused with Kenny G’s saxophone. His tongue worked magic by flicking sensitive points in my mouth and he also nibbled my lips. My hands were unconsciously stroking his 7 inch cock. His hands were now inside my tank top caressing my tits. After a while he pulled away from me, just as I was about to free his cock from its “imprisonment”.

“What’s wrong Michael? Don’t you want me?” I was truly puzzled.

“No, it’s not that. You wanna go out for a dip in the pool?” he asked. “Its brand new, just installed a few days ago.”

So that’s what the noise was a few days ago and the workers. I was still very aroused and couldn’t really think straight about the whole deal when he pulled me up and dragged me out of the room. It was then that I realized I didn’t bring my swimsuits and I was only wearing a sheer tank top that would be quite “visible” with the aid of water and not to mention of bikini bottoms. Being in this state inside his room was one thing, being in the open was quite the opposite. So, I started protesting.

“But… but Michael, I don’t have a swimsuit.”

”It’s okay baby, you’re fine the way you are, I’m not going to put on mine anyway.” He answered.

At that time he was just wearing a plain t-shirt and shorts. Well guys could swim in anything but it was quite the contrary for me. I don’t want to show the whole world my assets. So I protested again as we heading down the stairs,

“But Michael, people will see us. I mean, they’re gonna see me, semi-naked!”

“Well, there’s a fence surrounding the pool that’s gonna give us some privacy but there still might be some guys who are persistent enough to climb trees or something to get a good look at your sexy body.” Then he stopped and whispered softly, “Exciting isn’t it?”

At that time I didn’t find the prospect of somebody else seeing me the least bit exciting, terrifying in fact. I started wriggling away and trying to break free but he held his grip firmly on my arm and led me out to the backyard where the new pool was installed. His parents were out of town so we practically had the whole house to ourselves. Or I guess they would’ve been shocked to see me in my attire even if it’s still dry, except for my pussy that is. After dragging me out into the open, he locked the glass door leading back into the house and kept the key in the pocket of his pants. Then he motioned me towards the pool.

The pool is around 10ft times 8ft. It has a shallow and deep end. The pool was 10 ft from the porch that we were standing and I could see some Alanya Escort Bayan deck chairs and a table was set up under a big umbrella. Out here I was having a hard time of keeping my hands covered over my tits or my bottom. This was a whole new deal for me and I was blushing a deep red color. I was embarrassed, scared, horrified…and somewhere deep inside, aroused and excited. From out of no where Michael conjured up two bottles of Vodka Lime, he offered one to me. I was so nervous that I didn’t even think about the bottle’s contents and downed it in one gulp.

I am no drinker and immediately I could feel the fire burning down my throat into my stomach, then the effects of the alcohol kicking in to my system. I started feeling warm and more relaxed in the open environment. The booze also gave me heightened senses and I started to anticipate dipping in that cool, clear blue, pristine water of the pool in front of me. Handing back the empty bottle to Michael I strode in confident strides, with an extra wriggle in my ass towards the waters edge. Then stopping there and motioning Michael who was again dumbfounded by my sudden actions to come and join me.

“Come on Michael, the water looks inviting don’t you think? I’m feeling warm and I think a dip is what I need now… Come on… Please…” I was really putting on my sexiest tone and bending down to exhibit some cleavage.

At once he came over and we both jumped into the pool together. The water felt so good, it was a hot day and plus the vodka I had I was feeling really hot then. When I stood up the water was only at my waist as we were at the shallow end, I realize my tank top was now hugging my figure like a body suit and my dark nipples were showing through the material.

Then I realize Michael had taken off his shirt as I could see his washboard abs and muscular chest and arms approaching me. The drops of water dripping on his body plus the rays of the sun suddenly made me more aware of the feeling tingling within my crotch more than anything. I didn’t care if some children were spying through hole in the fence, or the mailman decided to drop by, I was oblivious to the outside world. Then something rang a bell in me, something Michael said when we were coming out. Wouldn’t it be more exciting if there was the risk of somebody actually seeing us? I know that answer now, definitely.

I went over to meet his embrace and we started kissing in the pool. Hungry, lustful kisses with our tongues entwined with each other and our hands roamed each others body. It was then that I felt that he was actually naked under the water, he had shed all his clothing and jumped in, as my hands were caressing his bare naked ass. Then I felt his finger pulling on the knots typing my bikini bottom on. I started to panic a bit but he was such a good kisser and the water and the sun felt so good. Plus I thought that since we were underwater, we should be harder to see. So I let him tug on both of the knots, releasing them and on my first step to skinny dipping.

Now I could feel his 7 inch erection massaging on my pussy lips, causing my head to swirl around the pool. If I was aroused before, I was in euphoria now. I was high, dizzy, aroused, excited, horny…. The combination of the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the water and the freedom of being in the outdoor plus the intimate touches I was having brought me to my second orgasm.

“Ooh! Mike! Michael! I’m sooo dizzy… I’m cumming again! Yes! Yes! Yes!” I moaned while holding onto him for my dear life.

Taking advantage of my vulnerability, Michael grab hold of my tank top and yank it over my head. I was shocked for a moment when I was stark naked in the outdoors. Then I grinned and started splashing water at Michael, he immediately retaliated by splashing back. We were having so much fun, splashing and laughing naked in a warm afternoon in the pool.

Conceiving defeat Michael dived underneath and came up behind me, embracing me. I turned around and he immediately assaulted my lips but kissing me deeply and sensually. His hand roamed around my body, cupping my bare naked ass in the water and teasing my pussy lips. Escort Alanya Then his mouth moved downwards and he used his tongue to trace circles around my nipple, causing waves of electricity rippling through my body. I was already in heaven but he was teasing me by avoiding any contact with the most sensitive part of my body—my nipples. He would repeat this with both of my tits until I was panting and moaning with my head spinning again. Then finally, and suddenly, he sucked one of my nipples in his mouth while pinching the other. That was my third orgasm of the day.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Suck it! Pinch harder! I like it! Fuck me right out here in the open! I don’t care who sees us! Just fuck me now!” My reservations and all those years of teachings were thrown out of the window by Michael’s expert teasing.

He needn’t a second invitation and at once plunged his cock deep into my pussy. We weren’t up to slow strokes or gentle movements then, it was pure animal lust and we were fucking like there was no tomorrow. He held me in his arms with my legs wrapped around him. Our mouths never left each other but moans escape us.

“Mmm… argghhhh…. Yeess…. Fuck me! Fuck me! Its so fucking hard! I want it Michael!”

We kept like this for a while and then he pulled me off and led me to the side of the pool where he turned me around and fucked me from behind. I grabbed on to the edge of the pool while he pumped me while grabbing handfuls of my tits.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Michael! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! God! I wish… mmm… there was someone… mmm… here to see us like this… I’m in heaven! Yes! Hmm… mmm…”

After that, Michael led me back up to one of the deck chairs where he had laid a towel on it. He lay on the towel and beckoned me to ride him. I needn’t a second invitation as well and immediately knelt on top of him, and the slowly lowered myself onto his manhood. That was the only slow action I did as I quickly hastened the pace and ride him fast and furious.

“Oh! Yes! Yes! Its soooo full Michael! My pussy is fully stretched by your hard cock! Yes! Fuck! It feels sooo good!”

Then from the corner of my eye I could see a figure standing behind the fence spying through the holes of the fence. I suddenly felt scared and panic though I never let my strokes fell short. I was still riding Michael but my heart was focused on the voyeur spying on my most intimate moment. But then I felt a sudden urge of excitement as I also saw some hand movements behind the fence. I then realized that I was on the verge of bringing two guys off at the same moment. I felt excited, free and sexy. As if I was the sex symbol that everyone was dreaming about. And from that moment on I knew I was going to put on a show for that guy.

So I dismounted Michael, much to his disappointment only to bend down onto his dick and started to slowly lap up the mixture juices on his cock. After it was clean, I started kissing all over it before taking in the head of his cock.

After teasing him with that, I hold the base of his cock and slowly stroking him. My other hand softly caressing the most sensitive part of a man, between the scrotum and the anus, causing Michael to shiver and moan. I then started kissing and licking his balls while continuously stroking him. After a few more strokes and making sure his balls were covered with my saliva, I took his entire manhood into my mouth and sucked him furiously. He couldn’t have endured much more of my assault as I felt his balls tightened. So I immediately pulled his dick out and just in time to let it spray wave after wave of cum all over my face and tits.

At that very same moment, I thought I could hear a faint moan coming from the direction of the voyeur. I smiled devilishly at my accomplishments. I wondered if Michael knew about the voyeur but he was panting and sweating, exhausted after that wonderful sexual experience. I scooped up the sum on my tits and sucked it clean. It was rather pleasant tasting to I continued to “clean” myself.

A few minutes passed by and Michael regained his legs as well as his composure and led me back into the house to the bathroom for to clean up. I turn from the corner of my eye I saw my voyeur quietly leaving. I could only grin at my accomplishments this afternoon. At the same time I knew Michael had introduced me to a new world and I’m fully transformed into someone else. I smiled mischievously while starting to plan for our next adventure.

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