The Sex Crystals Pt. 04The Sex Crystals Pt. 04


This chapter follows on from Part 3. This section includes the whole Ross family getting it on with each other as well as other people. Although, as the author, I should be able to direct what happens in the story, my natural passivity can be a negative. As such, it is distinctly possible that the characters will escape from the authors’ control and who knows what will happen then? Be assured, however, that any and all sexual encounters will only involve people who have passed their eighteenth birthday.

Since I didn’t like the way the previous two parts were split up (by me) so that those who didn’t want to read about gay sex and/or gay incest didn’t have to, I have simply let this part run on and, whatever happens (and whoever it happens to) happens.

This part takes a bit to get going as the Ross family need to get home and that is going to take a while. If you read on, you’ll see why!

As always, I hope you enjoy it! If not, please let me know what I have done wrong and I will see if I can correct the situation at a later stage.

It was about an hour later. Davey had shown Mike where the phone was and Mike had managed to get in touch with only the fourth breakdown guy he tried who, for a wonder, actually had a suitable spare tyre in stock. The bad news was that the guy lived a good hour and a half away and, as it was now very late (Mike was stunned to discover it was almost a quarter to midnight), he would be some time.

This didn’t bother anyone in the Ross family, however. All of them sat on the sofa in various states of undress, fondling each other and not caring who touched what where and when. Aimee had spent a good five minutes instructing her brother on the finer arts of kissing a girl. Not, she admitted to herself, because he needed to be told anything, but because, whilst practice makes perfect, if you keep practising you’ll never forget. Or some such bullshit.

But, basically, Robbie was the best kisser she’d ever met and fuck if she was going to let him get away any time soon. He was just so damned nice about it all. The revelation that he was fairly subservient to his former girlfriends had awakened a strange spirit in her and she was determined that her gorgeous older brother wouldn’t be a walkover any longer.

But the way he kissed her! Fuck! Wow! So soft! So gentle! So cute, with his hands roaming across her bare back, lightly – almost reverentially – touching her, before bunching up in her hair. He seemed desperate for her to enjoy what he was doing and by all that was holy, enjoy it she did!

Meanwhile, Sarah and Mike were also kissing; more than they had in weeks. Months! Indeed, Sarah couldn’t remember the last time she and her husband had locked lips so often. Possibly not since before the kids had been born!

Both Mike and Sarah would whisper “I love you” to the other every so often, when their lips weren’t welded together. Both had witnessed the other doing things they wouldn’t have imagined them doing over the past… however long it was, but – instead of jealousy – they had both discovered that the feelings of love they had for each other were enhanced.

Every so often, they would turn to the kids and smile at them. Then one would kiss one of their children, whilst the other kissed the other one and it didn’t matter who was who. More “I love you”‘s were shared and the entire Ross family realised that, indeed they did love each other more now than ever before. Certainly, there was a lot to discuss about tonight, but that could wait. Tonight was for them.

Across the room, Will watched the family with mild interest, but with a deep-seated concern on his face. The crystal around his neck was no longer speaking to the various Ross family members. Instead, it was giving him instructions and – for a change – they weren’t about fucking.

Will listened to what the crystal had to say, but he didn’t like it one bit. The crystal glowed with that ugly red colour that it would turn when balked. The demands got louder. Will tried to ignore them, but he knew it was not going to be possible.

I don’t like it, he thought.

Tough shit, came the voice of the crystal. It’s what we need. You had your time. You served your purpose. We need more.

But, what about me? What about Davey and Tim? You’ve been with us a long time!

There are more of us. Go where you found us. There more of us will be. We will stay with you and the others will go with them. You have served your purpose. You have earned your rewards.

But how can you be sure they won’t tell…

Tell who? Tell what? That a magic crystal is leading them along? Would anyone have believed you if you had told them that? Did your own mother believe it?

That stung. You know she didn’t

Neither will anyone else. We are safe. They will be safe. They will serve our purpose now, just as you have. sahibe escort And they will be rewarded, just as you have been. And we will get what we want, just as they get what they want. And we who are here will stay with you. We all win.

I still don’t fucking like it!

You have no choice. You know this. You know what will happen if you defy us!

Will knew only too well. Pain. And that would only be the start! Pain forever. Pain so bad, he would want nothing more than the agony to end. But the crystal controlled him. It would not let him end his pain and it would hurt him more the more he tried. And then the rest.

Will didn’t want to think about the rest. He still woke up, sweating, when he remembered the horrific, gnarled husk that had once been his mother after she denied the crystals once too often. Davey and Tim had never known about that. Will had simply told them she had died and he had put her in her casket, which she had picked out when her husband had died and which had been in the storage shed out back for twenty years. Their mother had suffered. Will didn’t want to suffer like that.

OK, he agreed, finally. I’ll do it. Just remember, I’m not happy about it!

We will remember, the crystal told him, although it was basically a “fuck you” thought.

Will got up and went into the kitchen and, from there, out of the back door. He looked at the field behind the house. It was rotten. Dead. Nothing could grow there, now. The soil was destroyed, lifeless. Even grass couldn’t take root in that shit.

About half a mile away, he could see what looked like a huge lump of rock; the cause of the destruction of the soil. All these years later, the ground around the lump still glowed purple, ominously. He sighed and wandered across the field.

Several minutes later, he was sweating like a pig and it had nothing to do with the walk. The area around the rock was extremely hot, all this time later. It was scorching, even on the coldest day. Snow and frost couldn’t take hold anywhere near the rock, leaving a perfect circle of bare, dry ground. Even light rain had been known to evaporate with an ugly hissing sound like a swarm of snakes when it came down. It would vanish before hitting the rock or the ground. Only very heavy rain could make it all the way down to the ground and any raindrops that landed on the rock would spurt and sizzle like water on an extremely hot pan, before rapidly boiling away.

Will looked on the ground near the lump of rock. It wasn’t really rock, he knew. Instead, it was a huge ball of crystal of the same kind as the lump he and his brothers wore around their necks. But a huge ball of purple crystal looks odd in a field, so the three of them had covered it in soil early on so that people in the light aircraft that sometimes flew over from the airfield a few miles away couldn’t spot it.

Will didn’t know exactly what he was looking for, although he knew the crystal would tell him when he had found it. It wasn’t part of the huge lump of rock, which had seemed impervious to anything the boys had thrown at it, he knew that much. It would be something on the ground.

Being here now, he could remember the day the rock had smashed into the ground some fifteen years earlier as clearly as if it had happened only minutes ago. He could hear the whistle of the rock as it forced the air ahead of it to go around it, the roar of the ground as the rock slammed into it, the pattering sound as displaced soil that had been blown into the air came down in clumps. And, finally, the silence.

Now, the silence hit him again. It was always silent here.

Suddenly, the voice of the crystal came to him. There! That! The voice commanded him. Like an automaton, Will leant down and picked up the unremarkable bit of purple crystal that had been indicated, one that looked – to him at least – just like any other bit of crystal that was lying around.

The crystal around his neck glowed a faint purple, a clear sign that it was happy enough. Over the next couple of minutes it pointed out three more bits of crystal and Will picked them up without complaint.

Good! Now…

The crystal instructed Will. He did things without knowing what they were. It only seemed to take a moment.

His tasks complete, Will returned to the house. As he got there, he saw the Ross family waiting to leave.

“Goin’ are ya?” he asked.

“Yes,” Mike answered. “The recovery guy just called to say he’d be here in a few minutes. We need to get to the car before he gets here or he’s apt to piss off home again!”

Will creased his forehead. The last he had heard, the recovery vehicle was at least 90 minutes away and that had been only a few minutes before he had left the house. But time went screwy near the crystal, he knew. Standing near to it, what could sahibe escort bayan seem in his head like just a few moments could actually be an hour or more. Plus, he had been working on…something. No matter how hard he tried, he could not remember what. Oh, well. It probably didn’t matter. He shook his head to clear the thought.

“Well, go on, then. Fuck off!” He laughed. The Ross family smiled back at him.

A warning note sounded in his head. The crystal around his neck began to turn red. Will nodded. I know, I know, he thought. I’m getting to it!

Get to it faster!

“Got these for yer,” Will said and put out his hand. The Ross family, as one, looked down at his open palm. Each gasped. Will looked down and recoiled in surprise, almost dropping what was in his hand.

Instead of four shapeless lumps of crystal, he now held four shaped pieces of crystal. In his mind, he could almost see himself shaping the crystals, using the main lump of crystal as both a grinder and a kind of drill. It had to be the crystal doing the work, he knew. He didn’t have anything like the dexterity required to create the shapes in his hand and nothing he owned was strong enough to cut into the crystal structure itself. Each shape contained a single loop of crystal, whose meaning was clear; this was where to hang the chain from.

“For us?” Robbie was the first one of the Ross family to recover himself.

“Uh. Yeah. From. Y’know.” Will pointed at the crystal around his neck.

Aimee quickly understood. “We’re getting our own crystals!” She was delighted. In her mind, she had secretly feared that, once outside the influence of the crystals she and her family would never… Oh, come on! If you can’t say it to yourself, who can you say it to? You want to fuck them again. All of them! Even mum! Over and over! And, you worried that they might not feel the same way if the crystals weren’t there to… to guide them!

Yes, this was what she had feared; that her family wouldn’t want her again. But worse, she had feared that they might start to grow apart – maybe even hate each other – because of what they had done.

Aimee didn’t regret a damned thing and wanted to do it again and again for the rest of her days, but she had worried that she might be on her own in that. Now, her worries were (hopefully) over.

“Yeah,” Will answered. “Take ’em.” He offered his hand again.

“I want that one,” Aimee said and picked up one that was shaped like a horse. Only, not like a horse might have been more appropriate. Aimee was a big fan of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series of books and, in one of them, a character called Tiffany Aching (yes, really!) had been given a silver chain that was shaped in what was referred to as “not what a horse looks like, but what a horse be!”

The crystal in Aimee’s hand looked like that. It was in the shape of something that could be a horse, but could just as easily be a koala if you looked at it in the right way (or the wrong way). To Aimee, it wasn’t a horse; it was the essence of a horse and she loved it.

“And that’s mine,” Robbie said, picking out one that looked like a representation of a devil. It was quite cool and yet, still a little crude because the end of the tail dropped down behind the legs and split into an arrow. However, from the front it looked like the tail came down between the legs like some sort of massive, dangling phallus. It was so long and placed in such a way as to seem positively pornographic. Robbie thought the crystal was the single greatest thing he’d ever seen in his life. Except for his sister. And maybe his mother.

“I like this one,” Sarah said, picking up one that had been shaped like a flower. Not a rose or anything romantically twee like that. Perhaps some sort of crocus, she decided. Whatever it was, it looked adorable and, with the purple light glowing inside it, it looked almost alive.

“I guess that leaves me with this one,” Mike said in an unimpressed way, whilst picking up the last crystal.

This last crystal was shaped in the representation of a bee, but not a very realistic one. It had a squat body and round head, with two little antennae coming out of the front. The wings seemed almost tacked on at the back, as if they were an afterthought and the six legs swung out in a mirror fashion. It was, quite frankly, bloody ugly, but as soon as Mike picked it up and it caught a reflection of the dim moonlight, he saw that it was actually very intricate and not at all as childish and cartoony as he had originally thought. The light inside glowed slightly and Mike was now convinced that he had the best crystal of the four. It was his and it was perfect.

“Come on,” Will said after a few minutes watching the Ross family stare at their crystals. “Let’s get you gone. I’ll come with yer, cos there’s stuff yer need to know about these crystals. I ain’t got escort sahibe time to tell yer it all, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Or maybe you’ll get tole later.”

So saying, Will pushed the Ross family lightly towards their car. Each of them shook their heads, trying to clear their minds. The crystals were already the only things they could think about and they couldn’t take their eyes off them.

Will understood what was happening. The crystals were imprinting on their new owners, but at the same time, the new owners were imprinting on the crystals. A weird battle of wills was going on. Will, Davey and Tim had gone through the same thing when they had first picked up their crystals so very long ago.

There was no fighting this whilst the crystals were in sight. It had taken their devotion and absolute adherence to their mother’s commands to stop them simply staring at the crystals until they starved to death. This really wouldn’t do. “Put ’em in yer pockets,” Will said. “Or you’ll never get to yer car!”

Dazed, confused and seeming to fight his hand the whole way, Robbie put his devil in his jeans pocket. As soon as it was hidden away, he seemed to come back to himself. “Come on, guys,” he said and headed towards the car.

Aimee and Mike did the same thing and the three of them headed off across the field. They were so self-involved at this point that they almost left Sarah behind! She was in a dress and had no pockets to put her flower into. After waving his hand in front of his wife’s face to try and get her attention, Mike was forced to gently prise it from her hand and placed it in his pocket next to his bee. Instantly, Sarah was back to her normal self and the group headed towards the car.

As they walked across the field, Will started to speak. “Now,” he began, “don’t interrupt. I got things you need to know and we ain’t got time for no debatin’ shit, OK?” He didn’t wait for a reply before continuing.

“So, first thing is, yer can’t tell no-one about these things. Not what they are, not where you got ’em from, nothin’. Wear ’em, that’s fine. That’s what them loops are for. Put ’em on a chain, but make sure it’s a strong one – as strong as you can get. Ain’t nothin’ going to break the crystal, or at least we ain’t found nothin’ strong enough to do it, but yer will need a strong chain so’s you don’t lose ’em.

“Next, these things don’t talk to yer.” He put his hand up to stop the four members of the Ross family from speaking in disagreement. “No. I know that’s what yer think. That’s even how it feels. But they don’t. They… I dunno. They leave…suggestions in yer mind, I guess. That’s the best way to describe it.”

“But,” Robbie interrupted, “they did talk to me. Honest!” The others nodded.

“No. They didn’t. You just feel like they did. I know! I had a discussion – fuck, it was an argument – with mine just a while back, ’bout givin’ youse yer own crystals. But it weren’t a real argument. I know what the crystal…wants, I guess. And I know what I want. But the crystal gets its own way ‘cos that’s the right way. Or… Fuck, I don’t know! It’s…it’s weird is what it is. The crystal puts…thoughts in yer mind and you feel you’ve gotta follow. I don’t know how it does it. I don’t fucking care! It works! That’s enough fer me.

“But what do I know?” he continued. “I’m just an inbred fuck with more shit in my head than actual brains. Me and my brothers? Ain’t none of us had the smarts to get into college! I got three low-level qualifications, none of ’em higher than a “D”, and one of them’s in cookin’! And that’s three more than the other two boys combined! Maybe youse are smart enough ter figure it out, but not us. Mama always said that if brains was dynamite I din’t have enough to blow my nose! Good line! Think she stole it from a movie or somethin’. She liked movies.” He tailed off for a moment.

“But, yeah,” he brought himself out of his reverie. “You may think yer are talkin’ to ’em and that them’s talkin’ back, but it ain’t true. You’ll understand as time goes on. Or not. As I say, I don’t understand it much, but I know I’m talkin’ the truth.”

“So, those thoughts in our heads? The ones that told us what to do?”

“They was just suggestions. Leadin’ you on. Makin’ you think about stuff. Private stuff most like. Stuff you keep hidden away. Stuff you don’t want no-one to know about. That’s how it works. That’s how they get you. The thoughts come into yer mind and you focus on ’em, so they build up. After that, it’s easy to think you’ve been led somewhere by the crystal, when actually it’s just where you really wanted to go. Like a sat nav. Only without that shitty voice tellin’ you to turn left at the end of the road.”

The group were almost at the car now. Mike could see the car through a small gap in the hedge ahead. There was a locked gate about a hundred yards away that the family had climbed over to get into the field. They headed in that direction.

“Next, the crystals is yours and they called to you. I know. Mine did me. My brothers did them. My mama, she had one, too. Pretty. Like a rose, but then that was her middle name, so maybe that’s why.” Will stopped talking for a moment, lost in thought again. After a few seconds, he resumed speaking.

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