The Second Honeymoon Day 02The Second Honeymoon Day 02


Peter awoke first that next morning with Sandra in his arms, both of them entangled in the soft bed sheets. He laid there holding her listening to her breathe and his mind started to recall the events of their first day on their second honeymoon. How incredible sexy she was sucking on those huge black cocks while he could do nothing but watch, then how they made love when they got back to their room.

All the love and lust and passion for one another rolled into one night. To him it felt like he just had some affair with a complete stranger. It was hard to believe that his wife of ten years would act like such a slut. It was a complete turn on for Peter.

He remembers opening the door to their room after returning from the boat ride, how they embraced in the sexiest kiss he ever felt from her, they way they tugged and stripped off their clothes from on another. But what he remembers most is they way she talked. It drove him wild, when she said she needed his cock in her mouth and how she wanted to be his slut. How she would do anything to please her man. And when he was making love to her doggy style how she screamed out, “Baby you feel so huge!” and “Oh honey I need another cock!” and “fuck me harder baby!!, I can feel your balls” and finally “baby, cum all over your sluts back ohhh yesssss!!!”.

Then he remembers what they talked about after. Telling each other all their fantasies that they kept from each other all these years. Sandra confessing that she would do anything with him. Peter wanted to say anything too, but he had some limitations. He told her how he just wants to see her in complete ecstasy. Pleasing her with another man or woman, but he made sure she understood that for now, while they were away on vacation, she would dress and behave like a wild slut for him. That would be his biggest turn on.

He remembered that look in her eye after he spoke those words. It sent a shiver through both of them. And they finished the night of lovemaking with her on top of him…guiding his gorgeous huge cock into her lovely tight ass, she rode him for so long while sucking his fingers, looking deep in each others eyes, till they both came and she collapsed on him.

After they both showered and dressed they found a little quaint place for breakfast. They both were starving and ordered their meals right away. There were some very long pauses in between there conversations while they sat their and starred into each others eyes. Like it was their first date.

She looked so good sitting there in those short, tight cut off jeans and the white tank top pushing up her huge tits to show off her incredible cleavage. Not to mention the shoes with the three inch heels that Peter like to call “fuck-me shoes”. And they way she did her make-up made her look younger. The dark colors around her eyes made her look so slutty.

Peter noticed a couple of men making eye contact with her and he just smiled at her, they both loved the attention she was getting.

After breakfast they both agreed to go shopping and pick up some more provocative clothing for her.

She drove him crazy trying on different outfits. It took a lot of strength to hold back and not attack her in the dressing rooms. She bought outfits that girls ten to fifteen years younger were wearing. They made her feel incredibly sexy. By the end of the day she had a handful of bags with enough outfits to drive Peter crazy for the rest of the week.

The rest of the day they walked around town arm in arm. Peter caressing different parts of Sandra where ever they went. He would lightly slide his finger tips up and down her arm, then her back and when he thought no one would notice, gently caress her perfectly shaped ass in those tight cut off blue jeans.

He knew she loved that and would give him that naughty look that would arouse him. He would stop right on the sidewalk and pull her close softly kissing her lips and coaxing her lips to open and they would kiss like new lovers do when they first meet. No one would believe that they have been married for ten years.

When they arrived back at their room they Peter made some drinks and they stood out on the balcony looking out over the water. Peter proposed a toast, raised his glass to hers and said “here is to new beginnings” their glassed chimed and their eyes met. Sandra gave him that slutty look again that made him melt. He put his arm around her and she raised her glass towards the marina and said “and here is to our new friends on the boat”.

He told her again how hot she looked with those huge black cocks in her mouth and if she ever wanted to do that again he was all for it. She blushed a little and reminded him she would do anything for him “anything” she said. He took her glass and placed it on the table right next to hers and all he could say was “ohhhh baby!” He then began to seduce her right on the balcony again.

He peeled those tight shorts off in no time and leaving that white tank top on, man handling Kayaşehir Escort her tits. He began to make love to her on her back. Holding her hands down next to her head. She drove him crazy telling him to fuck her “harder and harder,faster and faster” and how she would love to suck another cock again.

He went absolutely wild fucking her harder than ever before. Thrusting into her as she wrapped her legs around him digging those “fuck me shoes” into his back. He was about to cum and she told him she was coming too, she grabbed him by the hair with both hands and let out a sexy moan driving him wild, making him fuck her harder.

Her body shivered and shook and he could not hold back any longer and with one more hard thrust his long hard cock throbbed inside her gorgeous pussy and pumped is hot seed into her warmth. Their fingers entangled on each side of her head and she squeezed his hands tightly and told him in that sexy raspy voice that he was just incredible.

He smiled and just looked into her eyes and told her “its all about you baby, you drive me so wild”. They sat up and sipped their drinks and looked out at the marina.

They both were watching Larry and James prepare the next riders to go Para-sailing. (The same two men who Sandra seduced while her husband watched while Peter was sailing above the boat helplessly.

Peter wondered if she was thinking the same thing. Should he just ask her? Right then he knew what he needed to do. He would wait to talk about them, at least till the time was right.

They enjoyed a few more drinks before deciding where to go for dinner. She could not wait to try on the newest hot outfit, and he could not wait for her to hit the shower so he could make a call, the call that would later surprise her. She was his slut now and he was scheming the event for this evening.

She came out of the bathroom and he almost did not recognize her. She looked ten years younger and like one of those sluts he was used to seeing in the porn movies. She had on the shortest black skirt with a black shirt that clung to her perfectly shaped huge breasts.

Her nipples stood right out making it hard for Peter to look into her eyes when he told her she looked “sooooooooo fucking good”. She had on another pair of “fuck me shoes”, this time higher, making it difficult for her to walk and when she did, her ass swayed back and forth . Her hair and her make-up were perfect for a slutty wife about to hit the town.

Peter loved it. She looked like a hooker. He has wanted her to dress like that for so long.

He walked over to her and she teasingly held him away telling him if he starts again they will never leave the room for the rest of the week. He laughed and told her she was right. He told her he had a place in mind for dinner and then for the first time in ten years he told her he was taking her dancing.

Peter hated to dance but this was a new beginning. Sandra loved dancing and he had neglected for so long to take her any where to dance.

In the back of her mind she was going fishing, fishing for action. She would love to bring back someone to join the two of them. She was ready for anything that the night would bring, a threesome, a foursome with another couple. She knew he was fishing too but he was the kind of person that did not plan things. He just waited for things to happen.

She was different that way. Dressing like this she knew she was going to catch something. She felt so sexy and confident and with the couple of drinks in her blood system she was feeling very bold.

At the restaurant their feet flirted under the table and she would tease him while she ate. While bringing each piece of food to her mouth with the fork her tongue met it, gently tasted it, then she would slowly wrap her sexy red lips around it then slowly slip the fork out giving him that naughty look that drove him crazy. He sat there enjoying it smiling, and thinking to himself how she was going to enjoy her surprise.

Every man in the place could not keep their eyes off her. Sandra and Peter could feel there eyes feasting on her. That and the red wine she was sipping made her incredibly horny.

She slipped one foot out of her shoe and slid it right up Peters leg and placed it right in his lap, and began to tease his already semi hard cock. She could feel that long gorgeous cock began to grow against her foot. They could barely keep a conversation going. She loved teasing him that way. It was one of the only ways to keep Peter speechless.

They finished dinner and walked up the street and he told her about this bar he wanted to take her to where they could dance. She was happy to hear him interested in dancing because she was in the mood to show off her body in this outfit. Sandra thought, maybe it would haul in a gorgeous man or woman, or both they could bring back to the room.

Peter was glad to get there way ahead of schedule and they found two of Escort Kayaşehir the last stools at the already crowded bar. The dance floor was already packed and he told her he just need a little vodka to get him ready, well maybe more than a little since he always felt self conscious around big crowds.

After the second drink the right song came around and they were off. She was impressed the way he moved on his feet. And he could not believe how sexy she looked moving around in her tight out fit and those “fuck me shoes”. They danced looking deeply into each others eyes, she was incredibly sexy they way she looked at him.

After three songs they sat and had another drink. Peter kept looking around to see if his plan had started to come into play. Sandra picked up a conversation with a couple of guys that did not have dates, and she gave them a show holding her shoulders back to show them her cleavage, playing with her gorgeous hair, touching their arms when they would say something funny.

Peter listened with one ear as they gave her plenty of complements. He knew she was loving it but he had bigger fish arriving any minute now. They had another round before the night began to fall into the perfect plan.

There they were, sitting across the bar. Peter raised his glass and gave them a wink. The bartender came over and told Sandra that the two men across the bar told him that the rest of the drinks of the night were on them. She looked over and could not believe her eyes. It was James and Larry from the boat. She looked at Peter and pointed over across the bar. He smiled and whispered in her ear “what a coincidence”.

Sandra was quickly loosing interest in what she though might be the catch of the day and kept looking of at those two men, then men that she sucked off in front of her husband the day before. James and Larry both got the hint and made their way around stepping through the crowd, Sandra felt her heart start to pound harder as the two black studs got closer and closer. The both came right up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and then shook Peters hand.

The guys that were there first politely faded away into the crowd. And Larry was the first to ask Sandra to dance. It was a slow song and Peter enjoyed seeing him with his huge hands holding hers while the other almost completely covered her back. Peter told James he should be next and Larry past Sandra off to him.

She was so incredibly horny now. Her panties were beginning to get wet. James kept whispering in his deep voice how lovely she looked which drove her wild. The three of them took turns dancing with her. When it was Peter’s turn he would tease her and whisper the naughtiest things in her ear. Telling her how good she looked yesterday with their cock in her mouth.

Sandra took matters into her own hands and when she danced with Larry and James the second time she invited them back to the room for drinks. When she told Peter this on the dance floor he pulled her so close and so tight and whispered in her hear “You fucking slut” she looked at him surprisingly and then he pulled her tighter and whispered “I love you baby,lets go”

They drove back in Larry’s car and she sat in the back between Peter and James. She immediately started kissing James running her hands and fingers all over his massive muscular body. Peter did the same to her,running his fingertips across those nipples and gently pinching them.

This drove her absolutely wild she could not hold back any more and before Larry pulled in the hotel she had James’ belt undone and his gorgeous black cock in her mouth. Peter loved seeing his slutty wife with her head in another mans lap and went wild and soon had his face between her legs under her skirt and kissing that wet pussy through her undies.

Larry soon had the car in the hotel parking lot underneath so they could avoid the elevator at the front lobby. Sandra was going wild sucking James and Peter had to pull her off of him so they all could go up to the room. She just looked at him like a tiger in heat and kissed him so passionately. Larry got out and opened the doors and the whisked her into the elevator. All three of them running their hands all over her heavenly body. She smiled taking turns caressing their huge cocks through their shorts.

Peter slid the card key in the door and Sandra took both Larry and James by the hand and led them right to the bed. Peter walked over to the wet bar and made himself a drink, a very strong drink while Sandra stood on the foot of the bed kissing James and Larry. They where both caressing her ass and tits. and she was just melting.

She helped them take off their shirts showing their muscular chests, she took turns kissing and running her finger around their nipples making them moan deeply.

By the time Peter finished his drink she had dropped to her knees and the guys dropped there shorts and Sandra dropped to her hands and knees and looked Kayaşehir Escort Bayan at Peter as she took turns slowly sucking the heads of their throbbing black cocks. Larry went wild as she took his entire cock in her mouth, moaning out “ohhhhhhhh you fucking slut” ,

James made the move and got behind her on the bed. He ran his fingers up and down her back while letting he head of his cock slip and slide gently across her undies, then slid his fingers under her skirt and slid her panties down to her knees. She let out such a sexy moan with Larry in her mouth while James huge cock slowly slid up and down her pussy lips.

Peter poured another drink enjoying the show. He loved it when the both where calling her a slut. Sandra was going wild as James slid the head of his cock in and out of her pussy, teasing her madly. Larry’s hands held her face gently as he began to fuck her mouth faster. James found the same motion from behind her fill her pussy completely with his massive black cock.

Sandra was in heaven having two massive black cocks inside her. She now told her self she was ready for another. She gently slid her mouth off Larry’s cock and looked up at him and told him she wanted him in her ass.

James got the clue and slid out from behind her and slid underneath her. She grabbed a hold of his cock and guided him back into her warm wet pussy where he belonged. Larry got on his knees behind her and gently rubbed his cock around her ass. She was going wild waiting for that gorgeous cock to slip inside her slutty ass.

Larry gently pushed into her sliding just the head in making her scream out in pain turning all three men on. She went into a sort of trance moaning “yes!oh yesss!! ohhhhhh yessss!!!” as they both slid inside her deeper and deeper.

Sandra went completely wild as they both started fucking her, slowly at first then faster and faster, then harder and harder till she screamed out “oh yea!!! just fuck me ohhhh my goddddd just fuck meeeeee ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy godddddd!!!”

Peter could not take it any longer. He put his drink down and dropped his shorts, he wanted to be in her mouth. He stepped on the bed and gently grabbed the hair on the back of her head and guided her mouth to his throbbing cock…she reached up and placed her hands on his hips and while Larry and James where fucking her madly she looked up at him “fuck my slutty mouth baby”

Peter gently slid his cock in her mouth and pumped his eight inch rod in and out of her sexy red lips driving her crazy. He felt her finger nails dig into his skin and he knew she was about to cum. She moaned deeply with Peter in her mouth as Larry and James brought her to an incredible orgasm making her body shake and quiver and Sandra let out a moan and scream that Peter never heard before.

They all fucked even harder than before wanting to put her over the edge. Peter was the first to cum and she slid her sexy red lips back to the head of his cock letting him pump every last drop of his cum down her throat. James exploded deep inside her tight warm pussy next making her moan deeper and she screamed out for Larry to cum all over her back. He slipped out just in time making her scream again “oh yesssssss! oh goddddd yesssssssss!!” as he shot his hot load all over her back and sexy ass.

Sandra collapsed onto James’ muscular frame and Peter fell back into his chair watching her run her fingers up and down his massive body. Larry sat back against the head board trying to catch his breath as he watched Sandra’s hand slide down James’ stomach and gently hold his balls, then his cock, stroking it gently. Peter watched as her head slid down kissing James’ chest then his stomach…and the three of them could not believe how horny she was.

Sandra brought her face to James semi hard cock, breathed deeply taking in the aroma of her pussy all over his cock, then slowly slid him into her mouth. She loved the feeling of a man growing inside her mouth. Mostly,loved the taste of her pussy all over his cock.

The three men watched as she sucked him like never before. Pumping her head up and down moaning deeply driving James wild She came up for air just long enough to tell him to cum all over her face and she sucked him hungrily,holding his balls gently driving him wild, sliding her lips off his cock just in time to have him explode all over her face.

She let the cum drip down her cheeks and off her chin, back on to James’ gorgeous cock. She gave Peter that slutty look again as she ran her tongue up and down James’ shaft, tasting his hot cum and scooping it into her warm mouth. She noticed that Peter and Larry were hard again from watching her please James.

Peter could not believe what a perfect slut his wife turned out to be. He crawled across the bed and took her into his arms, he kissed her passionately while his fingertips caressed her huge tits, pinching her nipples gently, the way she likes.

Then Sandra felt the touch of Larry’s finger tips running up and down her back, then her shoulders. Then his lips on the back of her neck, then his hands sliding around handling her tits with Peter driving her absolutely wild.

They both took turns pinching her nipples and sliding there tongues into her slutty mouth making her moan around their tongues.

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