The Tack RoomThe Tack Room


I grew up on a farm with horse farms on both sides and a cow farm behind us. We had chickens, pigs and, for a while, a couple of horses. The tack room was part of life for me. The room was only about 400 square feet but there were 2 windows that let the sun light up the room. Two walls were completely riddled with bits and reins, one wall was lined with wooden storage chests the looked like treasure chests with flat lids. Upside-down feed supply buckets were stacked in a corner, and, the saddle racks stood in the middle. There were always two or three saddles sitting on the racks. Blankets lined up on bars over each saddle.

The smell of saddle leather and raw horse sweat just has a personality of it’s own. The leather, not like leather pants or kinky leather whips, but the leather of a tack room is unique. It is worn and shiny, polished from the rider sliding around, and, being cleaned and oiled well. It has this wonderful and strong scent. The scent is tied to many good memories for me. The most recent one is one of the best.

I had spent a long day working around the farm. I was in the tack room cleaning my favorite saddle. I had pulled one of the storage boxes over in front of the saddle rack and grabbed the stack of feed buckets to sit on. I pulled everything I needed out of the box and started rubbing down the saddle with cleaner. I was so focused on my saddle that I didn’t notice when someone walked into the room. It was one of the women that boarded her horse on our farm. She was a cute natural blonde with hazel eyes. She was wearing a pair of jeans, a red blouse, running shoes and a wonderful smile. I had talked to her a few times before. I couldn’t help but admire her ample chest and round butt every time I saw her. She had a disarming personality and was easy to talk to.

She walked into the room and came to stand next to me. We made some small talk about the nice weather and then she asked if I needed any help with my saddle? I explained to her that I had it under control and thanked her for the offer. She knelt down on her knees and watched me work for a few minutes. It was getting harder to concentrate on the saddle. Her blouse was unbuttoned enough to give me a great Alanya Escort peek at her cleavage. She mentioned that she had seen me around the farm and had wanted to spend some time with me.

Then she leaned over and kissed me. It was a timid kiss and then she looked into my eyes. My only thought was that I wanted another one of those..right now. I leaned in toward her and got a much longer kiss. Her lips felt so soft and sensual. I dropped my cloth and cleanser bottle immediately. I ran my fingers through her hair as my hands pushed her lips harder onto mine.

The kiss ended breathlessly and she sat back on her heels with a grin on her face. Her eyes never left mine as her hands went to the front of her blouse. It was a challenge not to let my eyes fall to her breasts as she started unbuttoning her shirt. I gave up as she opened her shirt and slid it over her shoulders and off. Her bra was white and hugged her tits sexily. She leaned over and licked my lips playfully as she reached behind her back and undid the clasp. Her bra hit the floor next to her shirt. Her hands moved up her sides and then she slid them under her heavy breasts. Her palms started rubbing and caressing as her fingers began touching and pinching her pink nipples. They started to pucker and stand up to her attention. I was mesmerized as I watched her red fingernails gently twist her pink buds and fondle her tits.

Then she stood up. I reached for her hips with my hands as I reached for her hard nipple with my tongue. I gave each nipple a long tongue bath before I sucked the left one into my mouth and gently bit it. My hands pushed her soft boobs together as I alternated between each hard nipple…kissing, licking, sucking and biting. She grabbed my arms and pulled me up to stand in front of her. She pushed my t-shirt over my head. I hugged her as I gave her a deep tongue exploration kiss. The feel of her tits pressed so tightly against my chest was making me so hot.

My hands ran down her back to her tight ass and pressed her closer to me. My cock was getting harder as our bodies rubbed against each other. We both reached for each others belts at the same time. We giggled as we Alanya Escort Bayan wordlessly decided that it would be quicker if we both just undressed ourselves. The sight of her body took my breath away. She reached for one of the riding blankets and spread it onto the floor in front of my makeshift seat then gestured for me to sit back down. I had a good idea of what she had in mind. I liked the way she thought!

I sat down and she kneeled on the blanket in front of me. She leaned her head down and I felt her hot breath on my cock right before I felt her tongue begin licking. I tried to lean back as much as possible so that I would watch her mouth work. Her red fingernails looked so sexy along the front of my cock as I watched her take me into her mouth. She began sucking as her tongue rubbed in circles. I knew she was tasting my precum as she moaned. Her mouth held my dick tight as her head started moving up and down. I felt her take my balls into her hand as she slowly took as much into her mouth as she could. My cock was as hard as it could get and I started moving my hips in time with her lips. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of being in her hot, wet mouth. I breathed deeply and took in the wonderful smell of leather as I totally focused on my growing need. Then she stopped.

I opened my eyes to see her standing up. I sat up straight as she moved closer to me. She moved her hand down between her legs and ran her fingers through her short pussy hair until she got close enough to lift one of her legs and rest it on my seat next to me. Her body wasn’t more than a foot from me with her wonderful pussy right in front of my face. Her hands went to her own body and she began touching herself. I watched as those hot nails slid between her puffy lower lips then her fingers spread them slightly apart. I saw her hard clit right before her finger found it and began rubbing it. Her inner pink folds were beginning to glisten. I inhaled deeply to savor the faint, sweet smell of her pussy. Her fingers then slid down her slit, caressing her lips before a finger disappeared. I heard the sound of her juices as she began sliding her finger in and out of her Escort Alanya hot box. She took her finger out of her cunt and then brought it to her mouth. I watched as she cleaned it with her tongue..once again moaning as she tasted it. I moved my hand to her pussy. I was amazed at how wet she was. My finger easily sliding into her wet tunnel as my thumb found her clit. She started moving up and down on my hand. I quickly forced another finger into her. I watched as she rode my fingers while she pinched her nipples and made the greatest moaning noises. I knew she was getting closer to an orgasm as her wonderful sounds got louder. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to cum with her.

I pulled another blanket down from the rack and threw is down on the floor next to the other one. I stood up and pushed her down to the floor without ever letting my fingers leave her pussy. The look of her on her back with her legs wide open, my fingers buried inside her, was incredibly erotic. I quickly moved on top of her. I reached down to suck on her breast while I positioned myself between her legs..then my cock plunged in. I moved slowly and completely into her, feeling her slick cunt juice coating my cock. She whispered in my ear ” Fuck me hard”. I didn’t mention that easy was not an option at this point, I just moved my hips back and thrust into her.

Her hands moved down my back. I felt those fingernails on my ass pulling me deeper. Our bodies began moving together perfectly. I pounded my cock into her tight pussy again and again. I could feel her pussy tightening over my dick each time. It was like a fist clenching over and over. Her moans were music to my ears as my orgasm build up more and more. I could tell that hers was close also. Suddenly she moaned,,, “I’m cumming!!” Then she screamed my name. That was what I needed to hear. I buried my cock deep inside her, felt her inner walls milking it and then exploded. Wave after wave of my cum spurting into her as she grinded into me as hard as she could. Our orgasm was intense and prolonged. We lay there trying to breathe again for quite a while. We kissed and caressed each other until our toes uncurled. My cock was completely deflated and my heart rate was almost normal before I could bring myself to pull out of her.

We got dressed and she said good-bye. I started cleaning my saddle again but my mind was no longer on the job and I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face. It seems that not all memories of the tack room involve my horse.

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