The Shower Surprise Ch. 2The Shower Surprise Ch. 2


Settling upon his lap, she allowed herself to be tenderly dried off with the fluffy towel he held between his strong hands.

Her head bent to one side as he gingerly patted her neck and shoulders, the soft material of the towel brushing against her alabaster skin. His large hands, surprisingly gentle and sure in their administration. His dark brow furrowed in thought as he moved the baby pink bath sheet from the curve of her neck down to her tiny wrists. Leaning back against his chest, she turned her head slightly to look at him from the corners of her eyes, smiling softly to herself as she noticed the look of contentment upon his face. Between a sigh and a moan, she rested against his body, as her fingers lazily running up and down his furry, muscular thighs.

Her bottom squirming against him, she could feel his renewed need for her, pressing against her with increasing urgency. A low moan escaping from her lips, as she unconsciously rolled her hips back and forth against his hardness.

The towel he had been holding in his hands just moments before, dropped without a thought to the floor, as his hands reached around and started to tug and roll her turgid nipples between his long fingers. Lifting one hand, her arm crooked she tangled her fingers in his dark hair, before pulling his head down to hers. Her mouth eagerly seeking out his, sucking his lower lip into hers, chewing gently with her teeth, before snaking her tongue into his mouth. Grazing against his Alanya Escort teeth, sweeping along the insides of his mouth, exploring with growing fervor.

One hand gliding from her sensitive nipple, past her tummy, to her mound. Slowly, dragging one fingertip from the top of her still swollen pussy lips, slipping just between her shaven slit, before sliding down to her entrance.

The smell of sex permeating the air, as thick as the steam from the earlier shower, rolling off their bodies, filling the large tiled bathroom.

Grinding her ass against his hard dick, as she pulled her mouth away from his, her lips finding their way to the crook of his neck as her hands follow his in play of her wet cunt. Her small, delicate fingers guiding his strong, powerful ones to her burgeoning clit. Shivering with delight, pressing her body even more firmly, against his powerful chest. With her right hand over his, guiding him even more urgently, to stroke her clit in smaller circles.

Her tongue lapping the small bite marks, in between nipping his neck with her teeth, as her excitement grew. Her ass aggressively pushing against his hot cock, his huge cum filled balls straining to be released.

While his long fingers increased the tempo against her button, his left hand released the grip he had on her nipple long enough to reach between their moist bodies. Lifting her slightly from his lap, he grasped his thick shaft with his hand, before poising Alanya Escort Bayan it at her anus.

Simultaneously raising his hips while pulling her body down, in one swift motion, impaling her on his hard member.

Her big brown eyes, momentarily, widening in shock before glazing over with heavy lids. The huge orbs rolling back into her head just before closing completely to reopen them. Looking her lover straight in the eye, their gazes steadily watching one another as she winced with the strange mixture of pain and pleasure. Her pearly teeth drawing a small amount of blood from the lip she had trapped between them.

A low animalistic guttural growl emitting from deep within her throat, her body quivering, she began to use her legs to move up and down his length.

The fingers on his right hand moving down to her dripping pussy, burying them deep inside her, as his thumb started rubbing her clit with renewed fervor. Sharply yanking her head back by her wet hair, roughly sucking on her creamy throat. As he instinctively felt her body quickly approaching her orgasm, his hips began bucking in an upward motion just as his fingers jammed inside her, the fingertips reaching to stroke her G-spot, the thumb pressing even harder against her swollen button.

Her body pauses seconds, before it starts the jerky dance, signaling her climax. Her mouth closing before reopening in the shape of an O, her breaths coming in short puffs. A second Escort Alanya long silent scream, before her voice found its way out, a long moan of release emitting from deep within.

Within seconds of her own climax, unable to hold back any longer, his strong body began twitching. Grunting loudly while muttering ‘Oh fuckkk’ …..and with one final thrust upwards far inside her anal canal… he emptied his tight, full balls. In a seemingly never ending orgasm, squirting his spunk in a huge gush deep into her tight ass.

His thumb slowed its movement, his fingers that were still buried inside her slit slowly moved caressingly out onto her folds. Wrapping his left arm around her waist, embracing her in a hug, he softly kissed her neck and shoulders. Sighing with contentment, her hands once again stroke the outside of his thighs. Turning her head to the side to look at his handsome face, while smiling at him smugly.

Thinking to himself, he thought he could almost hear her purring like a lil kitty. Broadly grinning back at her, he said “So how was that for an encore, sugar?”

Grinning mischievously now, she replied, “Hmmmm I’m not quite sure, maybe another curtain call is in order before I can form adequate opinion.”

With a booming laugh he hugged her small body tighter to him, before answering back …. “I’m sure that can be arranged shortly sweetheart, as soon as all the performers have had a little intermission.”

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