The Quick RetortThe Quick Retort


We all have them. The thing we wish we had said. The thing we should have said at just the right minute instead of thinking of it later. I can’t count the number of times I had come up with the perfect retort 2 minutes to late.

But not this time, this time I said the right thing at the right time.

I was staying in a hotel in Helena Montana for 2 weeks on business. I got on the elevator followed by what looked like a woman and her three kids along with her mother. The woman said something about needing a shower and her mother replied that she could not use her shower. Something to the effect of, “I paid for the room and I am not going to share it.” It was all said in humor and the woman didn’t seen upset by it. The elevator stopped on the second floor and the mother got off. As the mother was getting out of the elevator and kissing the kids I told the woman, “You can use my shower.”

No one else heard me, but she did. She looked at me like I was an alien or something but didn’t say a word.

The elevator stopped at the third floor and the kids raced out the door screaming and laughing. “What room?” she asked as she was stepping out of the elevator in front of me.

“332” was all I said.

I headed one way down the hall and she headed the other way. I couldn’t tell what room she was in, but she was out of the hallway when I got to my room.

Once in my room, I changed into a pair of loose shorts a t-shirt and fired up my laptop figuring on working some and surfing some and hoping some of my friends would be online for some teasing chat. I pulled a Diet Coke out of the fridge and plopped down in the desk chair.

Knock, Knock

There was someone at my door. The only person who knew me in town was my partner on this project and he wouldn’t be just dropping by. I looked through the peep hole in the door and there she was. The woman from the elevator, holding an ice bucket. Of course I quickly opened the door.

“I’m sorry for the interruption, but do you know where the ice machine is?” she asked.

“It’s on floor down.” I answered, trying to figure out what was going on. “I can show you if you would like.” Not that anyone would need help. It’s not that hard to find the ice machine. But I wanted to play whatever was going on for all I could.

“That would be nice of you she said, though I don’t want to interrupt your evening.”

“It would be my pleasure. I wasn’t doing anything so there is nothing to interrupt.” I grabbed my ice bucket as well, checked the pocket of my shorts to make sure I had a key card in them and walked out the door.

“I am sure I could have found it myself.” she said.

“I am sure you could have as well, but walking with you is more fun than watching MSNBC all night.” We headed down the stairs at the end of the hall. “If you still need a place to shower in peace you could use my shower, I promise to be quiet.” I had no idea how she would respond, but I figured I had nothing to lose.

No response.

We got to the second floor and found the ice machine in a room with a vending machine right inside the fire door. She filled her bucket, and I filled mine. She walked ahead of me out of the room and headed into the stair well. I walked behind her up the stairs. She had a beautiful ass. We walked up the stairs back to the third floor in silence. She stopped at my door as I opened it. “Thank you for your help.”

“My pleasure.” I replied “Did you want to shower alone or did you want me to scrub your back?”

Then I added, “I would even wash your hair for you.”

She seemed rooted to the floor, not coming in, not walking away. I could see her fighting with herself. Almost like the scene from Animal House with the Angel on one shoulder and the Devil on the other. I was rooting for the devil. I reached out and took her hand. She looked at me, she looked at my hand holding hers. I pulled gently as I backed into my room. She took a step towards my door then stopped, still fighting inside herself. I dropped her hand, and then took her ice bucked out of her other hand. I brought it into my room and set ankara escort both ice buckets on the bathroom counter.

“Coming?” I asked.

She took two more steps and then she was in my room. I let the door go closed and stepped to her. She looked at me, still confused if she really wanted to do this. I put my hands on her cheeks and pulled her lips to mine. And she finally surrendered. She kissed me. Then she started to inhale me. I could feel her trying to push her entire body into mine. I am sure she could feel my rising response. We wrapped our arms around each other and hugged tightly while our lips and tongues danced and merged and played. My hands found their way to her ass, pulling her belly against my hardness. I could feel her pushing herself against me. I brought my hands up and started to lift her top. I could feel her pause for an instant, but then she just lifted her arms over her head so I could finish pulling her top off.

She returned the favor and pulled my t-shirt over my head.

She wrapped her arms around me and returned her lips to mine. I hugged her to me, feeling her bra pressed against me, my arms encircling her, pulling her in closer. She was whimpering as we kissed. I reached a hand for the clasp of her bra and unclipped her bra. I stepped back far enough for her to let the bra slip to the floor between us and then we were back into a clinch, lips mashed together, tongues brushing against each other, the warmth of her breasts pressed against my chest. We continued to kiss while I pulled my hips slightly away from her. I took one of her hands and guided it to my cock, bulging to escape from the shorts. She touched me, lightly at first, then more urgently. Her eyes closed as she explored my cock with her hand through the soft material of my shorts. Then she slid her hand into my shorts and touched me directly. It was like she was getting reacquainted with the feel of a man’s hardness.

“Are you ready for the shower?” I asked as I offered her my hand.

She took my hand and we entered the bathroom. I opened her belt and unbuckled her pants. She took over and pushed them over her hips and onto the floor. I slid my shorts off and turned around to get the water started.

As I turned back to her, I was struck by her beauty. She had wonderful breasts, sagging some as they will with age, but with silver dollar sized areola and hard erect nipples just begging to be touched. She had a wonderful softness to her belly and a trace of hair starting just below her navel. She clearly did not shave, even for a swimsuit bottom. I could see her lips, barely protruding past her red curly hairs, and could see moisture on those lips from her excitement. I stepped toward her, taking her hand in mine. I stopped and pulled her to me, she molded her body to mine and we kissed again. She was attacking my lips with hers, her urgency seeming to build as her tongue invaded my mouth and engaged my tongue in a duel. I felt her pulling back from me and thought she was backing out. But instead she backed up to the counter and lifted herself on. She spread her legs and said “Fuck me first.”

“OK” was all I said before I brought out lips together again. I took her breasts in my hands, pinching and rolling her nipples, squeezing her breasts and then back to her nipples.

She took my cock in her hand and pulled. I felt the head of my cock at the entrance to her wetness. “I just want you to fuck me.”

So I did. I drove my cock into her in one stroke, buried it into her as deep as I could. She inhaled sharply and then wrapped her legs around me. I held myself deep in her for a couple of seconds savoring her tightness how wet and ready she was and then just started thrusting. No technique, no variation, no attempt to judge her response, just pounding. I reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her tight to me. I kept pounding. Long, hard strokes as fast as I could. Every time I slammed my pelvis against hers I could feel her body shake. At first she was watching me with wide open eyes, legs around my waist, hands eryaman escort together behind my neck, then she leaned back against the mirror, eyes closed as I continued to fuck her as hard as I had fucked anyone watching her breasts bounce with every time I buried my cock in her.

I began to lose it myself. I was pounding as hard and fast as I could, she was moaning, her legs pulling me in then I could feel the familiar twitch in my balls. “OH FUCK, OH FUCK OH FUCK” was all I could say. I don’t know if she was close or if my orgasm was triggering her, but as I plunged hard into her and held it there, she started came. Her eyes popped open and she stared at me as my balls started emptying into her. I was holding myself tight against her. After the first couple of spurts from my cock I started stroking into her again, still long and quick just not as hard and she came unglued. She sat up, wrapping her arms around me, her fingers digging into my back, her head beside mine as she moaned squealed. I kept pumping into, my balls empty, the head of my cock was supersensitive and the feeling of rubbing inside her pussy was amazing while she surrendered herself to the feelings rocking her body.

“Stop, Stop, Stop” she said. I took two more slow strokes and then just held myself inside her. She was still wrapped around me, legs around my waist, arms around my neck, still holding me close.

Slowly she started to relax, first she unwrapped her arms from around my neck then released my waist from her leg’s embrace. I pulled back. We both gasped a little as my softening cock was pulled out of her pussy. She lowered herself off the counter and stood before me. I took her in my arms, out lips met and we kissed, softly gently, the urgency gone. “Ready for that shower?” I asked.

She nodded and we stepped into the shower. I turned to her and we kissed again. Then I stepped back and grabbed my soap. I started to soap up my hands and then started to wash her. Starting with her arms, her hands, her fingers, then her neck. I reached for a wash cloth and soaped it up, then gently washed her face. I rinsed off her face and kissed her. And then washed her all over in the same way. I would wash a part, then rinse it, then kiss it and move on. I paid lots of attention to her wonderful breasts. I washed them clean then took them in my hands and worshipped them with my lips and tongue and fingers. Her nipples were hard and long and sensitive. I was sucking on one nipple and playing with the other when she grabbed my head and pulled it hard against my breast as she came again. Moaning and whining and holding me close as my tongue danced all over her nipple and my teethed scraped against her areola. I had washed down to her toes and back up before I washed her pubic hairs and then used my fingers to clean her inside and out. I turned her around to wash her back side. Sliding my soapy hands between her cheeks, fondling her cheeks, and then sliding a soapy finger to her puckered hole. She tensed at first then relaxed as I slid my finger into her ass. I cleaned her inside and then rinsed her. She liked that I then kissed and nipped at her cheeks, until she felt my tongue probing at her hole. I licked her, feeling the puckered muscles, feeling her ass cheeks squeeze in as she reacted to the unexpected contact. But the more I licked, the more relaxed she got. She pushed back towards me as I tongued her ass, flicking the tip over the hole, then pushing my tongue in as much as it would go.

“Your turn.” She said as she turned around and pulled me to my feet.

I stood up and said, “I haven’t washed your hair yet”.

“Later, I want to wash you first.” as she took the wash cloth from my hand.

Then she returned the favor in kind. She soaped up the wash cloth and washed my chest and stomach, playing with what little hair I have and exploring my navel with a soapy finger, then rinsed me off and starting kissing my chest. She sucked on my nipples, little as they are, and found them hard and sensitive. She bit them gently then harder, exploring etimesgut escort the thin line between pleasure and pain. Then she continued to my arms and hands, and then my legs, washing, rinsing, and kissing. She turned me around and washed my back and then started soaping my ass cheeks, running her hands around the cheeks and then into the crack of my ass. She toyed with my puckered hole, but didn’t actually get to the point of sliding a finger in. Then she rinsed me off and kissed and licked my ass, almost but not quite licking the hole she had been toying with.

By this time I was rock hard again as she turned me around again to wash my cock and balls. She soaped me up and stroked my cock with her soapy hands then she rinsed me clean before she kissed the head of my cock and then swallowed my cock in one quick move. She had obviously done this before. She would suck my cock then lick and suck my balls while she stroked me with her hands the back to sucking. She would occasionally drag her teeth lightly along my shaft, not quite hurting, but certainly focusing my attention. It had only been 30 minutes since we had fucked so I knew I would last a long time. She was sucking and licking and I was in heaven, but I wanted to do her right.

I pulled her up, she melted into my arms, her body molding itself to mine. I love the feel of nipples on my chest and the feel of my hard cock between her thighs, but not in her pussy. I broke from the kiss and made sure she was rinsed off then she made sure I was rinsed. I turned off the shower and reached for a towel.

Drying her off was another chance to play. Making sure everything was dry while touching every part of her body. Then she dried me off, returning all the favors. “I want to eat you now” I told her as I took her hand a led her to the bed. I laid her back on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off and sat on the floor with her pussy right in front of me. It had been a while since I had eaten a furry pussy so the sensations were almost like new to me. The musky smell, the hairs matting with the juice from her pussy, the lips hidden by the thick bush. I played with her hair for a while then brought my mouth to her, licking her from ass to clit in one long stroke. She moaned as her hips bucked, pushing her pussy towards my face. I slid a finger into her pussy, she was soaked. I slid in a second finger and started to lick her clit, just peeking out from behind the hood. I found her G spot with my fingers and her clit with my tongue and reached with the other hand to fondle her breast, pinching and pulling her nipples. I started to settle into a rhythm, my fingers sliding in and out while I licked and sucked and gently nibbled on her clit. She was starting to moan when I slid a third finger into her. She seemed to be getting close as I picked up the pace, stroking my fingers in and out while increasing the pressure on her clit. I wrapped my lips around her clit and started tapping on her clit with my tongue. Tapping and licking while my finger fucked her wetness.

As her moans became louder and her hips started to buck, I slid on finger out and put it near her asshole. Her orgasm started with a moan as she grabbed my head and pulled it into her pussy. I was trying to breath and keep going on her clit. My fingers never stopped in her pussy and then I shoved one finger into her ass.

She froze, her hands holding my head tight to her pussy, her hips stopped moving, the moaning stopped and then I started stroking one finger into her ass and she came unglued. The moans became a cry, her hands pulled me strongly into her pussy, her muscles were gripping tightly at my fingers. Then she let go of my head, her hands went to her breasts, pinching and pulling and mauling her breasts, her legs wrapped around my head and squeezed. Her cries became a wail and then she just collapsed. “Stop, Stop” she ordered so I did. I slid my fingers out of her and backed away from her. Her pussy was soaked with her juices, and it was literally dripping off my chin. I got up and moved onto the bed, pulling her all the way up on the bed next to me. I gave her the fingers I had in her pussy, she licked her juices off them with a smile.

“Thanks for the use of your shower” she said. She got out of bed and started to dress.

“You can use it anytime” I said. She picked up her ice bucket, opened the door, turned and smiled at me, then she was gone.

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