The Posy PredicamentThe Posy Predicament


From the moment I met June, I knew she was special.

It should have been just an ordinary day like a thousand of them that had gone before. I had put in my full day at the publishing company I worked at where my exalted title was Junior Editor which meant next to nothing. Our main gig was magazines and we published quite a few, some of which you would undoubtedly be familiar with as you surely read them with lackluster enthusiasm from cover to cover every time you were forced for whatever reason to visit your doctor. But I was not a Junior Editor on one of the half a dozen flagship publications we touted and advertised quite regularly on every billboard, bus and television show we could find coast to coast. No, I was a Junior Editor of the Lifestyle section in our vanity publication, Flowers and Gardening.

Thus when I walked home from my luxurious offices in lower Manhattan to my quaint if small apartment on the Upper East Side, I had developed the habit of avoiding any type of store or cart that sold, held, displayed or liked flowers. Flowers were my job so I did not need them in my personal life as well.

Walking to and from work was my idea of regular exercise since it was well over 100 blocks round trip. Do remember though that the walk to work then included an 8+ hour break until I walked home so it was not overly taxing. Speaking of which, when it snowed or rained extremely hard, I taxied it but being I was only a Junior Editor, I did have to watch my budget.

I shared my small one bedroom with a cat named Trish and nothing and no one else. I was not what I would consider a perennial bachelor; I just had not found the right woman to settle down with so I was still a perennial avrupa yakası escort dater. But then came that fateful day in April, yes it was April, not June, when I met June.

It was a warm night and people were out enjoying it, remembering all too well the long cold nights of winter. Being outside in Manhattan at night is a privilege and so we tend to take advantage of it when we can. I was not in a hurry then to return to my small apartment and I knew Trish would not miss me overly much since I always made sure to fill her food dish every morning before I set off to work. June was standing at one of those stands that pop up on the sidewalks as soon as the weather breaks long enough that one assumes it will be a good 9 months, maybe longer, before we see snow in the city again. And usually I would have totally ignored June because, regrettably, she was selling posies.

For those of you not in the flower business or perhaps even those that are, posies are a small bouquet of flowers that were popular in the times before indoor plumbing and carried by the ladies to hold to their noses when the stench became overwhelming. June had set up a large cart full of them outside her flower shop, Flowers by June, which I had passed by probably a million times and never noticed. But this evening, for some unknown reason, one of the posies caught my eye. It was made of a lovely combination of purple and yellow flowers and I picked it up and turned to June, asking her the price.

She was exquisitely lovely. I noticed that right away. She had dark hair, the color of midnight that was cut neatly around her jaw line then curled slightly up. avrupa yakası eskort Her eyes were the shade of blue that you only believe exists in fairy tales until you see it in real life. Her skin was pale as the finest ivory. And her lips were painted the color of blood.

She told me the price and as I handed her the money she managed to slip in, “I am sure your girl will enjoy them.”

I smiled into her eyes as I replied, “I don’t have a girl. I don’t know why I bought them except they caught my eye, like you did. So you own this place? Long hours, I am sure. Does your husband mind?”

She blushed as she looked up to answer me, “I’m single too. No husband, no boyfriend.”

So of course my next obvious remark was, “Then perhaps you would do me the honor of allowing me to take you to dinner tomorrow night. I can stop by to pick you up about the same time as this?”

She of course agreed and the next day at work seemed to drag on forever but come quitting time, my feet were as light as air as I nearly danced my way to her shop. She saw me walk in and her face lit up with a smile as she finished up with the last of her customers and locked up. I escorted her up the street like a gentleman to a restaurant I adored and we became inseparable over the course of the summer.

By August, we had spent countless hours with our heads together over restaurant tables and with our arms around each other on either her couch or mine. We were totally head over heels in love, just like in the movies. So it became inevitable that we take the plunge and we decided to move in together.

Everyone knows real estate in Manhattan is more escort avrupa yakası precious than gold and since her digs were larger and had a better address, we decided to sublet my place furnished. I packed up my personal possessions, my clothes, and Trish and headed over to June’s place one balmy night towards the end of August. Of course by this time I had my own key and let myself in. After getting Trish settled, her dishes filled and her litter box neatly ensconced in the bathroom, I turned my attentions to June.

We were standing in her kitchen which wasn’t much larger than a postage stamp but it was bright and cheerful. She was barefoot, wearing a slip dress of blue silk which had a floral design imprinted on it. Her lips were still that glorious crimson color she so adored as she looked at me with an impish grin.

I was able to cross the room and pull her into my arms in less than two steps. I pushed her luscious body against the door jam that led from the kitchen into the living room. My one hand held her tightly while the other slid between her soft thighs and began to work its way between them, in search of that heated core of her existence. The lips were like rose petals and they parted gently for my entrance. She was as soft as a lily as well, the wetness that quickly coated my finger as fragrant as a honeysuckle. And as I leaned forward to capture her neck between my teeth, my fingers slid deeper inside her stem on a journey to the root. She gasped in pleasure against my ear.

Slipping my fingers from inside her, I hastily undid my pants which tumbled comically to my ankles as my member stood up proud, ready for battle. Pushing apart her thighs, I thrust fast and hard right inside her, there in the doorway, holding her against the solid wood. Her head fell back, her blood-red lips parted in an O of absolute delight as my cock went burrowing thru her petals up her stem and landed squarely in her roots. And as she gasped with pleasure to be so filled so quickly, my teeth released her neck and I whispered in her ear, “Honey, I’m home.”

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