Subject: The Railway Boy 13 Here is the thirteenth chapter of The Railway Boy. As before, I must stress that this story is pure fantasy and must not be taken as approving or condoning sexual relationships with people who are under age. If you are under age in your country or if reading this kind of material is illegal where you live, then please leave this website now. On the other hand, if you enjoy it, please make a contribution to Nifty, so that the service it currently provides free of charge to both readers and writers may continue. Your feedback is very important to me — please let me know what you think! My email address is shown above. The Railway Boy Chapter 13 By Scotnat There seemed to be enough volunteers as elves for us not to be needed every day the trains ran (which was every Saturday and Sunday for the four weekends before Christmas, plus an extra day on Christmas Eve.) So it was the following Saturday before we were on duty again. I noticed that Ronnie had added something to his elf costume: a small haversack which he wore crosswise from his right shoulder to his waist on the left. It looked as if it were meant to be part of the costume, but I wondered what he had in it. I was aware that his costume had no pockets. As we stood by the door of our coach waiting for the first passengers to arrive, Ronnie turned to me and cupped his hand to his mouth. I leaned down to hear him say softly, “Today you’re going to fuck me on the train!” Then he turned away smiling to greet the first family group which was approaching, leaving me gobsmacked. When I got a moment I whispered back to him, “You’re not 16 yet and we promised Ron and Mary we wouldn’t.” “I can’t wait any longer,” he whispered back. “It’s only two weeks till my birthday and it’ll all be legal then.” He grinned up at me, and that was the last we were able to say for quite a while, as the train was filling up and we were busy making it as much fun as possible for the passengers, especially the children of course. The first two trips went pretty much as they had the previous week, although we had a different volunteer playing Santa this time. However, for some strange reason — these Santa trains are incredibly popular with families at this time of year — the second trip was not fully booked. We had been allocated the two coaches nearest the locomotive on the outward trip and “Santa” had visited everyone in them by the time we reached Holt. With the locomotive moving to the other end of the train, we were now in the very last coach and it was less than half full. We made a last round of the few families who were all sitting at the direction of travel end, then Ronnie pulled me through the sliding door at the very back of the train. There was nothing beyond it except a vestibule and toilet. Given that there was another toilet nearer where escort izmit the passengers were seated, it seemed unlikely that anyone would want to use it. Ronnie pulled me in and locked the door. I had decided not to object again; he was determined, and in any case I was as horny as hell myself by then. Ronnie immediately started stripping off. The haversack that had mystified me was laid carefully on a small shelf beside the washbasin. His hat and tunic landed on the floor, then he pushed his leggings down and stepped out of them. That was all he was wearing — nothing at all under his costume! I watched, mesmerised, as his beautiful body was revealed, then stood back admiring him. Ronnie’s penis was hard and sticking up at about 45 degrees. He saw me watching, grinned and did a little pirouette for me. Then he started on my trousers. He pulled them down to my ankles along with the jockstrap I was again wearing under them. My cock was unbelievably hard and already leaking precum. Unlike last week he didn’t go down to suck me, but stepped up close putting his left hand behind my back and grasping my dick with his right. He raised his face towards me and of course I kissed him — hard! That lasted for only a few moments, then he stepped back and reached for the haversack. Out of it he produced a small tube of KY jelly. I ought to have guessed, as I knew there were no pockets in his elf costume. Ronnie handed the tube to me then turned and leaned over the washbasin, putting his hands against the wall on either side of the small mirror that was fixed there. “Come on, get me ready!” he growled in a remarkably low and sexy voice. I went down on my knees and spent a few moments making love to his bum, which was as beautiful as ever. I knew that he was very fastidious about keeping himself clean, something very necessary for someone who never wears underpants. I licked down his crack and burrowed my tongue into his pink little hole. He was moaning softly all the time I was doing this. Eventually I managed to open the KY tube without taking my tongue out of his bottom, then swapped my tongue for a finger with some lube. I worked it gently around his hole then pressed my finger in to the first knuckle. “Hurry up,” growled Ronnie, “we haven’t got all day!” So I lubed up two fingers and gently but firmly worked them in as far as I could reach. On the way I felt the nub of his prostate; he jumped a little as I touched it. “Now please, I want you inside me now,” he almost shouted. I stood up, squeezed a lot of jelly onto my cock and spread it around. I had difficulty avoiding cumming on the spot! Then putting my left hand on Ronnie’s hip, I used my right to guide the tip of my erect penis on to his anus and pushed. He opened for me remarkably easily; I was astounded when my whole length slid into him with no resistance izmit rus escort at all. “Are you OK?” “Yes, great, but just hold it there a minute.” As I did so I became aware that the train was slowing; we must be approaching Weybourne and the token exchange stop. It felt incredibly sexy to be joined to my lover’s body while we listened to the station sounds. Ronnie seemed quite happy to pause and enjoy the moment. My cock was certainly loving it, encased as it was in such a silky smooth sheath. I now had both hands on Ronnie’s hips; his lovely smooth buttocks were rubbing against my pubic bone. It was impossible to imagine anything more erotic. The stop at Weybourne was very short, and soon we were bumping over the points at the end of the crossing loop to regain the single track to Sheringham. The vibration in the coach caused Ronnie and me to rub together quite a bit, and that was enough to start me on the serious business of fucking him. As I bent forward over his back he turned his face to me and we kissed as I drew almost all the way out then thrust back in. “That’s amazing — do it again!” Ronnie whimpered to me, so I did, and then another time: slowly out almost the whole way then quickly back in. The sensations in my cock were incredible and my whole body felt on fire. Ronnie pushed back hard against me, encouraging me to go faster, till eventually I was pumping in and out as hard as I could. His moaning had become a high pitched scream, and just as the locomotive whistled for the Sheringham home signal I came tumultuously into his bum. The orgasm racked my whole body; the world seemed to consist of my cock and nothing else. I reached round to grip his cock and found that he had already cum — without touching himself, for his hands were still braced against the wall. Most of his jizz had gone in the handbasin but I wiped a few drops off his helmet with my fingers and fed them straight into his mouth. He sucked my fingers in greedily and kept them between his lips for some time. I was still firmly lodged inside him with my cock showing no sign of softening as the train rolled to a stop in Sheringham platform. Eventually I slid out of him, he turned round and hugged me close. “That was incredible!” he said as he reached up for a kiss. I was so spent that I could only nod agreement. Next thing Ronnie drew away from me and plunked himself down on the toilet seat. He farted loudly as he excreted my spunk into the bowl. He reached for the toilet paper. “Let me,” I said and took it from him. Very gently I reached between his legs, past his cock, and wiped his bum clean and dry, dropping the used paper in the bowl. I stood up and he used some more toilet paper to clean my cock. Taking care of each other like that seemed to put a seal on the love we had just consumated. I reached kocaelide escort for the flush lever, but Ronnie stopped me. “Mustn’t flush in the station,” he said. “These old coaches empty straight on to the tracks. We’ll have to nip in and do it when we start moving again!” I had enjoyed stripping his tight leggings off last week; this time I decided to try putting them back on him. He stepped in as I held them near the floor then I slid them slowly up his legs, taking plenty of time over his bum of course! I even reached inside the front and adjusted his cock for him. Fortunately it had softened, although it twitched a bit as I touched it. I helped him on with his tunic and watched as he fastened his belt and slung the haversack over his shoulder. Hat on, he stood up straight and grinned at me again. “Have you any idea how ridiculous you look?” he asked. Of course, I was still standing there with my trousers and underwear around my ankles. Ronnie decided to return the compliment by bending down and pulling my jockstrap up. He took great pleasure in adjusting my cock and balls inside it. Trousers up and fastened, we both did a quick check in the mirror that all was as it should be. We both looked rather flushed — not really surprising, of course! That was a wonderful day, but it wasn’t over. There was a great surprise in store for me. We still had two more trips to make after our lunch break. At the end of them, when we had helped with cleaning and tidying the train, we eventually met up with Ronnie’s grandparents in the shop. I had already been asked back for a meal before going home to Blakeney. Before we closed up the shop and headed out, Ron held out some papers to me. “We’ve just been given the duty rosters for the rest of the Santa season,” he said. “None of us are needed again until Christmas Eve, when the four of us are all on duty. It’s Ronnie’s birthday as well, of course. Jim, we wondered if you’d like to come home with us that evening and stay the night for Christmas the next day. How about it?” “But I thought his birthday was on Christmas Day?” “We’ve usually celebrated it on Christmas Day, but in fact he was born at 11.00pm on Christmas Eve, so his birthday is officially the 24th.” I looked at Ronnie; his smile said it all. I was astounded. I knew that their little house only had two bedrooms. There couldn’t be any question about where I was going to sleep that night. “That’s a wonderful invitation! Thank you so much! I will accept of course, if only because Ronnie would kill me if I didn’t.” (I could see Ronnie nodding emphatically.) What amazing grandparents! They were obviously giving the final blessing to the relationship between Ronnie and me. Now Christmas couldn’t arrive fast enough. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Next chapter: Christmas at last! If you are enjoying this story, please make a donation to Nifty, as as you can afford. It’s a wonderful site, free to use for both writers and readers, so if you value it as much as I do, then it needs your financial support. Thank you from Scotnat.

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