The Make Or Break Hotel: Room 62The Make Or Break Hotel: Room 62


She entered the hotel, took the evaluator to the third floor. She had been told to go to room 62. This was her “Make or break” moment. She knocked on the door. She knew what this place was but still she had come. The door swung open, and she was met by a tall, handsome man. He looked similar to her husband. A smile flickered across her face. They’d said they knew her type. Still, he was slightly taller and a bit younger. He signalled her to enter. She had been informed of the rules of the encounter: no names and no speaking. But, without thinking, she blurted, “So what do we do?” Immediately she realised her mistake. “Sorry it’s my first time,” she said before covering her mouth with her hands. The man just smiled. He cupped her face, kissed her lips. She almost melted right there. She hadn’t been kissed with feeling in a long time. He held her hand, drawing her to the bedroom. She didn’t resist. She had sought this place. The last roll of the dice. She watched him slide on the bed as he started removing his shirt. She thought about her husband for only a second. He used to have a body like that, before the booze, the affairs and the arguments. Hate was too strong a bahis şirketleri word, but she wasn’t happy. She hadn’t been for a long time. The man tapped the bed, signalling her to join him. She slipped off her coat,and her shoes before sliding onto the bed. He kissed her again. This time, his hands slowly wandered, softly caressing her breasts. His mouth moved to her neck, kissing and nibbling. She softly moaned. She hadn’t been touched like this in years. Her hands slid up his thigh, resting on his groin. She trembled as she felt his large, thick cock hardening. His lips kept nibbling at her neck as he began to unbutton her top. His hands moved to her shoulders, sliding off her top along with her bra straps. Seconds later, the bra fell into her lap. She couldn’t help but gasp when he took hold of her breasts, kissing and teasing both at the same time. She gasped even more as his tongue flicked over her nipples. His hands undid her pants and slid into her panties, pushing them down at the same time. She felt bold enough to unzip his pants, stroking his huge cock. She admitted to herself this was nothing like her husband’s, it was massive. Before she knew what bahis firmaları was happening, he moved on top of her, sliding his cock into her slick pussy. She moaned again as he stretched her, causing her to make little gasps of pleasure as he slid deeper, inch by inch. Hot steamy sex – that is what she needed; nothing else mattered except this man. They kissed as he pulled back nearly all the way out before he settled into a steady rhythm of pumping back and forth, his body against hers. Heat expanded from deep inside of her. Her carnal pleasure was taking over. His hands and tongue traced across her naked flesh as their bodies slid together. The passion continued to build as he went faster and harder. She moaned louder as he drove in and out of her. It had been so long, and at this moment, she felt like she was in heaven. He wanted her, and she wanted him. He slid back and forth and she squeezed his cock; his turn to moan in pleasure as the heat increased. She needed this. He needed this. Sex in its purest most carnal form, nothing else mattered. The pleasure built as their bodies enjoyed the sensation of sweat and heat inside and out. He thrust into her harder kaçak bahis siteleri and faster losing himself in the pleasure of her body. She cried out as her orgasm drew near. God, she had never felt like this. Breathing heavily, she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper. Her whole body tingled as the orgasm edged closer and closer. Sweat rolled down his back as he thrust in again. He was so close but wanted her to orgasm first. He wanted her to feel pleasure. He felt her body tighten, it was almost too much to bear. Somehow, he held on, probing into her over and over until she cried out. Her body bucked as the orgasm flowed through her. Her legs dragged him in and squeezed. That was when he let go and thrust hard, once, twice, taking him over the edge. His cock twitched inside of her as he came, so pleasurable, so hot. Fucking great sex! They tried to catch their breath as he kissed her. She smiled, their bodies pressed tightly together. He felt her milking the last few drops of his cum as she pulsed on his cock. Once their breathing slowed, he got off her glistening body and lay beside her. She wanted more. She moved over his body, and a hand moved to his balls ,stimulating them as she ground against him, her eyes showing how hungry she still was. A few minutes later, she sat up and straddled him, guiding his hardening cock into her hot wet channel. He moaned again when the woman took charge.

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