The PersuasionThe Persuasion


It was mid-May in 1991 and I was just a few weeks away from my high school graduation. My parents were away for a couple of days to go to an automobile racing event a few hours away. As such, my sister and I made an arrangement for her to go away with her boyfriend for a couple of days and I could have the house to myself.I didn’t really have a steady girlfriend at the time, so I decided to invite my two closest friends over for a night of drinking and whatever craziness that would come.Jason was the first to arrive at my house at around eight-o-clock in the evening. I met him at his car and helped him carry his stuff inside of the house. Fortunately, he had managed to acquire a six-pack of beer along with a large pizza. I compensated him for half of the cost and we quickly headed to the kitchen table.As we were enjoying both, we began to joke about our friend Aaron who had not yet arrived. We wondered how late he was going to be and assumed that he was going to quickly volunteer the info that he didn’t have any money to chip in for the pizza. At least we didn’t have to worry about him drinking our beer. We already had a short supply, probably enough for the lightweights that we were, but it would definitely all get consumed.We had pretty much finished eating when Aaron arrived. He was about a half-hour late, which was earlier than either of us thought that he would be. We noticed that he hadn’t brought anything with him. We asked him where his bag was and he claimed to have forgotten it. We were pretty sure that he had just forgotten to pack it.Aaron quickly spotted the pizza box and settled down at the table. When he opened the lid, you could see the disappointment on his face. We had purchased an all-meat pizza and Aaron always wanted pepperoni and nothing else. I slid a paper plate over his way and he put a slice on it. He stared at it and picked around for a bit, pulling everything that he could find off of it except for the pepperoni. He kept asking what the other toppings were as if he had never seen ham or sausage before.After one bite, he asked me for something to drink. I told him what kind of soda we had in the fridge and he finally picked one. He managed to get through one slice of pizza, then he picked up another one and ate one bite of it, and was done.I could see that Jason wasn’t very happy with him, but it was pretty typical of our group. The three of us had been close friends since kindergarten and we pretty much knew what to expect out of each other.I cleared the pizza off of the table and put it in the fridge. I grabbed two more beers for Jason and myself as we had each finished our first beer. We decided that we were going to drink the last two beers pretty quickly so that we would get maximum impact.I looked at Jason and asked, “Up and down the river?”Jason nodded and I grabbed a deck of cards. ‘Up and down the river’ was our most frequently played drinking game, mostly because it didn’t have very many rules and it only required a deck of cards. It was also the most quickly intoxicating game that we played.I dealt out four cards to both of the guys and myself. Aaron started to immediately protest, saying that he wasn’t going to drink and that he didn’t know how to play. We quickly explained that he didn’t have to drink beer and that we would isvecbahis tell him exactly what to do. There really wasn’t much strategy involved and everybody’s cards were always face-up anyway.Aaron continued to protest and acted like he didn’t want to play, but we finally convinced him to try it. Jason and I agreed that Aaron would have to drink soda instead of beer like the two of us. We also made a non-verbal agreement that all of the larger drinks were going to go to Aaron since he was being such a bitch about everything. We knew that our two remaining beers were going to go quickly no matter how we played anyway.As we played, Jason and I managed to force Aaron to drink a couple of cans of pop. He was the first to hit the bathroom, which we found rather funny. We started to joke that we were going to make him have to use the bathroom every fifteen minutes for the rest of the night. Shortly thereafter, Aaron started cheating and not actually taking drinks when he was supposed to or just making a slurping sound. It was pretty lame.We called him out for cheating, but he kept on not taking drinks for the rest of the game. We continued playing until our beer was gone. As we wrapped up the game, Aaron started asking if we had anything else to eat. When we said that we didn’t, he started acting like he was going to go home.We headed outside for a while and joked around for a bit. It was a really nice May evening, around 70 degrees and comfortable. Jason and I had a decent “buzz” going on by that time and we were pretty happy and giggly. Aaron still seemed uncomfortable with the whole drinking situation, even though we were done at that point. Shortly thereafter, he hopped in his car and went home. I told him to come back later if he got bored, but I didn’t expect that would happen.Aaron hadn’t even left the driveway and Jason mumbled, “I’m glad that he’s gone. What a lame-ass!”As much as I mostly agreed with Jason, I did feel the need to defend Aaron slightly. It was always nice to have Aaron around to protest all of the crazy stuff that Jason wanted to do. Jason was known to get pretty out of control and I think that every time that I had a run-in with law enforcement, Jason was involved. At least on this occasion, we were at my house and not out somewhere that we were going to get in trouble.As soon as Aaron had left, Jason took off his shirt. I didn’t think much of it until he started trying to pull his shorts and underwear down over his shoes. He was hopping about trying to get them off and the alcohol wasn’t helping his coordination much either. He ended up stumbling and falling down in the grass but eventually got his shorts off.“Dude? What are you doing?” I asked.Jason responded that he wanted to go streaking. I wasn’t sure exactly where we were going to go out in the country, but I wasn’t much of one to back down from a dare either.Determined to not make the same mistake that Jason had, I decided to just yank my shorts down, sit down on the grass, and pull them free. Jason reached down and pulled me up to my feet. He placed his hands on my shoulders and said, “Okay, let’s go!”Physically Jason and I were very similar to each other, we were each 5’10” and 140 pounds. We both had straight, dark brown hair, though mine was quite a bit longer. Jason had isveçbahis giriş a bit more muscle through his shoulders and arms, but not so much that most people would notice the difference. We actually were quite frequently mistaken for each other.That would not be the case if we were both naked as Jason had the smallest cock in our class. Particularly in locker rooms, he stood out for all of the wrong reasons. There was barely a nub down there, particularly when it was soft. He was a bit of a “grower” at least. He was probably still short of five inches long when erect, but that was certainly more impressive than his flaccid state.I was nervous as hell, but Jason was absolutely fearless as always. We headed down the driveway and started walking down the road. There weren’t many security lights along the road, but there was a decent amount of moonlight to help keep us from tripping over any random objects.The night air felt a lot cooler now that we were unclothed. I was trembling from the combination of nerves and chills. As I looked down, my package clearly felt the same way. My balls were drawn tight and were forcing my shriveled cock to point straight out in a very unimpressive fashion. I thought to myself how embarrassing it would be to get caught out here like this.As unimpressive as I looked, I only hoped that Jason was in a similar state. As I checked him out, I almost burst out laughing. It was so much worse for him. His balls were drawn as tight as mine, but his cock was in full retreat. In fact, I really couldn’t even see it as it was shrouded by his pubic hair.There were only a few houses along the road, so we didn’t have a lot of worries about being seen by the neighbors. My biggest worry was where we would hide if a car came down the road. It would not take very long to find the answer to that question.As we got about 1/2 mile down the road we saw a car turn down the road. At that point, it was quite a distance away, probably a bit over a mile. We joked for a bit about giving whoever it was a show. We were both waggling our cocks it the car’s general direction. But as the car closed in on us, I panicked and hid behind the only object that I could find, a telephone pole.Even as skinny as I was, I am pretty sure that I wasn’t concealed very well. Maybe I was far enough off of the road that their headlights didn’t really reach over that far, though.Jason was unwavering and just kept strutting his stuff down the edge of the road.After the car passed, I ran to catch back up.“Why did you run off?” Jason asked.“Sorry, I freaked,” I said sheepishly.Not long afterward, headlights appeared from behind us. Jason ordered me not to run away this time. We drifted a couple of feet off of the road to avoid being run over. As the car approached, I could hear it start to slow down. It hit the brakes fairly hard and the car stopped maybe twenty feet past where we were standing.Jason ran up to the car. As he did, the passenger’s window rolled down. I could see a lady in the passenger’s seat, but there was a man’s voice coming from the driver’s seat.“Are you boys lost?”Jason responded, “Nope, we are just going this way.”“Alright, don’t stay out too long.”I could hear the couple chuckling as they rolled their windows up. I wasn’t sure exactly what they were laughing isveçbahis yeni giriş at, but they certainly had more than one thing to choose from.By that point, my nerves had subsided. We walked around for well over an hour. Around a dozen cars had gone by. Another car stopped and we both talked to them. There was a car with several girls in it that honked and shouted “Woo!” as they crept by.The excitement had worn off and we headed back to the house. We grabbed our clothes out of the yard and headed back inside. We each kicked our shoes off and put our underwear and shorts back on. We remained shirtless since the house felt quite warm after being outside undressed for so long.We both grabbed a slice of cold pizza and a soda and gulped them down. I would randomly point at the toppings and ask Jason, “What is that?”We settled into the living room. I had picked up a couple of movies for us to watch. Jason didn’t seem impressed with what I had selected.“Do you have anything good?” he asked.“Like porn?” I followed.He nodded in response.I didn’t really have anything hardcore. I had managed to pick up a couple of softcore videos through assorted channels. That seemed to be good enough for Jason. In those days the good stuff was hard to come by, particularly when you were just shy of eighteen.I headed to my bedroom and retrieved the movie from my hiding spot. I started playing the movie and before we were through the previews/ads I turned to find Jason with his cock out already stroking away. To be fair, on those old videos the previews were actually better than the video itself. They weren’t very graphic either, but they were fast-paced and there was as much good stuff in a two-minute preview as there was in an entire sixty-minute video.Jason’s cock hadn’t seemed to grow any since the last time that I had seen it. It still seemed to be clearly under five inches long.I chuckled, “Do you like the video?”He smiled at me, “I guess that I like it better than you do.”That seemed like a bit of a challenge to me. I pulled my shorts down a bit and started to stroke away. I was being cautious to not push myself too far.Once the actual movie started, the action slowed to a crawl, as I knew that it did. I always watched it with a lot of fast-forwarding.Just as I was starting to get bored and my erection was beginning to fade, I heard Jason say in a high-pitched creepy voice, “Robbie, will you suck my dick?”I assumed that he was just joking, so I ignored him.“Robbie, will you please suck my dick?”I turned to face Jason who was waving his cock at me between two of his fingers.“Nah, that’s okay, I’ll pass on that this time,” I answered.At that point, my brain was going into overdrive. I knew that Jason wasn’t really gay. Could it have been that Aaron had said something to him about our encounters? That seemed unlikely since Aaron wouldn’t have wanted anybody to know about what we had done, especially Jason. He must have just been joking. It was Jason, he was never serious about anything.“Robbie, if you suck my dick, I’ll suck yours.”I fired back, “Dude! Seriously, what is wrong with you? And stop talking in that creepy voice.”I was starting to believe that this was a real offer, but I had to make sure. If only it was Aaron making this offer I would already have his cock halfway down my throat. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to fool around with Jason. I didn’t really find him attractive, particularly from the waist down.Jason snapped back into his normal voice, “Seriously though, I’ll suck yours if you suck mine.”

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