The SitterThe Sitter


(All characters in this story are 18 years or older.)


Jake had rarely seen his wife, Sherri, as extroverted as she was at the restaurant that night. And it was not like she was drunk. She had had a glass of wine in the lounge while they waited for their table and enjoyed an appetizer, and was only half way through her second glass with dinner, but she was acting more openly sexy in public than he could ever recall.

Just before they left their high-top in the bar she leaned over and gave him a passionate kiss—not something she normally did in public. At their table, she slipped off one of her shoes and wiggled her bare foot up his pant leg.

When the waiter came by to take their order, she openly flirted with him, and then when their server arrived with bread, she flirted with her, complimenting her pretty face, her long red hair, and even her cute figure.

After ordering, Sherri took one of the breadsticks, provocatively licked its end, and then sucked it into her mouth between pursed lips.

Even her conversation was laced with more sexual innuendos, double-entendres, and suggestive looks than she would normally ever engage in.

Not that Jake minded any of this in the least—he loved it when his wife acted sexy—he just couldn’t figure out what had triggered it.

When Sherri excused herself to use the lady’s room, Jake asked the waiter for a menu from the bar so he could make a note of which appetizer they had. Maybe there was some unexpected reaction between it and her chardonnay that combined to create an aphrodisiac effect. If that was the case, he wanted to be able to order it again!

When Sherri reappeared, Jake couldn’t help but notice her walk. It was a slightly exaggerated runway-walk that had her planting one high-heeled foot directly in front of the other, causing her ass to flick provocatively from side to side.

The embellished walk also caused her boobs to bounce far more than normal, and it suddenly struck him why; she had taken off her bra! Additionally, she had left at least one extra button undone on her blouse, providing a tantalizing view of her moving cleavage.

Before she sat back down, she handed Jake her purse. After settling in—which included leaning way forward so her husband could get a teasing gap-shot down her blouse—she said, “Open it. See what’s inside.”

Folded neatly into the small space was her bra, and also her panties.

He looked up at her, and she gave him a wide, sexy smile as she wiggled her ass on her chair.

He closed the purse and as he handed it back, he said, “Not that I’m complaining, mind you—I love this hot-wife look—but where the heck did it come from all of a sudden?”

She shrugged, smiled, and then leaned in to speak softly—and to give her husband another look down her blouse at her naked tits—and said, “I have no idea, baby! But I am so frigging horny right now that I can hardly see straight! If we hadn’t already ordered, we’d be heading for the door, right now! And screw going to the movie later on!”

When they finished their meal, Sherri declined the offer of dessert, telling the very attentive young waiter—who was trying not to get caught looking down her blouse, “We have something waiting at home.”

As they walked, hand in hand, across the parking lot to the car, Sherri reached up and unfastened one more blouse button giving Jake—and the few couples they passed—an even better view of her jiggling tits and glimpses of her aroused nipples.

Always the gentleman, Jake held Sherri’s door open for her, and as she slid into the seat, she made sure that her skirt hiked up far enough to give him a good look at her naked—and wet—pussy.

Before he put the car in gear to back out of the parking spot, Sherri told her husband, “Take out your cock, baby, and I’ll give you a blowjob on the way home!”

“As tempting as your horny offer is, babe, I don’t think so,” he replied. “Getting in an accident with my dick between your teeth is not very arousing.”

“Party-pooper,” she said with a mock pout.

Before they reached the street, Sherri had her skirt gathered up around her waist, and her bare ass on the leather seat. She spread her legs as wide as the car would allow, and began rubbing her wet pussy.

“This isn’t going to be too distracting for you, is it?” she teased.

“I can handle it,” he answered as he rubbed his hand along the length of his boner that was stretched down his left pant leg.

“Both hands on the wheel, baby,” she said as she reached over, pushed his hand away, and gripped the bulge in his pants. “Safety first!”

As he drove, she slid her hand up and down his entrapped cock while she gently massaged her clit and ran her finger through her drenched pussy lips.

Trying to keep his eyes on the road, Jake hadn’t noticed when his wife had done it, but as they passed under a streetlight, he saw that she had pulled her blouse wide open and had both of her naked tits hanging out for him—and passing motorists—to see.

He reached Kemerburgaz Escort over and hefted one of c-cup orbs, and then began flicking his finger over her engorged nipple.

She reacted by increasing the pace of her strokes on his dick, and dipping her fingertip in and out of her cunt-hole.

When he began pinching and pulling on her nipple, she went into full jerk-off mode on his trapped cock, and began finger-fucking her cunt.

“Oh, fuck!” Jake groaned as his dick erupted in his pants.

Feeling her husband’s cock throb in her hand and then feeling the warm wet-spot pushed Sherri over the edge, and she hammered her cunt blowing a huge load of pussy juice over her hand, the seat, and her naked ass.

When they finally pulled into the driveway, Jake pushed the remote for the garage, but nothing happened.

“Damn! I knew the batteries were getting low,” he said. “It’s just as well, though. Let’s go around back and go in through our bedroom door; that’ll give me a chance to change out of these slacks before Tina sees me and thinks I peed my pants.”

Still feeling frisky, Sherri rolled her skirt down over her bare ass when she got out of the car, but she didn’t bother to tuck in her tits.


Tina was their dog sitter. She was twenty years old, but they had known her for nearly half that time, since her family moved into the neighborhood. Not allowed to have pets of her own, Tina had taken a liking to their golden Lab, and often walked him and groomed him like he was her own. Now that the dog was in his golden years and frequently needed help even going outside to take care of business, Tina was more than happy to dog-sit whenever Jake and Sherri asked. Plus, they paid her well.


Jake had intended to text Tina that they had changed their plans and were not going to a movie after dinner, but he had somehow gotten distracted and forgot all about it. As a result, Jake and Sherri were met with a surprise as they walked silently across their back patio and looked in through the sliding glass doors.

Sherri noticed first, and quietly exclaimed, “Holy shit!”

Jake turned and looked, and added, “Well, fuck me!”

There sat their petite, young pet-sitter on the couch, completely naked with her knees spread far apart and her ankles crossed. She had a towel under her ass, and she was rubbing a pink vibrator up and down through her shaved pussy-lips.

As they stared, Jake’s dick came quickly back to life, and he began rubbing it through his pants, again. Sherri rubbed her pussy through her skirt and fondled one of her exposed tits.

“Shit!” Sherri said. “Look at the reflection in the picture behind her!”

They could clearly see that Tina was watching a porn movie on their big TV, and that the scene was of two young, attractive women and one good-looking guy.

One woman was on her back on a bed, the other one was standing but bent over and eating her pussy. The guy was fucking the standing girl from behind, while holding her face pressed into the other girl’s snatch, driving it back and forth as he fucked her and had her dangling tits swaying in time to his thrusts.

“Holy shit!” Sherri repeated. “We need to get in there!”

“What are you going to do?” Jake asked. He wasn’t sure if he detected a note of anger in his wife’s voice.

“We’re going to fucking join her!” she declared.

Jake and Sherri quietly entered their bedroom through its patio door, and walked out into the hallway. They entered the living room from Tina’s left, and she didn’t notice them standing there watching her with her dildo as she concentrated on the trio on the screen.

By now, the two women were in a sixty-nine with the one on top licking rapidly at the other’s cunt. The girl on bottom had her head bent up, giving her friend a full-mouth pussy-suck while the guy was pressing his cock-head into the top girl’s upturned little asshole.

Sherri strode into the room, and said loudly, “To say that I’m shocked doesn’t come close to what I’m feeling, Tina!”

Startled, Tina jumped, threw the dildo behind her on the couch, and grabbed her shirt to cover herself up. She frantically searched for the remote to stop the movie as Sherri stepped in front of her.

“Stand up, young lady!” Sherri demanded.

Her eyes wide with fear, Tina stood, pulling her legs tightly together and still holding the shirt over her small, naked tits.

Sherri pulled the shirt from her fingers, and threw it on the couch. Tina reacted by putting one arm and her hand across her tits, and covering her pussy with her other hand.

Sherri grabbed both of her wrists, and pulled them out and down. “Arms at your sides, Tina!” Sherri commanded.

It was only then that Tina noticed that the other woman’s tits were bare and hanging out of her blouse. An element of confusion was added to the fear in her eyes as she looked at Sherri’s face.

“I am shocked, Tina!” Sherri repeated. “But I am also so fucking turned Escort Kemerburgaz on by you right now that I can’t wait to throw you down and eat your hot little pussy!”

Tina just blinked as her mouth hung open.

Sherri reached up, held Tina’s face between her hands, and kissed her hard. As she ground her lips into the young girl’s, she moved one hand to the back of her head, pushing her fingers into her short, sandy hair, while running her other hand down her back and onto her tight little ass.

Still surprised—but no longer terrified—Tina responded in kind, kissing back, and reaching up to grab Sherri’s exposed tits.

As Sherri pulled Tina’s naked body against her, she broke their kiss just long enough to tell Jake, “Get these clothes off of me! I want to feel this hot little body rubbing against mine!”

Jake reached between the two women’s bodies and unfastened the last few buttons on his wife’s blouse, He then slipped it from her shoulders and down one arm at a time.

As Sherri and Tina wrapped their arms around each other and mashed their tits together while they kissed, Jake crouched, pulled down the zipper on his wife’s skirt, and then tugged it from between their touching bellies, pulling it to the floor.

Sherri kicked the skirt away and began grinding her landing-strip pussy-mound into Tina’s bald one.

In his crouch, Jake ran a hand up each woman’s bare leg until he cupped a naked ass-cheek in each hand. He then pushed on the two asses as he massaged his fingers into the soft flesh.

Sherri reached down and gave her husband’s head a light shove that set him off balance and onto his ass.

“Sorry, baby,” Sherri said. “This is girls only! You’ll get your turn, but for now, just sit back and enjoy the show!” With that she went back to hungrily kissing their young sitter.

Jake got up, pulled an easy-chair around from facing the TV to facing the two women, and then picked up the TV’s remote and turned it off. As hot as the scene on the screen was—the guy was fucking one girl on her back while the other sat on her face and rocked her hips while rubbing her own clit—it would only be a distraction from the fantasy-come-true live-action playing out in front of him.

It had long been obvious to Jake that his wife was turned on by the hot girl/girl scenes in the porn videos that they watched, but she had never talked about actually wanting to try it in reality. Of course, who to try it with would have been a problem, anyway. She couldn’t very well risk asking one of her friends, “Hey, would you like to come over to the house some night for a glass of wine and try some hot lesbian sex?” And picking up a stranger—at a bar or off the Internet—would be even further out of the question.

That they stumbled upon their cute, trusted, and long-time neighbor while she was watching porn and frigging her pussy with a dildo in their own living room—and when Sherri just happened to be off-the-charts horny—was the stuff that fiction was made of. Jake couldn’t guess what Gods of lust had worked together to make it all a reality, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to question it.

He sat down in the chair after deciding to keep his clothes on for now. That he had blown a load of cum down his leg in the car would take the urgency off of his next orgasm, and he wanted this fantasy to last as long as possible. To that end, he just rubbed the sticky bulge in his pants while he watched the two naked women in front of him.

While the women kissed, they ran their hands all over each other’s bodies as they twisted and moved subtly to grind their hips and tits together.

Jake was struck by the marvelous contrast between the two women. His wife, a couple inches taller than Tina, was about fifteen years older, and had a slightly more “mature” figure. She was still stunning, with a wonderfully round bubble-butt and firm tits with large, dark areolas and stiff nipples the size of a little-finger. But her sexy features now blended with a little more curve than they had back when they started dating in college.

Tina, on the other hand, although she was twenty, looked like she was barely legal. She had perky b-cup tits with little pink nipples, a flat belly and small waist, and narrow hips. Her ass, although smaller and flatter than Sherri’s, was still adorable and fit perfectly with her sexy “little girl” appearance.

Even their skin color was a sexy contrast. Sherri’s skin was olive, befitting her Mediterranean heritage, while Tina was fair-skinned but wore a deep tan that left almost white tan lines atop her small tits and her cute ass.

In his perverted mind’s eye, Jake was seeing them as a mother and daughter—one of his favorite taboo fantasies.

As he watched and ground his palm into his trapped boner, Sherri guided Tina backward and into a sitting position on the couch. She dropped to her knees, and lightly slid her hands up and down the young girl’s inner thighs. She didn’t need to force her legs apart—Tina Kemerburgaz Escort Bayan had them spread as far as she could get them, all by herself.

Sherri looked up at Tina’s face, and asked, “Have you ever done this before? Been with another girl?”

Tina shook her head and uttered, “Uh uh.”

Sherri smiled, and replied, “Me neither.” She then blew a stream of cool air on the girl’s drenched pussy, and added, “But you’re okay with it? You’re okay if I kiss your cute little pussy?”

Tina nodded vigorously, and answered, “Oh, yes! Oh, yes!”

Sherri leaned in, pursed her lips, and placed a loving kiss on her first-ever pussy. She allowed her lips to part, as if kissing a mouth, and extended her tongue to trace the delicate slit that she was imagining was kissing her back.

Tina closed her eyes and let out a soft, “Oh, my God!”

That reaction, coupled with the taste and feel of the young girl’s pussy in her mouth sent a bolt of electricity to Sherri’s already wet cunt, and she felt a dribble of pussy-juice run down her leg.

Sherri lifted her mouth from Tina’s pussy, and asked her, “Does your boyfriend ever do this?”

“No. He thinks it’s gross to lick where I pee,” Tina replied.

“But I’ll bet he’s fine with you taking his pecker in your mouth though, huh?”

“Oh, yeah! He loves for me to suck his dick!” Tina answered.

Sherri chuckled, and with a glance over her shoulder at her husband, she said sarcastically, “Men!”

“Hey! Don’t lump me in that group!” he said as he squeezed the head of his confined cock with his fingers. “You just say the word and I’ll come over and stick my tongue anywhere you want it!”

Sherri chuckled, again, and replied, “All in due time, baby. Me first!”

Sherri then went back to making sweet oral love to Tina’s pussy, encouraged and aroused by the contented moans and mews that her actions produced from the young girl.

She covered Tina’s smooth pussy-lips with her open mouth, and as she gently sucked she extended her tongue between the lips and into the entrance to her cunt-hole. She wiggled her tongue-tip around within the soft, sensitive flesh and heard Tina groan, “Oh, yes! Oh, that feels so nice! Oh, God!”

Sherri was having exactly the same reaction, herself. Eating her first pussy was as exciting and arousing for her as it was for Tina.

She couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to have a wet pussy pressing back against her lips, and to feel a soft, warm cunt-hole sucking on her tongue. She understood, very quickly, why her husband liked eating her pussy so much.

And then, of course, there was the taste. Sherri had naturally tasted her own pussy-juice from her fingers, her dildo, and her husband’s cock, and although this taste was similar, it was different enough to add even more arousal to the new experience. Plus, she wasn’t getting the wonderful salty-musky taste secondhand; licking and sucking it off of something. She was getting it right from the source, and she was making it flow!

Sherri cupped her hands under Tina’s little ass, and slid her forward. As her butt left the edge of the couch, supported by Sherri’s hands, Tina lifted her legs and then extended her arms over them, pulling her knees back and nearly folding herself in half with her pussy rotated upward in Sherri’s face.

Both Jake and Sherri were impressed by the flexibility of the young girl, and as Jake squashed his boner against his sticky leg with his palm, his wife doubled-down on her cunt eating.

Sucking hard on Tina’s bald pussy, Sherri wiggled her tongue up through her drenched slit to find her clit. The little nub seemed to be smaller than her own, but was obviously just as sensitive.

First, Sherri flicked her tongue-tip over the hooded little bump, and Tina let out a long, “Ahh!” at the glorious new sensation. Then, Sherri mashed her tongue as hard into the nub as she could, and ground its rough surface around on the delicate stump of flesh.

Tina threw her head back and with her eyes tightly closed, she moaned, “Oh, shit!”

She had rubbed her own clit, of course, and even buzzed it with her vibrator, but the combined sensations of having Sherri’s mouth sucking on her pussy along with the incredible feel of her soft-but-rough tongue grinding into it was beyond imagining.

After a couple minutes of enjoying Tina’s clit and the reactions that her sucking and varied tongue-techniques generated in the young girl, Sherri moved her mouth downward, and once again pushed her tongue into Tina’s cunt-hole, probing and wiggling as deep as she could. While she tongue-fucked the tight hole, she reached up and gently massaged Tina’s abandoned clit with her thumb.

Although she could never have seen or heard how Tina reacted as she approached an orgasm, Sherri was pretty sure from the girl’s mews, her deeper breathing, and the way that her legs twitched that it was on its way, very quickly.

But as much as Sherri wanted to experience the taste and the feel of her first cunt-eruption, she wanted the build-up to last just a bit longer … for both herself and for Tina.

With the young girl’s hips rotated upward, Sherri moved her mouth farther downward until her lips encircled Tina’s exposed and upturned asshole, and then she flicked the tip of her tongue around and across the tight little pucker.

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