The Joys Of Being A “Manwich”, Chapter 1The Joys Of Being A “Manwich”, Chapter 1


My wife and I had been kicking around the idea of inviting another person into the bedroom with us for a while. We both liked the idea of a third person and thought the “fresh meat” would spice up our love life. You see, after years of marriage our sex life had become predictable–not bad, just routine. We’d come to bed, kiss and pet a little, put on a porno video, and then have sex.Sometimes I would be on top and sometimes she would ride me cowboy style. But that was about as exciting as it got. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife to death, but when you live with someone for a while, you learn their habits and let’s face it, we are a pretty normal, everyday couple!We are Dave and Kelly Walker and we live in Wheeling, West Virginia. Wheeling isn’t exactly known as the sexual mecca of the country, we are all pretty conventional here, actually. So the prospects of finding someone interested in what we had in mind weren’t all that good.To add to our difficulty, we don’t have a large circle of friends, mostly just people I work with and a small handful of Kelly’s girlfriends. None of which we could approach with such an idea.But opportunity often comes when we least expect it. I had entered a contest I heard on the radio to win a trip for two to Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas. It was a six-day, seven-night stay at the famous Atlantis Resort with airfare included. I had entered the competition on a whim one day, not really expecting at all to win, it was just something to do when I was bored one day.But about two months later, long after I had forgotten all about the contest, I get a phone call one evening as we were sitting down to dinner.”Hello?” I said, answering the phone. I was actually a little pissed off–who calls just as we are about to eat dinner, anyway?”Is this David Walker?” the man’s voice asked.”Yes, it is,” I said.”Well congratulations Mr. Walker, you have won our “Get Away From It All” contest! You and your guest have won a six-day, seven-night stay at the world-famous Atlantis Hotel on gorgeous Paradise Island! You can stop by the radio station here anytime and pick up your certificate with which you can book your trip using the code printed on the certificate. The code is good for your airfare and for your hotel stay. Congratulations once again!” he said.I hung up the phone, still in disbelief.”Hey, honey, where did you put the suitcases after my escort izmit last business trip?” I asked her.”You mean the one to St. Louis? In the garage in the loft, why? Oh, don’t tell me that was your boss wanting you to go out of town again! You promised you would stay home for a while!” she said, getting angry.”No, sweetheart don’t worry, I’m taking you this time–remember that contest I entered a couple of months ago? I just won it! Were going to the Bahamas, baby!” I said, grinning.”No way! Really? Oh, Dave! Oh, I’ve wanted to go there for years! Really? We are really going? Oh, I got to go shopping! I have to pack! Oh, I am so excited!” she said, hardly taking a breath.”Well before you go out and go crazy shopping, we need to get some brochures and see what there is to see and do there. I will stop by the travel agent’s office tomorrow and pick up some different brochures. Then we can look at them and plan our trip tomorrow after dinner,” I said.”Okay, honey,” she said, trying to compose herself.The next day as I got off work, I did go by the travel agent’s office (I drive by it on the way to and from work anyway) and got a few brochures. After dinner Kelly and I sat down and went through them, looking at all the sights and activities there was to do there and we laid out plans on what we wanted out of this once in a lifetime trip. I have to say I was getting as excited about it as she was!Even though I made a decent living as a diesel mechanic in Wheeling, this was still something we wouldn’t have been able to afford on our own. So we wanted to get the most bang for our buck this time around.Once we decided what we wanted to do, I went ahead and picked up the certificate and made arrangements for our trip. It would be a long three weeks for Kelly and me before we were to head off to Paradise Island, but she occupied her time shopping for new clothes and gabbing with her friends about the trip.One afternoon a couple of days from when we were scheduled to leave on our trip, Kelly came home with some more packages. I had come home from work already and when she came in the house I saw her rush off to the bedroom giving me only a cursory “Hi honey!” as she rushed past me. A few minutes later she came back out of the bedroom and greeted me more appropriately.”Been shopping I see,” I said.”Yeah, just had a couple more things to get for the trip. izmit escort A swimsuit and a little something else,” she said with a little smirk.”Oh really? Well, let’s see them!” I said.”No way mister! Not until we are there–I want them to be a surprise!” she said.”Okay, okay!” I said. I knew not to push this issue!Finally, the day of our trip came and we rushed to get to the airport early so we could get checked in and be ready for our flight. We got our tickets and checked our bags then headed for the security gate. We got through security easier than I thought we would and the next thing we knew we were sitting at the gate waiting for our plane.It was a five-hour flight to reach Nassau from Pittsburg where we took off from (the closest major airport to Wheeling) and the flight was smooth and trouble-free. We were excited when the pilot told us we were about to land and I had given Kelly the window seat.She was like a little kid on her first airplane ride–her nose was pressed to the window looking out as we approached the island. It was quite humorous and I tried very hard not to laugh at her!We got our bags and caught a local cab to go to our hotel. We checked into the hotel and the bellboy helped us to our room. Once we got to our room and got settled in, Kelly decided to take a walk around the hotel and see what she could find. She loves to explore and she had been sitting too long on the plane, so the walk was just what she needed.Myself, I opted to stay and relax a bit on the bed… this was the first chance I’d had to just relax in a few days and I was looking forward to it! I knew that Kelly would want to do some sightseeing and from what she had outlined on her “to do” list, we would be running around the island doing things for most of this trip!I guess she had been gone for nearly an hour. I was in that very relaxed and almost asleep state… not quite awake and not yet asleep… when I heard the door open.”Come on in,” I heard Kelly say.”Are you sure your husband won’t mind?” a woman’s voice said. The girls were speaking in hushed tones, but I could still hear them clearly.”No, it’s fine. Dave is a very understanding man, don’t worry,” Kelly said. By now I had snapped awake and as the girls turned the corner of the room, Kelly was the first one I saw.”Oh, hi, honey–you’re awake!” Kelly said, a bit surprised. “I thought izmit kendi evi olan escort you’d be out like a light still.””No, I heard you two come in,” I said. “So who is this?””Oh, I’m sorry, this is Mary. Mary this is my husband Dave,” Kelly introduced us.”Hi Mary,” I said.”Hello,” she said shyly. Being in a hotel room with a strange man wasn’t how she planned her trip apparently and even though Kelly was there with us she was still uncomfortable–after all, we were both strangers to her.”Mary here was downstairs at the front desk when I saw her having troubles with the desk clerk. I guess her hotel room isn’t going to be ready… the person in it has decided to stay an extra few days and so she was trying to find another room. But she wasn’t having much luck apparently,” Kelly explained.”That’s right. I had to pick the one time of the year when the whole island is booked solid!” Mary said.”I told her she is welcome to stay with us if she wanted to… it beats having to go back home early and lose out on a vacation!” Kelly said.”Sure if you want you can stay with us. We won this trip on a radio contest so it’s no big deal for us,” I said.”I sure do appreciate this. This is the only chance I will probably ever get to take this trip and I would have been heartbroken if I had to go back home after just getting here today!” Mary said.”No problem, the room has two queen-sized beds as you can see, so we’ll take one bed and you can have the other. I just hope you can stand my snoring… from what Kelly here tells me, I can sound like a lumbermill when I’m really tired!’ I chuckled.”That’s okay, my ex used to snore bad too. I’m used to it,” she said.”Your ex?” I asked, a bit curious. I knew that women loved talking about themselves, and the best way to get to know our new roomie was to get her going on about herself.”Yeah, my ex-husband, Tom. He could make a truck stop sound like a library!” she said. “In fact, I miss the sound of snoring, so I might just sleep better here than I would in my own room!” she said.”Well, I will try to keep it down to less than jet aircraft levels for you then,” I said. “Why don’t we go down to the front desk and make arrangements to have your bags brought up to the room.””That sounds great. And thanks again for letting me stay here,” Mary said.So Mary and I went down to the front desk and I explained that she would be staying with us. I used the excuse that we were from the same small town and knew each other a little. I don’t think he bought it, but he didn’t say anything. He was just happy to have the matter resolved! We told the bellhop to bring her bags to our room and he said he would take care of it.

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