The Therapist and the Nymphomaniac, Chapter 4The Therapist and the Nymphomaniac, Chapter 4


The next morning Elizabeth woke up to discover herself in his bed. Once again he was already up and in the kitchen enjoying his first cup of coffee when she came in. “Good morning!” Peter said, “Want a cup – it’s freshly made?””Please,” she said softly. She sat down at the table and he brought her cup and sat down as well.”How are you feeling this morning?” he asked, trying to hide the smirk on his face.”I’m a little sore. Umm… did.. did I…” she said meekly.”Yes, you did. But I found out some interesting things in talking with your other half. And I think I have a solution to the situation,” “Really? You can help me? You can make this split personality stuff go away and merge me?” “Not exactly. But I do think I have a workable solution. After breakfast, we’ll sit down and I’ll explain it to you,” Elizabeth fixed a nice breakfast for the two of them and they sat down to eat. Elizabeth couldn’t really enjoy her breakfast thinking about what Peter had to talk to her about. She had waited a long time and it had been hell living like this – she would be glad to get this behind her.Once breakfast was over and the table cleared and dishes soaking in the sink, she went into the living room where Peter was sitting with a fresh cup of coffee.”Okay, Peter, I’m dying here – please tell me what you have in mind to fix my problem!” “All right but I want you to listen to the whole thing before you make any decisions, okay?” “O-okay,” she said cautiously.So Peter began isveçbahis recounting his encounter with Beth. “Last night as I was laying in bed, Beth came in to see me. She was rather… provocative, we’ll say… but she found out that the good doctor had a few surprises of his own! As a result, she found herself in the passenger seat for a change. She and I had a little talk and I learned a bit more about why Beth came out and a bit more about you that I wasn’t aware of.” “Like what?” “Well, for instance, I learned that the reason Beth came out is that she is a product of your past history with people in your life leaving you. From your father running out on you to your mother dying on you and you being bounced around from place to place and never having any friends.”It’s really no wonder with your past history that you aren’t more messed up than you are, to be honest. But Beth is a manifestation of the need for human contact that you have buried inside you. The fact that she is so sexual is also a result of not having love in your life. You are so desperate to have someone that your slutty side, Beth, will sleep with anyone and do anything to get even a little attention.”Beth is simply a concentrated version of what you wish you could be. You wish you could have a man in your life – someone who wouldn’t leave you, and someone you could love who would love you back.” “That sounds reasonable, I guess. A little weird, but you are the doctor. So how isveçbahis giriş do we fix it? I mean I can’t exactly just go out and find a guy to love me – if it was that simple I wouldn’t have this problem to begin with, right?” Well, I have thought about the situation.. in fact, I was awake all last night thinking about it. And I think I have a plan, if you are game for it. Now it’s pretty obvious that hypnosis isn’t going to work in this case. I mean we could try it a couple more times, but I don’t think we’ll have a lot of luck with that therapy.”What can we do then, Peter?” “Beth told me that she came out because of your lack of having someone to love and to love you. Your lack of companionship – namely male companionship. And you said you can’t just go out and find a guy. Well, what about me?” “What about you, what?” she asked, not quite sure what he was getting at.”What about living here with me…permanently? Listen I have a big house here as you can see. A big lonely house. And it’s close enough to your work that if you wanted to keep on working you could. Although I would be perfectly happy if you just stayed here and took care of the house. “There’s something I think you should know about me Elizabeth – something that Beth knows now but you don’t. Beth and I are a lot alike. Beth is a nymphomaniac, you are already aware of that. But I am a satyromaniac – a male nymphomaniac. So last night we both got what we needed. And while I wouldn’t isveçbahis yeni giriş want you around just for sex, having you with that particular condition fits very well with my needs as well. And if you want companionship, I think you and I work pretty well together. I mean it’s only been a few weeks, but I have had a lot of fun having you here and having companionship as well.”I think we could actually be good for each other. And being together would keep Beth under control because you would have the companionship that brought her out and Beth and I have reached an understanding of sorts… she has given control to me and will do as I say. So I can help you keep her from getting you in any more trouble.”Now I haven’t mentioned any of this living together stuff to her – you are the dominant personality of you two, so I wanted to get your take on it first. I’m already pretty sure she will be all for having a steady, safe, sex partner.” “Peter honey, that is an amazing offer and my first thought is that I would love to come live here with you. But I have been hurt a great many times. I have heard the whole ‘I would never leave you’ speech so many times I can recite it verbatim. And while you may mean it right now, we really don’t know that much about each other. So please forgive me if I’m a little skeptical now. It is a wonderful offer and I really do appreciate it.” she said.”I can see your point, and I was ready for that. I have taken you on as a patient, Elizabeth, and told you when we first met  I was not going to give up on you until we fixed the problem. So either way, you and I will be seeing a lot of each other for a long time – especially since hypnosis hasn’t seemed to work. 

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