Sea Cruise Pt. 09Sea Cruise Pt. 09



Once again I like to remind everyone this is a continuous story presented in multiple parts so I recommend reading at least the preceding chapter (or part). As I explained before, each chapter usually starts where the last left off, but minus any background. Which the lack of could make the narrative difficult to follow, or understand.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


After our long conversation and the tentative plans we made for later in the evening, Janice’s mood noticeably improved. As a result we had a blast shopping.

In the early 2000’s Tanzanite was the big thing as far a gemstone. And a must have for yours truly. In the end I bought a Tanzanite pendant necklace with matching ear rings. Elaine and Janice also bought Tanzanite jewelry, but both splurged and included a matching bracelet to go along with their necklace and ear rings.

After done with the serious side of shopping we checked out an “adult” store we came across. I know, kind of odd for three middle-aged women, but you can learn a lot about people while browsing through one.

Janice couldn’t stay away from the massive collection of vibrators and dildos. Especially anal ones, and strap-ons. What caught both Elaine and my eye was a long pink silicone double-ended dong. We nearly bought it, but would have had to leave it behind since customs typically goes through all your luggage at the end of a cruise. Which could make for an embarrassing moment if a customs agent came across it.

In the end we didn’t buy anything, but did act like teenagers the way we looked over everything and discussed what it would be like using some of the unusual paraphernalia we came across. By the time we were through, I had a pretty good inkling Janice was bi-sexual as they come. Although she might not admit it, she most definitely conveyed the message she be interested in lesbian sex. For all I knew, she already had.

After we checked out the adult store we realized it was past time to meet our husbands. We hurried back to the coffee shoppe where we found them patiently waiting.

“Well it’s about time!”…barked Walter.

“Sorry we’re late, but we got a late start after you left us earlier. Besides…what’s the rush?”

“None really, but if we knew you’d be late we could have went for a beer or two. Speaking of which, let’s have one before returning to the ship.”

Which we did at a small outdoor café on a side street. Red Stripe for everyone, albeit I’m not much of a beer drinker.

After we finished our beers we decided to head for the ship to get ready for dinner. This time us girls led the way, which gave our husbands the opportunity to ogle our asses and bare backs during the walk back.

While getting showered and dressed for dinner, Walter casually mentioned what a nice ass Janice had. That’s when I took the opportunity to explain about the conversation we had, and the plans we made for later.

“Oh wow! Are you serious?”

“Serious as the day is long. Unless of course Peter is not up to the idea. But I’m sure he will be based on what Janice told us. Janice for sure. We’ll know later. Why, aren’t you keen on it?”

“I haven’t had time to think about it. But my first reaction is I’d be a fool not to be if you ladies are. I’m sure Ron will feel the same way too. Besides, Janice is quite the ‘looker’. On the walk back to the ship I was wondering how her bum would look minus the shorts. Now I might find out.”

“If Peter’s game let’s hope it doesn’t turn into a disaster. It’ll be the first time Peter and Janice swap with another couple. Two couples to boot instead of one as with us and Ron and Elaine. While it worked out beautifully it might not with Peter and Janice. You never know. So keep your fingers crossed.”

Finally it was time to head for dinner. We all met at the elevator since our staterooms were all on the same deck. Deck eleven. As we would find out later, Peter and Janice had an Owner’s Suite versus our Junior Suites. Courtesy upgrade for them too. Biggest difference is in size. The Owner’s Suite, along with the balcony, is twice as large.

Since it was casual attire for dinner us girls were dressed in halter style summer dresses. And all with floral patterns. Mine was dark blue with a pink and white flowers. Short, just above the knees with a deep plunging neckline. No bra of course, which allowed for plenty of cleavage. Elaine and Janice’s dresses were similar as far as length and plunging necklines, although not as deep as mine. Elaine’s dress had a red background with blue and purple flowers while Janice’s was dark green with a light green leaf pattern instead of flowers. Needless to say, Elaine with her big boobs was sharing way more cleavage than yours truly. Since Janice is small busted, not much of her breasts were visible.

We all wore sandals. High heel ones for Elaine and I while Janice’s were basically flat. I couldn’t help but notice Janice’s pretty kütahya escort feet. Size wise they were very small, or petite, and cute as could be. My guess is a size five in spite of being roughly the same height as both Elaine and I. In case you wondering, Elaine and I are size 7-1/2 and 7 respectively. Plus her finger and toes were done in a Kelly green nail polish, which along with her dress helped accentuate her beautiful green eyes.

Walter couldn’t help notice Janice’s pretty feet also. When he did he said…”Without a doubt you three ladies look lovely this evening and have the prettiest feet of anyone on the cruise. Congrats to all of you from your very grateful and admiring husbands.”

During dinner no one mentioned anything about the plans Elaine, Janice and I made for later. Question was if Peter was amicable to the idea, of which Janice was to propose privately. While we didn’t know for a fact, it seemed obvious he was from his flirty mood. Plus he couldn’t take his eyes off Elaine’s cleavage. No doubt all he could think about was getting at her huge boobs later. Both Walter and Ron were also paying more attention to Janice than one would normally expect. Which wasn’t unusual when considering either of them, or both, might be having sex with her before the night was over.

Once done with the meal, Elaine, Janice and I excused ourselves to use the restroom. When there I asked Janice if Peter was amicable to swapping partners later. Although I already knew the answer.

“He didn’t have to think about it for a nano second before he jumped at the idea. His face lit up like a lantern and he was almost giddy while getting ready for dinner. To put it another way…you couldn’t have two people more excited about the opportunity to swap with you. I just hope neither of us disappoints anyone.”

“I doubt it since you both seem eager. Besides, we’re somewhat inexperienced ourselves. Still novices actually. While I might be wrong, everything will work out just fine once you get past being apprehensive and nervous at first. Truth be known, I’m a little nervous myself, as I’m sure Elaine is too.”

Once we returned to our table we had a single round of after dinner drinks before heading for the casino. As with the evening before, the men tried their luck at the black jack tables while us girls hit the slot and video poker machines.

While Janice and I were playing video poker, she asked if she could ask a personal question.

“Sure. As long as it isn’t about personal finances.”…I said jokingly.

“Nothing like that. I was just curious about what to expect as far as sex with Walter and/or Ron?”


“It’s probably kind of late to ask, but they aren’t into anything kinky or bizarre, are they?”

“Not at all. They’re both pretty straight. While I can’t be 100% sure about Ron, nothing he’s done has indicated he’s anything but. I’m sure they can be kinky or bizarre if you want them to, but otherwise they won’t be.”

“Why do you ask?”

“Just curious about what to expect and how I should act.”

“Just be yourself and let go of any inhibitions you might have. Plus it will be a perfect time to indulge in any personal fantasies you have. From what I’ve learned about you over the past couple days I’m pretty convinced you’re going to enjoy yourself. Maybe more than expected. As for Peter, Elaine and I will make sure he does too.”

After about two hours of foolishly feeding an untold amount of quarters into the video poker machines we decided to call it quits. So off to the bar we went for a drink.

When we did we found our husbands already there.

“Seems you didn’t have any luck either or else you wouldn’t be at the bar so soon.”

“You got that right, all except for Peter. He’s the only one who could be considered a winner, but not by much. How about you girls?’

“Same here. The only difference is, unlike Peter, none us came close to winning.”

Walter ordered drinks for us girls and another beer for him, Ron and Peter. When everyone was close to finishing their drinks Janice suggested that instead of ordering another round we head for their stateroom.

“I don’t mean to sound impatient about things, but…”

Needless to say, it’s all anyone needed to hear and off we went.

Once we got to their stateroom I was pleasantly surprised how roomy it was. As I mentioned before, it was twice the size of ours. Like two separate rooms without a wall between them. A nice large sitting area with two sofas and easy chairs, plus a bedroom area with two full size beds.

After Peter got drinks for everyone from a courtesy bar, we got comfy on the sofas. Elaine, Peter and I on one. Walter, Ron and Janice on the other.

It was easy to see everyone was a nervous and not sure about how to get things started. Even Janice, who seemed overly anxious earlier was waiting for someone to start things off. After what seemed like a half hour of idle chit chat Elaine malatya escort blurted out…”We need to get the show on the road. Otherwise we’ll be here all night talking.”

“Peter, please stand up so Lacey and I can undress you. As for you three…you’re on your own for now. You can watch if you want, but hopefully not for long before you decide to join in.”

With that said Peter stood up along with Elaine and I and once we were we began to undress him. When I removed his slacks, but left his briefs on, it was easy to see he wasn’t erect yet. Quite the opposite. Not aroused at all. My guess he was extremely nervous about things.

We left him standing in his briefs while Elaine and I undressed in front of him. Slowly and seductively. Once naked we embraced and kissed while fondling each others backsides.

I couldn’t help notice Janice’s eyes widen as she watched us. Next she surprised me by getting up, undressing as fast as she could, then headed in our direction.

As she did, I marveled at how terrific she looked naked for someone in their early 60’s. Very slim and trim without an ounce of fat I could see. Beautiful slender legs that started at very shapely hips and thighs and ended at her pretty feet. Firm breasts the size of half grapefruits with small dark areola, but very large nipples. Her nipples were so large in comparison, they almost looked out-of-place protruding from such small areola. Plus they were already stiff and hard as pencil erasers. As for her pubic mound it was topped by a neatly trimmed clump of gorgeous red hair. Bikini cut. As for Janice’s ass, it couldn’t have been firmer for someone her age. Very little sag. Not small, but not big either.

When she reached us she put her arms around us both before kissing yours truly, then Elaine. Not a quick peck either, but a very passionate lingering kiss. After which she said in a low voice…”Sorry about that, but I couldn’t resist after seeing you two kissing. Now I think we better tend to our husbands before they get jealous.”

Janice returned to Walter and Ron. “Are you two still dressed? How are we suppose to have sex with your clothes on?”

After which both Walter and Ron shed their clothing quick as a flash. Once they did, and while still standing, Janice took their already hard cocks in her hands. As she gently stroked them she gave each a passionate and tongue infused kiss.

“Wow…I couldn’t have asked for two better cocks as far as complete opposites. What an incredibly long dong you have Walter. Yours Ron is about as thick as they come. Hard to decide who I’d rather suck while the other fucks me from behind. Decisions, decisions.”

In the meantime Elaine and I returned our attention to Peter, who was still standing with his briefs on. Only difference his cock was now getting hard as evident by a growing bulge in his shorts. After we each kissed him Elaine dropped to her knees and slowly lowered his briefs. When she did his cock popped out at full attention. As far as cocks go, it was normal in size. About six inches in length and average thickness, but topped by a nice large cockhead. Plus unlike Walter and Ron, he was circumcised.

I moved behind Peter and while pressing my boobs and pubic mound up against him I reached around and grabbed hold of his cock. I stroked it gently for a bit directly in front of Elaine’s face before saying…”Whenever you’re ready Elaine, I think Peter is.”

As if on cue, Elaine took Peter’s cock straight in her mouth as I released it. All six inches in one easy forward head motion.

Then she backed out and proceeded to mouth fuck about four inches or so. Slowly at first and while she did I fondled Peter’s balls for him. As I continued to rub my boobs into his back and my pubic mound against his ass, Elaine slowly but surely picked up the pace of her in & out head motion. All while sucking furiously.

Peter was acting like he died and went to Heaven. Never heard someone groan and moan so much from getting their cock sucked. Way more than Walter usually does. Then again, from what I saw when Elaine sucked Walter’s cock, she’s one terrific cock sucker. No doubt Peter was getting a blow job he wouldn’t soon forget.

As far as Janice, Walter and Ron, she decided she wanted both their cocks…at once. Apparently it was a fantasy of hers and she wasn’t about to let an opportunity to fulfill it slip by. Ron got the nod to fuck her from behind while on her hands and knees, and at the same time Walter was to mouth-fuck her.

Once she was in position on the carpeted floor Ron positioned himself on his knees behind her and Walter in front. After spreading her pussy lips Ron slid the head of his insanely fat cock directly in her already soaking wet cunt. After Janice adjusted to its girth he slowly inserted all 6 to 7 inches balls deep. Then he paused again to insure she was still comfortable with things.

When she was she gave Ron the go ahead to begin fucking her. And “good and hard” as manisa escort she put it. She then told Walter it was time to mouth fuck her. Upon which Walter took her head in both hands and slid his now throbbing cock directly in her open and inviting mouth.

What I missed somehow was Janice informing them when it came time to cum she expected them to do so in her cunt and mouth. Part of her fantasy one would have to assume.

Walter quickly adjusted to Ron’s humping motion so when Ron was pulling backwards Walter was sliding his dick forward. With Walter’s long cock he was careful not to penetrate Janice’s mouth too deeply. Maybe 4 to 5 inches at most. Just enough to tickle her uvula.

Slowly but surely both Walter and Ron picked up the pace. As they did they were amazingly synchronized while humping Janice from opposite ends. So in sync it was like they did it for a living together.

Wasn’t long before all three were moaning steadily, and very loudly. Janice way more so than Walter or Ron. She also seemed to be grunting more than moaning each time Ron plowed deep in her pussy. Which wasn’t surprising. From my experience of being fucked by Ron’s fat cock, both in my cunt and ass, it feels like being fucked with a can of Red Bull beer. It can literally take your breath away.

On our end, Elaine was still going to town sucking Peter’s cock. It was incredible the way she bobbed her head back & forth. So fast and smooth she seemed almost robotic. Plus while holding his thighs firmly she ever so slowly went deeper and deeper until she was taking in his entire six inch dick with every forward head motion.

If you could imagine someone with lips like Angelina Jolie wrapped around a cock, it’s exactly how Elaine’s looked. Plus with a fair amount of saliva oozing from her mouth.

Eventually I could feel Peter’s ball sack tighten in my hand. A sure indicator he was going to ejaculate. “Ready or not Elaine, I think Peter’s about to cum.”

The reason I let Elaine know because I wasn’t sure what she planned to do when he did. Apparently she already made up her mind since she lunged forward on Peter’s cock deep as she could, then stopped mouth fucking it so she could take his cumload down her throat.

When she did, Peter grabbed Elaine’s head with both hands and held it firmly against him. As a result her nose was buried in his pubic hair and her chin up against my hand holding his balls. Then I felt them shrink even more. Just as they did he let out a loud groan as his cock exploded in Elaine’s mouth. One cum stream after another shot out and down Elaine’s throat. Each of which I could feel by holding his balls as he ejaculated. Six to seven cum shots for sure, of which Elaine took and swallowed easily.

How she could hold her breath for so long was beyond me. But she did, or else was able to get some air through her nose somehow. Regardless, it was a first class blow job. Damn near perfection from my perspective. I could only dream of sucking cock as good as Elaine.

After Peter completely unloaded he released her head. Elaine backed away, but before she released his cock she gently sucked his cockhead to insure she got every last drop of his cumload.

Once his shrinking cock fell out of Elaine’s mouth Peter started sputtering how good she was.

“My God Elaine! That was simply amazing. Has to be the best blow job I ever had. You’re one incredible cock sucker. What an experience, and most definitely it’ll be the highlight of the cruise. I don’t know how anything could top it.”

“You’re very welcome Peter. But so you’ll know, the size of your cock had a lot to do with it. Simply put, it’s length is perfect to deep throat. At least for me.”

There’s a lot of truth to that. Take if from someone who knows with a husband that has an 8 to 9 inch dick. It’s nearly impossible to deep throat comfortably, although Elaine came close. Plus with a fat cock like Ron’s, your mouth can begin to ache while sucking it.

Don’t get me wrong, a long or fat cock both have their own pluses, but in other ways. With Ron’s, it’s how pleasantly full your cunt feels when he’s fucking you with it. As for Walter’s, it’s long length is simply the best when it comes to getting fucked in the ass.

When Elaine stood up Peter made sure to give her a big passionate kiss as a way to thank her. And you could easily see he was probing her mouth with his tongue. Most likely so he could taste any remnants of his cum mixed with her saliva. He also took the opportunity to fondle her huge boobs.

After Peter stopped “mugging” Elaine we went over to watch Walter and Ron fucking Janice from both ends. Something I’ve never done, but made a mental note to try it one time. And maybe soon.

Unfortunately by the time we joined them it was easy to see by the way they were acting and groaning all three were close to cumming. As for Janice, she acted like she was in a dream world. She couldn’t have been enjoying herself more.

To add a bit more pleasure to her experience before she orgasmed, Elaine and I got on each side of her and began tweaking and pulling on her extremely erect nipples. While it was hard to tell with her mouth full of cock, I would have sworn she smiled when we did.

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