A Throuple’s Adventure Ch. 05A Throuple’s Adventure Ch. 05


Author’s note: I’ve written and rewritten this final chapter several times. I really wanted to give these characters I love the send off they deserve. I feel this is the right one. Do note that there’s some more extensive tease denial and bdsm play in this chapter, as there always is when Riley is involved. If that’s not your thing, read no further! Enjoy!

Bryn, Zoe, and Damian showed up at the house in the late morning on Sunday and Riley greeted them with brunch. The four of them ate and talked, first gathering in the kitchen, then migrating to the living room, and then back to standing around the kitchen again. They discussed the mundane daily life things that hadn’t been touched since they started this affair like work schedules, favorite places to relax after said work schedules, and how they balanced it all. Even with the shifting roles in the bedroom, they were becoming close friends like any good romantic pairing. But those roles did come up again, of course.

“So where do you three see this going if we..play.. today?” Damian said. He looked at Riley, looking his body up and down with quietly lustful eyes. Riley soaked up his gaze, still not used to being so desired by a man. Damian, Bryn, and Zoe looked as stunning as ever. Maybe it was Riley’s imagination, but he could swear they looked like they were glowing from their adventures the last two days. They were certainly all smiles and Riley loved to see them that way.

“If! That’s a good one.” Riley replied with a smirk that he intended to convey that he had noticed Damian’s lustful look at him.

“Well look, we’ve been having a great time the last couple of hours just hanging out. Didn’t want to presume!” Damian explained with a chuckle.

“Mmhmm..” Riley shot back facetiously.

Bryn watched their banter with amusement before chiming in.

“I’ve been thinking about something,” she said. The other 3 turned their attention to her. “We’ve spent all weekend on three of us –Damian, Zoe and I. Today should be about Riley. But we all know Riley has some unconventional tastes..”

Zoe seemed to finish Bryn’s thought. “Riley’s got a thing about access to us..or something along those lines, right? And he has a thing for Damian –clearly! So what if we gave Damian the metaphorical keys to, well..us, tonight? Not gonna lie that would turn me on too.”

Riley’s dick hardened at the idea, which was thinly veiled with Zoe’s own motives. He had been loving the endless fantasies of what Bryn and Zoe were doing with Damian while they were gone and he couldn’t stop thinking about all the things they did for Damian that he absolutely knew they would never consider for him. Having that dynamic at play while Damian controlled how Riley could participate was a very enticing thought.

“Well Riley, what do you say? You going to let me tell you what you’re allowed to do with your girls tonight? I mean, shit, you already can’t fuck them until I do first, right?” Damian asked with that almost arrogant grin that Riley couldn’t help but be charmed by.

“You’re right. Why not take it all the way..sir?” Riley shot back his own grin and looked to Bryn and Zoe for their reaction. It was the first time he had called Damian “sir” in front of them. He could see their eyes widen, hearing it in person. Zoe leaned into Damian’s side and lightly caressed his chest as his hand floated to her ass. Bryn bit her lip and looked back and forth between Damian and Riley. He could see that the new dynamic between him and Damian turned them on. Damian tried to hide a smug excitement, like he had just won a game. In a way, he had and Riley knew it had been a long time coming.

“So let’s make this fun then,” Damian said, now unable to hide his big smile. “Until I say so, you’re not allowed to touch Bryn and Zoe. Like it’s a strip club, right? Funny thing is that Bryn and Zoe taught me this game. You might know it?”

Riley did in fact know the game. It was a favorite roleplay of theirs where Bryn and Zoe pretended to be strippers and they would tease him while he was “hands-free” and unable to do anything but endure whatever they did to him.

“So Riley, go sit in that chair in the living room.” Damian ordered.

“Yes, sir,” Riley obeyed.

“We’re going to give Riley a show, ladies,” Damian said as Riley assumed his place in the living room.

“Okay!” Bryn and Zoe both said with almost giddy excitement. When the three of them entered the living room after him, Damian had Bryn and Zoe in each of his muscular arms.

“So normally you’d strip for Riley, right?” he asked them as they stood in front of him.

“Mmhmm!” they replied simultaneously.

“So this time, I am going to strip you down myself.”

Riley watched them interact with Damian with lust and intrigue. He knew they were playing this up for him but he also felt that there was something earnest about the way they looked at Damian. In a very real way, he had them wrapped around his finger. It was hot to see them act like that for anyone but more gaziantep jigolo than that, it was relatable. As far as Riley was concerned, that gorgeous man could have anything he wanted.

He continued watching as Damian lowered the straps of Bryn’s silky blouse from behind her. Riley hadn’t even noticed that she hadn’t been wearing a bra so his jaw dropped slightly in surprise as the top dropped and her perky tits were revealed.

“So you gave me the ‘keys’ to your body right?” Damian asked her. She smiled and nodded affirmatively.

“So if I wanted to touch these-” She didn’t let him finish before she briskly guided his hand to cup one of her breasts. He chuckled and grabbed both of them, squeezing them tightly.

“And what if I never gave Riley permission to touch these again?” He continued, looking Riley in the eyes and continuing to grope her. She turned around to face Damian and looked him in the eyes.

“Then I guess Riley doesn’t get to touch them again,” Bryn said and pulled him into a make-out session.

Zoe intently watched them make out and then gave Riley a knowing smile. They were flirting with fantasy and reality and of course Riley understood that. The exciting part was finding out how much the line between the two would be blurred. His dick was throbbing as he imagined a reality where he really couldn’t touch his own lover’s chest anymore. Damian continued undressing her as they kissed. Her top dropped to the floor at her feet and her black pants joined them around her ankles. Lastly her tiny lace thong, which Riley didn’t even know she owned, dropped to the floor and she was completed naked.

“Babe, why don’t you go sit in Riley’s lap and give him some company over there? Give him a close up of what he can’t have..yet,” Damian said and slapped her ass as she left him. She flashed a smile back at him as she went to sit. Riley could feel heat radiate from Bryn’s pussy as she perched herself on his leg. She hung an arm around his neck and her breasts, now off limits to him, were inches from his face. Bryn noticed his gaze and smiled down at him.

“So close, yet still not yours,” she said softly in Riley’s ear and caressed his cheek. “Even if Damian lets you touch them, they’ll still be his. Isn’t that right?”

Riley gulped and his dick continued to pulsate and throb in his pants even without physical stimulation. He resisted the urge to cum in his pants right then and there, if nothing else because he didn’t want anything to interrupt the feeling of the contrast of Bryn’s tight naked body on his fully clothed one. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was teasing and denying him, it would’ve almost looked like she was demeaning herself in this position. Damian certainly did have a way of turning things upside down.

“Of course,” Riley replied finally and looked into her eyes. “It seems like Damian could own anything of yours if he wanted to.”

Her eyes almost seemed to sparkle as she gave him a smile that seemed to convey reassurance that she did still love him. Then her playful and teasing persona returned to her face.

“It seems that way because it’s true, my love. But I think..” She said slowly and started rubbing Riley’s dick through his pants. “..that you feel the exact same way.”

Riley closed his eyes and used every ounce of willpower he had not to burst. His focus was broken when he heard a slap come from the direction of Damian and Zoe. Damian had her bent over the couch and her dress pulled up above her magnificent ass.

“Mmmm. Tell me, Zoe, who does all this belong to?” Damian asked and slapped her ass again, leaving a red handprint. Zoe moaned a bit before answering.

“It..belongs to you,” she answered between heavy breaths.

“Oh, man.” Damian continued to taunt. “What a shame it would be if Riley never got to slap this ass again. Actually, I have to ask, has he ever?”

“I don’t think he has. He’s too gentle for that.” Zoe said and giggled. Damian started to unzip her dress, releasing the rest of her luscious curves.

“And if he was never allowed to, would you be okay with that?”

“Of course!” Zoe cooed.

Damian pulled her into a lustful kiss, her ample chest pressing into him as he reached around and slapped her ass one more time. Over her shoulder, he met Riley’s eyes. Without speaking, his look said “you’re loving this aren’t you?” and Riley definitely was. He was so enthralled with their spectacle that he didn’t even notice that Bryn had been nibbling on and licking his neck and her perfectly firm tits were pressed against him. As the realization came, he soaked in the sensation. He almost went to grab her ass as she continued but stopped, remembering the rules.

“Such a good boy. I saw you catch yourself. Maybe you’ll get a treat later..or maybe not,” Bryn said softly in his ear. In another life, she would’ve made an excellent dominatrix.

Damian walked over to where they were seated with Zoe, who was now completely stripped. She jigolo gaziantep sat on Riley’s other leg opposite Bryn and began following Bryn’s lead, kissing his neck, and letting her soft body graze him over his clothes. Riley was in absolute heaven between them. He hadn’t been touched since Friday night and definitely missed their presence.

“So ladies,” Damian started to say. The two of them stopped what they were doing and gave him their full attention. Riley couldn’t help but stare at their tits that were so incredibly close to his face and yet still not his to touch. Damian continued. “I want to give Riley an experience he’s never had before while he’s..restricted. So I was thinking either I can suck his dick myself while you two continue doing what you’re doing or you can give him a double blowjob while I take turns fucking you.”

Zoe’s smile was more openly excited than Bryn’s more reserved one.

“I don’t know, Bryn.” Zoe said playfully. “Does Riley deserve our mouths? Our tongues?”

Bryn broke her aloof demeanor and shot her a sideways grin.

“No,” She said bluntly before continuing the banter. “But we deserve Damian’s cock in our pussies, don’t you think?”

The two of them got up from Riley’s lap and got on their hands and knees in front of him. Riley had experienced a lot of things in his lifetime as a bisexual man. A double blowjob was not one of them. Despite having two girlfriends, they had never offered it and he had never asked. He loved that they only did exactly what they wanted with him and he never asked them for anything extra. For Riley, this meant that he could count the number of times either of their lips had even touched his dick on two hands, if that. Even then, they never allowed him to cum in their mouths, his orgasm was almost always ruined, and it was never both of them together. Today it looked like he would be getting at least one of those things.

Bryn took the lead, unzipping Riley’s pants and pulling them off of his legs with his underwear. She started lazily stroking him and getting him fully hard. It didn’t take much in her skillful grip. Zoe gave him a lustful grin before taking his tip into her mouth. Bryn was more distant, reluctantly and lightly licking his shaft until her eyes met Riley’s. She must have seen how much he was enjoying this and she picked up her pace and fervor, even making her way down to his balls, a place neither of them had touched with their mouths before.

Riley took in the magical feeling of two mouths pleasuring him for a few moments before it was interrupted by Damian entering Bryn’s pussy. She immediately lost focus as Damian plunged into her. As he pumped her with a steady ferocity, she could do nothing more than moan with her lips occasionally brushing Riley’s dick. He watched as Bryn’s tits bounced with every motion and as she struggled to stay on all fours. Eventually she lost that battle, collapsing on the floor. Damian squeezed her petitely round hips as he pounded her mercilessly into the carpet.

Zoe kept working Riley by herself even as Bryn was incapacitated. She swirled her tongue around his tip and then took him deep. He saw his dick completely disappear into her mouth as his tip slightly popped into her throat. She even picked up where Bryn had left off and started licking his balls all the way to his tip and back. She smiled coyly at him as her tongue flicked his tip, giving him small lighting bolts of pleasure.

After giving her a shaking orgasm, Damian finally pulled out of Bryn and moved over to enter Zoe. Unlike Bryn, Zoe fought to maintain her focus on blowing Riley. She let loose a muffled sound of pleasure with his dick still in her mouth as Damian slapped her ass and started fucking her roughly. With Bryn’s body and mind now free of Damian’s cock, she recovered her sanity and resumed pleasuring Riley on the other side of Zoe.

They each took turns licking the length of him and dipping his dick into their mouths. Zoe would deep throat him while Bryn would merely suck on his tip; both felt incredible. As he started to squirm in his chair, the two of them gave each other a look, like a secret signal, and they both started licking his tip vigorously on all sides. The sensation of these two magical tongues pleasuring him together in the most sensitive place on his body overloaded his senses. Within just a few seconds Riley could feel an orgasm welling up in him. At the last second, they each pulled away. His dick twitched and spurted uncontrollably. Some of his cum shot onto the floor and some dribbled onto his balls. Bryn smiled mischievously at her handywork and gave his tip one last lick, sending a shock of pleasure through his body, and another stream shot violently out of him.

Zoe, with her mission to make Riley cum complete, was now immersed in Damian’s pounding her from behind. She braced herself using Rileys seat as Damian wrapped a hand around her throat and pulled her back towards him. Her back arched and her gaziantep escort eyes rolled to the back of her head as his pumping grew in intensity. Her bouncing chest was so temptingly close to Riley’s hands but he resisted the urge to move his hands from their locked position at his sides. His dick released another small stream as he watched Damian ravage her. An otherworldly moan escaped her as she orgasmed. Damian kept pushing for just a second longer before he groaned conservatively in a relieved orgasm, cumming inside her. Damian released her hips and she collapsed face forward into Riley’s lap.

Zoe looked up at Riley, drunk with pleasure, and locked lips with him. He embraced her kiss but kept his hands still even as he was tempted instinctively to grope her. As she released his lips she caressed his cheek. He smiled lovingly at her.

“Well, I would say you can have my sloppy seconds now but it seems your dick is pretty useless now, hmm?” Damian taunted him with a devilish grin. Riley grinned back, enjoying Damian’s performance at cruelty.

“I’d still like to try, sir..that is, if you’ll both allow it.” His exhausted dick was already hardening again slightly at hearing himself beg to fuck his own partner. Zoe looked at him, smiling inquisitively like she was trying to figure him out. Clearly, his outright submission to Damian still surprised her. Bryn looked on silently, giving Riley that calculating and almost predatory look he knew so well and aimlessly rubbing her pussy slowly.

“Up to Damian,” Zoe said with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

“I’ll allow it but I have some conditions.” Riley’s dick stood at attention once more. Damian glanced at it and gave him a half smile as he continued. “First, you’re still not allowed to touch her tits with your hands or your mouth. Second, you’re only allowed to fuck her in missionary. Also, why don’t we take this to the bedroom?”

“Yes, sir,” Riley said, even more turned on by these restrictions than just the idea of fucking Zoe’s cum-filled pussy. Riley walked behind her to the bedroom and watched as cum dripped down her thick thighs from her pussy. She was still coming down from the high of her orgasm and didn’t have a care in the world.

As they approached the bed, Zoe pulled Riley down into it, shoving her tongue down his throat. Riley’s hands floated up her rib cage subconsciously. She pushed them firmly back down her body to her waist.

“Too close, babe. My tits are not for you, remember? This..” She pointed to her coated pussy. “..is for you, for now anyway.”

Riley wasted no time after that to start pushing himself inside her. She was loose from fucking Damian and Riley was not his biggest anyway, having already cum once. Those facts combined with Damians cum serving as his lube meant there was basically no resistance to his penetration. As he picked up speed, Bryn came to Zoe’s side and started making out with her and feeling up her chest. Bryn looked over to see if he had noticed what she was doing. Her devilish smile at him confirmed that she was intentionally teasing him. He smiled and closed his eyes as he took in the feeling of Zoe’s slick pussy engulfing his dick. The pleasure fueled his thrusts and his thrusts increased the pleasure in a blissful cycle.

Damian had been sitting on the edge of the bed and keeping himself hard watching the three of them before he got up and came around to get on his knees behind Riley in bed. He reached for some lube and coated his cock in it.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if I borrowed your ass Riley, would you? I can only watch for so long, you know,” Damian said as his tip parted Riley’s asscheeks and rubbed against his asshole.

“You don’t have to ask, sir. It’s always yours when you want it,” Riley replied. Damian chuckled quietly.

“Seems I own quite a bit these days, don’t I..” He said before pushing his tip into Riley’s hole.

While Bryn and Zoe had been fucking him with bigger dildos since their first night with Damian, nothing ever compared to the real thing. He stopped fucking Zoe momentarily to slowly back up on Damian’s cock until it was snugly inside him. The two of them met each other’s thrusting and bucking in an wild uncontrollable rhythm as the tempo picked up. As his ass slid off of Damian’s cock, his own dick entered Zoe’s warm pussy. As he pulled away from the silky sweet pleasure of her slit, his ass collided with Damian’s brute force all over again, a different but equally intense pleasure. Time seemed to slow as he felt himself lose control in the moment, fucking and getting fucked all at once.

He came out of his daze as Bryn shoved him lightly.

“You’re done,” Bryn said matter of factly and punctuated the sentence with a peck on his cheek. Riley obediently pulled out of Zoe and shifted to the side of her. Damian stayed with him, his cock firmly lodged in his ass. He continued fucking Riley as they got settled and caressed his back softly. Riley felt the remnants of Zoe’s creampie dripping from his dick as it swung beneath him, still twitching from the aftershock of fucking her. Damian groaned as they both enjoyed each impact. Damian wrapped his arm around Riley’s chest and grasped his shoulder, pulling Riley back towards him, and lovingly kissing him. For a moment they gazed intensely into each other’s eyes as they fucked with wild abandon.

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