The Neighbour’s DaughterThe Neighbour’s Daughter

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This is my first story, be gentle!


Rose sat down on her sofa with a fresh cup of tea and switched on the new TV which she had spent the last two hours setting up and sighed to herself, “What a way to spend my Saturday afternoon! Who would have thought these things would be so difficult to set up!”

Rose put her feet up and began flicking through the newly acquired cable channels that she had had installed earlier and she quickly realised 300 channels does not guarantee quality! “What a load of garbage!” Rose thought as she sipped her tea.

“Well at least Becky will be pleased with this.”

Becky, Rose’s 18 year old daughter, had been hassling her to get a new TV and cable for months.

“There are some really cool channels, not just for me but for you too.”

That was Becky’s rationale, Rose knew it was nonsense but she wanted to make her daughter happy, Rose had gone out of her way to do things for her daughter after her father left when she was 14, Becky took it hard, harder than Rose herself, Rose was happy to see the back of her husband, things had not been right between the two of them for a few years, their sex life was non-existent, they would argue over the smallest things like dirty dishes, he would work late and most significantly of all the pair were no longer in love. In the four years he had been gone though Rose had never been happier. Now at 46 Rose was happy to take care of her daughter’s needs, Rose felt like she needed to do the job of two parents as Becky’s father had not been in touch since he left, “No good bastard, won’t even talk to his daughter,” Rose had often thought to herself, the only decent thing he did was leave Rose the house and paid of the mortgage.

While flicking through the seemingly endless amount of channels Rose was startled by the door-bell ringing.

“Who could this be?” the red head wondered as she dragged herself of the sofa.

Rose opened the door to Tim Tim was a tall with dark hair, he worked in real estate, which explained the couples nice new Mercedes. Sarah was blonde with a relative small build but she was in great shape for her age she taught an English class at the local college.

They had only moved in next door with their daughter Kim a few weeks ago, Rose had invited them over for coffee on several occasions and everyone had had a pleasant time. Kim and Becky had both got off to a good start as well which pleased Rose, she was happy that her daughter would have a friend so close to her own age in such close proximity, Becky was a reasonably popular girl but the majority of her friends lived far away.

“Oh hi, come in,” Rose said.

“No that’s ok we’re not stopping long,” replied Sarah politely

“We’ve come to ask a favour,” Tim added

“Oh ok, what is it?” queried Rose.

“Well we are going on holiday tomorrow for a few weeks and we were wondering if you wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on Kim for us?” Sarah offered.

“Oh sure no problem, Kim convinced you to let her stay home did she?” Rose chuckled.

“Yeah, well she’s 18 now she thinks it’s not cool to go on holiday with Mum & Dad anymore,” Sarah retorted.

“Yeah I know what you mean, I’ll check in on her,” Rose replied

“Super, we’ve left her money for food and anything she needs so you won’t have to feed her! I make it sound like she’s a cat!” laughed Tim.

“Well she is more than welcome to pop round for dinner while you’re gone,” Rose told them.

“Oh thanks Rose we’ll let her know before we go,” Sarah replied smiling at Rose’s generosity.

“Where are you off to then?” Rose enquired.

“Greece, I can’t wait,” Sarah answered trying to hide her excitement.

“Oh lucky for some, well I hope you have a great time and I’ll keep my eye on Kim,”

“Thanks Rose, we’ll see you when we get back oh and here’s our spare key just in case.” smiled Sarah.

Rose waved her neighbours good-bye and returned to her sofa and now slightly cold tea and continued to flick through the wave after wave of crappy channels, “God I miss just having four channels, Becky had better be grateful,” Rose sat there for the nearly an hour flicking through the channels when Becky arrived home and immediately spotted the new TV and cable box.

“Oh Mum brilliant, I can’t believe you got it!” Becky smiled as she sat down next to her Mum on the sofa grabbing the remote from her and frantically flicked through the channels. Rose couldn’t help but smile as her daughter flicked excitedly through the channels, despite her own dislike for the channels Rose was happy Becky was happy. Becky was very similar to her mother physically; like her mother she had shoulder length dark red hair, piercing green eyes, pouty lips and like her mother at that age large pert 32E breasts and a slim figure; Becky had a body to envy for her age just like her mother who was in decent shape for her age, Rose had a little bit of a belly but not enough to say she was un-fit.

“So you’re pleased with this then?” Rose grinned suadiye escort poking her daughter affectionately in the ribs.

“Yeah defo, its great Mum. So many music channels,” Becky giggled.

“So many crap channels you mean,” Rose teased.

“Oh shush, you’ll come around eventually Mum,”

“Yeah we’ll see, now seeing as I got this for you you can make dinner tonight,” Rose told her daughter.

“Yeah ok I suppose that’s fair enough.” Becky admitted with a sigh as she made her way to the kitchen to prepare dinner for the two of them.

The two shared a bowl of pasta whilst watching one of their new movie channels; they discussed their days and shared a few glasses of wine before retiring to their respective beds.

That night while lying in bed Rose was awoken by the sound of a car pulling up outside, the red head went to her window and looked out onto the street she could see Kim getting out of a car and walking up the garden path to her house, Rose couldn’t help but notice Kim was wearing a rather provocative outfit, her skirt was short and even from her bedroom window Rose could see Kim was wearing a very low cut top displaying her rather large breasts, Rose had never seen Kim in an outfit like this before; the 18 year old often wore quite reserved clothing like big jumpers and jeans but Rose had only ever seen Kim when she was with her parents and now that they were away Rose assumed it was an opportunity for Kim to cut loose, Rose understood what 18 year old girls were like after all she used to be one.

Rose returned to her bed and tried to get to sleep but her efforts were cut short when she heard a tapping on the front door, it was faint and she dismissed it at first but it continued. Rose finally budged and wondered downstairs she turned on the light she opened the door to Kim who was a little worse for wear.

“Kim, what’s wrong it’s two in the morning?” Rose asked rubbing her eyes.

“I’m sorry Misses Alexander but I’ve lost my key to the front door of my house and my Mum said you had the spare,” replied Kim looking through her long blonde hair her speech slightly slurred.

“Sure I’ve got it give me a sec and I’ll get it.”

Rose began searching a nearby draw and pulled out the spare key that Kim’s parents had given to her, she walked across her garden to her neighbour’s house with their daughter and opened the front door for the 18 year old.

“I’m so sorry to have bothered you Misses Alexander, I know it’s late,” Kim said.

“Oh shush, it’s no problem; I’d rather you woke me up than you freezing to death outside and call me Rose.” Rose offered in a reassuring tone.

Kim stumbled inside and sat down on the stairs, Rose turned on the light in the front room the room was brightly lit Rose had to blink a few time to get her vision stable when she did she saw Kim sitting on the stairs looking in a state, Rose knew she could not just leave her.

“Come on Kim lets get you upstairs.”

Rose took Kim by the arm and led the 18 year old up the stairs.

“Kim which one is your room?” Rose enquired.

“It’s this one.” Kim pointed to her room.

Rose opened the door Kim had pointed to, Rose helped Kim into her room and turned on the light, Kim’s room was very pleasant the walls were painted a light creamy colour. Rose sat Kim down on her double bed; Rose noticed how nice the room smelt a combination of strawberry and lavender this was definitely a girl’s room. Rose refocused on Kim who had laid back on her bed and closed her eyes.

“Kim come on sit up, you can’t go to bed like this.” said Rose who had come over all motherly.

Kim sat up and began lifting off her top, Rose was slightly taken aback by how large Kim’s breasts were they sat rather nicely in her lacy bra, “32D easily.” Rose thought to herself, Rose began taking off Kim’s shoes.

“Sweetheart I just need you to stand up, let’s get this skirt of you.” Rose instructed.

Kim stood up and unfastened her skirt and let it slip to the ground, Rose wasn’t prepared for an eyeful of Kim’s panty-less crotch, “Oh my goodness! She’s got no knickers on!” she thought. Rose took in Kim’s blonde pubic hair and noticed the 18 year old took care of her pubic hair; she had it shaved into a cute little triangle. Rose swallowed deep and stood up in front of Kim and recomposed herself.

“Right let’s get you into the bathroom and wash your face,” Rose instructed taking Kim by the arm.

“Thanks for doing this Misses Alexander,” Kim said rather hazily.

“No problem sweetheart, now where is the bathroom?” asked Rose trying to hold Kim up.

“The door at the end of the hall,” Kim answered trying to sweep her hair from her face.

Rose helped the bottomless Kim to the bathroom, Rose ran some hot water and soaked a cloth in it and handed it to Kim who rubbed the cloth over her face washing the smeared make-up off her face, Rose sat down on the toilet which was directly opposite the sink Kim was stood at and waited for the young yakacık escort blonde to finish.

While she waited Rose could not help but notice what a great body Kim had her breasts were big and round and her bottom was like a peach, Rose realised she was staring at the young girls bum and knew she should stop but she didn’t, she couldn’t, Rose could have swore Kim was swaying her bum at her, she could see Kim’s pussy, Rose’s eyes were glued to pink lips which were peaking from between Kim’s legs, Rose had never looked at another woman like this before, she remembered seeing girls change at school and comparing her boobs with theirs but that was youthful curiosity wasn’t it? She had admired other women when she was at the gym but this was different she was amazed by how great some of the women’s bodies were but right now she wasn’t comparing body parts she was ogling Kim’s bum and pussy.

“I need to pee,” said Kim snapping Rose out of her gaze.

“Ok sweetheart” Rose jumped up off the toilet and lifted the seat for Kim and then helped her onto it.

Rose stood and waited while Kim pee’d, the only noise was Kim’s pee splashing in the bowl, when she was done Kim tore away a few sheets of toilet paper wiped her pussy and stood up.

“Ok let’s get you into bed,” Rose replied trying to re-focus.

Rose helped Kim back to her room and helped the blonde into bed.

“Right are you going to be ok?” Rose enquired softly, taking a quick glance at Kim’s pussy before looking back her face.

“Yes I’ll be fine now thank you Misses Alexan… erm Rose,”

“No problem, I’ll lock the front door and post the key back through the letterbox so you’ve got one.” Rose informed Kim.

Rose turned off Kim’s bedroom light and walked down the stairs to the front of the house she turned off the remaining lights in the house and exited the house she locked the door and put the keys through the letterbox and returned to her house.

Rose returned to her bedroom and looked at her bedside clock it had gone 3am she had been next door for over an hour she took off her robe and climbed back into bed as she settled into bed Rose noticed that the front of her night dress was slightly damp.

Rose found this extremely confusing, staring at Kim’s bum had made her wet, this had never happened before even when she was a young girl she had never felt a sexual urge towards another girl, but her mind wandered back to Kim’s bum; it was so round and so smooth not a blemish on it while thinking all this Rose’s pussy was getting wetter, Rose slid her hands down to the hem of her night dress and slid it up to her waist she touched her vagina she had not been this wet in years she slid her index finger along her slit it felt very sensitive she let out a slight gasp, she ran it back up her slit slowly spreading her wetness as she went, Rose parted her slippery lips and felt her soft folds, she dipped her finger into her opening she let out a soft moan she had not touched herself like this in some time.

Rose was not the most sexual woman and very rarely felt the urge to masturbate but her pussy needed to be fingered and finger it she did, she slid her finger out of her hole and rubbed her wetness into her clit, she took more of her juice and slid her hand down to her anus, she rubbed it gently into her anus, she felt short of breath, Rose then took her left hand and focused on her clit which was nice and hard all that was in her mind was the sweet image of Kim’s beautiful bottom wiggling in her face and those pink lips between her legs.

Rose continued to masturbate for nearly half an hour when she lifted her bum up off the mattress as her fingers rubbed her clit frantically until she reached the sweet bliss of orgasm which ripped through her body like a tidal wave, Rose could not contain the moan that she let out, she hoped it would not wake Becky in the next room.

Rose lay there for a few moments trying to catch her breath and basked in the glow of her orgasm, Rose climbed from her bed and went to the bathroom to clean herself up she slipped off her night dress and stood nude in front of the bathroom mirror she looked at herself, she rested her hands on her stomach and squeezed the little bit of flesh that she had there, Rose looked at the nipples on her mammoth breasts which were ready to burst, she wanted to tweak them but she didn’t want to risk making anymore noise, she looked down at her crotch it was dripping wet, “It hasn’t dripped like that in quite some time.” She thought to herself, Rose wiped her dark red pubic bush with some tissue and then cleaned her engorged vagina lips, when she was done she slipped her night dress back on took a deep breath and returned to bed where she finally got to sleep.

When Rose awoke on Sunday morning her mind immediately went to the previous night, she had masturbated while fantasising about an 18 year old girl, Rose knew something was not right she didn’t wake up with the same faith in her sexuality as she had the previous şerifali escort morning. Rose climbed out of bed, put on her robe and went downstairs she was in need of some coffee. She entered the kitchen and Becky her daughter was sitting at the table eating her breakfast.

“Morning Mum, how are we this morning?” Becky asked with a big grin on her face.

“I’m fine thanks darling, just need some coffee,” her mother replied yawning.

“Oh why is that Mum? Up late were you?” Becky continued.

“Yes I was actually and you can wipe that silly grin off your face I gather you heard me?” Rose announced not wanting to play Becky’s little game.

“Well if by ‘heard you’ you mean I heard you in the throws of an orgasm then yes I suppose I heard you,” Becky chuckled.

“Yes Becky ok I was masturbating, you’re old enough to know that I am a woman and have needs and last night seemed like the right time to take care of them,” Rose responded aggressively.

“Good on you Mum, nothing wrong with a little fanny rubbing,” laughed Becky.

“Becky behave yourself, I know you do it too,” responded Rose lightening up a bit.

“How?!” squealed Becky.

“I wash your knickers don’t forget,” chuckled Rose.


“Well at least it’s out in the open now this is something a mother and daughter should be able to talk about,” Rose responded.

“Yeah I suppose so, so was last night as mind blowing as it sounded?” Becky asked.

“It had been a while since I had one so it was pretty good yes,” responded Rose.

“What was it about?” enquired Becky.

“Now that I am not willing to discuss missy.” Rose wasn’t prepared to talk about her Kim fantasy.

There was a knock at the front door, Rose got up from the table and answered the door standing in the door way was Kim who it has to be said looked a lot better than she did last night and she was dressed in her usual manor jumper and jeans.

“Oh hi Kim is everything alright?” asked Rose sounding nervous, she worried Kim would see through her.

“Yeah everything is fine Misses Alexander… sorry Rose, I just wanted to apologise for last night, I’m not usually in such a mess,” replied Kim remorsefully.

“Oh shush like I said last night it’s no problem come in.” Rose stepped back from the door.

Kim entered the house and followed Rose into the kitchen.

“Hi Becky,” Kim said.

“Hi Kim you ok?” Becky asked.

“Yeah I’m good just feel a bit hazy after last night,” responded Kim.

“Cup of coffee Kim?” Rose offered.

“Oh no thanks Rose I’m fine,” answered Kim politely.

“What happened last night then?” Becky asked.

“It was a friend of mine’s 19th birthday and she had a little get together and I may have had one to many drinks,” Kim answered shaking her head.

“Yeah I’ve had nights like that,” laughed Becky.

“And to make it worse I lost my key and had to knock here at about two this morning,” Kim chuckled.

“But you mum was nice enough to help me out, my mum would have gone mad if she was home but your mum was great,” continued Kim.

“Like I said it was no problem,” Rose responded chuckling.

“Well she is a super mum; right I’m off to do some internet shopping! See you later Kim,” said Becky who got up and left the room.

“Bye Becky.” Kim replied as Becky exited the room.

Rose and Kim stood in silence; Rose sipped her coffee trying not to look at Kim who leaned against the kitchen counter watching Rose.

“Rose I just wanted to make sure…”

“Don’t worry I’m not going to tell your parents about last night just try to be a little more careful in future,” warned Rose.

“Yeah I will be, thanks for cleaning me up as well last night that was much appreciated, I didn’t mean to parade myself in front of you like I did,” Kim said laughing.

“Oh don’t be silly, I was happy to help,” laughed Rose.

“I’m glad you’re being so cool about this, I woke up this morning saw I had nothing on and then I remembered I came round here I was mortified,” Kim laughed smiling at Rose.

“Like I said it was no problem.” Rose responded.

Rose seemed to relax a little bit after that exchange, she found herself looking over Kim’s body she couldn’t see as much as she had the previous night but she could still make out the young girl’s ample curves, “Stop it!” Rose couldn’t understand why she kept looking over Kim’s body, “Where have these feelings come from?” was all Rose could think.

“Is everything ok Rose?” Kim asked looking inquisitively at Rose sensing something was wrong with the red head.

“Yes sweetheart everything is fine.” Rose responded.

Rose sipped her coffee while trying to discreetly look at Kim’s body, “Oh my God, I think I fancy her!” a startled Rose thought, “She’s only 18! What’s wrong with me, I’m not into women am I?” Rose’s eyes focused on Kim’s breasts, she looked up to Kim’s face and met the young blonde’s eyes, Rose had been caught red handed.

Kim simply smiled, “I’d better be going.”

“Oh ok sweetheart, well don’t forget if you need anything don’t hesitate to call round, in fact I had best give you my mobile phone number just in case you need to call me about anything,” Rose said panicking knowing she had been caught.

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