The Naked WoodsThe Naked Woods


The day was hazy, the air humid and stagnant. The sun tried to creep through the clouds as the heat beat down upon the ground stifling any chance of air movement.

My mind tried to concentrate on the days events ahead but the vision of him interrupted my train of thought. I stopped to reminisce of the days gone past and our conversations together. I couldn’t help but linger on the feelings that arose inside me when I pictured us together. The butterflies swarmed my belly and the heat ignited between my legs. I could not sit still for the image of him touching me set my passion burning. The juices escaped from my vaginal lips and eased down to my inner loins I think of him.

It seems like forever since I saw him last. My body yearns for his touch. His embrace has burnt an impression upon my body and soul………I need to feel that once more. I have been sitting here waiting for his arrival and I can feel the excitement already building up inside of me.

My feminine flower so does want to feel his fingers upon her petals and sense his tongue as it tastes the nectar that flows within the fountain about to erupt. The sensation it gets as you devour pleasures is unexplainable and sends my body into unfrenzied convulsions!

A slight breeze is flowing through the trees and I sense his presence nearby. It is just a feeling I get within my body when he is close to me. I can only hope the expectations he has of me are not to high for my grasp.

The thoughts of her raced through his head as he felt the knots well up inside his body. A lump expanded in his throat; His heart raced a bit faster and he found it hard to breathe. These were all normal feelings he got when he was near her and whenever he thought of her.

Were these sparks from the newness of the relationship or were they from something much deeper. He couldn’t tell, he just knew the excitement of seeing her Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir once again warmed him all over and made his manhood stand at attention……he felt himself already hard. The throbbing was enough to drive a person insane. He adjusted himself, as he did this he imagined it was her touch. The chills ran over him as he thought about her caress mmmmmmmmmm. His mind raced as he remembered her smell; the way she tasted; the way she felt . As he snapped back into reality he notice he was in full stroking mode. WOW what a daydream. He could barely stand to wait and see her.

As he pulled into the park she was already there. What a beautiful sight to behold. The blue jean skirt and halter top were simple yet so elegant and sexy. They only intensified her feminine attributes.

As she exited her vehicle, the warm feelings flowed through his body while he watched her every movement. He recorded her actions in his memory for future reference.

He was wearing his usual attire, pullover shirt and khaki jeans. He still took her breath away. His presence alone gave her heart a jolt and her breath quickened. To her he was a prince and perfect in all ways. She felt electrified when he was around. He made her feel as though no one or nothing else mattered. The world around her disappeared when she was with him.

As they ventured to their special place, he grabbed her hand and laced his fingers through hers. She gripped his hand so that he knew she didn’t want him to let go. They reached the secluded shady spot laden with soft grass. Rocks outlined the area as though it were a short wall giving them even mor privacy. She spread out the blanket as he gazed upon her beauty, frozen in that moment.

He could barely wait till after they devoured their food and in engaged in small talk to take her in his arms and devour her with İstanbul Escort his kisses and love touches. He wanted to feel her soft silky skin upon his. He wanted to taste her sweet juices and smell her enchanting fragrance. He could not take it any more. He took her in his arms and began kissing her softly as his tongue gently entered her mouth and intertwined with hers. Then the kisses became more intense and passionate as he moved down her throat and neck. Caressing her softly as his hands and mouth navigated her body.

She felt shock waves of ecstacy throughout her system. The bolts of electricity seared through her body with force as she felt her vaginal walls ache for his touch. Her womanly juice filled her canal and trickled over the lips of her desire. She let out a moan as his hand caressed her right breast and his mouth found the left nipple, she held his head close to her breast allowing him to feed from her bosom like a hungry babe. Her mind soared as he ventured down her body kissing and licking her torso. He stopped to feast upon her inner loins and then drink from her fountain. As his tongue moves quick across her clit sending her into unbridled passion waves, she arches her back and makes such a loud sound of pleasure that this excites him even more and he feels a rush as he continues to feed from her womanhood. The way his magic tongue teases the swollen throbbing nub only sends her into convulsions and causes a spray of vaginal juice to flow from her like a water fountain. He seizes the opportunity to lap up the flowing juice and embellish in the moment. This combined with the moans of pleasure and writhing of her body ignite him and causes his manhood to throb begging for entrance into her cave. He wants to feel her juice surround his hard rod as he swims in the warmth of her juices.

They manage to maneuver into a 69 position Escort İstanbul and she grasps his manhood with eagerness. As she brings it to her lips she allows her tongue to lick the tip. He feels her hot breath on his stiff member and it makes him quiver and moan. Just the thought of her touch excites him. She begins licking slowly at the tip and works her tongue around his penis. Holding the shaft gliding her hands up and down as she licks his rod in an ice cream cone fashion.. He tries to retain composure and continue his own dessert, but the pleasure she is bestowing upon him makes it hard to concentrate and fuels his hunger. He continues to feast upon her femininity as his hands are under her buttocks using them as levers to bring his meal closer. His knees are jell-O as she feeds from his hard cock. The sensations that run through his body caused him to pause and then gain control once more as he continues his quest into her womanly cavern.

Her body shakes as the nectar flows once more from her fountain and he drinks again from the spray.

She sits up and begs him to enter her. She wants to feel his hardness inside her. He then turns to face her as she spreads her legs to invite his hard soldier to dive into her pleasures. The sight is very enticing; her vaginal lips freshly shaven and smooth, glistening with wetness; plump and pink with hunger. The clit throbbing waiting and wanting to feel him.

He entered her with a hard swift stroke as the warmth of the cave surrounded his hard throbbing cock. He laid upon her feeling her sweat as her heart pounded and she raised her hips to allow deeper penetration of his manhood. He grasped her buttocks and drove himself hard and deep into her as he quickened the stroke. He was moving so fast and hard she felt his balls pound against her crack as he burst and spewed his milk into her. She held him to her as her vagina massaged his member as he felt a sea of juice drown his shrinking soldier. They were both out of breath and wet from the sweat that poured as they made love.

They just lay there for a while taking time to bask in the pleasure and record the moment. As they realized where they were and then again came back to reality.

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