The PassengerThe Passenger


The forty year old diplomat realised that he was the only passenger travelling in his company’s private jet that night. It was winter time and very few people wanted to work during the holidays. But George Hale was not someone who loved festivals. He was divorced twice. He had piercing green eyes, a stubble, a Scottish accent and soft blonde hair. Many women fantasised about him and he got many favours as well. His frequent sexual adventures was the only thing that gave him some break from his busy life. The flight was for two hours and once he landed in Brazil, he had a meeting the very next morning. Whether in that hour he could get some pleasure or not, he wasn’t sure yet. As the plane took off he was lost in thoughts. “Can I help you, Sir?” a feminine voice asked.

He turned his head towards the cabin’s door. He saw a beautiful young Brazilian air hostess standing with a smiling face. He noticed her large eyes, full lips and plump curved figure. Her black hair was tied in a bun and she was wearing a pencil skirt and a white blouse under her blue coat. He surely wanted to have her but instead he said, “Yes, Can I have a glass of wine, please?”

The air hostess nodded with a smile and said “Sure Mr Hale!” The air hostess, whose name was Pamela Rouss checked herself in the mirror. She had heard stories about this powerful man from her colleagues. She had always been jealous of them. But today was an incredible opportunity. Just looking at him made her pussy wet. He was like an adorable God. She had seen his bare torso in a magazine. He had six packs, was muscular and had a tattoo around his neck. He followed proper physical fitness routine and to touch him was like a dream for her. She had got no advances from him till now but she was Esenyurt Escort determined to do it. Somehow, she wanted to be able to tell to her colleagues that she had made out with George Hale.

She took the bottle and glass, and walked confidently towards him. “Sir, your wine.” She bent and poured it down. She could smell his cologne which mesmerised her. She asked in a whisper, “Would you like something else, sir?” Hale could smell her perfume, her face cream.

“Okay. What else would you like to give me?” he asked with an arched eyebrow.

“May be some company?” He said with a smile.

Pamela looked into his eyes and blushed. She knew it would happen. She smiled at him and walked away. As she walked away, Hale checked her body. She had perfect ass and thighs.

She came back after a while. This time her jacket was gone. Her huge round boobs looked like they would explode out from the shirt. Her nipples were hard. She took away the empty glass. She could feel Hale’s breathe on her neck. Hale looked at her intensely and rubbed her waist. They both couldn’t resist anymore. “Come back fast” he said as his cock started getting hard.

She returned soon and approached him. She reached closer to him and he held her hands now. He moved his hands to her hairs and brought her mouth closer to his. Her heart started beating faster and then suddenly, he kissed her. She could feel his tongue moving like a tornado inside her mouth and now even she kissed him back, more passionately.

Then, he made her sit on his lap and suddenly his hands reached her bosoms. He pressed them and then unbuttoned her blouse; and unhooked her bra. This makes her melon sized boobs spring out and he kneaded and squeezed her İstanbul Escort boobs. Pamela’s nipples were black and they were rising hard. Hale caressed her body for a few minutes and then started sucking at her dark nipples. He squeezed her ass. She moaned with ecstasy.

Pamela felt overjoyed. She started unbuttoning him now. She kissed and licked his neck, chest and nipples. She kept moving downwards with her kisses and finally reached his belt. She took off his belt and unzipped his pants. She took his erect cock in her soft hands. She stroked in gently. She kissed it and put it in her mouth. She started sucking it and rubbing it. It was the most amazing thing she had ever had in her mouth and she was eating it, swallowing half of it. Hale was panting with excitement too. Apparently, this girl was better than he had anticipated. “Aaaahhh…” he gasped as she tormented his cock. He ran his fingers in her hair and cheeks. He pulled her up and made her turn and sit again on his lap. Her legs lay on the opposite sides of him. He pulled her tightly against him grabbed her Boobs harder. Then he slid up her skirt and Groped her pussy.

Moments later he was fingering her and she started breathing faster with the pleasure… She put her arms around his neck and pressed herself against him. The plane rocked a little and the finger in her pussy made her yell “aahh!!” She then made him lean back and mounted on his cock. She completely reclined the seat . She sat on his cock which felt like iron. She then started moving up and down on it. She thrusted herself over him and they were both panting and breathing hard. He stopped her. Then he removed his pants completely. He slid down her panties. Took off her shirt and bra completely. Beylikdüzü Escort Then he sat back down in his seat again and Pulled up her skirt even more and parted her legs apart. He made her sit on his lap and Slowly inserted his cock into her pussy. She started jumping to and fro once again, like a spring. Her bare boobs were bouncing with the movement. He held her waist and turned her down.

Moments later he started fucking her hard and she shrieked with joy. When he was done, he moved his mouth to her open wet pussy. He started licking it. He kissed and put his tongue inside it. With the warm touch of his tongue her vagina bloomed like a flower. He sucked at it, his stubble caressing her clitoris. He made her stand up now. She felt the slimy wet liquid sliding down her leg to her ankles. He made her crouch in the cows position and inserted his cock from the back. Then he started jerking it in and out, which shook her hanging boobs in vibrations. He held her boobs and kept fucking her until he was exhausted.

When the plane landed, Pamela Rouss couldn’t believe herself. She felt like a power had transferred from George Hale into her. She touched her pussy and remembered his touch. He was awesome. She couldn’t wait to meet her friends and tell them about this. But there was one thing she wouldn’t say, which was a secret. Which was what made her special and on top of the world. Hale had taken from her, her phone number and said that he really loved her body and was looking for more of it. To Pamela’s surprise the call came just after he ended up his meeting in Brazil. There was an address and a message from him saying, “I have a Jacuzzi and hot bath here. Foam splattered around the tub. Meet me in 15 minutes.” Pamela was in Brazil, she was not on duty and she was invited by George Hale in his private hotel room. When she took the cab, the taxi driver stared at her hard protruding nipples. He had no idea who she was thinking about. She gave him the address and looked forward to another sensual experience.

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