The Magic AppleThe Magic Apple


“We hope you’re enjoying the show,” came an announcement over the PA. “Due to a last-minute cancellation, we have a replacement performer. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Great Zardino!” The previous performer, a stand-up comedian, walked off the stage, as a man wearing a black coat and top hat came on.

“A magician? This is stupid.” My girlfriend was unhappy. She crossed her arms, and, despite the sour expression on her face, I couldn’t help admiring her appearance. A tall, slim blonde in a tight black dress is always nice to look at, even if she can be a bitch at times. I think maybe she gets cranky from all the diets she goes on to maintain her rail-thin figure. Still, I can’t complain. I love caressing her long, thin arms and putting my hands around her tight waist. Sometimes I wish she had bigger boobs, but maybe it’s better to be satisfied with what I have. After all, if her boobs got bigger, they might get saggy, and I like the way her perky tits bounce during sex.

“Just be patient. I’m sure the next act will be something better,” I replied. But it was no use. All through the magician’s act, my girlfriend did nothing but sigh and moan with boredom. For my own part, I was too distracted by my girlfriend’s discontent to pay much attention to the show.

“For my next trick, I’ll need a volunteer from the audience!” A sudden announcement from the magician snapped me back to the present. A spotlight was roaming the audience and finally landed on my girlfriend.

“What? Me? No!” my girlfriend protested, to no avail. A couple of stagehands marched her up. Still determined to ruin the mood, my girlfriend stood next to the magician and scowled.

“What’s wrong?” the magician asked. “Don’t you want to be part of some magic?”

“No,” replied my girlfriend. “All of that stuff is fake anyway.”

“Fake, huh? Then you won’t mind eating…the magic apple?” With a flourish of his white-gloved hand, the magician presented my girlfriend with a red apple.

“Uh, no I won’t mind eating an ordinary apple.”

“Oh, madam, I assure you, this is no ordinary apple. Just one bite will make you gain ten pounds of fat. I can see you take pride in your body. Are you sure you want to risk ruining your figure?”

My girlfriend smirked, snatched the apple and took a bite of it. “See,” she said before she even finished chewing. çankaya escort “Just an ordinary apple.”

Now, I don’t tell many people, but I’m kind of superstitious. I wasn’t as skeptical as my girlfriend. As my she swallowed, I scanned her body from my seat in the audience, searching for signs of weight gain. She was facing the magician, and my seat was close to the stage, so I had a clear view of her profile. She looked the same, but I squinted to see better. Maybe she had a tiny bit of a belly now? Or her face was a bit softer? Or maybe it was all just a trick of the light….

“Well, if that apple isn’t magic, I suppose you won’t mind eating the rest of it?” the magician goaded my girlfriend.

With a look of defiance, my girlfriend took a second bite and then a third. As she did, I could see her dress getting tighter. Yes, my skinny girlfriend now undeniably had a belly. But it couldn’t be magic, could it? Probably, the apple was made of some kind of compound that expanded in the stomach.

Perhaps my girlfriend thought the same, or perhaps she didn’t even notice, because she kept on eating. She took another bite and, as murmurs arose from the audience (they were beginning to see what I was seeing), turned to face us and took three more bites.

What I saw made my jaw drop. My girlfriend’s dress had ridden up. It had been knee-length at the start of the night, but with so much more body to cover it now stopped at the top of her thighs. The material bulged and strained to contain her belly, which was now clearly wider even when viewed from the front. It kind of looked like she had love handles.

But what was really shocking was her thighs. My girlfriend had always taken pride in her thigh gap, but now her legs were so thick that her inner thighs squeezed together. When she took a step forward I saw them rub each other. I looked to her upper body and saw thicker arms, rounder cheeks and a slight double chin. Apple juice was running running down her chins and flowing into her breasts, which were almost spilling out of the top of her dress.

Oblivious to the changes taking place, my girlfriend walked in a circle around the magician. As she turned her back to the audience, I saw her ass jiggle, barley contained by her dress. She ended where she had started, facing the magician, giving me cebeci escort a side view of her body. Again, I was shocked the the transformation. There was no definition left in her chin. Her ass was fat and protruding several inches behind her. Her tits also stuck out, but were matched by her belly. Her dress was barely holding together, and I saw that the seams had begun to tear.

My girlfriend resumed eating the apple, taking bite after bite. I lost track of how many bites she took. As she got fatter and fatter, her dress was torn apart and fell at her feet. My girlfriend didn’t even notice. She just kept nibbling the apple. It was as though her new obesity had increased her appetite. Usually prim and proper, my girlfriend didn’t seem to care that she was now in front of a crowd, wearing only her white cotton panties and bra. My mind was reeling. My toned, college-age girlfriend who spent hours in the gym now had the fat, doughy body of an out-of-shape, middle-aged housewife.

She seemed only dimly aware of how heavy she had gotten, uncomfortably shifting her weight from one leg to the other, but otherwise focusing on devouring the apple. As she did so, she went from facing slightly away to slightly towards the audience and back again. She faced away, and I saw that her panties were too small to cover her ass; half her crack was exposed, and the panties were pulled tight trying to cover the lower half. She faced towards us, and I saw that her belly was spilling over her panties. Ironically, the fabric in the front part of her panties was loose and bunched up because her belly had pushed down the waistband so far. She faced away, and I saw one and then two of her bra hooks give way. The last one hung on with a tenacity that was spectacular. She faced towards us, and then the last hook must have finally let go because her bra fell off. Her tits spilled forward, like a river of mammary flesh flowing down her belly. They were no longer the cute half-spheres I loved to kiss and grope. Now they were long and floppy; the nipples would have pointed straight down if her belly wasn’t there to support them like a table.

She turned so that she was almost exactly perpendicular to me, and I took in her new figure. Her torso looked like a stack of three donuts. Her belly had become two rolls of fat, now sticking out several çubuk escort inches beyond her boobs. Her boobs seemed like little more than a third roll of fat on top. The apple was finally done, reduced to a skeletal core, but now my girlfriend was the complete opposite of a skeleton. She had to weigh at least 300 pounds now, probably more. Her arms were now thicker than her thighs had once been. Her thighs were thicker than her waist had been. And her waist….it was so huge, it seemed like she could fit her entire old self into her massive belly. My girlfriend turned to face the audience, proudly showing off her apple core, dangling it from a flabby arm and smirking through her chubby cheeks. With a snap, the waistband of her panties broke, and she was left naked, but her belly hung so low that it completely covered her pubic region. That saved her modesty, but it could do nothing for her dignity. She looked like a pear made of lard.

“Take a look at yourself,” said the magician, and for the first time my girlfriend became aware of what had happened to her body. She gasped in horror and then shouted with rage.

“You fucking asshole! What did you do to my body?” She was quivering with rage, her entire body shaking like a jello sculpture.

“I just put you in your place,” the magician replied. I had to admit, it was kind of nice seeing someone get the best of her.

“I’ll put you in your fucking place!” my girlfriend retorted. She poked a sausage-like finger at the magician, and her arm fat wobbled like a flag in the wind as she pointed angrily at him. “I’ll lose every pound, and then I’ll sue you into oblivion!”

“Good luck! When that apple increased your size, it also increased your appetite. You won’t be able to resist the foods that keep you big. And you’ll never be able to track down the great…Zardino!” There was a flash of light, and the magician was gone in a puff of smoke.

After the shock wore off, my girlfriend became aware of her situation. She was obese, exposed and humiliated. She started to cry as she desperately tried to cover up her fat, naked body. Lumbering like an elephant, she made her way down from the stage and over to me.

“Please, just take me home,” she said as tears flowed down her apple-sized cheeks and pooled in the crevices of her triple chin.

I led her out and over to my car. There was one last humiliating surprise in store for her. She was too fat for the seatbelt to reach around her. “It’s OK,” I said. “It’s just a 10 minute drive.” But it took over half an hour for us to get home because she asked me to stop at three different fast-food dive-thrus on the way.

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