The Making of a True BitchThe Making of a True Bitch


The transformation began subtly enough. She wanted me to walk her to the bedroom on a leash affixed to a crystal studded collar around her neck. There she’d suck on my cock while I held the handle of the leash before fucking her from behind, still grasping the leash and tugging on it every so often at her request in conjunction with my hard thrusts. She told me she could only cum when I fucked her doggystyle. Anna, my petite 19yr old girlfriend, always seemed to have a submissive streak. But as our relationship progressed, it became blatantly evident that she wanted more than a lover — she also wanted a master.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when she confessed having a sexual curiosity towards my large male German Shepherd, Lex. Lex was a pretty horny beast, always humping furniture and legs. Anna admitted it turned her on knowing the dog was horny and eager to fuck a bitch. We’d been together a few months and I’d entertained numerous Daddy fantasies and schoolgirl fantasies, not to mention a rape scene. But I’d never once considered involving my dog in our sex life… She wanted the dog in the room when we fucked, certainly to fuel her overactive, perverted imagination. So I found myself most often nailing her doggystyle while holding her leash as Lex watched and Anna fantasized it was the German Shepherd hammering her hard and fast instead of me.

She always enjoyed using toys. The toy of her choice became a huge dildo modeled after a dog cock, about 8″ long and pointed at the tip with a fat bulbous knot at the base and everything. I’d fuck her up the ass with it stuck in her cunt or fuck her cunt with the toy lodged in her asshole. She loved it! One day I came home from work and there she was, in a brand new doggybed that was big enough for her to lay back comfortably. I froze in my tracks at the sight: In the corner of the living room, she was laid out on the doggybed with her legs spread wide, the dog cock dildo stuck firmly in her juicy pink gash. Lex was a few feet away, watching her intently, his ears perked up at the sound of the toy squelching around in her cunt. They both looked up at me as I entered the room.

As depraved of a sight as it was, it was making my cock stir. Anna looked into my eyes, moaning while penetrating herself with the large toy. She was completely naked except for her sparkling black collar, her blond hair up in bouncing pigtails. I made my way over to the doggybed and got down on my knees before her spread thighs, my face inches from her cunt meat. She took her hand off the base of the dildo and I took over, fucking her cunt with it while licking all up and down her slit. Anna’s moans filled the house. I jammed the big pink dildo into her hard and fast, trying to simulate the intense penetration of a raging beast, trying my best to satiate her. Her breasts, a firm B cup, bounced as she humped at my fist and the toy shoved up inside her.

“Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me like a dog…” she moaned.

Anna then got on her hands and knees in the dog bed and wiggled her ass in the air with the toy still knotted in her cunthole, presenting herself for me. I unleashed my cock from my jeans and shoved it hard into her asshole as soon as my manhood was free. She cried out at the raw penetration, her upper body collapsing into the plush pet bed. I pulled on her collar as I thrust my hard prick as far into her guts as I could while reaching beneath her with my other hand to keep the rubber cock firmly planted in her womb. Anna’s moans rang out through the house — she was always a screamer! She was grinding her stuffed pussy into my hand in no time while I hammered her shitter like a machine. My balls smacked against her ass with every thrust.

“Ooh yes, yes, I’m gonna cum, yeahhh, oh yes, don’t stop, keep that dog knot stuck in my pussy, ohhh yes, yes, ohhh fuck! I’m cumming! Ahhhhh, yesssss!” she howled.

“Cum on my cock, bitch, ohhh yes, I’m gonna fill you up with my sperm…” I growled into her ear, tugging on the collar.

Her asshole squeezed my cock meat hard as her climax began. Anna’s wails echoed off the walls, adding to the squelching sounds of both her pussy and asshole being fucked simultaneously. I kept the toy steady in her hole, her stuffed pubic mound in my hand. My nuts were tight, ready to explode! Anna’s body shuddered with orgasm, her asshole still squeezing my prick hard. I couldn’t hold my load back any longer — copious jets of semen finally burst from my cockhead into Anna’s tight asshole, flooding her insides with cream. I groaned, bucking slowly and deeply at her hips, my cock lodged way inside her rectum. She moaned even louder, feeling my prick pulsing inside her shithole and inundating it with cum. My prick went on throbbing in her asshole while she squirmed beneath me. I came so far up in her ass that it took awhile for my sperm to begin leaking out of her after I pulled out.

The doggybed fuckings continued. One day I came home and not only did she have the dog dildo knotted in her pussy — she had a buttplug stuck in her ass with a furry white dog tail attached to it! Again she was naked aside from the crystal encrusted dog collar around her slender neck. I was too aroused to process the surprise buttplug tail — I fucked her while she had it in. After that, she was almost always nude and collared with the buttplug protruding from her asshole. Did she really want to get fucked like a dog? Like a true bitch?

It was my idea to finally get Lex involved. While she lay sprawled in the doggybed, sitting on the buttplug lodged in her asshole, I gently coaxed the big German Shepherd to slurp up the sweet human cunt presented before him. Anna closed her eyes and let out a long moan when she felt the dog’s tongue slathering saliva up and down her pussy gash. Her breasts and belly quivered, her senses overwhelmed with such concentrated pleasure. It wasn’t hard to train the dog to eat her pussy out once we got him started. Anna loved it — she would suck on my cock while the dog licked her slit up good, and then I’d inevitably unload my sperm in one of her holes after we orgasmed together while fucking doggystyle. It was fucking incredible!

I became just as engrossed with her fetish as she was. Playing along with it, I purchased Taksim Escort dog bowls for her and set them near her doggybed — they were filled with chocolates and other random treats. Then I put up a special kennel for her out in our secluded, spacious backyard. I’d fuck her all over it while she was standing, hands grasping the chain-link fence, or while she was laying in her doggybed out there. The collar remained on at all times. I even bought her a name tag for it, but told her if she really wanted to be a bitch, she had to have a bitch name — like “Sparkles.” And so that’s what I had engraved on the collar, and that’s what I’d call her when telling her to choke down my cock or while fucking her hard in the cage.

After searching, I finally obtained a pheromone spray sometimes used in dog breeding. Anna — or should I say “Sparkles”– was finally gonna get fucked like the bitch she was! The next day, a sunny afternoon, I led the naked bitch by leash out back on her hands and knees, her furry buttplug tail swaying with her hips, and then shut us in the kennel. I face-fucked her hard while she sat on the doggybed, saliva running down her chin. My hands were on her collar as she sputtered upon my hard meat. Then I fucked her pussy awhile before removing the buttplug to unload my sperm up in her asshole. After the last jets of sperm spewed from my prick into her rectum, I plugged her ass back up with the dog-tail buttplug.

Then I got the spray and liberally doused her cunt gash with it. She giggled at the tingling spray and asked what I was doing. I didn’t answer. I told her to stay on all fours on the doggybed, her ass raised up in the air. I flipped the tail up so that it was resting against the curve of her back and I told her to stay put. Then I walked out of the kennel and called Lex over — he’d been running around in the yard. He entered the kennel and immediately ran over to Anna, sniffing the air excitedly. She squealed. I spritzed at her cunthole once more and patted her engorged pussy gash, encouraging Lex to check her out. The dog took a deep whiff of Anna’s cunt and I could see him begin humping the air.

I called the dog up onto Anna’s back and he knew immediately what to do. His forepaws gripped her hips tightly as the pointed knob of his descending dick stabbed her supple asscheeks. She let out a shriek as the dog’s bone-hard prickhead then poked near her cuntlips. I patted her head reassuringly. Lex was so huge, his head reached over her shoulder as he lunged at her again and again, trying to get inside of her. He was so eager, he was desperate to find a hole!

“You’re a true bitch, Sparkles,” I said, tugging on her collar as I rubbed my cock against her lips. “Time to get fucked like one.”

She looked up at me, groaning as the powerful beast humped her manically. I walked behind her and helped steady the dog’s hips over her ass, guiding his prick up her juicy cunt slit to the entrance of her womb. She let out a cry when the steel hard cockhead finally reached her cunthole — once he felt the warmth of her gushy orifice, he dove right in! Anna’s moans were steady as soon as the animal began penetrating her. I immediately heard the dog meat squelching around noisily within her sopping cunt flesh. Lex was panting already, eagerly thrusting his hips at her. He immediately pushed her off the doggybed with his hard thrusts. Her upper body collapsed against the fake grass of the kennel ground under the intense penetration. She submitted to the animal as I knew she would — a true bitch.

“Oh, yeahhh, fuck me doggy, ohhh yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me like a bitch, yes, I want your doggy sperm, ahhh yes, ooh shit, his cock is growing — it’s getting longer, oh my God!” Anna cried out. “Shit, this is incredible, ahhhh, oh my God…”

The dog cock squelched around in Anna’s juicy cunthole with his every thrust. He was pounding her like a jackhammer, making her tits slap against her chest noisily. Her small body was nearly eclipsed with the large furry one draped over her entire back. It was the sexiest fucking sight I have ever seen! Lex was determined to fill her up with his seed, seeking to knot and impregnate the human bitch. I bent down to get a close up view of the animal penetrating my girlfriend — I could see his pink prick splitting her pussylips apart, jamming it up inside of her. Anna began shaking, her toes curling — I knew she was about to orgasm with the dog’s growing prick inside of her cunt! Surely the animal was knotting her now.

“Oh fuck, his cock is huge now! His knot, holy Christ! Oh shit! Fuck! I’m gonna cum, ohhh yes, ohhh yes, fuck! Yes! Yes, ooooh, fuck me doggy, yes, knot me, knot my pussy, fill my womb up with your sperm, oooh yes,” she cried out. “Oh yes, I’m cumming! Yes! Fuckkkkkk!”

The dog was still hammering at her hips hard, pushing her against the chain-link fence of the kennel. She gripped the fence hard, her knuckles getting white, her pussy surely squeezing the dog cock and knot as she climaxed on it. Lex continued humping as Anna writhed beneath him, her face against the fence. I jacked my raging dick at the incredible scene. Then the dog went still, his balls jiggling to a stop. I heard Anna gasp and then let out a long moan — I knew the dog must be erupting sperm up inside her womb! Her eyes shut tightly, her muscles taut and trembling.

“Yes, sperm in me, yes, yes, ohhh fuck, he’s unloading a gallon of cum into my pussyhole! Holy fuck! I’ve never… oh my God, ahhh, ohhhh, yes, ooh that feels so fuckin’ good, yes, yes, yes! I’ve never, ever taken so much sperm! Fuck! Oooh yeah, ohhh doggy, give it to me, yes, keep going! His cock is still erupting cum inside me! It’s so hot, there’s so much of it! Ohhhhh….” moaned Anna, her head falling against the ground.

Lex stayed still over Anna, his hips bucking every so often. I could see her grinding back at him, enjoying the knot and prick stuffed up in her hole. The dog’s nuts jiggled as he tied and ejaculated in my girlfriend and they occasionally bounced against her asscheeks. Anna’s tits swung beneath her. My prick was so hard, it was about to explode! I wanted to unload in one of her holes, too! The big German Escort Taksim Shepherd’s forepaws remained tightly wrapped around Anna’s smooth abdomen. Reaching beneath her, I caressed her fat pussy mound, bulging from the dog meat stuffed inside of her, and she let out a long moan. My fingers strummed her clit and she grinded her hips, her cries growing louder as the dog cock moved around with her gyrations.

“Yeah, baby, you look so fucking hot… Squeeze your pussy muscles around that big dog knot and dick… Good bitch… There’s droplets of cum leaking out of your cunthole now, I can feel it oozing onto my fingers — here, lick it off, Sparkles,” I said to her, taking my fingers and raising them to her lips. She eagerly sucked my fingers clean, moaning. “Yeah, that’s a good doggy slut… Taste that dog cum, imagine how much dog sperm is sploshing around in your womb right now, you sexy little bitch!”

Anna moaned, humping at both my hand and the dog dick tied in her pussy. Lex panted, now calm, looking as satisfied as a dog could possibly look. I went over and started face-fucking her while she remained bent over and knotted to my large German Shepherd. The sight before my eyes was just incredible — it was so dirty, so raunchy, so taboo — I struggled to hold my load as long as possible. Anna looked up at me with her big blue eyes while choking my cock down. A shimmering trail of saliva led from her thick lips to my balls as she began enthusiastically licking up and down my shaft and balls. I groaned. The dog looked up at me, remaining motionless with forepaws tight around Anna’s waist. She moaned as she slurped my cock, her hips still slowly gyrating.

I reluctantly tore my cock from her lips, resisting the urge to deposit my seed into her throat, and walked up behind her again. Her juicy cunt pulsed around the animal’s member. A string of dog cum oozed from out of her knotted pussy down to the ground. I reached out and began massaging her bulging pussy mound again. Anna moaned, grinding at my hand. My fingers built up a fast pace on her clit and her cries grew louder. When her muscles began tensing, I knew an orgasm was building up again within her depths. Her cries turned to gasps and grunts, her entire body shuddering, so weak now and weighed down by the powerful dog. Lex let out a whimper as Anna humped at my hand, her strong pussy muscles surely squeezing his knot and prick with her orgasm.

“I’m cumming again, ohhh yes, fuck! Yes! Yes! Yessss, oh, fuck yes, fuckin’ love this dog dick, oh my Goddddddddddd!” she cried out.

As her orgasm rocked her body hard, Lex whined and began struggling to break free. Anna moaned even louder as the dog tried to pull his engorged meat out of her sensitive, spasming cunthole. She cried out again when the dog suddenly stepped over her, now ass to ass with her. I stepped back and admired this new development — the knot was still lodged in her tight pussy canal, more sperm leaking out of her while their bodies stayed locked so lewdly in coitus. Lex panted, looking up at me as if for assistance. Anna looked up at me, too — a look of animalistic lust and desire on her sexy flushed face. I came closer and began playing with the buttplug tail still stuck in her ass — I’m sure it felt good to have both holes filled up at once.

After pushing the buttplug in and out of her ass, I slowly pulled it all the way out. Then I stepped over her back and began rubbing my dick all over her asshole while the dog’s dick was still in her cunthole! It required some maneuvering to avoid startling the dog, but after a few moments I was able to fill her tight shitter up with my raging purple cockhead! We both let out a grunt as the corona of my turgid organ entered her asshole. I leaned forward over her, trying my best not to disturb the dog still tied in her cunthole. An uncontrollable lust took over me — an animalistic, almost jealous, desire to fill her up with my own seed! My hands went to her breasts, holding her tightly. I continued slowly thrusting my steel hard pole into her darkest depths, now almost halfway inside her. The dog was standing still, remaining locked to her pussy for the moment. I needed to get my entire length in her so badly, nearly aching to do so! I needed to get balls deep, then fill her guts with my cum! Whatever hole, I just needed to release my flood of semen inside the bitch, any hole would do!

We groaned together as I shoved more than half my meat in her incredibly constricting asshole — it was even tighter than normal with the huge knot lodged in her pussyhole! Lex began stirring again and I moaned, feeling his cock and knot moving around in her cunt through the thin walls of her asshole. I bucked my hips at her hard, determined to get my own prick into her while the dog was inside her, too! She let out a shriek as my cock plunged into her bowels, filling her ass up completely while her pussy was filled with dog dick! I gasped — I couldn’t believe the position I was in! It was fucking incredible, to say the least. Lex let out a whine, pulling on her with his engorged dog meat. I moaned again, feeling the dog pulling her closer to me by the cunt! Her ass swallowed my prick to the brim. I shuddered, my balls feeling the pleasurably soft dog fur around her wet pussy gash while I stayed deep in her rectum.

I stayed still so as not to frighten the dog. He calmed down again for a few moments, so I took the time to gently rub Anna’s nipples and breasts and bite her neck while two dicks penetrated her holes. She was moaning and writhing, using her own hand to rub her clit. I began slowly thrusting into her ass, my dick sealed up tightly in her hot orifice. Her pussy bulged with the dog cock — I could feel it! We both moaned, delirious now with arousal. My senses were heightened, so aware of the sound of her holes squelching with meat and cum, the smells of her cunt juice and the dog sperm, the feeling of the animal’s fur on my balls…

Lex began struggling again and Anna and I both moaned. I kept my cock jammed far up into her asshole and savored the pleasure of the dog dick moving around in the hole next to the one I was inside of. Anna kept rubbing on her clitty, surely trying to coax another Taksim Escort Bayan orgasm from her depths before the dog could pull out. She rubbed her hard nub fast, her body trembling beneath me. I stayed still, letting Anna’s climaxing body and the struggling dog do all the movement for me. My prick was so engorged, so ready to blow. I kept my hands firmly on her ample breasts, massaging them and kissing her back and neck as she began crying out again that she was cumming! Her body shook, evidently exhausted from her intense orgasms and the manic fucking!

I groaned again, feeling her asshole clenching my dick even harder with her climax. The dog whined again and pulled to break free. She let out a long wail, throwing her head back in ecstasy. I kept my body close to hers, so tight against her, just as Lex had done when he’d mounted her. My nuts were tight now. Anna quaked underneath me, her body pulled even closer to mine by the dog trying to tear out of her. I moaned, feeling the dog cock and knot moving around in her oozing cunthole. Then I closed my eyes and gasped, my raging muscle pulsing and beginning to erupt inside her guts! Anna groaned, feeling my prick pulsating in her rectum now, feeling her own climax subsiding, feeling my prick flooding her shithole with cum, feeling the dog trying to dislodge his huge fuckstick from her pussyhole!

My cock shot a copious load of semen deep in Anna’s bowels, throbbing for what felt like several minutes. I kept my eyes shut tightly, overwhelmed with ecstasy, my breathing ragged. Anna gyrated her hips weakly as the last pulses of her orgasm subsided. Meanwhile some of the dog cum had leaked out of her cunthole all over the ground into a huge puddle. The animal’s prick squelched around in her womb and she let out another long groan — Lex was really trying to free himself now. I turned around, my prick still in Anna’s ass, and tried to calm the big German Shepherd, but he was determined to break away from his human mate. Anna had really tight pussy muscles, I knew that from experience! Surely they had a good hold on the beast’s huge member, keeping it stuck in her womb.

I took my prick from her asshole with a loud popping sound, my cum waaaaaaay up inside her. Then I put the doggy tail buttplug back in her ass to keep my sperm sealed up in it! She moaned. Lex started dragging her behind him, desperately trying to pull his knot and cock out of her. She cried out, clawing fruitlessly at the ground while dragged from behind on all fours. Lex whined. I patted him on the head, trying to keep him calm. He was really stuck in her good! The amount of sperm that had leaked out of her cunt was unbelievable — I could only imagine how much more was still in her womb! It was all over her thighs now, too. I tried to keep them both calm, and wondered how much longer the dog would stay knotted to her?

My prick had only semi-deflated — it was ready to go again in just a few minutes, I was so fucking aroused. So I face-fucked her as best as I could since the dog pulled her around a little, but I felt restless. I wanted all of her holes! Pulling my rigid member from her mouth, I went up behind her again to fuck her asshole again. This time I kept the buttplug inside her, making her scream as I tried to stuff the head of my cock in next to it. Her ass was so tight, I got just the head of my dick in and that was it! She gripped the ground beneath her, knuckles white. Lex barked and again pulled, straining to release himself from his human bitch.

Anna and I both gasped when the dog finally tore his enormous dripping fucktool from her womb. Our eyes were wide at the giant, bright pink prick — at least 8″ with a hard red knot the size of my fist! A torrent of sperm was released from her cunthole. My carnal desires took over at the sight of her pussy leaking so much cum — I needed to flood her womb with my sperm, too! She cried out when I pushed her down onto her back on the doggybed, the buttplug jamming hard up into her rectum as she lay with legs spread wide. I stared into her cunt, a glaze of dog cum covering her pussy mound and thighs. Her pussylips were bright pink, and so engorged.

A puddle of dog cum instantly formed underneath her. I stood before her spread legs, the base of my thick cock in hand. Then I rammed my prick balls deep into her gushy hole, so wet and so inundated with dog semen. She moaned at my sudden penetration, hands wrapping around my back, nails digging into my flesh as I hammered her pussy hard. Her cunt was so loud, squelching with cum as my cock pistoned in and out of her! More and more dog cum leaked from her with my every thrust. We were both grunting and moaning, rutting like animals on a doggy bed. Lex was licking his deflating package of steel, casually watching us. I licked all over her tits and nipples as I fucked her hard, slamming my pubic bone into hers. Now we were both covered with dog cum! I fucked her hard and fast, like a machine, like a dog, as fast and hard as I possibly could.

Her pussy muscles clenched my dick tightly. She began writhing beneath me and screaming that she was cumming again — I didn’t slow down or skip a beat! I continued hammering her pussy, slapping my thighs hard against hers, my prick balls deep inside of her womb. She clawed my back, face contorting with pleasure, a howling moan escaping her lips. Lex’s ears perked up at her piercing shriek. I groaned, her cunt so tight now around my member. My balls grew tighter — I didn’t want to cum so soon, but her pussy was practically milking the sperm from my cock! We both rocked and grunted together as my orgasm began. My cock throbbed, jets of cum suddenly erupting deep into her hot hole. I gasped, feeling almost as if I might pass out with the intensity of my ejaculation for a moment there!

Anna looked up at me in a daze, my prick still oozing its last globs of semen into her womb. Her warm cunt flesh was still pulsing around my meat. She was trembling, looking exhausted but totally satisfied. A smile broke out simultaneously on both our faces — I think we were both thinking there would be lots more dog fucking in the near future! Our sex life would never, ever be the same. And that was certainly for the best!

After I pulled my semen-covered cock out of her juicy cunt, I walked her — leashed, of course — on her hands and knees back inside the house, leaving a trail of dog and human cum from the back patio through the kitchen and living room!

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