The Three Hour Tease Ch. 3The Three Hour Tease Ch. 3


It’s a good thing I’ve had these diversions of cooking and dirty dishes. Normally I’d just drop everything and have a go at her. Back in control of myself I’m on my way. Heading to join Gail, my erection, while drooping still leads the way. I had formulated the next part of my plan while I was still in the kitchen. I’d come up with how I was going to make this last another 45 minutes or more. As I walk through the living room Gail calls out, “Honey? Where are you? Are you coming? Can I do anything to help?”

On her last word I enter the bedroom to find her on her knees in the center on the bed. Her smile brightens as I enter the room. I notice that she has lit the candles bathing the room in a soft glow. ‘Honey? What is this with this new endearment?’ I ponder. ‘She has called me sweety and baby a lot but never honey before tonight.’ Reaching her hand out I hand Gail one of the candles to put on the far bedside table with those lit there. Walking to the near bedside table I set our wine down and place the candle next to the others she has lit. Turning to the bed, Gail has also turned to face me and held out her hand again “give me one of your hands.” I give her one and put a knee on the bed as I move to her. When my other knee one comes up she pulls and I lose my balance falling on my side. Laughing she rolls me on my back and plants her pussy right on my face. “Now get down to business,” I hear.

Letting her take control for the moment, I take my given task in hand, or tongue and lips to be more exact and begin my feast. Holding her butt up a few inches from my face I begin with her inner thighs licking, sucking and then nibbling to clean them in small sections. As I finish each small patch I run my tongue along her slit before returning to another patch of thigh that requires my attention. Gail’s moans of pleasure spur me on. Having finished with her thighs I pull her down so her slit is just barely touching my lips. In one movement I snake my tongue right into her hot little hole and reach up to knead her breasts eliciting an even louder moan.

With her passion rising I start gently pulling her breasts getting her swaying back and forth while thrusting my tongue in and out. She Alanya Escort is getting close now as her moans turn to little half grunts with every plunge of my tongue. I need to divert her concentration some so I move my hands from her breasts to her back to move her into a sixty-nine. Feeling my cock on her cheek she takes it into her mouth and feverishly begins to give me head as I keep trusting at her tight little hole. When she pulls her mouth of my dick she emits a series of groans while holding it with her chin in my pubes. Her lips are parted as she breathes heavily on my shaft, which extends up along one side of her nose and on up past her forehead. I know to slow down a little now, I slide my hands slowly down her back caressing as they move from her shoulder blades to the small of her back on to the cheeks of her ass. I spend a considerable amount of time massaging and caressing each tight globe. I have also slowed my assault on this delectable snapper. Just using my lips and the tip of my tongue to explore her from just shy of her clit to her little puckered asshole, slowly cooling her down. Shortly her sucking resumes at a slower pace. ‘Time to step it back up,’ I think to myself.

Spreading her open with my hands I reinsert my tongue into her and move it around as much as I can. Her moans are real deep and the vibrations on my cock are exquisite. “Oh, it feels so good,” I moan. I finally give her clit the attention it needs by sucking it in my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. Sliding a finger in her pussy to get it wet I move it and insert it in her ass. Once in I begin slowly moving it in and out. Using two fingers from my other hand I slip them into her pussy. Once everything is in place I build up to working her clit, pussy and ass at a feverish pace. She is now holding the head of my prick just inside her mouth and her moans are getting shorter and higher pitched. Between the vibrations of her moans and her tongue running all over me it’s getting to be more than I can stand.

To keep myself from coming I stop and roll her off me, my cock popping out of her mouth. “Gail… I want you to move around and grab onto the headboard and don’t let Alanya Escort Bayan go,” I order. Scrambling around into position Gail finds a hand hold on the wrought iron spindles and spreads her legs. I move around to take one more, long lick from her ass all the way up across her clit and continue moving on up stopping briefly to nibble on her hard nipples. When I get to her neck I start kissing and licking again. Still heeding me by fiercely holding onto the railing, Gail has locked her heels on my thighs just below my ass, and urges me towards her pussy. Slowly swiveling my hips, my cock starts swaying left and right bouncing between her inner thighs. Feeling me bounce around so close to her hot target she begins searching for my dick with her pussy. Leaning down to kiss her I bow my back, take my cock in hand and slowly move it around her wet opening and across her clit gathering her juices. She is digging her heals in and pulling me with all her might. I still resist her efforts and kiss her again.

Breaking the kiss she kisses and licks at my face cleaning it of her sweet moisture saying, “Now, put it in me now.” … licking and kissing… “Please” … as she keeps licking and kissing…”Oh god give it to me, Please!” still licking and kissing. All the while I keep up the torment with the head of my dick moving it around and around. Abruptly stopping and looking into my eyes with more lust than I have ever seen, “Quit teasing me damn it and give it to me.” As soon as that last word rolled off her lips her eyes changed, and realization dawned across her beautiful face, I smiled. “You fucker you have been doing this to me since I first walked through the door tonight.” At that she let go of the headboard and started flailing away with her tiny fists, beating on my shoulders and back screaming “fuck me now damn it, you filthy bastard. Stop teasing me and fuck me you shit.”

Allowing just the head to enter Gail wraps her arms around me and gives out a long satisfied moan. Pulling back from her and sitting on my haunches I look at her as she happily churns her pussy on the head of my dick still seated in her, a contented smile on her face. “Happy now Escort Alanya babe?” I ask her.

“Oh yes,” she replies. “This is what I need, just give me some more. I want all of it. Get it all in me honey,” and she closes her eyes savoring what I have finally allowed her to have.

“Gail where are your hands supposed to be?”

Quickly reaching back over her head she grabs onto the iron. Positioning myself back on top of her I reach through the iron railing, pull up a couple of Velcro fastening wrist restraints hidden by the mattress and bind her wrists one by one to the iron rails of the headboard. While I’m stretched out over her she manages to fully impale herself on my cock and was happily humping away getting closer to her illusive orgasm. “Gail you let go before without permission. That is why your wrists are now restrained. Do you understand?” She nods her head and continues her hunching and moaning, not seeming to care since she now has what she wants. When I pull out her eyes open wide and before she says anything I say, “you’re going to have to be punished for disobeying me.”

“Oh god, please don’t tease me any more. Please don’t, let me cum first,” whimpering.

Taking my cock in hand I move it around her slit and clit for a little bit, and then down to her ass. Her legs and pelvis have lifted even higher with her desire. With a little pressure I pop in. I slowly inch my way in as she expands and relaxes to accept me, her heels steering me as I go. Once I am in all the way I stop and wait for her. When she starts to move again she opens her eyes, moans and says, “come here and kiss me.” Doing as she asked, I kiss her. She breaks the kiss and pants, “this is punishment? Just keep fucking me, I don’t care where, just fuck me, please, and make me come.” I glance over at the clock it reads 9:25, it’s to soon to finish the game.

To Be Continued…

* * * * *

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