The Tease Down the Street Ch. 02The Tease Down the Street Ch. 02


Note: Please enjoy this very late Chapter 2. This story kept me aroused and amused for days during its writing; I can only hope that I am able to convey those same feelings and emotions to you. Hope ya enjoy.


It had been almost two weeks, and he was dying. Rich stood under the icy water with a hard on that rivaled concrete. His thoughts meandered to the past few weeks of school. Summer was closing in, tests were more frequent, homework loads doubled, and then of course Steph had volleyball practice and tournaments every day after school, both going too late even for a quickie.

Usually, weekends were a time of release for him. All the sexual energy and tension that was built up during their busy week could be acted upon; and the constant desire in him could be quenched, if only temporarily. However, this past weekend, Stephanie traveled with her school out of town for a tournament, leaving Friday after class, and not returning til late Sunday. If 1 week was unbearable, 2 weeks was hell.

He had woken up hot and sweaty, his sheets tangled in a labyrinth of knots from tossing and turning during dreams that he could not remember from the night before. Whatever they were, they must have been good. Like the past few days, his morning wood bounced in between his legs in unforgiving agony, throbbing to the point where pain was felt. He could always relieve himself, but ever since he met Stephanie, it wasn’t quite the same, nor as fun. Besides, he enjoyed waiting for her, it made it all that more exciting. So instead, he spent his fourth morning in a row under a steady flow of cold water, willing his erection away.

The freezing water cut through his morning daze and his foggy mind cleared enough for him to realize that it was Thursday. Thursday, the day before Friday and soon followed by the weekend. Rich hopped out of the shower feeling slightly better. If he could fight his way through these next two days, then this weekend he could finally indulge on some much needed pleasure.

After a quick breakfast he gathered up all his things and headed out the door with a pile of books in his hands. Finals were next week, which meant lots of studying, and lots of homework. He spent almost every day after class preparing for the grueling tests that were coming up, which were starting to stress him out, and the combined sexual frustration didn’t help his concentration much. Still he knew there was a light at the end of this tunnel, as finals week was also the last week of High School, forever.

While Rich had decent grades, it was nothing impressive enough to attract scholarships from any universities. Rich was good at sports, but not good enough to play on the High School teams, which were dominated by kids whose parents had enough money to “support the team”, or kids who were raised to be perfect at only one thing in life. So there was no hope of athletic scholarships either. When his mother finally tied him down long enough to discuss his future, he made a split-second decision that he we would go to the local community college to get his general education classes out of the way, and perhaps get a 2 year degree of some sorts because it would be cheaper, and then he could consider transferring to a university… maybe. In reality, Rich wasn’t worried too much about money, he could always get a student loan or something, but he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life, in fact, he had not a clue.

Rich was still pondering his future as he drove up into Stephanie’s driveway. She had her dark red hair tied back in a ponytail, her body was curvy in the way only volleyball and softball players could perfect, but covered up in one of the same ugly plaid skirt, brown shirt, and blue vest outfit combos that she wore every day.

“Mornin doll, how ya doin?” Rich asked as she made her way into the car.

“I’ve been better. Give me a kiss.” Stephanie sounded tired, and looked it too.

“What’s up?”

“We won our game last night.”

“That’s great!”

“Well… sort of.” She sounded hesitant providing the following details. “Because we won, we’ll be going to an honor tournament this weekend.”

Rich groaned at the news. “Honor tournament? This weekend? But I thought you were going to be done…”

“I know, me too baby, I’m sorry.” She rubbed his shoulder, sympathizing with his frustration. “It’s the final tournament of the year that the top 10 catholic schools in the state go to. Apparently we slipped into the tenth slot last night, so now we need to go. It’s not even that competitive, it’s more of an end of the year celebration for the teams that did well.”

“Oh well, I suppose… School’s out after next week, we’ll be fine.” Rich tried his best not to sound disappointed, but he couldn’t shake the dejected tone in his voice.

“Oh, don’t worry hun, as soon as schools over, I promise to take very, very, very good care of you.” Stephanie emphasized each ‘very’ with her deep sultry voice.

Rich smiled, knowing she meant what she said. “Alright, I guess Alanya Escort I can wait til then.” Rich played up the disappointment in his voice and feigned exasperation for good measure.

“You poor thing you, however ever did you survive before you met me?” Stephanie giggled as she played back.

“I dunno!” Rich laughed, and started the drive to their schools.


Rich sat through his first class with a blank stare on his face as his mind wandered; remembering back to the last weekend Stephanie had spent with him. The way she had so eagerly bobbed her head up and down his shaft, and the feeling of her tight pussy wrapping around him as her nails dug into the headboard that made a sharp clicking noise when it hit the wall every time he bucked his hips up into her. Richs imagination took over as his mind shifted from past events to future ones. He couldn’t wait for next weekend to come around, school would be over and they would have the entire summer break to themselves. His hand slid into his pocket in hopes of hiding the bulge in his pants from view, but the physical contact made his skin crawl as his body yelled out for some kind of release.

“… and then we can attempt to solve for ‘x’. Rich, wanna take a crack at it?” The calculus teacher asked.

Rich’s mind shot to his present location as his name was called. After a moment’s hesitation he croaked out a ‘yes’ and took to the white board, hand still in pocket, and struggled his way through the equation, narrowly avoiding complete embarrassment. Back at his desk, he tried to concentrate on his notes and what the teacher was saying, but his mind continuously wandered back to Stephanie. The rest of his classes were much like his first.

Halfway through his last class of the day, Rich checked the clock for the sixth time in thirty minutes. Despite the promise Stephanie made him, he still wasn’t sure how he was going to wait that long. All around school, girls were dressed for summer with short shorts, skirts, tank tops, low cut shirts, and other variations of thin, revealing clothing. While it never got particularly warm where they were, girls took any opportunity to break out their warm-weather clothing. Rich would never wander off with another girl, but in his current condition, all the girls around him dressed in skimpy clothing were not helping his ability to concentrate in class. He would have to figure something out if he planned on getting any studying in this weekend.

After school finally finished, Rich again realized that he needed to be alert and concentrate on school tomorrow, and next week, if he was to pass his finals. There was no other option but to go home and help himself, hopping to alleviate some of the tension in his body. Rich knew it wouldn’t be as fun by himself, but he desperately needed to regain his composure for the week ahead.

As he walked toward his car, an idea came to him, on how he could perhaps make the experience slightly more exciting. He pulled out his phone and called Stephanie.

“Hey, what’s up?” She answered.

“Not too much, you have practice soon?”

“Yep, I’m already suited up, we’ll start warm ups in about 30 minutes.”

“Could you, uh, do me a favor?”

“Sure. What do you need?”

“I need to concentrate! My mind keeps wandering in class; I can’t study for more than a few moments without day dreaming about you!”

“Aw… how sweet! What do you day dream about? Picnics in the wild? Walking hand in hand down a warm, sandy beach?”

“Uh… yeah… that too.”

Stephanie giggled. “Oh I see… You’re having issues concentrating because you’re all worked up.”


“I’m sorry, I told you, I’ll be gone this weekend, and I have practice this week, and finals next week. I won’t have time til next weekend. Can’t you just, you know, take care of it yourself until then?”

“Well, you see, that’s the plan. But I was hoping you could, uh, send me some motivation.” Rich stumbled out his request, hoping for a positive response.

“Oh! Rich! What kind of girl do you think I am? You think I’m going to get naked, in my school, a catholic school mind you, and send you pictures of myself… all before practice starts?”

“Uh… I’m sorry, it was dumb…” Rich lowered his voice, feeling slightly ashamed.

Stephanie started laughing on the other side of the phone, making Rich swear silently. She was getting much better at her little games. Stephanie lowered her voice to a whisper. “I’ll see what I can do. I only have a few minutes before someone will wonder what I am up to.”

“Ok! Great! Thanks!” Rich did nothing to hide his excitement.

“Anything for you. Bye now.” Stephanie hung up and Rich raced home.

By the time he got to his house, his phone had buzzed a handful of times, but Rich fought the urge to pull out his phone and look at the pictures as he sped down the road. When he parked, he grabbed his bag, entered through his garage, and ran up the stairs.

Rich laid back on his bed, Alanya Escort Bayan undid his pants and pulled out his already hard penis. He navigated to his messages on his phone to find a small thumbnail picture recently received. Rich clicked to it open and wrapped his fingers tighter around his pulsing rod. The picture blew up to the size of his screen and showed Stephanie in her tight black volleyball shorts and a white tank top, her hair still up in a pony tail. She had taken the picture with her phone above her head, and she looked into the lens with alluring eyes, and a daring smile, slightly biting her bottom lip. Her pale skin seemed to glow in the flash of the camera, making her look angelic and innocent. Her full thighs made the shorts bunch up slightly around her hips and in between her legs. Her breast looked smaller in the picture than they actually were, but that was because she wore a tight constricting sports bra to keep them from bouncing around while she played.

The next picture was much like the first, only she had hooked her finger on the front tank top and bra, pulling slightly outwards and down, giving Rich a much better look at her cleavage. In the next picture, she had completely removed the tank top, so that she stood only in her shorts and sports bra, showing off her perky nipples through the thin material, and a stomach that wasn’t completely flat or muscular, but still thin. Rich lingered on this picture and slowly began to stroke himself, wishing he had her there in the flesh before him.

The next picture had Stephanie bent over slightly, taking the picture in the mirror so that her butt stuck out, positioned for the best possible view. This was also one of his favorite positions, and she knew it. Stephanie held her free hand over her mouth in the picture, feigning surprise. The pent up pressure from the past two weeks was catching up on him fast, and he knew it wouldn’t be longer before he exploded. He quickly jumped to the next picture. She had taken off her sports bra, and pushed her chest up with one arm, her lips blowing a kiss at the camera. Her lightly pink nipples hard and pointed in the excitement of knowing her boyfriend would be stroking himself to these pictures. Rich wanted to reach through the phone and grope her chest, wrap his lips around her nipples and slide his tongue back and forth over them, teasingly biting here and there.

For the following picture, Stephanie had taken off her volleyball shorts, and had her hand on her pink round ass, as if slapping it, winking into the camera, slightly bent forward so that the mounds on her chest hung forward slightly. Rich began to stroke vigorously, he couldn’t wait anymore. He jumbled with his free hand to access the next picture, which showed Stephanie’s fingers buried between her legs, her face up and mouth open in a silent moan of pleasure. Rich let out a stifled moan as he saw the picture. He longed to feel her warm flesh wrap around him again, to enter her, feeling her moist walls hug against him as he pumped in and out of her. He instinctively called her name out as his imagination wandered.

He almost dropped the phone as he willed his busy hand to move faster. He fumbled his phone in his free hand moving to the final picture. Her red hair was down behind her shoulders now, she was kneeling on the floor, completely naked, her legs angled outward and her shoulders hunched in, enhancing her already amble bust. One hand held the phone she took the picture with, while the other extended up to her face and open mouth, where two still glistening fingers were press against her tongue. The caption under the picture read: ‘Wish it was you.’

That was more than Rich needed, he dropped the phone and grasped the top of his bed as his hips pushed up and bounced back on the mattress. He felt an insuppressible pressure at the base of his cock. There was a burning sensation that intensified with each vigorous stroke he made, and finally he could hold it no more and he felt the pressure break into his shaft and gush out over his hand. He pulsed and a stream of white release shot into the air landing next to him. Rich kept stroking but quickly used his free hand to cover the tip to minimize the ensuing mess. Two weeks was a long time to go without and the amount of cum showed so.

Rich spent the next half hour cleaning up his bed and taking a shower; when he finally got back to his phone, he noticed a few specs of a creamy white liquid on his screen. He realized he must have splashed that way at some point, and grabbed the phone to clean it off. As he picked the phone up, it lit up and he saw the last picture she had sent him again. She looked so alluring on her knees, seemingly waiting for him to enter her mouth. The drops of cum had landed in such a way so that it looked superimposed on her chest and neck… Rich made a mental note that it didn’t look half bad, a knowing twitch between his leg let him know he could easily repeat the last hour again, but he chose not to… Escort Alanya He could hold off until after next week for Stephanie.


Rich got a call late at night from Stephanie when she arrived back to her house.

“Hey, hope I didn’t wake you from any terrific dreams.” Stephanie said after Rich answered the phone.

“Uh, no… none yet anyway.” Rich said, too tired to play along as much as he usually did.

“Did you enjoy those pictures?”

“Oh my god, yes. Yes I did.”

“Mmmm…. Did you like how naughty I was for the camera? Did you cum?”

“I did… like all over, it felt amazing. Thank you.”

“You’re more than welcome. I can’t wait til next weekend; I prefer to be there in person.”

“Me too, I wanted you there so bad… waiting a whole two weeks was torture.”

“But it felt good to finally get some release, right?”

“Yes, it felt fantastic.”


“What? What are you ‘hmmm’ -ing about?”

“Oh… Just thinking.”

Rich groaned. “Oooh… no. I always get nervous when you get ideas…”

“I promise this one’s a good one.”

“What is it?”

“Top secret mister! Just get some sleep, I’ll see you tomorrow!” Stephanie hung up the phone before Rich could respond. He didn’t sleep well.


“Why hello there.” Stephanie said as she slinked into Rich’s car.

“Hi. Is there a reason I’m picking you up fifteen minutes early?” Rich was still tired, and perhaps slightly annoyed.

“It’s Friday, I’m going to be gone all weekend, is it a crime to want to see you a little bit more than usual?”

“I, uh, guess not.” Rich was still unconvinced this wasn’t some kind of scheme.

“Why don’t you take the long way to town, and we can talk.” Stephanie suggested, sounding genuine.

“Alright, what would you like to talk about?”


“Well… I uh… ok.” Rich stammered a confirmation at her very matter of fact statement. “What about it?”

“How bad I want it… right now.” She paused just long enough to let it sink in. “I want you to fuck me.”

“I could pull over… we have some extra time.”

“Not now silly, in the daylight. We’d be caught for sure!”

“Right… of course.” Rich didn’t care who saw them.

“It’s going to be a long weekend… and an even longer week you know.” Stephanie was baiting something.

“Yeah… I know…” Rich was charting dangerous waters, Stephanie was moving in for the kill, and he was trapped to her prowess.

“I need you to wait. Don’t touch yourself. Wait until next Friday. No helping yourself.” Stephanie stared right at him when she said it.

“Uh, that’s fine. I usually don’t.” Rich said honestly.

“No… you don’t understand, it’s not going to be easy. I won’t make it easy. But I need you to promise me, whatever you do; you won’t cum until next Friday when you’re with me.”

“What do you mean, you won’t make it easy?” Rich asked, suddenly hesitant, and much, much more worried.

“I mean I’m going to make it very, very hard.” She said as she reached over and grabbed his crotch, his limp penis jumping to life in her hands.

“I uh… uh… I don’t know.” Rich said as he felt her hand squeeze him.

Stephanie got a firmer grip on his thick pole and began to stroke him. “Promise me you won’t.”

Rich could only moan, his eyes tried to stay focused on the road ahead.

Stephanie squeezed tighter though his pants and stroked faster. “Tell me you won’t do it yourself.” She said, urging him to reply.

Rich was having a hard time keeping his eyes open and the car under control. “Fine! Yes! I won’t.”

Stephanie retracted her hand and patted his thigh. “Good boy.”

“But… don’t stop.” Rich whined.

Stephanie giggled. “You better get used it baby, it’s going to be a rough week for you.”

Rich groaned as he pulled up to her school.

“Have a good day sweetie.” Stephanie sounded as innocent as she could as she hopped out of his car and sauntered off into the building. It was going to be the longest week of Rich’s life.


The following day Rich tried to focus on his last few school projects and study for finals. He slept in, because it was Saturday after all, but he studied most the day. He was mid paper, just after he had dinner, when his phone buzzed in his pocket. He knew that Stephanie was busy, and that whoever else it might be could wait, he didn’t want to interrupt his concentration. About 2 minutes later, his phone buzzed again, and Rich again choose to ignore it. On the third buzz he sighed loudly, pushed his keyboard back and dug into his pocket.

The messages were from Stephanie. Each message showed a different picture. The first of the three pictures showed the bottom half of her legs. The second picture showed more of her legs, from her knees to her thighs. She had round full legs, the kind only volleyball and softball girls have, and they were perfectly smooth, no sight of a single blemish, and her soft white-pink skin. The third picture showed her hips and stomach, completely uncovered, except for her hand which she held strategically between her legs, keeping the delicious details out of view. The sight of her round hips and smooth stomach made Rich swell, he could feel the space in his pants filling up, and the undeniable pulsing of an erection.

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